Rangers Romances

Chapter 7: Lucas and Jen's time for love

2001 the time force rangers just defeated another one of Ransik's monsters. But during the fight Jen discovered something about herself that she didn't notice before. She's in love with one of her teammates. When all the other rangers went back to the clock tower Jen went to the park to do some thinking about how this could happen. She's known the guy for years but she's never felt like this for him before.

She was confused about these feelings she was having for him she knew they get along great and they've been on the same team together for years but these feelings for him are very new. She figured if she was going to have feelings for someone it would be Wes since he looks like Alex but the feelings wasn't for him it was for another guy. She pulled out her engagement ring and wondered if Alex would be ok with the feelings she was having for this guy, but she knew that he was dead and that she needed to move on. She looked over and saw a happy couple walking through the park holding hands and she wondered what it would be like to be in a relationship with the guy she had feelings for. Then she head someone walking up behind her and she turned around and saw the guy she had feelings for walking up to her she panicked and ran right up to him and kissed him and then she ran off.

As she was running so many thoughts were going through her brain, she wondered what was she doing just kissing Lucas like that and then running off without explaining to him what happened. Then she tripped and didn't know it but Lucas was right there he had been chasing after her and she was too busy with her thoughts to notice someone running behind her. He helped her up and she just looked into his eyes and wrapped her arms around him and kissed him again. They kept kissing and kissing until their friends came up behind then and Katie stepped on a twig and made them stop kissing and they looked over at their friends. All five of them just stood there not saying a word until they looked over at Trip who was smiling.

"So Trip's vision was right." Katie said

"What vision?" Jen asked

"I had a vision of you and Lucas kissing." He told them

Weeks had passed and Lucas and Jen were in a relationship all the rangers except Wes was happy about it. So he decided he would do something about it, he came up with a plan and he was going to follow through on it. The next day when Jen was on her morning work out Wes came up behind Jen and when she turned around he kissed her. She pushed him away and he saw that she was mad but he didn't care he showed her that he had feelings for her. She slapped him which is something he didn't expect and then she ran off.

She ran to find Lucas who was sitting by the pond with a flower for her. She told him everything that had just happened and he understood and was happy that she came and told him right away instead of hiding it from him. So her and him went to find Wes, they looked everywhere for him so when they got back to the clock tower and he wasn't there they told Katie and Trip what had happened. When Wes returned to the clock tower he saw that everyone looked mad and figured Jen had told Lucas, Katie and Trip what had happen. But before he could open his mouth to speak Lucas walked up to him and punch him and then he took Jen's hand and they walked out of the clock tower. They talked about their feelings for each other and wondered what they should do and then they figured out that they will finish what they came here for and then when they get home they start their lives together.

Months later they found out Alex was really alive and Lucas and Jen talked about what this means for their relationship. They decided to break up since Alex was still alive she was still engaged to him. Jen loved Alex but not like she used to because he's changed she doesn't like the new Alex she liked the old one better. So when Alex went back to the future she went to find Lucas and she found him in their spot at the flower garden she ran to you and knocked him off and laid on top of him and kissed him and they kissed for five minutes before sitting in the garden talking and getting back together. She didn't like not being with him but she decided that he was her future not Alex and when they get back to the future she plans on giving him back his engagement ring. They were happy together and they didn't worry about Wes getting in their way since he hasn't tried anything since.

Months later after their final battle in 2001 they went back to their own time where Jen did give her ring back to Alex. Her and Lucas got a place together and they became even happier because they were together and nothing could get in their way. Their house was blue but in the inside they painted pink they found it fair since the outside was his color so they figured it'd be fair to make the inside her color. They thought their lives were perfect but then six months later things turned bad and the mutorgs started attacking the city they lived in. Lucas didn't agree with Jen when she agreed to go back in time to find the monsters because he didn't know how long she'd be gone.

Lucas hated that Jen went to the year 2002 he hadn't heard from her in a couple of days and he couldn't stand it he didn't know if she was alright or not and it drove him crazy. Then it was time for him and their friends to go back and help Jen and the wild force rangers defeat the mutorgs so he was glad that they were going back as time force rangers to help the wild force rangers and bring his girl home. When the battle was over he was glad to get his girl home and he made a decision about their relationship he decided he couldn't live without her and they became engaged with a wedding set for six months away. Jen and Lucas loved their relationship they worked at the same place and at the same time so they were able to be together every minute of everyday and they loved it they never got crazy being together all the time. They spent some of their break time at work going over wedding plans and picking stuff out, they decided Katie will be Jen's maid of honor, and Trip will be Lucas' best man. They were excited the flowers were going to be light pink and blue, the cake white with blue around the edges and pink flowers a inch apart from each other going around the cake.

It was the day of the wedding and everything was going perfect Jen and Katie were in her room crying that the day had finally gotten here and that it was happening. Jen wasn't really feeling good but she figured it was just cold feet, so she pushed it down and the wedding went on. While Jen and Lucas was on their honeymoon Jen still didn't feel good so she went to the doctor and there was a reason she wasn't feeling good, turns out she was pregnant, but that's not why she wasn't feeling good it was because she lost the baby. Turns out the last battle she was in the day before her wedding the mutant that she was fighting when his ax hit her in the stomach it made it where she lost the baby. Her and Lucas were heartbroken over their lost but they didn't let that bring them down they knew that in time when it's meant to be they will be parents. After the honeymoon Jen and Lucas told Trip and Katie about the baby and everything that happened but they did bring the couple a present it was a picture of the four of them at their wedding they had it framed that said best friends forever.

They loved the gift their friends got them and they put it on the table next to the front door. They did love having a nice quiet life but they always felt something was missing. They were ready for a family they just needed to wait for it to happen and then it did a year later. Jen became pregnant, with twin that were to be born six months later. While she was pregnant Jen did work at the time force office instead of out on the field she didn't want what happened last time to happen this time. She enjoyed doing office work since it meant keeping her baby safe from all the criminals out there that could hurt her again. She was glad the mutant who made her lose her baby was in the freezer where he would stay for life.

Six months had passed and it was a week passed Jen's due date and she was getting annoyed that she hasn't given birth yet. But she did enjoy going to the babies room and thinking about how it will be when her and Lucas brings their kids home. That night Jen went into labor and she gave birth to her twins a boy and a girl that they named Adam and Trini the people who started Lucas' family line. Jen was glad that Adam and Trini got together after they finished college because if they didn't Lucas wouldn't of been here and either would their twins so she was happy they got together because she would be lost without her husband and kids. Lucas was happy with their names because they were the first generation of power rangers and they did start his family line so he loved the names.

When they took their kids home Alex, Katie and Trip where there to welcome the proud parents home with their kids and had presents for the kids. Trip's present for the babies was a female circuit she was pink and blue and circuit took a liking to her as soon as he saw her. Trip made her that way she could sleep in the babies room and keep a eye on them and if there was any trouble during the night would fly into Lucas and Jen's room to tell them he named her Angel. Katie's present was two stuffed bears a white one and a brown one that she had Trip sow the babies names onto. Alex's present was cute he got them little time force outfits that way until Jen was ready to go back out on the field she could dress them in their time force outfits and take them to work with her.

Lucas had a present for Jen to, while she was asleep in the hospital he sneaked out and got her a necklace with their twins birth stones on it. She loved the present and gave the twins to Trip and Katie to hold so Lucas could put the necklace on her. From that day on she wore it everywhere she went and she did dress the twins up in their time force outfits for the first two weeks that she worked after returning to work. When she did return to work she had Nadira as a babysitting since she's been taking care of babies since she got back to the year 3000. The first few weeks with the babies were wonderful times for Lucas and Jen they loved having their kids and took them everywhere, they never went anywhere without them by choice because they always wanted their kids around. They didn't need to be alone they had alone time all the time before they had the kids now they wanted family time and didn't want that to end.

As time went on Lucas and Jen moved their family into a bigger house because the kids were growing up and they needed a bigger yard for them to play in and they needed another room because in nine months two more kids would be joining them in the family. There was also a wedding between four of their friends taking place Katie and Trip decided it was their turn to tie the knock and they did decide to live next door to Jen and Lucas because Circuit and Angel decided to get married to so Trip didn't wanna be to far away from his little buddy when him and Angel got married which is why Trip and Katie moved in next door to Lucas and Jen. Everyone was happy and everyone was living in piece. But Jen did wonder whatever happened to Wes and Eric which is why on her first day back to work after giving birth to Eve and Olivia, Jen went to the history room and looked up Wes and Eric's future after they left 2002. Wes met a girl named Heather and after a year of dating they got married and had a daughter that they named Jennifer. As for Eric he married Taylor after two years of dating they drove each other crazy but they were a perfect match for each other, they even had a couple of kids.

Lucas and Jen were always happy and never did let anything get in the way of them staying together they were happy with their four kids and they loved having Trip and Katie live next to them with their three little girls and they also loved having Circuit and Angel around who became the proud parents of 8 little owls that trip made for Eve and Olivia as presents. Everyone was happy and healthy and living in piece and love and nothing every got in the way of the happy families.

The end.

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