Rangers Romances

Chapter 8: Cole and Alyssa's wild force love

Cole fell in love with Alyssa from the first moment he saw her, he thought she was the most beautiful girl he's ever seen. He was glad that she was on his team since then he got to see her everyday and he loved seeing her. She was the first thing he thought about when he woke up and she was the last thing he thought about when he went to bed. He did wonder sometimes if she liked him as much as he liked her but he was to nervous to ask her. So he always wondered what could have been but he knew in time it would work it's self out and Alyssa will be his.

Alyssa was in her fort that she shared with Taylor and she was thinking about Cole she really, really liked him but she didn't know if she should let him know how she felt about him or not. When she cooks every morning and the others aren't looking she'll look over and Cole and wish she could be in his arms. She did carry a picture of him with her in one of her vest pocket that no one knew about. She would slide it under her pillow at night when Taylor was getting ready for bed that way she can pull the picture out and look at it if she couldn't sleep. But she didn't know this but Taylor knew about the picture she found it one day when she got Alyssa's vest for her.

Cole decided he needed to do something about his feelings for Alyssa he couldn't take not having her in his life anymore he needed her and wanted her. He decided that when she got out of class he would be waiting for her and that's when he would make his move. He walked through the park and stopped to pick a purple flower for Alyssa and he was nervous about what she would do after he made his move. He kept hoping she would be happy just like he will be but he couldn't know for sure since he didn't know if she liked him the way he liked her or not. He just got to the college Alyssa went to and he sat down at a table on the grounds and was excited about making his move but still very nervous.

Alyssa decided that when she first sees Cole she's going to go right up to Cole and kiss him to show him how she felt about him. She just hoped it wasn't all going to blow up in her face. She started walking out of the college and she saw him sitting there he had purple flowers in his hand and when he saw her he stood up she dropped her book bag and ran right up to him and wrapped her arms around him and kissed him. They kissed for a couple of minutes before they pulled away and looked into each other's eyes he set her down on her feet since he had her in his arms holding her off the ground. After he took his arms from around her, her held out the flowers to her and she took him and smiled at him, then she walked back to picked up her book bag and he took her from her to carry it for her. They started walking and they decided they needed to talk about what happened.

"Cole what happened back there was amazing." She told him

"I know I've been wanting to do that for the past couple of months." He told her

"Really?" She asked him

"Yes, Alyssa I've been in love with you since I first saw you." He replied

"Cole I've felt the same way." She told him.

They stopped walking and turned to face each other where they once again start kissing in the park near the lake. When Alyssa lost the elephant zord and was heartbroken Cole couldn't stand to see her like that and he hurt to he felt the pain she was in. And he killed him to know that she was hurting and there was nothing he could do to help her. Months went on and they were finally done being rangers and they decided it was time for their first date as normal people since they had their first date as rangers when they were rangers so for their first date they had a double date with wild force friend Taylor and time force friend Erin as they finally decided to date. Alyssa and Cole loved being together so three months after giving up their morphers Alyssa and Cole found a apartment and they moved into it together.

Cole got a job at the animal shelter since he can understand animals he figured that would be a good job for him and then he can help them find homes. Alyssa finished school and became a kindergarten teacher and she loved it she see herself doing anything else. Alyssa and Cole lived a nice and peaceful life since they never had to step into their ranger shoes anymore which was good but every year the whole gang would get together and talk and catch up with each other. They always got together for the holidays and for birthdays and they were glad when they were able to see each other again. They also came together for Taylor and Eric's wedding which was a surprise for the whole team since they were fighting a lot so a lot of them didn't think marriage would be in the cards for Taylor and Eric but their friends were happy when it did happen.

Alyssa was Taylor's maid of honor and Wes was Eric's best man. While Cole sat and watch the wedding he couldn't take his eyes off of Alyssa and how beautiful she looked up there and then he started wondering if it was time for him and her to settle down. They were both in good places with their careers and they loved each other more than ever since their love keeps growing everyday. Cole decided he was ready to marry Alyssa and decided to do it on Valentines day which was in two months. He couldn't wait to make her his wife and be together for the rest of their lives.

Alyssa was happy for her friend Taylor she was the first out of the wild force team to settle down, and she couldn't wait to find out who would be the second to. She kept looking over at Merrick and Princess Shayla and wondered if they will be the next to get married. She knew that she wanted to marry Cole but she didn't think he was ready for that yet and she understood she didn't wanna rush him into something he wasn't ready for and she was happy with waiting because she had the guy of her dreams so she would wait as long as she had to. When Taylor threw her flowers Alyssa was the one who caught it and Cole was happy because the girl who caught it was to be the one to get married next. Alyssa blushed when she caught Taylor's flowers since it meant she was the next to get married and she looked over at Cole who had this huge smile on his face looking at her. When it was time for the dance Cole and Alyssa danced and they were happy and Alyssa told Cole that she thought Merrick and Princess Shayla was going to be getting married next. Cole smile at that thought and kissed his wonderful girlfriend.

Two months passed and it was Valentines day and Alyssa was in her class room helping the kids pass out their Valentine cards. A little girl who had went to the bathroom came back and asked Alyssa to close her eyes because there was a surprise for her. Once Alyssa closed her eyes the little girl let Cole know it was safe for him to come in he had all the kids hold up a sign that said WILL YOU MARRY ME! Wrote on it and Cole was down on bended knee with the ring in his hand. He couldn't wait for Alyssa to open her eyes and see the surprise he had for her. The kids told her she could open her eyes and when she did her face lit up.

"So will you?" Cole asked her

"Yes." She answer

Cole put the ring on her finger and they kissed and all the kids went ew at the sight of it, Alyssa and Cole started laughing at that and they hugged and he left so the kids could get back to their Valentines day party. After he left all the kids went up to Alyssa and gave her a hug. When school was over Alyssa called Taylor to tell her the good news and her and Eric were happy for her and Cole. That day when she got home Cole had another surprise for her, he had bought her a white cat with black lines on it and she went outside the door to get his surprise which was a orange cat with black lines on it. They smiled at each other because they thought of the same present.

That night they sat down with their popcorn and their cats and they put in the movie Titanic, this was the same thing they did every year they would cuddle on the couch watch a movie and eat popcorn and they would go out and dance under the stars. They didn't need to go all out for each other because they loved each other, so every year they got each other one present and did their movie, popcorn and dancing and they were happy because they were together which was all that mattered to them not the presents or how much they spent on each other. While they were dancing they told each other what they named their cats Alyssa named hers fluffy and Cole named his tigger. That night they told each other what they hope for in the future and they both agreed that they would be engaged for three months and then get married and then they wanted a baby that would be born during the summer that way Alyssa wouldn't need to take anytime off of work because they really needed they money now that they owned two cats. So three months later they got married with a double wedding Merrick and Princess Shayla were also getting married and Alyssa and Cole didn't have a problem with sharing their wedding day with their friends.

It was already the first month of summer so Alyssa and Cole decided to wait till the second month of school before they started for a family. But that didn't stop Merrick and Princess Shayla two months after they were married she was pregnant and everyone was happy for them. After over 3000 years loving each other it was time for them to be married and have a family. And everyone agreed that Princess Shayla would be a good mother since she's so sweet and perfect. Everyone couldn't wait to see how her and Merrick's baby would be, they wondered if it would be sweet and perfect like Princess Shayla or if it would be a loner like Merrick.

Four months later Alyssa was present and her new batch of students were happy for her. She was glad she wasn't a power ranger anymore because she wouldn't be able to stand having to run off to fight monsters when she wanted to teach and she doesn't know how she'd be able to handle being a ranger while pregnant, which is why she's glad she's not one anymore. She did missed Noble Tiger, Elephant, and Deer but her life was with her teaching now and her husband and unborn child. She did get to see her old zords when they go to see Princess Shayla and Merrick. And after Princess Shayla and Merrick had their twins the old rangers did go up to see the baby a lot and to bring their kids presents. The rangers were glad that they had one of each the girl was a loner she didn't wanna be near her brother and the boy was the sweet one he didn't wanna be away from anyone. Cole loved holding the twins and he couldn't wait for Alyssa to have his which she wasn't telling him what it was since she wanted him to be surprise. Four months later Alyssa gave birth to a baby girl and names her Hope.

Cole never wanted to be away from Hope it killed him every time he had to get up in the morning to go to work at the Shelter but Alyssa did bring Hope to see her daddy and the animals. Which hope loved every time Alyssa or Cole took her away from the animals she cried not wanting to be away from them and they animals loved having her there. Cole would let a dog out of his cage when she was there and the dog would walk over to Hope and lay down next to her and put his paw on her foot and she would hit the dog since she didn't know how to pet it yet but the dog didn't hurt her, could knew it understood that she's young and doesn't know better yet. And sometimes Hope was tired she would lay down on the dog and he would lay there and they would both sleep. Alyssa loved when that happened she would take a picture and send it to everyone. At night while Hope slept Alyssa and Cole would talk about maybe getting her the dog in a couple of months when she was a little bigger and the dog never did get a home so when Hope was nine months old Cole bought the dog home and every day at nap time the dog would follow Alyssa into the baby's room and the dog would lay down right there next to her crib, he did that at night to when it was time for bed, and the dog was very protective around Hope. When someone he didn't know came around her he wouldn't let them near her, Alyssa loved that about him he was a good dog for Hope.

Alyssa would always know when Hope was away because Shadow would come in there and start licking her face to wake her up because Hope was awake. She never could stand when the dog did that but she loved that she had a built in baby monitor that could come and get her. One morning Alyssa woke up and Shadow and Hope was asleep on the floor next to her and Cole's bed and she took a picture of it on her phone and sent it to Cole and everyone else. Cole, Alyssa and Hope took Shadow for a walk everyday they would tie his leash to her wagon and he would always pull her along he never ran with her he always walked and Alyssa and Cole loved that he was so gentle with her. When hope was three years old they decided they were ready for another baby but this time Taylor and Eric found out she was pregnant with their first baby at the same time Alyssa and Cole found out she was pregnant with their second.

A year later everyone got together and they were happy. Princess Shayla and Married were still happy and were more happy everyday watching their three kids grow up. Taylor and Eric still fought a lot but they were still happy and in love and their love grew more and more with their child and their second child on the way which was to born three months later. Danny and Kendall were married and happy running the flower shop. Cole and Alyssa were very much happy with their daughter Hope and their son Richard. Max was dating a girl that he had yet to let the others meet because they just started dating. But Princess Shayla did let the rangers know that eight new wild zords have found their way to the Animarium and that each time a new one shows up was when one of the females went into labor and gave birth to a child.

The rangers all had shocked looks on their faces since Princess Shayla and Merrick didn't tell them any of this before. But the rangers all glad that eight of the missing wild words have found their way home and when Princess Shayla showed them the animal crystal. She decided to hold a crystal to each of the baby and see which one belongs to which child. Her and Merrick's twins has the animals Mouse and Frog, and their third child had a Hawk. Taylor and Eric's kids had the Sword fish, and Dolphin. Alyssa and Cole's kids has Unicorn and Peacock. There was one left and everyone was shocked when it didn't belong to any of the kids born or unborn that they knew of but the strange thing was when Princess Shayla walked passed Kendall it glowed and they asked if she was pregnant and she said not that she knew of. So Princess Shayla held the crystal to Kendall's stomach and it glowed even brighter so she told they happy couple that they are expecting their first child and that the child's zord if it even needs it will be the Moose.

The former rangers all took hold of the crystals and locked them away until the day their kids would need them if that day ever came. Everyone was happy and hoped that their kids wouldn't ever have to go through everything they went through. And Kendall and Danny did have a child a girl they named Elizabeth. And a ninth animal did show up when Max and his wife had their son that they named Danny who's animal was the Zebra. Everyone lived happy and they did keep getting together for the holidays and birthdays and they never regretted a day of their ranger lives and they all lived happy and peaceful lives because evil never showed up in Turtle Cover so their kids lived long, happy normal peaceful lives without taking up their parents ranger duties.

The end.

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