Rangers Romances

Chapter 9: Tori and Hunter's ninja romance

Tori couldn't believe that she had a crush on two guys and she needed to figure out which one she wanted to be with after all they were both brothers. She's had a crush on both of them from the first moment she saw them, she didn't think it would harm anything having a crush on them since she met them both at different times and thought she'd never seen them again. Boy was Tori in a mess she didn't know what to do or which guy to pick but both of them also liked her and they were also her teammates which made it harder for her to pick. She decided to spend a hour alone with each guy and whoever she liked spending time with more would be the guy she picked. But what Tori didn't know was that both brothers fight over her behind closed doors.

The first guy Tori spent the hour with was Blake but Blake's mind was somewhere else and Tori had to ask him each question three times before he answered. She tried to find out what was bothering Blake but he kept telling her it was nothing when it had to be something if it kept him distracted. Blake didn't know that this was how Tori was picking the guy she wanted and she really wasn't having a good time because Blake wasn't in a good mood but she didn't wanna tell him she was picking her guy by this way because she wanted both guys to be themselves not act differently because she was picking him by the way their day goes. She decide she would let things be the way they are and after the hour is up she'll spend her hour with Hunter and see how things go there. So when Blake's hour was up he told Tori he was sorry for the ruined day and he gave her a kiss on the cheek and left.

Thirty minutes later Hunter showed up for his hour with her and he showed up with a red rose and handed to her which she gladly excepted. He told her he had the whole hour planned out they would go to the fair and ride some rides and then go to the beach to walk and talk. She liked the idea and while at the fair she even beat Hunter at some of the games and when they won a prize they would give the prize to the other. While walking on the beach for the last twenty minutes of their hour together Hunter reached over and took Tori's hand and pulled her in for a kiss. When they released each other Tori blushed and smile and so did Hunter, so they decided to kiss some more.

Tori had more fun with Hunter today than she's ever had fun before, she decided that Hunter would be the brother that she went out with and she was happy with her choice. Tori and Hunter went out everyday for the next two weeks, every time someone was looking for one of them they found the other with them. After three weeks of going out on dates they decided to make it official and became boyfriend and girlfriend and all their friends were happy for them except for Blake he was sad about it all. He thought him and Tori were good together but he figured she liked Hunter more. Tori and Hunter started spending more and more time together and after six months of dating they decided to start looking for a place together. They decided that once they defeated Lothor they would move in together and start their new lives together.

Two months later Lothor was finally defeated and the rangers went on to live their normal lives again with a new part added to their lives which was them becoming teachers at the wind academy and Hunter a teacher at the thunder academy while Blake went on tour. Hunter and Tori did move in together into their two bedroom apartment which they loved and decorated themselves. Each day together only made them more happy and more in love with each other and they never fought which was good because they didn't wanna fight about anything. For the next nine months was peaceful for all of them until they found out that Lothor had returned and helped the dino rangers defeat him. They weren't to glad about having to be power rangers again because they just gotten used to living their normal lives again and enjoyed being normal but they took their powers back and defeated him once again with the help of the dino rangers one of which Blake got a crush on which was Kira the new yellow ranger.

Tori and Hunter both loved teaching at their academies and every night they would talk about their day with each other. They loved their jobs but they hated being away from each other and loved being able to go home to each other. Six months after teaming up with the dino rangers Tori and Hunter got married and invited all of their students from the wind and thunder academies and also invited their friends from their normal lives and invited their ranger friends from their team and the dino team. For their honeymoon they went to Angel Grove which they heard was a great city while there they learned the history of the city and also learned that Angel Grove was the first city to ever have power rangers. They saw pictures of the Mighty Morphin Rangers, the Zeo Rangers, the Turbo Rangers and the Space rangers.

When they got home from their honeymoon they still had a week left before they had to return back to teaching so their enjoyed every minute of being together that they could. Tori also taught Hunter how to surf which he picked up on very quickly and loved it so they did go surfing together sometimes and he loved spending his time with his wife. On their last night before they had to go back to teaching they talking about power rangers from Angel Grove and wondered if there was more out there and if they were happy with their normal lives. They enjoyed their first day back at teaching but was a little hard for Tori because her water power didn't wanna work for some reason and she couldn't keep her power active. So first day back for Tori was kinda bad since her powers kept wanting to not work for her and she got thrown in the water by water power from two of her students.

She couldn't understand why her powers didn't wanna work for her and figured it might be because she hasn't used it in two weeks. The next day her powers worked fine for her so she figured it was just because she didn't use it a lot and knows now she needs to use it a little everyday to keep it working. But Hunter didn't think that was the problem because during her vacation she didn't use her powers at all and when she came back they worked just fine. But he was glad that his wife's power was working again and didn't worry about it until it did it again but this time was different her water power turned to ice. Cam was also wondering what was going on with Tori he's never seen anything like this happen before and his father said it only happened once before but that was when the woman was four months pregnant, and as far as everyone knew Tori wasn't pregnant.

Tori went to the doctor and there wasn't anything wrong with her and she wasn't pregnant so no one could tell what the problem with her powers. She figures she just need to work through it and try and get the problem to end or else she was in real trouble. On the fourth day her power finally did work right and she didn't have no more problems with it but it still bothered her that she did have problems with her power. She was glad the problems were gone and hoped they never came back and Hunter hoped for the same to although when he heard the last person that this happened to he was happy that she might be pregnant with his child. That night Hunter bought up the whole baby idea and Tori was wondering if he meant it or not since they never talked about kids so they talked about it all that night.

A year later her problems still didn't come back and she was glad about it she hated those three days when she couldn't make her power work right. Her and Hunter were trying to have kids they decided that it was time to start a family and they were looking forward to it. A week later Tori's problem returned and she didn't understand it so she just tried to work her powers out but it didn't help when it would turn to ice and would hit her students and either hurt them or turn them into ice people. The next morning Tori woke up at nine in the morning and started throwing up so she skipped teaching that day. A week later Tori still wasn't better so she went to the doctor where she found out she was pregnant. This time they knew what was wrong with her power she was having a baby that will have the power of ice.

Three months have passed and Tori is three months pregnant and enjoying it her unborn baby has made her water power much stronger now that she can control both her power and her child's that ways she can still teach and carry her child. The fun thing was that when the baby got mad at one of her student's it would send it's power through Tori and make her use it even if she didn't want to and it would make a tree and have the student up on top of the ice tree. Hunter and Tori both found it funny when they baby decided to play tricks on Dustin and Shane like the one time the baby put them in a ice cage where they couldn't get out since they had to wait till the cage melted. Everytime the baby kicked Tori loved it and Hunter always felt it. They were happy and getting happier because in 5 months their baby will be there.

When Tori was seven months pregnant she hardly wanted to use her water power because it took a lot of her energy and she needed that. Her students took it easy on her when they were practicing even though they didn't need to because when it was practice time the baby knew it and built a wall of ice around Tori's stomach and sides so they didn't have to take it easy on her but for some reason they did. Tori's power had gotten stronger every month that she was pregnant and when she became five months pregnant is when the energy started going when she used her powers. Her students understood and when they used their powers against her she was still able to stop their powers from getting to her but she didn't use hers. Hunter didn't like when Tori used her powers but she only used them when they were really needed which he was glad about but still didn't like it since it takes a lot of her energy.

Two months later Tori gave birth to a baby girl and her and Hunter were very happy and named her Melody and they loved their new baby girl more than anything in the world. The day after Tori and Hunter bought Melody home Blake, Shane, Dustin and Cam came to meet the new wind thunder baby. When she first saw Shane and Dustin she got a little sparkle in her eye and froze them from their necks to their feet, but she left their heads and arms unfrozen. Shane and Dustin thought it was cute and cold, but everyone else thought it was cute and funny and Hunter took a picture of it. Before Shane and Dustin melted they all gathered for a group picture. They used that picture as their Christmas card to all the people they knew who knew they had powers but to all the people who didn't know they sent them the normal group shot.

Hunter and Tori fell more in love after Melody was born and they loved her even more everyday. And as she grew up she kept getting tricky with her power. When she was two years old Dustin was sleeping over and he was taking a shower and she used only a little bit of her power to turn the water freezing cold, Tori and Hunter wondered what was going on when Dustin came jumping out of the bathroom with his rob on and they them their water turned ice cold on him but when Hunter looked at the shower there was steam coming up. Tori was watching Melody and she saw her smile and laugh a little and knew she was playing a joke on Dustin. That night Tori filled Hunter in on what Dustin was talking about and let him know that their lovely daughter was playing a funny joke on her uncle Dustin. He just smiled and laughed they both loved when Melody did something to Shane and Dustin.

When Melody was four Hunter, Tori and Melody moved into a house with a fenced in front and back yard because they were giving Melody a little brother who had the power of fire, now when Tori found out about that power she was trying to hit Dustin and Shane in the butt with a water ball but instead she throw a fire ball and both of their butts and made them jump in the lake. They looked around trying to figure out where that came from when they saw Tori hide her face and then she let them know that she just found out what the baby's power is. She started laughing because they looked so funny when they went running into the lake and jumping. When they came out of the lake Tori started laughing even harder because they had a huge hole in their pants where the fire burned through and was showing their boxers. When Hunter, Blake and Cam showed up wondering what was happening Tori filled them in on finding out the power of their unborn son and told them that's how Shane and Dustin got holes in their pants.

Five months later Tori gave birth to their son, they named him Matthew and they were able to keep his powers controlled they had Melody freeze the fire every time he used his power. Hunter and Tori loved their kids no matter what their power was and as their kids got older their powers became more easy for the kids to control since they knew what they were doing as they got older. Every now and then though they would tease Shane and Dustin by telling them she was pregnant again and that this time the baby had the power of lightning which sent Shane and Dustin running for the hills because they done be froze and put on fire that they didn't think they could handle a lightning baby. Tori and Hunter would laugh every time they told Shane and Dustin that and watch them run out the door and down the road and they would just watch and laugh. They did talk about a third baby and wonder what kind of powers it would have. Tori wanted a little girl with flower power that way she could see Shane and Dustin become flower people. And Hunter wanted a boy with rainbow power that way he could see Shane and Dustin get turned different colors, Tori thought about that for a few minutes and thought that, that might be a funny picture than flower people.

Years down the road Hunter and Tori did have another baby but this time they had twins and they were just normal babies. Dustin and Shane was happy about this. Shane ended up dating Karpri and falling in love and getting married. She gave birth to triplets two boys and a girl. Cam and Haley got married and ended up having a son. Blake and Marah ended up falling in love and dating, they dated for three years before finally getting married, they are now expecting their first child. Dustin and Kelly became partners of Storm Chargers and falling in love, they are now married with a baby boy who is two months old. Hunter and Tori kept falling in love and loved each one of their children more than anything in the world and none of them had to ever step into their ranger shoes again so they all lived nice peaceful normal lives.

The end.

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