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A Day In Your Shoes

The One Where They Find a Cure

"What the fuck?" Soul repeated, his forest green eyes still in shock from the epiphany that he just switched bodies with the girl...guy in front of him?

Maka gave him an incredulous stare.

"This...this is not possible," she managed to gasp out. She quickly covered her mouth with her hands. The voice that came out of her mouth was definitely not hers. It was a nice voice, she had to admit, but it was just way too weird to speak in a voice that did not belong to her.

"Well, believe it. This is basically a huge "fuck you" kick in your lover science's balls right here," Soul told Maka. Her own green eyes stared up at her icily.

"How can you be so calm?" She shrieked in his voice. Her scarlet eyes looked at him in panic.

"Okay, you have to stop looking like that. You're actually making my face look ugly," he flatly told her. She kicked him in the shin, and he scowled in pain. "You realize you are the one who is bruising yourself, right? You masochist!"

"I'm not making your face look ugly, it just always looks like that," she mercilessly insulted him. She ignored his last comment.

"Speak for yourself," he growled. He did not like the way his voice sounded so nonthreatening; it was way too high pitched. He couldn't stand it. "What the hell are we going to do? I don't think I can stand this...this change. How did we switch in the first place?"

"Wow, for someone who is known for barely speaking, you sure do whine like a bitch."

"What?" He looked at her with a flabbergasted expression. He couldn't believe his ears- first she had yelled at him for being too ambivalent about the whole situation, and now she was yelling at him for being too emotional.

"Stop asking me 'what' 'what' 'what' all day! What are you, deaf? I told you that you complain like a bitch!" She snapped. "The worse part is that you probably heard me, so why are you keep asking me to repeat myself?"

"Wow, Black Star was totally right. It's always the ones who you would least expect to have the worst tempers ever."

"Of course you would mention your gay lover into this."

"Wha-" he stopped himself just in time. He looked at her harshly instead, with his lips tightly closed shut. He decided it was time they switched the topic, or he might have gotten violent. With a girl no less. How uncool."I bet that idiot teacher has something to do with this, remember how she changed the flour bags?"

Maka slowly nodded her head.

"Yeah, at first I chose my own bag, but she stopped me and gave me the most ominous smile ever before handing me a different bag," she recalled.

"Then it's settled! We'll go talk to her right now," he decided. He took her by her wrists, which were considerably larger now. It was quite an awkward scene for Soul, as he dragged his own body around.

Maka mindlessly followed him, before she suddenly escaped his tight grip. He stared at her, and before he could ask what was wrong, she spoke first. "The teacher went home already, I saw her leaving in her car eighth period."

"Then you mean we have to wait a whole day before we can switch back?" He complained. "Can't you think of anything, anything at all? Some clues from something she said? Think!"

Her burgundy eyes shot him a look of annoyance, but she did as he ordered her to. After all, she was just as desperate as he was to switch back. Her mind was drawing a blank as she rewinded the brief conversations she had with the teacher. Ten minutes passed, and Soul was growing increasingly impatient, when he saw Maka widen her eyes and gasp.

"What?" He inquired. "Did you think of something?"

She blushed, and her face turned a deep crimson shade. She cleared her throat, not sure how she was going to tell him without sounding infatuated with him in the least.

"I...I..." She stammered. She just couldn't do it. She couldn't tell him she might have found the cure, especially when the cure was...

"What? Just spit it out already."

"S-She well, uh," she stuttered. She took a deep breath, and bravely continued on. "Well, I asked her how that stupid flour baby project had anything to do with English class, and she said it doesn't; apparently it has to do with socializing and creating better bonds...A-and then she whispered something about..."


"About...kissing," she finally blurted out.

He raised his eyebrows at her, before he looked at her with his traditional crooked smile that somehow Maka's face was able to pull off perfectly.

"Oh, I see what you're trying to do," he grinned at her. His cocky smile never once left his face. Maka looked at him uncomfortably, as she shifted a few more feet away from him. Truthfully, although it was her own face, she was frightened by the expressions that were painted on it at that moment.

"What are you talking about?" She didn't want him to actually reply; she was afraid to know his answer.

"You're just making up an excuse about what the teacher said so you could make out with me," he told her triumphantly. His smile widened at the look of horror on her face.


"You heard me, and you know I'm right. I just knew I was too irresistible to not attract your attention. So you were one of those girls- the ones that play hard to get, huh? To think I almost fell fo-OW!" He groaned, his hands immediately rubbed the throbbing pain on his shin. He glared at her. "Have you not heard of using words? You violent little-"

He stopped his lecturing when it dawned him that she had already walked away from him, her hands angrily on her hips. He stared at her backside, which was technically his, and almost gagged at the way she was making him look. He rapidly ran up to her.

"Don't. Put. Your. Hands. On. Your. Hips. With. My. Body." He threateningly ordered her. He tightly grabbed her wrists. "You're making me look incredibly gay."

"And that is different from the normal how...?"

"I swear, if it doesn't work, I'm going to take it that my theory was right and you are obsessed with me."

"If what doesn't wo-"

She couldn't complete her sentence, as her mouth was blocked by his rather chapped lips. He had tiptoed on his feet and kissed her. It was the strangest feeling, kissing and being kissed by their own selfs.

The kiss only lasted a few seconds, and they instantly detached from each other. Maka looked at Soul, who looked at her back. Maka felt her palms get sweaty, as she saw her own face give her a face of pure win and evil.

"I knew it!" He cried out into the darkness once again, as they walked down the pitch black street. The dim lampposts and the weak glow of the moon were their only sources of light. "You were trying to seduce me by using the lamest excuse ever! A kiss being the cure my ass!"

"You say that one more time..." Maka grunted through her clenched teeth.

"I bet you just wanted your first kiss to be with someone like me, and you saw this as the opportunity of a lifetime," he mocked.

"Like hell you were my first kiss!" She snickered in reply.

"Like hell I wasn't!" He snickered back.

"Don't be delusional- you would not be alive right now if you stole my first kiss," she informed him. She crammed her hands into the leather pockets. "But I wouldn't be surprised if I was your first kiss."

"M-my first kiss?" He stammered. A slight blush crawled up his face. "D-Don't be ridiculous. Besides, even if you were- which I assure you, you totally are NOT- it would only be because all the girls I know are absolutely disgusting. Why would I want to kiss any of their revolting caked-with-lipgloss lips?"

It was a freezing winter night, and Maka could feel wind seeping through Soul's thin leather jacket. She tried to keep her shivering body as warm as possible as she kept her hands inside her pockets the whole walk. After a huge argument an hour ago about who would go to who's house, Maka gave up from exasperation. Now here she was, forced to go home with the detestable Soul Eater Evans.

"Ahem." Soul coughed, trying to break the thick layer of discomfort that had surrounded them. She had gone silent, and Soul who didn't know it was because she was too cold to engage in a conversation, decided he need to switch the subject. "Shouldn't you be calling your parents? Telling them that you won't be coming home tonight?"

"I live by myself," she monotonously told him. Her eyes dulled, and her face gave off a melancholy vibe. He looked up at her with curiosity brimmed eyes, but decided not to ask further. Why should he care about this loser anyways?

When they finally reached his home, Maka gasped in shock. He did not live in a house- he lived in a freaking mansion. All the rumors and tales of his grandiose house were not exaggerated in the least. There was a huge black gate in the front, and she could see miles of breathtaking garden work. The garden was adorned with a plethora of colorful and beautiful flowers, and the aroma was enticing. Maka had better eyesight than an average person, and she quickly spotted a pool at the back of the large estate. There were marble statues all around, and there was a path studded in a famous rock design that lead to the mansion. Soul buzzed himself in, and Maka weakly followed after him. Suddenly, he felt like a much more intimidating person.

The mansion itself was huge, and Maka felt hopelessly small standing in front of it. Maka was in awe that such an architect could come up with such captivating features and was admiring its magnificence, but Soul casually barged through the doors. A few maids came and greeted Maka, before staring at Soul with a puzzled face.

"Young master Soul, what is that girl doing here?" An older woman in a formal suit asked Maka, but her eyes flickered over to Soul.

"I live here," Soul irritatedly stated, before the voice that came out reminded him that he was not himself at the moment.

"She's a guest!" Maka interrupted, shutting Soul up. "We have uh, a project to do together. She's going to spend the night here." Maka laughed nervously.

The old woman arched her eyebrows at Soul, looking at him with a disapproving face. Soul felt anger bubbling inside of him- how dare a lowly maid look at him that way?

"If I may be so rude to ask, exactly what kind of project will you students be...performing?" She questioned their relationship with a voice coated in accusation.

"None of your business," Soul firmly stated. He looked up at the old maid with frosted leafy green eyes.

"What a rude child!" The woman harshly whispered to no one in particular, before she rapidly retreated away. The look on the blonde girl's face scared the poor elder- it reminded her too much of the young master for some odd reason.

Maka was about to scold Soul for being so rude, especially to a senior, but before she could say anything, he grabbed her wrist and led her upstairs to his room.

"Stop dawdling, and follow me."

"So what exactly is the plan again? Run it through me again," Soul yawned. He slouched down further into his beanbag chair.

They were both inside Soul's room, which Maka found to be shockingly likable. It was a music-oriented room and something about it made it warm and homey, despite the fact that it was bigger than her whole apartment. His room was a mélange of formal suits, posters of famous musicians, and a huge bookshelf filled with thick music books. The furniture was accompanied by deep purple and red wallpapers. The piano in the corner practically screamed out 'Soul Eater Evans.'

"We arrive to school early and then talk to Ms. Nablar. We'll force her to revert us back to normal, no matter what the methods may be," the silver-haired girl told the uninterested blonde in front of her. Her last words had a sharp spike of threat in them. "Then, we switch back and we pretend we don't know each other like before. We'll have nothing to do with each other anymore! It's a happy ending!" Maka eagerly told him her plans.

"And if Ms. Nablar isn't there early in the morning?" He curiously asked, sinking down even deeper into his beanbag chair.

"Then we have to make it by English class!" Her fire red eyes burned with passion. "We have to try our best to act like each other, okay?"

"Yeah, that's easy for you to say. All you have to do is ignore people all day..." He thought about it, and instantly looked up at her. He caught her eyes filled with hesitation, and his minty green eyes hardened. "I mean it. Ignore everyone. That's the only way no one would suspect anything- don't be out of character," he strictly told her. "Don't cramp my style by actually communicating with...them."

"Them?" She pondered out loud.

"I mean those annoying pesks who keep following me everywhere, telling me they love me." His face scrunched up, repulsed by the thought of his overly obsessive fans.

"Don't worry, I have terribly socializing skills anyways. I won't bother to talk to any of them...but..."


"But...can't I just tell Tsubaki and Kid about what happened? This situation?"

He stared at her with his eyes half closed, not even bothering to give her a proper answer. "Are you kidding me?"

"Well, why not?" She argued. "They're my best friends! They deserve to know!"

"Not going to happen." He firmly stated. He got up from the beanbag chair and moved to his bed, his eyes completely closed the minute he laid down.

"Ugh, fine!" She gave up. "But promise you won't say anything I wouldn't, or do anything weird to them during lunch! I can keep an eye on you during in all my other classes, but lunch is the one class where we're totally separated- don't do anything strange. I meant it," she warned.

"Yeah, yeah," he lazily replied. He covered his eyes with a pillow. Her words went in one ear and out the other.

"Wait, don't fall asleep yet!" She shouted, startling his drowsy state. "Where am I going to sleep?"

"The floor?"

"What?" Her eyes flashing in anger at his direction. That bastard! He forced her to come his house, completely starved her, and now he wasn't going to even offer her a comfortable stay? The floor? Ha, as if.

"Oh...okay..." Maka started, her voice sorrowful in a noticeably artificial way. "I guess I'll sleep on the floor, no big deal. So what if my back starts aching the next day and bugs bite me? So what if I catch a cold from sleeping on the rock-hard freezing floor? It's not my body after all. My body is kept safe and comfortable, all warm and cozy in that wonderfully oversized bed you have over there."

Maka smiled when Soul shot up at her logical statement. He snarled, and didn't even bother to reply back. Instead, he just grabbed her wrists- for the millionth time that day it seemed- with his half-opened eyes and pulled her close to him in his bed. Maka flushed red and felt hot, and she was about to punch his face in for trying such a bold move on her, when it dawned her that he had already fallen asleep. She sighed, knowing she lost completely and slowly drifted off to sleep, wrapped around his arms in warmth.

The next day, everyone gawked at the fact that the popular Soul Eater Evans came to school together with the what's-her-face Albarn. They were both messes, as the morning was a rough start. Maka had shrieked when Soul told her that he needed to go to the bathroom. She did not want him see her anything, so she had to stay in the bathroom with him to make sure he didn't look down at all. The old maid who woke them up saw them in bed together, and assumed the worst. All throughout breakfast, Soul (who was trapped in Maka's body) received numerous death glares and bashing. The maid constantly whispered in his ear that he was a whore and gold-digger. It was not a pleasant experience.

The problems escalated when Soul refused to wear Maka's trademark pigtails. She had to chase him around his huge room for twenty minutes with a brush in her hand, swearing she will get him to wear her pigtails no matter what. In the end she got her wish, but it was terribly lopsided and messy. By the time they got to school, they were both thoroughly worn out.

"Move outta the way, you bunch of ingrates," Soul barked. He pushed a few noisy girls away. The girls looked gave him a dirty look, before diverting their attentions to Maka with adoring eyes. Soul couldn't help but find the scene way too ironic. He turned over to Maka, who was staring widely in shock at her sudden increase of admirers, and rolled his eyes. "Let's hurry up and talk to Ms. Nablar, we need to find a cure," he reminded her. His harsh voice brought her back to reality. "And please get rid of that ridiculous face you have plastered on, you're cramping my style."

She glared at his rudeness, but proceeded to follow him regardless of his nasty temper. They walked to the English room, but it was dark, locked, and vacuous. Maka sighed, knowing this was already a bad sign. She had that terrible tingling feeling in her chest again, and she did not like it one bit.

"Maybe she's in the main office?" Maka begged to herself, before walking towards the way of the main office. Soul sluggishly followed after her.

"What just happened?" Tsubaki wondered out-loud, her brain still not fully able to digest everything that had just happened.

"I have no idea." Kid answered with a hint of frustration outlining his tone of voice. "But that asshole better not lay a hand on Maka."

Tsubaki nodded, silently agreeing to her black-haired acquaintance next to her. Maka was very important to the both of them, and if he did anything weird to her, it was going to be war.

"What do you mean that Ms. Nablar quit yesterday?" Maka yelled. She rubbed her temples in shock and pain. Soul looked equally as distressed, but had better control of his temper.

"Calm down Soul," the security plainly told Maka. "We were shocked too, she just quit yesterday afternoon. No one expected her to leave, she just handed us a letter and left."

Maka started to grab bunches of her silver-tinted hair and pulled on them.

"What are we going to do?" She whined, ignoring the disturbed look the security guard tossed her way.

"...wait!" The security guard suddenly stopped them, halting their conversation. Her face looked like it was trying to remember something important. "Are you students Soul Eater Evans and Maka Albarn?"

"Yeah?" They both answered in unison.

"Oh, Ms. Nablar actually left a letter for you two before she left," the security lady informed them. The worker dug through her desk to find the paper.

Soul and Maka glanced at each other anxiously when the guard pulled out a thin, crumpled yellow envelope. Both their names were written in familiar, fancy cursive on the front of the envelope. Maka shakily took the letter.

They sat down on a couch that was near the entrance of their school, and just stared at the worn out envelope. When the tension was too much to bear, and Soul nodded at her in approval, Maka tore open the envelope. A single letter flew out, and their eyes rapidly traced the words on the small piece of paper.

When there is a sudden explosion of air,There will be a switch neither can bear.A bolt of adrenaline from the touch of lipsWill release this restricted curse and it flips.Do be warned not to fall into the devil's temptation,Wait exactly twenty-four hours before the next sensation.

Maka slowly looked up at Soul, who returned her bewildered expression.

"I...don't understand," Soul broke the long silence.

Maka didn't reply, but acknowledged what he said by nodding. She was deep in thought and her ruby eyes diluted into a more watery color. She was in the same position for ten minutes, occasionally reading the letter over, before she abruptly looked up, her eyes gleaming.

The blonde happily squealed, "I think I solved it!"


"I think I get her riddle- and also proof that I was definitely not trying to seduce you!"

Soul raised his eyebrows in disbelief and amusement. "Continue..."

"Look, it says 'sudden explosion of air'- what could that mean?" She rhetorically asked him. "Well, what did we do before we switched bodies?"

Soul thought about it for a minute before he replied. "We were pulling on the flour bag and it ripped...?"

Her face scrunched up at the sour memory. "After that."

"...you started yelling?"

"No you nitwit, we sneezed," she reminded him. She stood up from the couch they were sitting on and loomed in front of him. It was a weird feeling, he thought, seeing so much of his own face in one day.

"Okay, so?" Maka looked at the ivory hair-colored boy in ignorance.

"Basically, every time we sneeze, we switch bodies," she explained. He bobbed his head up and down as a signal that he understood. "And every time we kiss, the switch will be cured!"

Soul dropped that coy grin of his her way again.

"Reminder, we tried that and it didn't work. Are you trying to se-" Before he could complete his sentence, she smacked him over his head.

A few girls who walked into the school at that moment gasped.

"Did you see that? Soul just hit a girl!" Soul overheard.

"I never...I never expected him to be the abusing type!"

"Well, he has to have some imperfection, men don't come that perfect!"

"But he's always so quiet..."

"Black Star told me once it's always the ones you least expect it to be the worst ones..."

"Ah, who cares! I still want him and his whole abusing self."

Soul grew hot at the conversation that erupted a few feet away from him, and he heatedly stared up at Maka in a ferocious manner.

"Stop hitting me." He hissed through his teeth, glaring at her cocky smile.

"Why? Don't like your image being ruined?" She teased him, putting on the same expression he had on when he mockingly told her that she was trying to "seduce" him.

"Just stop it," he ended. "Anyways, so you were saying something about the cure?"

"Yeah, a kiss. A kiss is the cure, but we can't kiss before twenty-four hours- a day- is up, or we don't switch back. So we have to kiss to cure the spell, but only when a whole day has passed." She fully explained their circumstances. She showed her distaste about the thought of kissing him by a faked gag motion.

He looked at her with an playful smile tugging the side of lips.

"And how can I be sure that this is not another scheme of yours to kiss me?"

She smacked him even harder, causing his smile to immediately change into a frown.

"We just have to make sure we get through this school day, and we're done. We can do that terrible..." She tried to look at him in disgust, but it was hard considering it was her own face that innocently stared back at her. "...deed again, and we'll be done, free!"

"Yeah, except you said every time we sneeze we switch back again," he pointed out.

"Don't sneeze," she blatantly told him.

"How am I going to resist a sneeze?"

"Resist it," Maka strictly ordered. Right then the bell rang and she briskly walked away, leaving Soul to grumble to himself in the background.

The whole school day went by pretty smoothy, especially since they were basically in all the same classes together. They kept a distance from each other, and Maka and Soul were both silent throughout the passing classes. They found out during English class that the new teacher was ecstatic about the flour baby project, so the project was still intact. Maka and Soul got another flour baby, along with a lecture about being more civil to each other; they were, after all, parents. The only problem was during their lunch period, when they decided to separate. It was already weird that they came to school together, having lunch together would blow things out of proportion.

"Maka?" Said name heard a familiar voice call out.

"Yeah?" Maka turned around from habit. She briefly forgot about the body she was resided in.

Kid looked at her funnily before saying, "I wasn't addressing you, I was trying to talk my friend next to you. Maka, can you come with me?" The ebony haired boy motioned the currently flaxen girl to follow him.

"Oh..." Maka silently whispered in disappointment. It was then that she remembered she currently was not herself. Maka caught Soul looking at her with a sleazy smile, before he followed after Kid. She had no time to respond, as Kid rapidly dragged Soul to an emptier part of the cafeteria.

"Did that-" Kid stopped mid-sentence and looked Soul over. "What happened to your hair? It looks like a disaster, here let me fix it." He took off the bands on Soul's head and started to rearrange them. Soul looked at him in utter distaste, but said nothing for the sake of keeping his promise with pigtails.

"There, all good," Kid happily said. He tugged the end of her pigtails lightly. "Anyways, I wanted to ask you something, Maka," the boy with jet black hair informed Soul.

"What is it, symmetry boy?" Soul asked, his bored emerald eyes staring off to space.

Kid shot him a weird expression at the inappropriate nickname, but decided to ignore it. "You know how that Soul took you away yesterday? Did he do anything weird to you?"

That Soul? Soul stared at Kid, unable to believe what he was hearing.

"What do you mean did he do anything weird?" Soul asked, thoroughly offended.

"Well, you know..." Kid awkwardly looked down to his sneakers. "...He didn't like...touch you inappropriately, or make any moves on you, did he?"

"What?" Soul cried out, his mouth gaping wide.

Kid looked at her uncomfortably. "Well, you know. He just looks like the type to be a total pervert..."

Soul looked at Kid with the most traumatized expression written on his face. He was shocked. Absolutely mortified. Were statements, accusations like those what they said about him behind his back?

When Soul revived from his mortification, he 'cooly' answered back, "No, not at all. Actually, symmetry, I tried to seduce him by tricking him into kissing me on the lips."

"What?" Kid looked at him with an astounded face.

Soul shrugged, trying to hide a smile that was growing on his face. "I mean, how could I resist him? No other girl can, what makes her- I mean me so special?"

Kid stared at Soul with widened eyes, unsure if the Maka in front of him was really his best friend Maka Albarn.

"Maka, you hate Soul. You think he's repulsive," Kid reminded her.

"What? How dare she...me! How dare me- how dare I?" Soul finally managed to sputter back.

"What's gotten into you?" Kid's hands worriedly felt the top of Soul's forehead. Soul squatted it away.

"Don't touch me, symmetry. And for the record, I do not hate Soul, it's just a facade. A pretense. In fact, yesterday I was as bold as to sleep in the same bed as him. Part of my seduction plan, but of course I failed. Miserably. I mean look at me, I'm as flat as cardboard! How dare I, someone as lowly as I, be one to hate the perfect Soul?" Soul dramatically exaggerated, moving his arms around to emphasize his point.

"Okay, now I am totally convinced that you are terribly sick. What the hell did Soul do to you? Did he threaten you to say these things?" Kid asked, his yellow eyes burning with disgusted rage.

Soul narrowed his eyes at the teenager with sleek ebony hair, as a crooked smile replaced his frown.

"Wait a minute...you asking me all these weird personal questions...you like me don't you?" Soul challenged Kid, crossing his arms and looking extremely entertained.

"Okay, Maka, that's official. I officially diagnose you with a case of insanity with a little retardation sprinkled here and there," he shook his head. His stiff eyes looked at Soul in disdain.

Soul chortled at how fast Kid shot down the fact that he might have feelings for pigtails. "I was obviously joking, symmetry, stop taking it so seriously. I mean look at me, how am I in any way lovable? I don't believe in love anyways."

Kid's eyes suddenly turning a deep golden color, and Kid looked at Soul with a terribly dejected face. Soul noticed that the atmosphere around them was growing heavier by the passing minute.

"Maka, you have to stop saying those kinds of things," Kid finally replied back. His mood nor the atmosphere did not lift up at all. "Stop with the low self esteem. I already know that you don't believe in love, and you're determined that you never will, but I really wish you would reconsider your bias towards that particular feeling." With that, the teenager with piercing black hair left Soul all alone in the deserted cafeteria.

Soul stared at Kid's backside, and the words that had escaped his mouth ran through Soul's head repeatedly. The words burned into his skull and just wouldn't leave him alone. When Soul was speaking on Maka's behalf about the subject of love, he had meant it as a sarcastic joke. The fact that it was actually a valid statement sparked a tremendous amount of curiosity through Soul's veins.

Maka Albarn didn't believe in love?

"What did you tell Kid?" Maka demanded. She had cornered Soul into an empty hallway. School ended a while ago, and they both decided to hide out and meet after school once everyone already went home.

"I didn't tell him anything," Soul lied.

"Yeah, sure you didn't," Maka sarcastically answered back. "That's why he keeps looking your way- with my face, may I remind you- in the the most sympathetic way ever, right?"

"He was mad and upset because your pigtails were a mess and terribly unsymmetrical!" Soul hastily made an excuse.

Maka looked at him with an unwavering expression on her face, her harsh cherry red orbs burning into his guilty green ones. "You have got to come up with a better excuse than that. Sure, Kid may be obsessed with symmetry, but to have caused a reaction like that? I don't think so. I've known him for three years now."

Soul avoided direct eye contact with her, but he could still feel her gaze burning him.

"Answer me Soul Eater Evans."

He kind of liked the way his name rolled off her tongue. It was his own voice, but the way she said it so harshly...

"Earth to Soul Asshole Evans, I'm talking to you!"

Now that was just plain rude. Soul suddenly remembered an old conversation he had with Black Star a few months ago.

"Are you seriously trying to ignore me?"

It was a conversation on how to divert a girl's attention.

"Wow, really? How dare you! Ig-ignore me?"

To make her forget everything they were talking about at the moment.

"That's it! I'm going to slaughter you!"

What was it?

Maka expeditiously got closer to him to physically hurt him, when he grabbed her by her collar, tip-toed on his feet, and kissed her, shutting her up completely.

And then Soul remembered what Black Star had told him- to kiss her.

Sure enough, Maka had shut up, as she felt a familiar rush in her body- an electric pulse rang through her whole body. She felt feeble, as if she might fall any second, and had to grab onto the body next to her to stay balanced. Then her vision blurred before going completely black.

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