A Day In Your Shoes

The One with the Eyes

When Maka had comforted Soul on his birthday, which was conveniently yesterday, she was content with a simple 'Thank you.' Really, that's all she wanted and expected.

What she didn't want was said boy standing in front of her door at six in the morning with a few suitcases, making the most preposterous claims she heard since Kid told her he wasn't obsessed with symmetry.

"Are you out of your mind?" The words somehow managed to come out of her dry mouth. She swallowed hard at the smirk that grew on his face. "What do you mean you're moving in with me?"

"Exactly that."

"...Are you out of your mind?" She tried again, not knowing what else to say. What could she say? She would have said "Are you joking me?" but that question was already answered with the suitcases he held in his hand. He wasn't joking.

"Pigtails, I was thinking about a lot of things yesterday," he informed her, half joking and half serious. "And I came to the conclusion that I must live with you."

It was true- after the whole funeral episode and they had both gone to their respective homes, he spent all night in his room staring blankly at the ceiling. The thumping in his chest didn't recede over time, like he hoped it would, and all he could think about was Maka.

Everywhere he turned he would only see her face, hear her voice, and the more he thought about her, the more that disgustingly nostalgic feeling in his chest would fire up. He needed to know what the feeling was and he ultimately figured that the only way that was possible was to be with her as much as he could. Besides, he reasoned, he hated his house with a burning passion and she was lonely at night. It was the perfect plan, she just needed to realize it.

Maka tried to shut the door on him as her response, but he quickly put his foot between the door and stopped it from closing.

"Look, I'm not asking for a yes or a no," Soul yawned, his foot not budging from the door. "I'm moving in no matter what you say or do, so let's just save ourselves a whole bunch of time and energy by ending this bickering now."

His drowsy red eyes widened at a sudden hardcover book flying towards his face, and dodged it by a millisecond.

Where the hell did that come from?

"Where is the sack?" Maka asked impatiently, as she rummaged through the various contents inside his suitcase. It was nowhere in sight.

"What sack?" Soul questioned, a carton of orange juice in his hand.

"The stupid baby!" Maka replied angrily, the fear in her chest rising as she saw his scarlet eyes widen in surprise.

"I think I might have just possibly forgotten it at home." Soul nervously swallowed, staring uncomfortably at Maka's death glare.

"You forgot the baby?" Maka screeched, her emerald eyes piercing his ruby ones.

"It's at home- in my room! I'll bring it over the weekend when...people aren't around," Soul promised. He set the juice down on the counter when he noticed the look on Maka's face didn't calm down.

"You idiot!" Maka groaned, slapping her own forehead in agony. "Today is the day this whole stupid taking care of a flour baby thing ends! We have to have it in today- in perfect condition- or we fail!"

"...Oh." Soul whispered to himself. "Sorry?"

She ignored his apology, and instead shot him a death glare that made him shudder.

"Is there any way we can get it back?" Maka asked him. His eyes darted from her menacing glassy green eyes to his suitcases that were mercilessly and thoroughly searched.

"Well..." Soul started unsurely, wondering how much the project was worth on their overall grade. By the look of panic on her face, he assumed it was a huge chunk.

"Well?" She encouraged him to continue, not noticing the way his hands were trembling.

"We could go back to my house right now and pick it up," Soul offered, hiding his hands by placing them inside the pocket of his bright yellow sweater.

"Ok then let's hurry and go do that!" Maka immediately decided. She grabbed her book-bag from the coffee table and urged him to hurry up. "Hurry up! There's one hour until school starts and although we'll undoubtedly be late for school, we can make it there before English starts."

"Ugh..." Soul groaned, clenching his fists from beneath his sweater. He had omitted the fact that his father always took the day after his wife's funeral off, and was likely to be home.

"First she cuts school and now she's late because of him." Kid scoffed, shaking his head. "He's a terrible influence on her, Tsubaki."

"Oh, I don't know," Tsubaki admitted, twirling a piece of silky hair around her finger. "Maka has personality when she's around him."

"Maka always has personality." Kid argued, fixing the buttons on his shirt so they were perfectly symmetrical.

"Yeah, but..." Tsubaki started, but stopped. She had no idea what to say.

"Tell me the truth." Kid ordered his raven haired friend, who looked at him with her curious ocean blue eyes. "Do you think Maka likes him? Has any feelings for him at all?"

"Him?" Tsubaki played dumb.

"You and I both know who we're talking about, cut the bull," Kid rolled his golden eyes, still struggling with his buttons.

"Well..." Tsubaki hesitated.

"The truth, Tsubaki."

"I-I..." Tsubaki stuttered, unsure if she should tell him the truth or not. If she told him what she really thought, Tsubaki knew it was only going to crush him. Maka didn't know, and even Kid probably didn't know, but Tsubaki knew. She saw it all.

It was obvious that Kid saw Maka more than just a friend, and the idea that Maka possibly loved someone else would probably break him. When Maka had that disgusting boyfriend two years ago, and Kid found out what her boyfriend was trying to do to her, Kid flipped. Kid was always protective over Maka, and they were like siblings. He knew she didn't believe in love, so he never bothered dealing with his feelings. If he found that she started to maybe believe in love again because of a different person-

"Maka definitely loves Soul," a quiet voice interrupted from behind, causing Tsubaki's condensed thoughts to scatter around the bounds of her mind.

"What?" Kid asked, turning around to see the girl with terrible hair and tacky clothing staring down at the floor in uncertainty.

"Maka..." The pink hair girl spoke again, just above a whisper. Her face turned a bright red when she made eye contact with the raven-haired boy in front of her. "Maka told me, she kept saying to convince her that she really loves Soul. Maka does love Soul."

Tsubaki was not sure if the shy girl in front of them- if memory serves right, then her name was Chrona- was telling the truth or not. She definitely didn't look like the lying or gossiping type, but what she claimed seemed so far-fetched from what Maka would ever say. Kid must have felt the same way, as he stared down at the girl in front of him in absolute confusion.

"I think you might have misinterpreted," Kid finally spoke, his golden orbs as hard as a rock. "Maka isn't the type to say those kinds of things. Besides, she doesn't believe in love. She said so herself. What makes him special that she would choose him above all the others?"

"I'll just quickly go up to my room, you wait here." Soul ordered Maka, who nodded slowly in response. Maka looked around the room she was placed in, and decided that it was maybe the living room?

It was a huge room and there were musical instruments in every corner. The wallpaper was a rich red color. One side of the room was completely filled with only long glass windows, which let much needed light into the room. She explored around the room, and stopped abruptly in front of a huge picture placed on top of an unused fireplace of someone who looked a lot like Soul.

He had the same silver hair, but it was more tame and smooth. His eyes were pitch black, and although he was smiling, his expression seemed grim. He looked about four or five years older than Soul, and Maka realized it was Soul's brother when saw the words, "Wes Evans- first child of the new Evans generation" engraved on the bottom of the frame. Maka looked around the entire room in puzzlement.

There was a gigantic picture of Soul's brother, where was the picture of Soul?

"Are you the twit that's been hanging around Soul?" Maka heard a deep voice from behind, and she nearly jumped in surprise. She turned around to see herself face to face with a man with chaotic white hair, his eyes an intimidating mahogany red color. He was definitely much older than both Soul and Soul's brother...Soul's dad?

"He's dangerous," the unidentified man continued to talk to the unresponsive Maka. "Misfortune will fall upon you if you hang around with someone like him."

"You're so unfair." Maka flatly stated. Her voice was completely monotone, and the expression she wore on her face remained blank.

"What?" The man asked in disbelief, as if it was impossible for someone to dare criticize his predicaments. Maka tore her eyes away from Wes's portrait to look at the man in front of her straight in the eye, her beryl orbs sternly looking into his fire red ones.

"I said you're so unfair," Maka slowly repeated. "You were the one who was driving that car that day eighteen years ago. If anything, you're the person responsible for your wife's death. Stop using your son as a scapegoat and face reality- she's gone. Learn to let go of people. I'm sure it's hard, but no matter how hard it is, at least have the common decency to treasure the things- or in the case, person- they left behind. You're acting like a big baby."

The man stood there, speechless, his mouth open but empty of words. He had no idea what to say- somehow, the clear, cold green eyes that looked straight at him and basically told him off reminded him so much of his late wife's eyes. As if she was coming back through the frail blonde girl standing boldly in front of him, scolding him for treating their son terribly.

Their son.

Somewhere between the process of losing the single person he loved most and seeing the birth of a new life in exchange for that life, he had forgotten that Soul was also his son.

The small girl in front of him also reminded him of the nightmare he had been burying in his mind for so long; the destructive thought that he was the reason why his wife had died such a terrible death. If he hadn't gone so fast, if he wasn't in such a rush...then maybe, maybe she would have lived.

But he had chickened out. The thought of killing his wife was too much for him to bear- both mentally and physically- so he had to blame it on someone. Who else to dump it all on but someone who was already partially responsible for her death? It was perfect, he camouflaged it flawlessly, but this girl...this blonde, toothpick sized girl had read right through him like an open book.

"You don't have to worry about Soul anymore," the flaxen haired girl informed him, waking him from his thick, hazy maze of thoughts. "He's with me now."

And with those words came an arched, rosy red smile, and before he could properly assess the situation, she was gone.

"Today is sadly the last day for our flour baby projects," the teacher shook her head in disappointment. "I really loved this project, but we really do have to move on."

A few students looked across the room at each other and shrugged at their teacher's unusual dreariness. Usually she was chipper and hyper, but today she stayed dull.

"Truthfully, I feel as though none of you guys really learned anything on interactions from this project," the teacher sadly admitted, sitting herself on top of her polished desk.

Soul grinned when he heard this, and his eyes immediately floated to Maka, who was staring at him with a curious face as well. She quickly darted her eyes away when they met for a brief second, flushed from the cocky smirk and wink he added in.

"I'm going to call up the groups one by one and the whole 'family' will take a picture. Then you'll say something you learned from your 'husband' or 'wife' throughout this journey. I'll give you a trait, and please evaluate on it." The teacher brightened up slightly at the thought, before she frowned again. "Please don't screw this up. First couple, Kim and Ox? The subject is hair."

"He's as bald as an eagle." Kim snorted, looking at the clearly love-stricken Ox in disgust. Marie sighed at the rude comment, and rubbed her temples together to calm herself down.

"She's the most beautiful angel I have ever set my eyes on...!" Ox replied, his excitement growing by each passing second. The crushed teacher straightened her back a little at his outburst. "This project really changed my life! All I could think about now is her beautiful pink hair, it's like the color of pepto-bismal. You know, the stomach medicine? Thinking of stomach medicine, I need to -"

"Okay, Ox, that's nice. We don't have a lot of time, so we'll just stop there. Good job." Marie cut him off, scribbling something inside her grade-book. She took a picture of them, took their flour baby, and gave them an obviously forced smile. "Jackie and Harvar?"

The couples continued to go up,and Maka droned them out, her thoughts consumed by what happened earlier that morning. Maka left the man, who she was positive was Soul's dad- and if it wasn't, she would have made an absolute fool of herself- completely speechless and ran off to Soul's room before he could retort back to her. Maka didn't know what came to her when she spoke to him - she was so rude! But the thought of what he had done to Soul all his life annoyed her greatly, and -

"Pigtails, she's calling us." Soul's lazy voice pulled her back to reality.

"Oh...oh!" Maka almost tripped out of her seat, and hastily went up to the room, taking the package of flour with her. A few girls in the classroom shot her dirty glares, but she ignored them. Why bother?

"Soul and Maka, your subject is eyes," the teacher unenthusiastically said, now completely given up on the idea of finding this activity useful at all in the socializing department.

Maka looked over at Soul, urging him to start, but he shook his head in response.

"You first," he mouthed out the words.

Maka felt heat spread onto her face, as she stumbled upon which words to say.

"I...uh...well...most of the time his eyes are a dull red. They kind of remind me of the an unpolished ruby. But then they change shade according to what mood he's in. When he's happier, they seem lighter, but if he's angry or upset about anything, they turn darker...like a beautiful, dark scarlet tone."

This statement caught the attention of more than a few people in the room: the teacher Marie and Soul in particular. Maka noticed all wandering eyes were now on her, and turned completely red. She was more than ready to walk immediately back to her seat and cover her face with the English textbook, when she heard Soul speak.

"At first you'd say her eyes are green…" he began, ignoring Maka's surprised expression. "But then if you look closely, you'll see a mixture of different hues. And then when the sun is shining down on them, her eyes turn a greenish-blue, like the color of the ocean when it's calm and peaceful. There are strong streaks of emerald in them...and when she gets frustrated, it's a deep green, almost blue- like the sky when a storm's brewing up. You don't ever want to get her mad, but the color her eyes turn when she gets frustrated is such a beautiful, rich color, you kind of want to purposely mess around with her. Just to see that perfect balance and shade of green."

Maka's eyes widened at his description, as did everyone in the English room's did. Her heart thumped loudly in her chest, a feeling so strong she had no idea what how to react or respond to it. A few girls in the back squealed or faked a faint and even some of the guys in the room looked touched. Did the teacher have a tear in her eye...?

Soul briefly glanced over at Maka, who he noticed was tomato red and shocked. He grinned.

Needless to say, Soul and Maka both got perfect scores on the flour baby project.

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