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The Keeper of the Light

By RyuyaLana

Romance / Adventure

Another Girl

Thomas sighed "She's coming down, just don't surround her" Teresa slowly descended the ladder but stopped when she heard a noise "THE BOX!!!" Everyone started running for the box to see what was happening. "What happened?" Gally asked, pushing other gladers away.

"It suddenly went down!" chuck shouted. "But I thought the note said that she was the last one?" Thomas squinted down together with Newt, "I'll keep watch until it comes back up, everyone, go back and do your jobs... Thomas, you do THAT thing" Newt ordered everyone around, Thomas nodded and left with Teresa.

"Why would it go back down if she was the last one?" Gally circled the box, Newt sighed and furrowed his eyebrows, saying "I don't know, but I have a feeling that it's not over yet."

Gally nodded "Yeah, that's because it's shank's fault" he left to talk to the others before Newt could even reply. Newt sighed and lay on the grass "Let's hope for a bloody miracle that whatever is coming back up, is worth all this trouble." he mumbled before falling asleep under the setting sun.

A loud sudden noise caused Newt to sit up, he looked to where it was coming from. It was coming from the box, the box was coming back up. "GUYS! IT'S COMING BACK!" he instantly shouted, a couple of seconds later, he was completely surrounded by Gladers.

This time, the package had a blanket over it "What is it?" Gally opened the cage as Newt jumps in it. However, as soon as he jumped in, the figure moved. Causing Newt to step back as a girl with straight brown hair and brown eyes emerged from underneath the blanket.

Her brown eyes stared at Newt, he didn't move nor pay attention to the boys around him making noise, all he paid attention to was the girl in front of him. "... Newt?" His eyes went wide as she slowly stood up, but quickly losing her balance Newt caught her in time "Woah, careful greenie" she quietly thanked him.

"Newt, take her to Thomas and Teresa, they might know who she is and i'd like to have a word with you" Gally watched as Newt nodded and slowly helped the girl to the others, Newt's right arm was wrapped around her waist while her left arm slung around his shoulders for support.

"So Greenie, do you remember your name?" Newt tried to avoid looking at her but he couldn't, how could he not? Unlike Teresa, she was less hostile at the moment and he knew that she felt a connection towards him that he didn't know about.

"My name is Lana" her voice was like singing angels to his ears. "Lana, that's a beautiful name" the way he said her name was like magic. It sounded so right when he said it with his own mouth, "Well you already know who I am, but for formalities sake... I'm Newt"

She laughed like it was the most natural thing in the world. "Hello Newt, nice to meet you" they were walking slowly, Newt heard his name coming from her lips, and he swears, it was the most beautiful way anyone has ever spoken his name. She noticed his eyebrows furrowing in confusion, "I'm sorry, I shouldn't laugh...", the reason why he had the facial expression was that he didn't know how to feel about the girl.

Newt laughed "No, please laugh, a little laughter could lighten things up here" they both smiled as they entered the room where everyone was. Thomas, Teresa, Jeff and Minho looked at the two with wide eyes. By this time, Teresa had already injected the vile into Alby, who was sound asleep.

Newt gently sat Lana down on a near by chair "Her name is Lana; Teresa, you and Lana should find chuck and ask him to show you around tomorrow. Before that, Minho will show you where you'll sleep for the night" he talked quick enough but everyone understood his orders perfectly, while Lana watched him in awe.

"Lana, this is Teresa, Thomas, Jeff, Minho and Alby" Newt gestured to the people in front of her "Nice to meet you" she said as she gave them a smile.

She looked at Teresa, who smiled and then back to Newt. "It's ok, she's new here... just like you, she remembers someone, which is Thomas." Teresa looks at her "You remember someone too? Who?" Lana looked up to the boy beside her "Newt" Everyone stares at him, Newt shoots up both of his hands "Don't look at me, I don't know anything"

Just in time, Gally comes through the door "Hey Shank, it's time... Newt, come with us" Newt looks at Lana who asks "Will you be long?" he smiles and pats her head "No, I'll just have a quick chat then I'll come look for you by your tent" Lana smiles and waves "See you later Newt" Newt nods and follows Thomas and Gally outside.

Lana's POV

I watched as Newt and Thomas leave with the boy from earlier. I didn't like the feeling of being separated from Newt, but why? I don't remember anything else except for my and his name, also this connection i have towards the blonde brit.

"It's ok, Newt will come back," Teresa looked at me softly "Actually, I'm glad you're here... I thought that I'd be the only girl here" I smiled at her "Thanks Teresa, so where are they going?"

The man beside her, I think his name was Minho, spoke "He's going to lock up Thomas in the pit for a night without any food and I'm guessing Gally took Newt so that they could have another council meeting"

"Council meeting?" Teresa and I looks at Minho questionably

Minho nodded "Here in the Glade, we have our first in command, which is Alby" Alby was the dark skinned man unconscious on the table.

Jeff added "Newt is our second in command then our third in command is Gally"

No wonder Newt was giving out orders...

"Since Alby is temporarily injured, Newt is temporarily our leader" Minho crossed his arms and sighed "Come on, I'll show you where you'll sleep for the night"

Teresa and I followed Minho outside the hut, it was dark and the torches lit up the place. We passed the boys who were keeping their distance "Don't mind them," Jeff looked at us "They're just curious and afraid" I walked a regular pace to keep up with the others.

"Why are they afraid?" I asked, a little chubby boy with curly hair appeared and said "They're afraid of Teresa" I looked at her and saw Teresa smiling triumphantly "I threw some rocks at them from on top of the watch tower"

"That's so cool!" we both started laughing, "Wow, I haven't laughed since I got here... Thanks Lana"

"By the way, his name is Chuck, Chuck meet Lana" the boy smiled and nodded "I got informed by Newt, I'll give you the grand tour tomorrow at sunrise"

"Sound's lovely"

We arrived at a small hut to the side, a bit far from the main camp. "You two can sleep here tonight, this place was used to storage but since we built one closer to camp, we don't use this anymore" Minho led us inside, it wasn't too big but not too small. Just the right fit for two girls.

"No boys will come here at night, they'd have to pass through mine and Newt's camp before getting here, so you're both safe." he was about to leave when he said "I'll have Chuck, Jeff and Frypan bring you dinner and blankets"

"Thank you Minho" I smiled at him "Goodnight" Teresa said after sitting on a chair. "Goodnight ladies" he nodded and left us.

"About Thomas, you remembered him too?" I sat down on a chair next to hers.

"When I woke up, all I could remember was his and my name"

"That's the same as me!" we both smiled, she then frowned.

"Did you have anything with you?" I shook my head. "No"

Teresa pulled out a vile from her pocket "This was in my pocket when I got here"

I held the vile in my hand, the vile had an inscription on it "W.I.C.K.E.D" as I read the word, my head started to throb in pain. I held my head in my hand, I could see Teresa saying something but I couldn't hear her. The room started to spin, the pain was getting worse, and then all I could see was darkness and voices talking.

"Lana, do you remember? You must remember, Wicked is Good" who was talking? She sounds so familiar, why?

"Everything I do, is for you're sake" My sake? What are you talking about?

"I'm right here, you won't lose me" This is a boy's voice... Newt?

I slowly open my eyes, the light of a candle shining brightly in the room, I felt something holding my hand. I looked to my right and saw a blonde haired boy, leaning back on a chair with his hand in mine.

"He didn't want to leave till you woke up" I jumped at the sound of Teresa's voice coming from the door, "You feeling any better?" she quietly asked. I nod "Yeah, what happened?"

"After you read the name of the vile, you fainted... Did you see something or remember anything?" Teresa sat on the edge of the table, giving me a reassuring smile. "I didn't see anything," I looked at Newt, who was still sound asleep then back to Teresa "But I heard voices, a woman's voice and a boy's voice"

"A woman? What did she say?" Teresa knew something, I could see it in her eyes, she just needed reassurance. "To remember that Wicked is good" she nodded "Thomas and I had the same vision where a woman with blonde hair, she kept on saying Wicked is good"

I slowly sat up, not removing my hand from Newt's. "What does it mean?" I whispered, Teresa shook her head "Whatever it means, Thomas took it upon himself to inject this into Alby, he resisted so I had to do it"

I nodded, trying to remember any other details. "You mentioned something about a boy's voice?" I snapped back to reality and looked at Teresa "Yeah, he said 'I'm right here, you won't lose me'"

"Do you know who it was?" I bit my lip and blushed "He sounded like..." my eyes wandered to the boy next to me, I could see Teresa's eyes widen "Are you sure?"


"I need to tell Thomas, you have to tell Newt"

"Not tonight, I'll tell him tomorrow"

"Hmm, tell me what love?" I saw Newt squinting his eyes and yawning, the slur in his voice was audible. "Thank you for staying with me" He was half awake and grinned "Of course, didn't want our greenie to faint and not have anyone beside her when she woke up"

"Hey I have a name you know" I squeezed his hand "I know love, it's just fun" he squeezed back. "Ahem, if you two are done flirting, I'll be asleep in my side now thank you"

Teresa announced, making Newt and I separate. Wait. Flirting? was I flirting with Newt? I just met him a few hours ago didn't I? I looked at his brown eyes, he looked back at mine. "Are you alright now?" I nodded "That's great, I have to go now... I'll be back in a moment" he whispered before leaving the hut. Wow.


Hey guys! Thank you so much for reading this fanfic. Please let me know my mistakes and I'll correct them. Thanks!

I posited the same story in another website called Fanfiction.net

Next time:

"The Light"

As soon as I lift my top to take a dip in the water with Teresa, she notices the mark etched on my shoulder blade "Subject WCKD1 - The Light" I noticed hers "Subject A1 - the betrayer"

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