You are mine tonight


Jungkook doesn't know why he likes to be violated and manipulated but has another idea this time........ Short smut fanfic of BTS members Jungkook and Jimin.

Erotica / Fantasy
Bun Greene
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I loved it

Jungkook was always scared of sex, not that it hurt, but that he always felt as if he couldn't control what was happening to himself. And it possibly may have had hurt......but in a good way sometimes. Jungkook maknae could never understand why he was so ashamed to Jimin's kinky ways with him."How are you Kookie?", asked Jimin as he slid on top of him as the boy just lied there on the bed like a stiff noodle scared.

Jungkook's lips started to move shakily "I....I ugh." Jimin looked deeply into the mankae's eyes, running his fingers through Kookie’s hair slowly and with patience....just staring. The maknae hated when he did this because he knew he couldn't resist the hyung not one bit. “You ugh?” said his hyung still staring into his eyes which made the makane shiver as if he had a cold. But Kookie knew at this moment that he wanted to control his hyung instead of his hyung controlling him. “Can we change this up a little?” asked Kookie. Jimin stopped running his fingers through the maknae’s hair and just stared at him. “What kind of change do you want my beloved Kookie?” Kookie pushed his hyung off of him and sat up quickly…which had turned on Jimin even more than usual. Jimin just sat there looking at Kookie for a few seconds.

Kookie got up and went to the closet and grabbed Jimin’s chains and handcuffs. “Kookie…..what are you doing?” asked Jimin not at all confused but a little curious about Kookie changing things up a bit. “Hyung please shut the fuck up”. Kookie was a little embarrassed at his own foul language at the moment. Jimin said nothing, just looked. Kookie now stood in front of Jimin at the edge of the bed and whispered “Hyung” in Jimin’s ear softly. Kookie pushed his hyung back on the bed without any resistance. Jimin lied there just wanting Kookie even more and more. Kookie started to whisper foul things into his hyung's ears which now had Jimin confused. "Kookie, I don't think this a ", Jimin was soon cut off with "I thought I told you to shut the fuck up hyung. Now I am not going to have to repeat myself. Is that understood? ." Kookie grabbed Jimin's hair and pulled his head back into the bed more. His hyung made a whelping sound because the maknae was kind of hurting him now. Kookie started kissing his hyung's neck which soon turned into Kookie pulling at Jimin's skin with his teeth. Jimin then again let out a "Ohh Kookie". Kookie held Jimin's hands above his head and grabbed the handcuffs.

"Kookie please don't" Jimin whelped. Kookie scooted closer to Jimin's ear and whispered "Don't you want me to fuck you the way you fuck me for once?" And clicked the handcuffs closed together. Jimin's dick became rock solid. Kooki looked at Jimin's erection through his shorts and smiled. "Ouch, Kookie please...ugh...please..I can't", screamed his hyung as Kookie forcefully grabbed at the erection and started doing hard strokes. Kookie pulled Jimin's shorts down which made Jimin blushed far too much that his face turned bright red. "Oh hyung, I knew you would like it"

Kookie said as he licked Jimin's tip slowly. Kookie grabbed at Jimin's dick even harder and stuffed it into his mouth. Jimin made a grunting noise and then tried to push this younger boy off of him with his legs. Kookie sat up and grabbed the chains off the floor "Hyung, you don't listen do you?". Jimin realized Kookie wasn't going to stop. Kookie grabbed Jimin's legs pushed them up together in the air and tied them with the chains in way that Jimin would not be able to separate them. "This is embrassing please Kookie stoppp..." cried Jimin.

Kookie climbed back on top of his hyung and looked him into his eyes and said "no". Kookie starting stroking Jimin's dick again and again making his hyung cry out loudly. This made Kookie very happy to see that he could do the same to Jimin but better he thought then what Jimin did to him at most times. Jimin left bit marks and scratches among Kookies body that Kookie loved. Jimin sometimes fucked Kookie so much at once that Kookie couldn't get up for hours, just laying there. Useless. Now Kookie wanted to see how Jimin liked it rough.

Kookie had already token Jimin's shorts off earlier now he continued to take his hyung's shirt off. But Kookie stopped and had a second thought, "I want to see my hyung sweat through his shirt" he said out loud. Jimin just cried out "Kookie....just fuck me already..ugh take my shirt off too please?" Kookie become hard after his hyung said that. Kookie didn't care about the shirt, so he left it on Jimin like he planned to. Kookie licked his finger and put it into Jimin to make it wider. "Ouweee" Jimin cried out from the pain. Kookie then inserted two then three fingers into his hyung.

Kookie rubbed his face on his hyung's chest while going in and out of his hyung with his fingers. Kookie then started to rub his own dick against Jimin while holding Jimin's legs down from the air with his other hand. Jimin was breathing hard now and Kookie wanted in. Kookie sat up and pulled his pants down. He held his hyung's legs up and put inch by inch into his beloved hyung. Kookie started going in and out slowly.

Then slowly become loud, slapping, pounds against Jimin's skin while stroking his hyung's dick hard. "Kookie..ahh too much....oh god yasss." cried Jimin. Kookie just keep pounding the hell out Jimin til his hyung screamed. "Say my fucking name hyung" said Kookie forcefully. "Kookie" said Jimin. "I said say my fucking name" Kookie yelled while pounding harder and harder now. "Kookie!" Jimin shouted finally. "Kookie? Huh? Kookie what?" said the younger boy. "My beloved Kookie....ughh please...." "I love you so much Kookie, soo much please." Jimin cried. "I love you too my beloved hyung" said Kookie. "I'm coming Kookie, I'm coming!" cried his hyung. Kookie grabbed at Jimin's dick and squeezed at it softly. "Don't hold it in hyung , please." Jimin squirted out all over his own chest and Kookie's hand.

"Hyung" Kookie said softly. "Yes?" his hyung answered. "I'm tired now" Kookie said breathing hard. Jimin looked up Kookie, "Maybe you keep this change for awhile Kookie?" "Maybe my beloved hyung."

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