Two White Loved Ones


The next day the girls received a visit from Professor Ozpin and Professor Goodwitch. It was mid-afternoon, after Weiss had gone through a few check-ups and scans that the duo knocked on her door and stepped inside.

“Ah Miss Schnee, how are we today?” Ozpin greeted, of course he had a cup in his hand.

“Professor? He-hello, I’m doing fine thankyou.” Weiss greeted, repositioning herself to better straighten her posture, “What brings you here?” Weiss asked, surprised at her headmasters arrival.

“Oh we came to check up on the two of you of course.”

“We?” Goodwitch hadn’t made herself known yet.

“Good afternoon Miss Schnee, it’s good to see you’re well” Goodwitch announced, stepping into Weiss’ line of sight.

“Oh you both came to visit.” Weiss stated, a little worried why two of the top professors from Beacon were in her hospital room.

“Don’t fret Weiss we are only here to check up on you. Oh and we have notified your relatives about what has happened, but they have been assured you are well and they need not worry” Ozpin stated, taking a sip from his cup.

Weiss was a little taken aback at the mention of her family but she quickly covered it up. She didn’t like the idea of her mother fretting about her condition, or her father fuming because of it. To be fair it was partly his fault.

“Erghem” Goodwitch cleared her throat, bringing Weiss back to the present. “I would like to apologise for putting you in danger. I had said we would look over the missions before approving them and apparently we didn’t do a good enough job” Goodwitch apologised sincerely. But Weiss held a hand up to stop her.

“Please, Professor if anyone should be apologising it should be me, on behalf of my father. Had he listened to me this could have been prevented”

Goodwitch gave Weiss a questioning look, “What does this have to do with your father?”

“It’s complicated” Ozpin interjected, “perhaps we can talk about it later. It was good seeing you Weiss but I think we should go see your counterpart before we are needed back at the academy.”

“Thankyou for your visit” Weiss said politely as the duo began to forward out.

“It was our pleasure” Ozpin called back before shutting the door behind them.


“Yang go home you need to rest!”

“I’ve had rest. I feel asleep next to you remember.”

“That doesn’t count, you need proper rest. I’m fine here you don’t have to watch over me twenty-four-seven.”

“If I don’t who’s gonna make you eat this delightful hospital food?”

“YAAAAANG! Go home!”

The two professors walked in to see Yang waving a fork piled high, with what could only be described as mush, in front of Ruby, who was trying her hardest not to let the fork anywhere near her mouth.

“Erghem” Ozpin loudly cleared his throat, getting the attention of both sisters. The two girls halted and looked toward the source.

“Ozpin? Oh I mean Professor. Hi!” Yang stumbled, absentmindedly dropping the title. She got up from her hunched over position and put the food down into Ruby’s lap, who quickly picked it up and placed it on her bedside table, wincing as she turned her body.

“And how are we today?”

“I’d be doing better if Yang would go home and stopped trying to feed me mush.” Ruby mumbled, receiving a chuckle from the headmaster.

“I see we are doing quite well. Yang I haven’t seen you in two days, you haven’t come back to the academy yet.”

“Of course I haven’t I’ve been here with Ruby.” Yang replied , ever so slightly offended. Where the hell did he think she was?

“It’s just that you appear tired, even if you are trying to hide it.” Ozpin observed, waving his cup towards her.

“I’m fine” Yang said sharply, folding her arms across her chest. Ozpin humphed and turned his attention to the red head.

“It’s unfortunate to have to meet you like this. I’m used to having our little chats in a more… meaningful matter.”

“Yeah we haven’t spoken in a while have we?” Ruby realised it had actually been a long time. “You didn’t happen to bring me cookies did you?” She asked nervously, picking at her sheets and avoiding eye contact, the last time they spoke he had cookies, so maybe this time he would too.

“Hahaha, I did actually. Although Glynda nearly stopped me.” He answered with a chuckle, offering a brown paper bag he had been hiding to Ruby.

“I really don’t think sugar filled biscuit is what she should be eating right now.” Goodwitch stated, looking to her partner

“They’re just cookies” Ozpin replied, dismissing her statement.

Ruby quickly opened the bag and pulled out a biscuit. She looked at the sweet, eye’s gleaming and was about to slam it into her mouth when she was reminded of their teams picnic they ‘had’ a couple days ago. She smiled at the memory and was about to eat the cookie when a gloved hand ripped it from her grasp.


“There you go Professor, that’s one less sugar filled biscuit she’ll be eating today.” Yang proclaimed through a mouthful of cookie.

“How reassuring.” Goodwitch dead-panned.

“Yang give it back!” Ruby argued

“Give it back? How am I supposed to give it back?” Yang teased and she swallowed the biscuit.

“Give what back?” The nurse asked as she stepped into the room. Ruby blinked at the lady and realised she was still holding the bag of cookies, cookies she wasn’t really supposed to be eating.

“Uh nothing!” She said quickly, shoving the bag under her sheets.

“Is that right is it?” The nurse replied with a smile. The nurse had only been with Ruby for two days, but the red heads energetic and adorable personality had already rubbed off on her. The two sisters’ interactions only helped in lightening the mood and making the nurse laugh.

“Yang you’re still here I see. I really think you should go home, you need to rest.” the nurse said softly while checking Ruby’s monitors.

“Well we have to head back. Goodbye Ruby, goodbye Yang. It’s good to see you both, hope to see you soon.”

“Thankyou professor. Thanks for the-“ Ruby glanced at the nurse, “brown paper bag!” she finished nervously. Yang face palmed and the nurse shook her head with a grin.

“My pleasure!” He called back with a chuckle.

“If I go Ruby won’t eat her food.” Yang continued, using the same excuse.

“If that’s true I will personally make sure she does.” Amy offered, looking to the blonde. Yang looked from her sister to the nurse, she was tired, but she didn’t want to leave her sister, especially after what she said to her the day before.

Ruby noticed Yang staring at her and took her hand, “Yang I’ll be fine. I promise.” Yang looked at her sister and had to say she believed her.

“Oh alright! I’ll go home with Blake”


Blake arrived about an hour after Ozpin and Goodwitch left. She went to check up on Ruby and left to check on Weiss with a certain blonde brawler in tow. Blake opened the door to her room and stepped inside. Weiss wasn’t in her bed, but she was up and standing in front of a mirror, she had her hospital gown removed from the waist up and she was running a finger along the scar across her stomach. Halfway up the scar she noticed the faunas watching her in silence, “Blake!?”

The heiress lost her footing as she jumped in shock and was about to topple over. But with cat like reflexes and the help of a shadow clone, Blake was beside her in an instant. She grabbed the heiress’ arm and placed a hand on her back to steady her, “Sorry” the faunas offered, aware she was about to be scolded.

“Don’t you know how to knock?!” Weiss yelled, ignoring her apology and getting back on her own two feet.

“At least you’re not completely nake-“


“Sorry, I said I’m sorry.” she moved to help the heiress put her gown back on. Blake wasn’t sure whether she was angry or embarrassed, either way Weiss’ cheeks had turned a light shade of pink and it did nothing but make Blake smile.

“Stop smiling!” Weiss demanded, turning her face away from the faunas as she threaded her arms through the sleeves.

“Should you even be standing up on your own, what if you fell?” Blake asked, concern evident in her voice.

“Please I’m not going to fall over. When was the last time a fell over?”

“Do you really want me to point out all the times you fell over?” Blake teased with a grin that Weiss was becoming all too familiar with.

“Oh shut up!” Weiss snapped, returning to her bed.

“Sorry I’m late, Ruby wanted me to bring these with me.” Yang strolled into the room, a brown paper bag in her hand, and as she looked at the heiress a huge smile spread across her face. Weiss rolled her eyes.

“Gooodafternoon snow angel.” She sing-songed.

“Please don’t call me that.”

“Don’t call her that.”

Both Weiss and Blake said simultaneously, awarding Blake a rather icy death stare. Yang on the other hand laughed it off, “Ahaha that’s kinda funny” she said glancing between the contrasted teammates, who somehow worked really well together.

“Blake why did you bring her here?“

Blake went to answer, probably something smug in mind, but Yang beat her to it.

I’m here because I want to check up on my teammate. Oh and Ruby asked me to give you these.” Yang handed her the brown bag and Weiss cautiously looked inside.

“Cookies?” Weiss asked, looking back to the brawler.

“Hey she insisted. You better eat one, remember what happened last time you didn’t eat a cookie? Luckily JNPR is busy right now.”

“Please how could I forget” Weiss mumbled, pulling a cookie out of the bag. “But doesn’t she want them?” Weiss asked. Ruby rarely shared her food, especially cookies.

“She already had a few, maybe she’s making an exception. Kinda like her roses.” Yang stated, teasing at their conversation about her roses. Weiss opened her mouth to say something, but once again Yang beat her to it.

“Like I said, don’t read too much into. C’mon Blake, I think we should get going.”

The two partners left, leaving Weiss alone once more. Yang told her not to read into it, but right now the way she was feeling about the red head, all she could do was read into it.

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