Two White Loved Ones


Ruby was rather irritated. She had been stuck in bed for two days and she was yet to see her partner. Everyone else had gone passed and told her she was fine, but the red head wanted to see her herself and having broken ribs and an overprotective sister didn't help at all. Every time she tried to get up Yang would gently push her back into her bed.

"Ruby where do you think you're going?!"

"Yang! Stop babying me I'm sixteen, I can look after myself."

"Your ribs are broken." Yang pointed out.

"They're fractured and I'm tougher than I look"

That was usually how the conversations went, of course she lost each time and ended up back in bed with a sour expression. But now that Yang had finally gone back to Beacon, she was free to do what she liked, albeit she still had the nurse to worry about.

After the nurse had made her rounds over to her room and left, Ruby flung her sheets off herself and placed her hands to the side of her body, readying herself to get up. She carefully moved her legs over the edge of bed, planting them firmly on the ground before using her bedside table as a support to help her stand up. She winced as she lifted herself off the bed, with cracked ribs the slightest of torso movement hurt. She stood still for a moment, readying herself for the journey ahead. Using her bed as a support, she slowly made her way toward the door, moving her hand from her bed to the wall.

She didn't have far to go, Weiss room was just a few rooms down, the hallway did turn left midway to Weiss room and Ruby set that as her goal, if she could make it there first, she could make it the rest of the way.


Weiss was standing in front of the mirror once again, this time she was just looking at her reflection. She had once asked a mirror if her heart could be turned to stone. She thought it said yes, if it did, it had lied. Weiss' heart didn't feel like stone, it didn't feel cold.

Weiss brought a hand up to her chest, placing it over her heart. It was usually cold there, not anymore. It was that dunce that had done this. That red head got what she wanted, she got through to Weiss, got through her stone heart and was now making herself at home. It scared Weiss to realise that she had somehow let someone in that much, she didn't even realise it was happening until it was too late.

Ruby was there and Weiss didn't know whether she could truly offer a part of her to the red head. She had let Ruby in, but was she willing to let her stay? She didn't know, at least not yet. Not to mention the fact of how Ruby, herself, felt about the heiress.

Weiss moved her gaze from the mirror toward her door. She was standing and could walk, she should probably go see the dunce, considering no one was around. Weiss slipped her slippers on and slowly made her way toward the door, spinal injuries didn't make it easy to walk, and neither did huge scars. Weiss hand moved to the scar, great, now she had another memory she would never forget.

She pushed the thought to the side and made her way outside. Blake had told her Ruby's room was just up the hall, five rooms after the turn. It wasn't that far, for an uninjured person. Weiss leaned against the wall for support as she began to move toward her partner, Blake's words were brought to mind.

"Tsk Weiss Schnee doesn't fall over"


Ruby reached the turn without too much trouble. Her ribs were hurting a little and she was slightly out of breath but it wasn't anything she couldn't handle.

When Weiss approached the turn, she paused to catch her breath, she was tired but at least she hadn't fallen over.

The two girls went to continue on their way but ended up nearly toppling over each other.



They said simultaneously, just as surprised as each other.

"What are you doing out of bed!?" They continued

"I could say the same for you!"

"Don't tell me what to do!"

"Stop copying what I'm saying!"

"Stop being stubborn you dunce!"

"Stopping acting tough princess!"

The two partners paused and looked at each other. Ruby's stern expression softened and a wide smile spread across her face before she started giggling. Ruby's giggling was a mixture of 'hehe's' and 'ow's', laughing wasn't easy with cracked ribs.

"Stop laughing you'll hurt yourself" Weiss said, watching her partner with a rather, plain, expression.

"Too late" Ruby stated, her giggling slowing down. "Seriously though, why are you out of bed?"

"I came to see you! What else?" Weiss folded her arms and stuck her hip out as she usually does, except this time it was much less gracefully between the back pain and the abdomen pain. Ruby's smile returned and she felt like hugging her snow haired partner but she didn't think it wise.

"We should probably sit down before we both fall over" Ruby suggested, moving toward two chairs that were set out along the hallway.

"Agreed" Weiss followed and sat next to her partner and realised that she was still wearing her cloak. They sat in silence for a moment, before Weiss decided to speak.

"So how are you feeling?"

"Weiss I thought I lost you" Ruby blurted out quickly.

"Uh-Uhm sorry?" Weiss blinked, she certainly was not expecting that.

"I thought you were gone" Ruby repeated. "You were lying there and there was all this… blood, it was all… red. I thought I was going to lose you"

Weiss turned to her partner and saw those silver eyes looking at her, quivering and in that moment Weiss felt her heart shatter, ‘What happened to you Ruby?’

"I-I don-" Weiss wanted to say something, but her mouth wouldn't form the words. Her brain was busy figuring out what that feeling she kept getting was and it was beginning to do just that.

"I had you- your blood all over m-my hands and I didn-" Ruby was crying now, looking down at her open palms, which were now shaking. Weiss knew where this was going and knew she had to stop it. People can get consumed by memories such as those, if there is no one nearby to pull them back, they could be lost forever.

Weiss grabbed Ruby's hands in her own and held them tightly, "Ruby stop. It's over now, I don't ever want to hear those word again. I'm not gone, I'm right here. I'll never leave you like that, never." Ruby looked up at her partner and burst into tears. She leaned toward Weiss and all the heiress could do was accept her into her arms, Ruby cried and cried ignoring the pain that shot through her rib's every time she inhaled sharply. She was mumbling something between sobs and it took Weiss a while to realise what she was saying.

"Don't you ever scare me like that again! You're my partner you're not allowed to leave me!"

"I know Ruby and I won't. I promise" Weiss said softly, gently rubbing Ruby's back and shushing her sobs away.

What was she saying?! Weiss isn't that person, she can't possibly mean those things?! How can she make a promise she doesn't know she can keep!?

‘What's happening to me? I've never been like this before! Never since that day! Oh no. Nononononononono, this can't possibly be happening.’

Weiss was tempted to get up and leave her shattered partner, she needed to get away if just for a little while, it was extremely selfish she knew, but even if she tried Ruby had grabbed onto Weiss' gown as if the slightest nudge would remove the heiress from her grasp.

Weiss was becoming increasingly afraid of what was going on. She had just realised that deep down she meant every word she said. Meaning that she would never leave Ruby, that she would always be there for her.

She had just given herself to Ruby.

Just earlier she was contemplating whether she would and now it seemed that she was more than willing. Upon seeing Ruby in such a state, Weiss couldn't bear to continue to see her like that and decided she would do whatever it would take to keep Ruby away from that dark place. A place where she had been six years ago, a place she thought she would never leave until Ozpin stepped in.

Which brought Weiss to another heart stopping realisation. One involving the red head quietly crying into her hospital gown.

That familiar feeling she kept getting every time Ruby said or did something, Weiss had found out what it was. The feeling she got when Ruby pleaded for her to stop fighting, the feeling she got when Ruby yelled her name when she was hit, the feeling she got just now hearing Ruby's recollection of her terror.

It was exactly the same as when her sister was shot. The yell, the desperate plea to stay with her, the tears, the blood, the way the memory haunted her and continued to feel so real. Ruby was doing the same things Weiss did when she nearly lost her sister. Her sister which she loved beyond capability.

Weiss understood what this meant, but the truth was just as hard to accept as it was to accept her feelings for Ruby. Ruby hadn't just fallen for Weiss, she already had.

Ruby. Loved. Weiss.
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