Two White Loved Ones

Going Home

The next couple of days left in the hospital went by without further incident. Ruby and Weiss spent more time in each other's company as their injuries healed and walking became easier with each passing day. It was becoming increasingly difficult for Weiss not to feel uncomfortable when she was alone with red head, luckily for her Blake and Yang visited frequently.

Having realised how Ruby felt about her and coming to terms with how she felt about Ruby, the heiress was becoming afraid with being left alone with her cloaked partner. What if she said something? What if Ruby knew, or if she confessed to Weiss how she felt? What would Weiss do? Run from it, lie and reject her? Running away didn't really feel like an option, she recently just promised never to leave her.

The fact that there wasn't one moment where this whole situation didn't remind her of Winter and herself, didn't help to relax her nerves or her emotions. Part of the reason why she was so afraid was mainly because of this, she hadn't forgotten what happened to Winter after she promised never to leave her. Of course Weiss was slowly beginning to forget that day and forgive herself, but she was hoping to get over it completely before she made even the slightest move to go back down that road with another person she loved.

Of course Weiss did nothing but cover up what she was thinking about and hide how she felt, there was no point showing her team what was going on if she wasn't completely sure herself, plus she didn't need her dunce of a partner finding out either. So as far as Ruby was concerned everything was the same, besides that one little promise she made Weiss make.

When the pair could finally return to Beacon they were far past relieved, hospital food was definitely something they wished never to see again. When the team finally reached their dorm room, Ruby and Weiss were still a little slower than usual, they were pleasantly surprised. Except for Blake.

"Welcome home girls." Yang threw the door open, stepping aside to let them through. But neither teammate moved, they did stand and blink.

"What? Huuuuh!" Yang looked inside and saw it.



"A dog!" Blake yelled, noticeably alarmed, moving behind the door frame.

"He's yours? How did he get here?" Weiss asked, moving into the room and looking down at the corgi.

"Who cares?" Yang proclaimed picking him up and nuzzling him. "Hey buddy, what are you doing here?"

Ruby moved off to the side and found a note and a canister on their desk. She picked it up and read through it. "Dad sent him. He's gone away and didn't have anywhere to leave him"

"Your dad sent your dog in the mail?" Blake asked dumbfounded, still standing outside.

"Yeah he does stuff like this all the tim-" Yang began to explain but stopped when she looked at her partner. "BAHAHAHAHA BLAKE. OH MY GOSH BLAKE!" Yang had to hand Zwei to Ruby as her laughter took over. Ruby took her pet from her sister while shooting the blonde a quizzical look.

"Blake-Blake please don't tell me…" Yang walked over to her partner, still controlling her laughter. "Ruby give me Zwei" Ruby handed Zwei back to her sister, still unsure what her sister was getting at. Yang took Zwei in her arms and began to move closer to Blake.

"Yang don't!" The cat faunas demanded, pointing a finger at the brawler, but the blonde kept coming.

"First the laser pointer and now the dog! I'm sorry this is just priceless. Please don't tell me you're that much of a cat" Yang held out Zwei toward her partner, who looked from the dog to the blonde and back to the dog.

"Roof" Zwei barked and Blake nearly jumped out of her skin. She ran inside and into the bathroom, locking the door behind her just to make sure. All she could hear was Yang laughing uncontrollably.

"Yang don't you think that was a bit inappropriate?" Weiss asked turning her hand over in the air.

"Oh c'mon Weiss who could be afraid of this?" Yang asked moving Zwei closer to the heiress

"Well she is a cat faun- Huuh! He is so cute! Hiiiiiii!" Weiss was overwhelmed by the cuteness presented to her, forgetting her original defence of her teammate and holding her arms out to nuzzle the corgi herself.

"Heey cutee! You'll be staying with is for a while huh? That's alright you can stay with me and Ruby until we get better! How would you like that hmm?"

"Yang. What's happening to Weiss?"

"I think Zwei broke her" Yang whispered to her sister, apparently not softly enough.

"I'm not that heartless! At least I don't exploit my partner's genetics."

"Tell me this isn't funny. Blake is afraid of dogs! Like a CAT!" Yang explained, throwing her arms open to add emphasise on the fact.

"You didn't think the laser pointer was a bit mean?" Ruby asked, taking Zwei off her partner, it was her dog and she was worried Weiss might stay broken from prolonged exposure.

"Rubes, Blake knows I'm joking. Don't you Blake" Yang said, knocking on the bathroom door.

"Yang. I hate you"



Blake hadn't emerged from her shelter and Yang was beginning to get a bit worried before she heard the shower running, then her expression of worry changed to an expression of thought.

"Yang what are you doing?" Ruby asked cautiously, she knew that look. That look was never a good sign.

"Hmm? Oh nothing."

"Well you have that look and that look usually means you're about to do something."

Ruby and Weiss were sitting on the bottom bunks, where Blake and Yang decided they would sleep for the next couple of weeks. There was no way Ruby was going to climb into her bed each night, at least for now. Zwei was enjoying his time running from bed to bed, sniffing the two strange new girls in his life, well the one that wasn't blocked by a door. He was beginning to like Weiss already, he didn't mind her strangely cold, yet warm, hands petting and rubbing his underbelly. Ruby watched as her dog moved closer to her partner and jumped into her lap before settling down and nuzzling into her stomach, and she couldn't help but feel the tiniest shred of jealousy.

"How come the dog gets more attention than me?" She muttered

"What was that?" Weiss was sitting across from her and didn't catch that, luckily.

"Uh n-nothing" Ruby replied hastily, rubbing the back of her head and turning away. Yang, however, who was sitting right next to her sister heard her clearly, but other than raising an eyebrow and grinning she didn't say anything.

The blonde quickly returned her attention to the bathroom, she had a hunch, a hunch she had to prove. She was fiddling with her scroll and Ruby noticed the camera was activated. Ruby looked from the scroll to her sister, who was looking at the bathroom door.

"Yaaang? What are yo-" Before Ruby could ask, Yang shot out of her seat as soon as the shower stopped and she was in the bathroom in an instant. Both Ruby and Weiss recoiled, "Yang?!" Ruby called, alarmed. Blake had just finished her shower, there was no way she could get dressed that quickly.



"WOOF WOOF" Zwei shot out of Weiss' lap and into the bathroom, finally he would have his chance at that cat.

"Oh no! Zwei!” Ruby called, moving from her seat to intercept the dog but was too slow to stop him.


"BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Blake it's just a dog calm down!"

"Woof! Roof Roof!"

"CAN YOU SEE THESE CAT EARS!" Blake was sounding extremely out of character, her usual disinterested tone had been replaced with anger and fear. It seemed only Yang found it funny as Ruby was still horrified that her sister was looking at a nude Blake, and Weiss never found this to be funny in the first place, although Blake's reaction did make her smile.

"Now she knows how I feel." Weiss said smugly, folding her arms.

"What does that mean!?" Ruby asked growing more alarmed. Why was everyone seeing everyone naked!?

"WEISS YOU WEREN'T COMPLETELY NAKED!" Ruby shot Weiss a look, as if everything she knew about Weiss was a lie and Weiss did her best to hide her rosy cheeks and embarrassment.

"When did that happen?!" Yang was still in the bathroom, "Roof!" and Zwei.


The next second Yang came flying through the bathroom door and bounced off one of their taller bookshelves, knocking a couple of books off which came tumbling over Yang's head. Zwei soon followed, except in a less violent manner, he came sliding out on the bathroom mat, as happy as he was when he ran into the bathroom. The door slammed shut right after, It was a wonder how the door didn't explode.

Yang's head popped out from the pile of books and it seemed she was very pleased with herself, she took a look at her scroll and burst into another fit of laughter.

"Yang you didn't just… you know?" Ruby asked cautiously, hoping she seriously didn't.

"Look at it!" Yang said, moving toward her sister and shoving the data-pad in her face. "Please just look!"

Ruby flailed her arms and dived into her pillow, ignoring the pain. "No! Yang I don't want to see!"

"Ruby don't be ridiculous, it's just her face. What do you think I am? Just look." Weiss eyed the blonde suspiciously, she believed her that she didn't actually take a photo of her partner in the nude, but that fact that she barged in while she was nude, made Weiss very afraid of having showers with the brawler around.

Ruby reluctantly lifted her head and looked at the photo. It was indeed just Blake's face, and as she looked at it she began to understand why her sister was laughing at it. When Blake stepped out of the shower it seemed she wasn't happy at all, in fact she seemed very irritated. Kinda like a cat after it had been forced to have a bath.

"You're kidding?" Ruby asked.

"What were you thinking?" Weiss asked as she took a look at the photo.

"I was thinking that Blake was acting all cat like and cats don't like taking showers. So I wondered if Blake did and then I wondered what she would look like after she did have one." Yang explained, proud that her theory was proven right.

"So you decided to sacrifice your partner’s modesty to satisfy your curiosity?" Weiss queried, raising an eyebrow.

"Mm pretty much. Besides I'm going to see her naked eventually." Yang stated casually, ignoring the worried and confused looks from her sister and Weiss. Ruby was about to ask for an explanation when the bathroom door flung open. Zwei ran toward it but when Blake stepped out all she had to do was give the dog one fuming death stare and Zwei began to whimper and back down.

"Oooh kitty bringing out the claws."

"Shut it Yang!" Blake shot her partner the same look and even Yang was tempted to back down.

Ruby had already taken shelter behind the, just as afraid heiress. Blake stalked over to where Gamboul Shroud was lying, equipped it, stalked back over to her partner and grabbed her by her hair. Both Ruby and Weiss inhaled sharply, did Blake know what she was doing?

Yang looked at the faunas with wide eyes, "You wouldn't dare."

"Oh I would." Blake replied softly, Yang believed her and she was beginning to regret her actions. Blake dragged the brawler out of their dorm and down the hall.

"Should we be worried?" Weiss asked Ruby.

"She grabbed her hair. Nobody grabs her hair. I think we should be worried, for both of them"


After a few moment Ruby cleared her throat.

"Uhm Weiss?"

"What is it Ruby?"

"I have to tell you something." Weiss paused, that's never a good sign.

"Go ahead." She replied cautiously.

"Uh, your sister, Winter, she kinda called a while ago."

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