Two White Loved Ones

It's Been A While

"You're telling me this now!"

"Well I wanted to tell you right away but you didn't come back till late at night and then we went on that mission and then we were in hospital and I was too happy that you there and I forgot about it." Ruby blurted out her explanation, moving her hands about nervously, she was dreading this moment ever since she answered that call.

"Well what-what did she say?" Weiss asked, pinching the bridge of her nose. Not only had her sister called her, she had spoken to Ruby, great.

"Well she didn't say much, it looked like she had to leave. She seemed pretty desperate to speak to you though." Ruby stated, hoping to get some information out of her partner.

"Well yes that's understandable considering our… situation. Did she say she would call back?"

"No she just told me to let you know she called."

"Well that usually means as soon as possible."


"No-no that's alright. It's fine, as long as you two didn't say much." Weiss took a seat on her bed, Zwei was quick to jump up next to her and Weiss absentmindedly began stroking his back softly. Ruby sat opposite Weiss, on Blake's bed, and watched her partner stare off into the distance.

"Are you going to call her back?" Ruby asked carefully.

"Is it any of your business?" Weiss replied looking at the red head with a stern expression.

"Well no," Ruby replied, Weiss nodded and looked away but Ruby wasn't done. "But I think you should, she is your sister and she seemed pretty desperate to talk to you."

"Thankyou for your suggestion Ruby but I think I can deal with my sister on my own." Now it was Ruby's turn to nod and look away.

There was silence between the two girls before Zwei got bored of the heiress and jumped across toward Ruby.


"Hey pal what's up? Hmm?" Ruby began turning Zwei over playfully and rubbing his underbelly and chin. Weiss watched her partner and her dog, she was thinking of something, something that could possibly work out quite well for the heiress. Weiss got up and picked up her scroll before leaving the room.

"I'm going to make a call."

After she left Ruby turned to Zwei, holding his face in her hands, "She seems to like you boy. Doesn't she Zwei? Do you think she likes me too?" Ruby looked up at where her partner had just been, "I dunno Zwei it's getting hard to tell"



"Hi mum how are you?"

"I'm fine how are you? What happened to you darling are you alright?"

"Yes mum I'm fine I thought the headmaster already told you not to worry."

"Weiss I'm your mother, it's my job to worry."

"Well you can stop now, as you can see I'm doing fine."

"Yes I can see that, where are you?"

"I'm back at school, I'm in the library."

"Oh you can make calls there?"

"No not really" Weiss confessed, looking around for any signs of librarians.

"That's unlike you to break the rules" Her mother stated grinning widely.

"I'm not breaking the rules, there isn't a rule that says we can't make calls in the library."

"Shh!" Someone hissed off camera.

"I do have to be quite though." Weiss' mother was laughing now.

"Weiss, why are you calling from the library?"

"I needed some privacy" Weiss answered, peering over her shoulder.

"Oh, is something wrong?"

"No no, I just don't want my partner hearing everything I have to say."

"You mean that younger girl that was with you? How is the poor girl?" Weiss sighed.

"She's doing fine mum, she's uh… she's just fine" Weiss stammered, getting her words mixed up in her thoughts about the red head. Her mother perked an eyebrow but didn't say anything.

"Mum, did you know Winter called about a week ago?"

"No I didn't. Did you two speak?"

"No I wasn't there, Ruby answered. Is she home right now?"

"No she's at a friend's house, she won't be back till tomorrow, do you want me to tell her something?" Weiss thought for a moment, she wanted something else, but she wasn't sure if it was the right thing to do to Ruby, or even her team.

"I was actually thinking of coming home in two weeks, we have a short break coming up. I think it's about time I spoke to my sister."



Ruby jumped down from her bed, energised and ready for their three week long break. Her injuries had healed and she was back on her own bed, fortunately for Blake. Speaking of Blake, she was slowly waking up, stretching and yawning, much like a cat, before rubbing her eyes and feeling a weight on her stomach. She peered down at her stomach and found Zwei, sleeping comfortably on her abdomen.

"ZWEI!" Blake yelled before leaping out of her bed and somehow ending up in Yang's, hiding behind the blonde. Yang rolled her eyes before jumping from her own bed.

"Blake it's been two weeks, he's going to be here for a while you're going to have to get used to him eventually." She said, as-a-matter-of factly.

"Roof roof."

"How long do you think he was sleeping on me?" She asked, the thought making her shudder.

"Probably long enough to make me jealous." Yang muttered, as she stepped into the bathroom. Blake caught most of what she said and she sent a stern look the blonde's way, but she already closed the door.

"Roof! Roof Roof! Roof!" Zwei was barking as he jumped on top of Weiss' bed and ran up and down the length of it. She wasn't there.

"Uh guys. Where's Weiss?"


After the airship landed, Weiss was whisked away by her family driver, Robert, and only her driver. Apparently her father was at a meeting and her mother was 'asked' to go with him. It was less of a business matter and more of a company relations meeting. Which just left Winter, who was apparently at home, waiting for her, her home coming party.

She was currently sitting in the back of her limo, alone. It was quite and the silence only helped to bring her actions to mind. She had just left her team without any notice what so ever. Of course they didn't really need her, they were on break, there shouldn't be any missions or classes she had to attend. Even so she couldn't help but feel a little guilty, she did leave them a letter, hopefully Ruby wouldn't miss it, she was sure Blake would find it, but she hoped Ruby would find it first.

The red head was part of the reason why the heiress decided to leave without telling them, she may have been taking the whole, 'promise that you will never leave me', a bit too seriously but Weiss knew Ruby would have had a million and one things that they would never have been able to get done in three weeks, and she knew that the moment she told her silver eyed partner she was leaving, the red head would be guttered and worried. Weiss was beginning to think she had exaggerated her reasoning, but she really didn't want to tell her team face to face that she was going home. They knew enough about her to start asking questions about why she was going home and Weiss didn't like questions.

Her thoughts drifted from her team, to the event's to come. She was about to arrive home where her sister was waiting, her sister that she hadn't seen in two years and spoken to in much longer than that. Weiss was far from nervous.

She had no idea what Winter would say, how she would act. Weiss never gave a reason to her sister as to why she avoided her, but Weiss knew her sister wasn't dumb and she knew how to get her mum to 'spill the beans'. So Winter most likely had a vague idea why Weiss had been avoiding her for all those years. Weiss' parents knew that day had an impact on their oldest daughter however, they weren't exactly sure how much of an impact it had, so whatever Winter got out from her mother, it definitely wouldn't be the full story. So Winter would still have questions and Weiss, didn't like questions.

Before she knew it, Weiss' limo was pulling up in front of her house and her heart rate was beginning to increase. She looked up the steps that led from their front courtyard to the front door, took a deep breath and stepped out of the car.


"Why didn't she just tell us?" Yang asked, she had emerged from the bathroom, she wanted to wash her hair but apparently the ice queen decided to leave without telling anyone.

"I don't know." Ruby said softly, reading the note for what had to be the tenth time.

"Well it isn't necessarily that bad, she's just gone home, not like she ran away." Blake offered.

"You mean like you?" Yang teased, awarding herself another glare from the faunas.

"Do I have to take you on a 'walk' again?" Blake threatened. Ruby and Weiss still didn't know what happened to the bumblebee pair that night, they weren't even sure they wanted to know.

"Should I try and call her?" Ruby asked, unsure what to do.

"I think you should just leave her, for now. I'm sure she's fine, if she wants to talk to us she'll call." Blake suggested, looking Ruby in the eye. The leader understood exactly what the faunas meant, maybe the white haired fencer was feeling guilty about leaving and was too embarrassed to tell them face to face. Whatever I was, it certainly put a hold on most of Ruby's plans for the next three weeks.


As she stepped into her house she was greeted by one of their many staff, Sonia.

"Welcome back Miss Schnee, it's been far too long" She approached with a smile.

"Thankyou Sonia, how are you today?" Weiss asked, offering her the same smile.

"I'm fine Miss Schnee, how was your trip?" She asked, following her up to her room. The stairs were right in front of the door, as you stepped in there was a u shaped staircase that led to the second level. Off to the left and right were two living rooms, which opened up to more rooms beyond that. The second level housed the bedrooms and bathrooms, Weiss and Winter to the left, their parents on the right.

"It was fine, how have things here been these past, years?" Weiss continued, moving down the hall toward her room.

"Ah, not much has changed, although Winter has grown quite a lot these past two years." Weiss paused, she had forgotten that her sister was around that age, what if she didn't recognise her? Weiss shook her head, that's ridiculous, she's her sister.

"Oh and where is she?"

"Last I saw she was in her room"

"Did she know I was coming today?" Weiss asked, she thought she would have at least seen her sister by now.

"As far as I know, we all knew you were coming today" Sonia replied.

"Thankyou Sonia. That will be all for now." Weiss commanded.

Sonia nodded politely and left the heiress alone to her bedroom. Her bags had already been delivered and they sat neatly at the foot of her bed, all three of them although one held Myrtenaster. She took a deep breath and began unpacking, she found that there were already a few new items of clothing in her closet, her mother must have bought them for her. Something that caught her eye was the beautiful white gown, she took it out of her closet to get a better look at it. It was a beautiful pristine white dress that reached to the floor. The back was bare, coming to a point midway down the back, the front pulled up at the chest but didn't give too much away.

What caught Weiss' attention was the rose print covering the torso area. Weiss gave the roses an incriminating look before moving her attention elsewhere. There was no note attached to it and Weiss began to wonder what the dress was for. Usually when a dress was put in her closet and not in the walk in wardrobe down the hall, it meant she was expected to wear it for an occasion.

"I'm having a party in two weeks." Weiss jumped and quickly spun around.

"Winter! Oh wow! You've- you've grown. Wow uh…" Weiss stammered, her sister she hadn't seen in two years was standing in her doorway and she had grown. Her face still had that unique softness to it, her hair had taken on a more pale ivory colour and she had grown it just a long as Weiss' but she wore it loose, not in a ponytail and stood just shorter than Ruby.

"Well yeah two years is a long time for that." Winter replied.

"Uh yes it is isn't it." There was a bit of an awkward silence between the two siblings, "So this party, what's it for?"

"My birthday"

"Oh." Come to think of it, it was her birthday in two weeks. Some oldest sister she was. Winter's attitude wasn't making this any easier for Weiss, she clearly wasn't very happy and Weiss was beginning to wonder just how much she had damaged their relationship. Well, why wait to try and fix it.

"Winter I'm sorry," Weiss started, "I know I haven't been the best person in the past few years, especially to you and I know you have a slight idea why." Winter remained silent as her older sister tried to come up with an appropriate apology for the past six years.

"And you probably still have questions and I hope when you ask me I can answer them. Three weeks isn't a long time, but I promise I will do everything I can to at least make a difference to our relationship, to try and make up for all those years." Weiss offered sincerely.

She stepped forward to get a better look at her sister and noticed that her eyes were slightly blood shot. "Winter, have you been… crying?"

Weiss narrowed her eyes as she looked at Winter's reddened eyes. Weiss was overwhelmed. Why was she crying? Was it her, did she do something wrong? Did she hate her?

"Weiss. It's been two years since I have seen you, eight since we have even spoken besides hello's and goodbye's. A few weeks ago, I get a call telling me you're in hospital, that a man tried to kill you. Six years ago a man tried to kill me and you were in a completely different position to what I was. I was worried for days, couldn't sleep for countless nights because I kept having nightmares"

"Winter I'm sorry I-" Winter held a hand up to stop her sister.

"If I was feeling like that, I couldn't even begin to imagine how you felt six years ago."

"Uhh…" Where was this going?

"Weiss I still haven't forgiven you for all of this, but I'm beginning to understand part of the reason why you did it, I don't agree, but I understand. I do have so many questions and trust me, these three weeks are going to be spent with me a lot of the time. We have a lot of catching up to do."

Weiss was stunned, she blinked a couple of times before asking. "So you don't hate me?" Weiss didn't really care about anything else, as long as Winter didn't hate her she was ok.

"Weiss I never hated you. Never. I hated how you avoiding me more than anything else."

"Winter I'm so sorry. I was afraid and worried. I couldn't forgive myself I thought I was going to lose you and I nearly did and all I could do was blame myself. Two weeks ago I nearly lost Ruby like that, but I didn't and I think because of that I can finally stand here and talk to you like this."


"Yeah Ruby but she doesn't matter right now-"

"Woah woah woah, hang on" Winter stopped her sister again. "Ruby? Was that the girl I spoke to?" She asked grinning.

Weiss gave her sister a questioning look. "She's my partner, stop cutting me off."

"Your partner? Ooh I wanna hear about this." Winter said excitedly, stepping into the room and dragging her sister over to her bed.

"Winter I'm trying to tell you something important." Weiss complained.

"Weiss. It's okay, you're here now and that's all I care about. We have three weeks don't worry, you’re my sister and I wanna know what's been happening at Beacon. Tell me about this Ruby girl."

Weiss peered at her sister, wary of the fact that her reasoning can go both ways, she could tell her this after the important stuff, but that was her sister.

"Speaking of Ruby, who picked out my dress?" Weiss asked.

"Ooh, me I did!" Winter replied, "do you like it? Don't tell me you hate it" Winter went from, excited to worried in an instant.

"No no it's beautiful, it's just very suspicious." Weiss replied, looking for the right word and settling with 'suspicious'.

"Uh okay… So tell me about Ruby. Are you her new snow angel?"

The two sisters sat and chatted for what felt like nothing more than ten minutes, but was actually much, much longer. Weiss told her sister about Ruby, how she nearly blew her up when they met, how she managed to get her to climb on the back of a nevermore and how she told her to jump off it and then proceeded to do so without her. Weiss spoke of the first year at Beacon and what she had learnt and the things she had seen, Penny and Torchwick were quite interesting topics.

After learning more about Ruby, Winter asked about the rest of her sister’s teammates, so Weiss was forced to talk about the faunas and the blawndee. She did tell Winter that Blake was a faunas with cat ears, which she confessed she thought were a little adorable, and then went on to mention Velvet and Sun as other faunas she knew. Winter had nothing against the faunas, reciprocating Weiss’ feelings about them. Weiss did leave out the part about the White Fang though.

Moving from Blake she turned to Yang, telling Winter that the blonde was quite possibly the strongest girl she had seen so far. Weiss explained Yang’s relationship with Ruby and described Yang’s loving and motherly nature, although not forgetting to add the warning about her hair.

“Don’t touch her hair. Ever. Unless you’re angry and you’re Blake”

“What does that mean?” Which led Weiss to tell her about the arrival of Zwei and the shenanigans that followed.

“You have a dog!?” Winter asked excitedly.

“Yes and he’s extremely adorable.”

“Aww Weiss you have to show me one day.”

Weiss was finding their conversation to be extremely refreshing. It was much more mature and much less energetic compared to the conversations they used to have when they were younger. She was surprised how quickly her sister got over the little hiccup that spanned over about eight years, Winter seemed as if she had completely forgotten about it and was only in the present, which reminded Weiss of how she treated Blake’s past.

Weiss spoke briefly about JNPR and Neptune, glossing over her momentary crush on the blue haired student, which made Winter giggle and ask what happened. Weiss simply put it down to his extremely flirtatious attitude toward nearly any and every girl, but Winter knew there was some other reason, maybe a more personal reason.

Weiss went on to ask Winter what she had been doing the past two years. Winter had taken up fencing, much to Weiss’ delight, although she had a different instructor, but that was alright it just meant it would be more interesting when they fought each other. Winter was still getting used to her semblance and experimenting with her glyphs, she hadn’t begun to incorporate dust into them and Weiss offered to lend her a hand when they had time.

Weiss pointed out that when she called she was at a friend’s house, she asked when their father allowed her to do that and Winter announced,

“Ever since he hired that bodyguard.”

“So he got you one too?”

“Yeah, but he got fired right after your little…incident.”

“Well he shouldn’t have ever done that in the first place.”

“What’s the big deal Weiss, it’s not the first time we’ve had bodyguards?”

“Well yours didn’t watch you from the shadows and then try to kill you did he? Weiss asked, clearly showing her disdain.

“Fair enough.” Winter mumbled.

Winter began talking about the people she had met over the years and the friends she had made, Weiss was particularly interested in a young man around the same age as Winter named Gray, apparently he was a close friend, just how close, Weiss wanted to find out.

“Is he coming to the party?” Weiss asked, eyeing her sibling cautiously.

“Of course he is! All my friends are going to be there. Weiss calm down he’s just a friend” Winter stated, moving off the bed and toward the door.

“Yeah sure and Ruby is just my partner” Wait, what?

“Excuse me?” Winter spun on her heel, did she hear correctly.

“Uh-Uhm nothing. I-I said nothing, I mean Ruby is my partner” Weiss stammered, trying to cover her slip of the tongue. She thought it was a harmless statement, but as soon as she said it and remembered who she was talking to, she realised it was far from harmless.

“Tell me again, you broke up with Neptune because he was a playboy? Are you sure there wasn’t, oh I dunno some other, maybe more personal factor to it?” Winter asked, now eyeing her sister suspiciously, how quick the tables turn.

“What is that supposed to mean?” Weiss feigning offense, “He was a good guy but I don’t think he even cared and that’s all there is to it.” Weiss stated, folding her arms sharply. “Where are you going anyway?”

“Oh I think I heard mum and dad arrive, you might wanna come down and say hi.”

“Wonderful.” Weiss breathed sarcastically, getting up and following her sister.

“I couldn’t help but notice that you still didn’t tell me if you’re Ruby’s snow angle or not?” Winter asked casually as they both climbed down the stairs.

“What has that got to do with anything right now!” Weiss hissed.

“Well I just remembered.” Winter confessed, shrugging her shoulders.

“Urgh! You’re just like that dolt!” Weiss grumbled just as the door opened.

“I’m just saying, she’s just had a rough time, try and be a little nice- Oh.” Their mother stepped in first, clearly still in conversation with their father, which was no doubt about Weiss.

“Weiss your home!” Her mother quickly placed her bag on the table next to the door and moved to hug her daughter. “Oh it’s been so long since I last did this! I’ve missed you so much Weiss!”

Weiss took a breath when her mother released her, not only did she not like hugs, she hated the ones that left her breathless.

“I missed you too mum. Glad to see your well, your hair might say otherwise.”

Weiss teased, pointing out the few grey hairs that grew in an otherwise blonde environment. Winter got most of her looks from their mother, the slightly tinged hair and the soft complexion were all credited to her mother. Weiss seemed to inherit all of her father’s traits, all the ones that made her the perfect heiress to the SDC, sharp, rough, cold and willing to do whatever it takes to stay on top, Weiss was beginning to think she didn’t want to be at the top.

“Leave my hair alone, I could tease you about yours but three against one are poor odds.”

“Wise choice.” A loud sturdy voice stated from behind them.

“Father,” Weiss nodded politely to greet her dad, “It’s good to see you too.”

Her father looked at her for a moment, he stood tall, almost one and a half times Weiss’ height and he held himself just the same. Straight and proud, his hair was short and a dull grey, once it was the same shade as Weiss’ hair. He had grown his beard and it was almost as white as snow, all of it together gave him a rather intimidating appearance.

“Likewise,” He finally said, “I do believe I owe you an….apology.” The corner of Weiss’ lips twitched as her father nearly struggled to say that last word.

“It’s quite alright father” Weiss managed to lie, “No major harm done, it’s all over now.”

Except for the fact that Ruby and I were nearly murdered and were put in hospital for a week.’

Of course Weiss didn’t voice that thought, her father would hardly care for someone else’s death, especially since the countless deaths of people they knew made them pretty much numb to it. Imagine how little he would care for some random, although Ruby was definitely no random to Weiss.

She wasn’t sure how much he cared about herself but she wasn’t about to start holding her breath.

“Nevertheless, I am a fool for letting someone like that so close to my daughter, regardless of the outcome.” Her father continued.

Wow, that was unexpected. He was actually admitting his mistake, this was an actual attempt to apologise, Weiss was a little surprised.

“Oh well uh thankyou…for that. Just, uh, don’t let it happen again.” Weiss said, trying to lighten the rather intense and awkward mood, never in two years would she have expected this.

“Well it won’t and don’t expect this,” he gestured to himself and to Weiss, indicating the apology, “to come again easily. Now if you’ll excuse me I have some work to do.” and then he was off.

Winter looked from a befuddled Weiss, to a nervous mother, “Well that was weird.” she stated.

“Maybe just a little.” Weiss agreed, turning to face her mother.

“Oh come on, don’t be so harsh on your father, he was trying.” Their mother stated, defending the man.

“He’s decided to try now?” Weiss asked accusingly, not buying it for one second. She knew her father, and one apology like that was not going to make up for anything, although she wasn’t in a position to talk.

“Weiss he was worried about you, even if he didn’t show it I know he was” her mother pleaded, looking at her daughter sincerely.

“Maybe he should have started worrying eight years ago, when he was ruining our relationship”

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