Two White Loved Ones

In The Mail?!

The first week of the holidays were nearly over and team RWBY had barely done anything. They had mostly lazed around their dorm all day, reading or watching vid-casts, once or twice JNPR came around and they went out together, but that was it. Although there wasn’t any more picnics. They stopped receiving missions, as per the holiday break, and there weren’t any classes to attend.

With Weiss gone, Ruby had nothing to do, at least Yang had Blake, and they had already gone out together at least three times, where they went Ruby had no clue. What was even more puzzling to the red head was why Blake went with the blonde brawler, after all the things she had done to the faunas, you’d think she’d try to avoid the tall girl as much as possible.

The rest of the time Blake was more than happy to be left with her novels and just when she was getting to the good part, Zwei would make his presence known. Resting against the wall on her bed, Blake would become happily immersed in her latest novel until Zwei bounded onto her bed, up onto her stomach and then he would wriggle his way under her book and poke his head up at the girl.


With all of her cat like reflexes, she was never able to stop the corgi running along her abdomen, nor was she able to reproduce that mother of all glares she sent him that day, something like that was only born out of pure anger, and anger wasn’t the emotion she felt whenever the dog came near.

“Argh! Zwei!” Instead of moving the dog away, Blake moved herself away, diving from her bed and across to Weiss’ bed. Zwei was startled lightly, before he sniffed around Blake’s bed and turned to bark at the faunas.

“Someone get him off my bed please.”

“Urgh” Yang groaned as she rolled over in her bed, swinging her arm over the edge toward the dog. “C’mon Zwei, up here with me”. Yang gently pulled the corgi up next to her and rubbed his head. Blake hesitantly returned to her bed, eyeing Zwei until he disappeared above Yang’s mattress.

“Good, now keep him there until I finish this book.” She said plainly, re-adjusting her position and settling back into her book.

“Give it some time, he’ll grow on you.” Yang stated, hopping off her bunk and moving to get a drink of water.

“Roof” Zwei barked, seemingly in agreement.

Blake looked up at the bottom of Yang’s mattress, hearing the corgi run up and down her sheets, she heard him nuzzle the bed and sniff around the mattress. Blake watched the small indents move along the bottom of the mattress before they came to a stop right above her head.

“Roof” Blake rolled her eyes and attempted to return to her book.

“Don’t hold your breath” She mumbled to herself.

Yang returned and leapt back onto her bed, taking Zwei and putting him in her lap. She began wrestling him with her hands and looked up at her sister. Ruby had been quite these past few days, she wasn’t jumping up and down as she usually would and the mornings were much more peaceful, not that she was complaining.

“Hey Rubes watch ya reading?” She called, craning her neck to get a glimpse of the book in her sister’s lap.

“Just a book about aura.” Ruby mumbled, chewing on the end of her pencil.

“You’ve been on that page all morning. Something wrong?”

“No! It’s just…heavy reading” Ruby explained, warding off any unwanted questions. It didn’t work.

“Ruby you know you can’t lie to me about things like that. So just tell me what’s up.” Ruby kept her gaze on her book before finally looking up at her sister.

“Yang what do you think it is?”

“Are you worrying about Weiss again?”

“Yes I’m worrying about Weiss again! She left to go home. Why would she go home she hates that place?” Ruby blurted, throwing her arms in the air.

“That’s a bit harsh.” Yang muttered

“But it’s true.”

“Maybe she’s trying to make things right with her family.” Blake suggested, marking the page and looking up at her leader.

“Ruby stop worrying about her, seriously. We both know you have a habit of worrying too much, remember what mum said, there’s no point in worrying if you can’t do anything about it.”

“Mum’s part of the reason why I worry too much.” Ruby muttered, turning back to her book. Yang sighed and looked at her little sister, she knew there was something between Ruby and the ice queen and the way it made Ruby wasn’t giving Yang good first impressions.

“I just feel like there’s something going on with her that she doesn’t want us to know.” Ruby explained, “I just want her to know that I’m here for here” she added in a smaller voice.

“I’m sure she knows that Ruby, but maybe she didn’t need you, maybe she needed her family.” Yang offered, it was a fair point.

“Yeah maybe.” Ruby mumbled. Zwei jumped down from Yang’s bed and moved toward Weiss’, he jumped up onto it before, nestling down just below the pillows.

“Oh Zwei! I’m offended!’ Yang scoffed, bringing a hand to her chest over dramatically. “You’d take that ice queen before your owner? I see how it is!” She scoffed and turned her head sharply, before jumping from her bed and moving to the door that led out into the hallway, “I feel like ice cream, who wants to come with?”

‘She got over that pretty quick.’ Blake thought to herself, a smile reaching the edges of her lips.

Blake looked from her book, to the dog and then to her partner and back to the dog again. “Sure” she said in her usual tone, taking Yang back to their initiation when she asked, “How about a cute little pony!” Blake sounded just the same when she answered her.

“Ruby, want to come?” The faunas asked from just outside the door.

“Yeah alright.” Ruby packed her things and hopped off her bed, “But this time at least let me get what I want.” She called, closing the door behind her.

“Last time I did that you ran around Beacon twenty seven times in two minutes before passing out in the fountain!” Yang called back.

‘Last time’ included six bowls of Neapolitan ice-cream, five bowls of pure chocolate gelato, and three stacks of pancakes with more ice-cream. Yang had no idea why she let her do that in the first place, even then Weiss should have stopped her.

But Ruby didn’t hear her sister, she was lost in thought as she came up with a plan while looking at Zwei sleep on Weiss’ bed. Oh boy was this a good plan.

“Ruby?” Yang called, noticing her sister was still at their door.

“Oh, coming!”

Two days later

“Weiss there’s a package for you!” Winter called as she made her way up the stairs toward her sister’s bedroom.

“For me? From who?” Weiss asked back, meeting her sister in her doorway.

“I dunno, it just has a rose stamp on it. It’s also in this weird cylinder thing.” Winter said as she shook the tube. Weiss looked at the tube and had a faint sense of déjà vu, she’d seen that cylinder before.

“Oh no!” Weiss snatched the tube off her sister and yanked her into her room, shutting the door behind them quickly.

“Weiss what is it?” Winter asked, partly excited partly worried.

“Ruby please don’t tell me you didn’t.” Weiss mumbled, already believing that she did. Weiss turned the parcel over and opened the lid. She turned it over above her bed before shaking it, and low and behold, a black furred figure popped out.


“A dog!” Winter yelled, immediately grabbing the corgi and hugging it tightly.

Weiss face palmed, “Oh you dunce”


“Is this Zwei?!” Winter asked excitedly, ruffling the dogs fur. “You weren’t joking about the ‘in the mail’ part.”

“No I wasn’t.” Weiss breathed, pinching the bridge of her nose, Ruby just sent her Zwei. Why did Ruby send her Zwei? How did she even get her address?

“Weiss I thought you loved this guy.” Winter asked, moving Zwei closer to the heiress.

“I do, I do,” Weiss reassured her sister, moving her hands from her eyes and taking Zwei in her lap, “it’s just…” Weiss trailed off as she began to pet her partner’s corgi.

“Is it that Ruby girl?” Winter asked, cocking her head to one side. For a fifteen year old she was extremely interpretive.

Weiss peered at her sister and smiled to herself, there wasn’t much she could get past her sister. “You mean that dolt in the cape? Yeah I guess you could say that’s what it is”

“Don’t be so mean, she just sent you her dog. An adorable dog! Ruby’s either a bad owner or you’re very special to her” Winter pointed out, watching her sister closely.

Weiss remained silent, acknowledged her sister’s gaze and choose to focus on the corgi in her hands. “Look there’s a note on the inside, behind all the cans of food.”

“Oh she sent the food too.” Weiss breathed, shaking her head.

“’Dear Weiss, firstly please don’t be angry. Or at least heaps angry, I mean I know you are going to be angry and telling you not to be angry would be silly so you know’ Weiss what have you done to this girl?”

“Trust me, she was like this before I met her. Keep reading it, keep in mind she’s less than one year older than you.”

“Ok. ‘Anyway, I read the letter you left and it didn’t really make me not worry-‘ You left them a letter?” Winter asked, a little alarmed.

“Yes I did, now please finish the letter.”

“Jee aren’t you cold”


“’Saying you’re going home doesn’t reassure me, especially since it’s your family-‘ Hey what’s that supposed to mean?”

“Winter please.”

Winter grumbled before continuing, “’I know there’s something up and that you won’t tell me, but I just wanted to let you know I’m here for you. Because just as you promised never to leave me, I promise never to leave you-‘ So you are her snow angel!’ Winter proclaimed.

“What? No! That doesn’t mea-“

“Yes it does. The contract states that the appointed snow angel must never leave the side of the contractee, which is exactly what you’ve promised” Winter explained, in her most businesslike manner.

“The contract also states I have to love the person first.” Weiss counter argued, it was a pretty poor counter argument.

“Oh psh c’mon we both know you love this girl!” Winter exclaimed, nudging her sister’s shoulder.

“What!?” Weiss yelled out, turning to meet her sister’s smile. “I do not!” Weiss exclaimed sharply, standing from her bed, “If anything that stupid dunce loves me!”

“Ah HA! So there is chemistry between you two!” Winter pointed a finger at her sister.



“WINTER I KNOW SHE LOVES ME!” Weiss shouted back.

Winter shrunk back, “Oopsy, may have crossed a line.” she muttered to herself.

“Roof!” Zwei agreed.

“I know she loves me! Okay! I just don’t know if I can lover her back.”

Weiss confessed, flopping back onto her bed, narrowly missing Zwei, who ran into the new girl he had just met. She had all the perks of the white haired girl except this one was warmer, no offense to the older girl.

“Weiss of course you can.”

“Well I don’t know if I want to.”

“Why? Why wouldn’t you want to love someone?”

“BECAUSE LOOK WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU!” Weiss yelled, throwing her hand toward her sister.

“Oh.” Winter breathed, absentmindedly bringing her hand up to the scar on her left arm. “Weiss I thought you got over that.”

“I know, I did. I got over it with you. Ruby is different. Ruby would take the shot before I could even try to take it myself.” Weiss explained, “And the fact that there will be countless opportunities for that to happen scares me even more.”

“Well why would you worry about that from now?”

“Because when am I supposed to worried about it? When it’s too late?”

“Don’t’ worry about it at all!”

“How can I when the White Fang won’t leave us alone!”

“And they may never leave us alone. Weiss listen to me. Clearly this girl loves you, whether you like or not she does, so why waste it, don’t push her away because of something as simple as a little paranoia.”

“Paranoia? Winter she nearly died two weeks ago!”

“But you were there to save her.”

“What if I’m not always there?”

“You have to be, you’re her snow angel” Winter explained simply.

“Winter don’t-“

“Upupupupup. No complaining.”

“What if we get separated on a mission or-“ Weiss continued, she seemed determined to find a scenario where she would fail.

“Weiss! Please, just take it as it comes, stop worrying.” Winter pleaded, grabbing Weiss hands gently, “If something does happen, you will be there for her, and she’ll be there for you and if that fails you have that cat girl and the overprotective sister” Winter finished cheerfully.

“Weiss if you are going to worry like that, you’re just going to re-live what happened between us, and, as much as this will hurt you, it was the worst thing you could have done”

“Winter I’m sor-“

“Don’t apologise, I know you’re sorry. Just promise me you won’t do it to anyone again. It’s not good for you or the other person.”

The White Fang had a part in this, they started all of this. They were the ones that ruined their family, but this whole time Winter had ignored their threats, had turned away from checking every dark corner, looking at every rooftop, she lived as if they didn’t exist. If she didn’t she would have ended up like her father, someone who seemed incapable of loving properly, someone Weiss almost became, hadn’t it been for that red head, her headmaster and her adorable little sister.

“Roof! Roof!’

“Huh!” Weiss breathed, “What are we going to do about you!”


“Curse your red headed owner, that dolt has no sense of romance, some roses would have sufficed” How ironic, Weiss thought.

“Weiss. She SENT YOU HER DO-“

“Yeah yeah, sent me her dog, I guess it is a little romantic, in a Ruby way” Weiss said smiling.

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