Two White Loved Ones

An Invitation

"So let me get this straight" Winter stated, placing her knife neatly across her plate. The Schnee family was in the middle of dinner and Winter and their mother decided to ask Weiss more about the friends she had made at Beacon, her father had remained silent.

So after Weiss explained her teammates again for her mother's sake she moved on to the other teams, such as JNPR. Weiss was in the midst of talking about Jaune when her sister decided she needed confirmation on what she had just heard.

"So this Jaune, guy, was head over heels for you, even though, what was her name, Pyrrah, was in love with him and everyone knew it except him?" Winter finished, half asking half re-instating.

"Yes that's pretty much how it went." Weiss confirmed.

"This boy, was he the only one around?" Her mother asked cautiously with a grin.

"Relax mother." Weiss sighed.

"But are they together now?" Winter asked, continuing on about the Arkos pair.

"Mm well I guess you could say that." Jaune and Pyrrah's relationship was an odd one, Weiss didn't even think Pyrrah and Jaune knew where they were at.

"Well good, because otherwise there would be some serious issues with the people at your school." Winter said, picking her knife back up and returning to her meal.

"So who else is there?" Their mother piped, she had already finished her meal and was devoting all her efforts to the conversation.

"What do you mean?" Weiss asked, dabbing her mouth politely with her napkin.

"What other couples are there?" Their mother asked with a smile, leaning forward in her seat.

"I uh-"

"OOH! Is uh, uhm" Winter interrupted clicking her fingers, thinking of a name, "Oh, Yang and Blake, are they together!"

Weiss choked, cleared her throat and took a sip from her cup. Her dad raised an eyebrow and Winter just waited patiently.

"Hehe what makes you say that?" Weiss asked with a nervous chuckle.

"Well I just thought seeing as there is already one pair in your team…" Winter trailed off, taking a sip from her cup, letting the rest be filled in by Weiss, who scowled at her.

"What does she mean Weiss?" Mother asked, genuinely confused.

"Uh nothing!" Weiss said perhaps a little too quickly.

"Your partner, what was her name again?" Their father asked, the first time he had said something that night. Weiss looked to her father a little surprised but she quickly cleared her throat and re composed herself.

"Ruby, Ruby Rose. She's sixteen, she started two years early" Weiss answered, answering her father's imminent second question. Her father nodded in thought, chin resting on top of both his hands.

"Why does that name ring a bell?" He breathed to himself, although everyone heard it. Weiss was about to press the subject when her mother spoke up.

"Weiss, are any of your friends coming this Thursday?"

Weiss thought over the question, Thursday was Winter's party. "No why would they be coming it's not my…. Oh"

Weiss' mother raised an eyebrow, waiting for her daughter to realise her mistake.

"Don't tell me you forgot it's your birthday too!" Winter said, her voice a little higher than usual.

"No I-I-"

"Oh you dunce. How did you manage that?" Winter teased, giving Weiss a taste of her own medicine, it made her smile.

"Well we didn't really celebrate birthdays at Beacon" That was a lie. "Besides it's your party anyway, invite your own friends." Weiss said casually waving a hand toward her sister.

"I will Weiss" Winter said, suspiciously a little to cheerful. Something in Winter's eye's made Weiss very suspicious.


Ruby was really getting stuck into the book she was reading. It focused on aura and even branched off to the aura of animals but mainly centred on the aura of humans. Ruby had reached a chapter talking about the interactions of aura's between two people. It said that it could be possible to actually bond two peoples auras together, to fuse a bond between the two and create a deeper connection between them, one that proceeds any physical and even emotional connection.

Ruby had found the book while browsing the library, alone. She had nothing to do so she had decided reading some books would eat up most of that time. Unfortunately for her, she couldn't find anywhere in the book that explained how to actually form the bond, she would have to search the library again later on.

"Hey, we got mail!" Yang called as she stepped inside.

"Who's it for?" Blake asked casually, keeping her eyes on her book.

"For us! I did say 'we' you know." Yang replied, "Blake I thought you had like, super hearing or something." she teased.

"Shut up." Blake snapped, although she somehow kept her tone neutral.

"Ruby wanna read it? You are the leader" Yang stated, waving the letter toward her sister. Ruby hadn't been paying attention to what her sister was saying and remained engrossed in her book.

"Ruby?" Yang asked again.

"Yeah" Ruby hummed absentmindedly.

"Letter, wanna read it?" Yang repeated.

"No it's fine you can do it." Ruby replied, waving her sister off, too involved in the whole, 'soul bonding' thing.

"Gee alright then." Yang fell onto Blake's bed, causing the faunas to shoot the brawler a glare, she didn't like it when the blonde practically threw her weight onto her bed, especially when the bunk above was by no stretch of the imagination, safely secure.

Yang cleared her throat loudly, opening the letter and sitting up straight. "Erghem" then she began to read the letter.

"To team RWBY. This July, on the twenty eighth, Miss Winter Schnee will be turning sisxteen- wait who's Winter Schnee?" Yang asked, looking from the letter to her teammates. Blake shrugged, she had no idea.

"It's Weiss' sister." Ruby said from her bunk, she had put the book away and she had become very interested in the letter.

"She has a sister?!" Blake asked, rather surprised.

"Yes, keep reading Yang." Ruby commanded. Yang glanced from Ruby to Blake, then back to the letter in her hand.

"Okaaay.-As you may already know, Miss Weiss Schnee was also born on this day and will be celebrating her birthday along with her sister on the twenty eighth.- We didn't know when Weiss' birthday was." Yang pointed out.

"Yeah she wouldn't tell us when it was." Blake stated, remembering the times they tried to get Weiss to tell them.

"Yang who sent the letter?" Ruby asked. Yang skipped to the bottom of the page and read the signature.

"It says, Winter Schnee. So her sister is inviting us to her birthday which is also Weiss' birthday?" Yang asked.

"Looks like it" Blake said plainly, "Hey. Where's Zwei?"

Ruby's eyes widened and she dived back into her book, avoiding all eye contact.

"Yeah where is that fur ball? Ruby have you seen him, you didn't lose him did you?" Yang asked, eyeing her sister suspiciously.

"No" Ruby mumbled from behind the book.

"Well where is he?"

"Hopefully at Weiss' house" Ruby mumbled a little too softly for Yang's ears, Blake's ears heard fine. Her cat ears sat up and her eye's widened a little.

"What was that?"

"So this party thing, I think we should go." Ruby said, changing the subject, which wasn't suspicious at all.

"Ruby" Yang called slowly.

"Yes Yang"

"Where's Zwei?"

"With Weiss" Ruby said quickly pulling her book up in front of her protectively.

"What!? How did he get there!?" Yang asked, a little bewildered but not too much seeing as it was Ruby and Ruby wasn't shy of doing unpredictable things.

"I mailed him." Blake had to smile at the irony.


"Well I dunno. Weiss seemed down and Zwei seemed to like her and she seemed to like him and Blake was having a hard time with him and you weren't making it any easier so I though why not kill two birds with one stone so I sent him over to Weiss' house hoping she wouldn't get too angry and I really think we should go to that party I mean I really wanna go and we should probably get Zwei back and I also kinda miss Weiss-"

"RUBY!" Yang yelled, cutting off her sister's nervous ramble. Ruby blinked a couple of times as she waited for her sister to continue. Yang closed her eyes and took a deep breath, today was the twenty sixth, which meant the party was in two days.


"What?" Ruby yelled alarmed.

"We need to buy dresses!' Yang yelled, pulling her sister down from the bunk and throwing the door open, "Like right now!" She flung Ruby into the corridor before stepping back into their room and pulling Blake off of her bed.

"Hey!" Blake yelled in protest.

"You too Blake, I've only ever seen you in that same outfit!" Blake didn't even bother to point out that they all wore the same outfit.
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