Two White Loved Ones

Happy Birthday!

The dress fit perfect, which wasn't much of a surprise, Weiss and Winter were almost the same size they could squeeze into each other's clothing if they had to. But if the dress fit the heiress so well, why was she feeling uncomfortable.

Weiss twirled in front of her mirror, her dress trailing swiftly behind her. It was a beautiful dress, Weiss loved it, although she was very conscious of the rose print that wrapped around the torso. Her hair was pulled up in its usual pony tail, slightly off centre to the left with her tiara neatly placed on top. She looked at herself in the mirror and took a deep breath, her gaze passed over her left eye, where that ugly scar ran through it.

A dull pain appeared across her stomach, trailing the scar that now existed there too. Her hand rose up to her face and her fingers gently ran along the scar, reminiscing the day she got it.

"It's a shame they don't go away" Weiss jumped as she was abruptly brought back to the present.

Winter was standing in her doorway, leaning against it with her hand rubbing up and down her left arm. When Winter peeled off the door and stepped into the room, Weiss could see the scar that Winter had been rubbing.

It wasn't a large scar, it was about one inch long, and from afar it didn't seem like anything but up close the jaggedness and scar tissue could clearly be seen. Winter was wearing her dress, a light blue gown, which was pleated toward the bottom and the back was criss-crossed until it reached the waist. Weiss noticed that Winter's hair had become more alike her own in these past two years, yet she wasn't sure whether she preferred it this way or not. She was wearing it free, like she usually would, one side draped behind her ear, the other over the ear.

"Although it's the ones that you can't see that hurt the most" Winter continued, "So I've been told."

"Well they weren't lying." Weiss replied smiling as she gave her sister the once over. "You look beautiful" Weiss said genuinely.

"And so do you big sis!"

"Well you picked the dress."

"You would have looked pretty in any dress." Winter smiled.

"By the way, the rose print is interesting." Weiss said running her hand over the print while watching her sister carefully.

"Yeah it is isn't it." Winter replied casually, not giving anything away. "The guests will be here soon" she stated.

"How many are coming anyway?" Weiss asked.

"Oh just a few close friends" Winter replied with a broad smile. Weiss' eyes narrowed.

"Winter what did yo-"


"Was that dad?" Winter asked alarmed.

"Roof roof!"

"Zwei!" Weiss quickly made for her father's study, hoping she would make it before the dog got it.

Weiss stepped into the study and found her father standing behind his desk with Zwei sitting in front of him, tail wagging happily.

"What is this, mutt! Doing in my study? What is it doing in my house!?" He yelled, pointing a finger at the corgi.

"Father, calm down he's just a dog."

"Don't tell me to calm down Weiss! Get this, this bitch! Out! Get it out!" her father yelled, he clearly wasn't just angry about the dog.

"Father! Language! And it's a boy!" Weiss said, bending down to pick up Zwei.

"Don't give me attitude Weiss! I don't have time for you!"

"No you clearly don't, it's not like you ever do!" Her father’s face was red and he was fuming, something had gotten him stirred up.

"What did you say!"

"I don't have time for this. We have guests coming soon you'd better calm down by then." Weiss was used to these outbreaks. Years of torment from the White Fang made her father very angry, and she knew all too well how he got when he was angry.

"Where are you going?!" Her father reached over and grabbed her arm tightly. "You can't simply speak to me like that and leave! Who do you think I am!?"

Weiss looked at her father’s hand, wrapped tightly around her arm. She could see her aura pulsing around the point of contact of her father’s hand, he was holding tight, perhaps a little too tight.

"Father let me go, you're clearly angry about something, let me go before you do something you'll regret." Weiss said coolly, looking her father in the eye.

"Dad!" Winter called from the doorway.

Weiss and her father both looked toward the youngest Schnee member. Winter looked from her father's crazed eye's to his vice grip on her sister's arm.

"Dad let her go, don't do something you'll regret" Winter said, subconsciously rubbing her own arm. Weiss noticed the gesture and her eyes went wide.

She tore herself from her father's grasp, Zwei jumped out of her arms and ran toward Winter, hiding behind her legs. Weiss rounded on her father, her eye's almost mirroring her fathers.

"What did you do to her!?'

"N-nothing. I did nothing!" He stuttered, his face becoming stern as he moved his gaze from Winter to Weiss.

"Don't lie to me father!" Weiss said, taking a step toward her father, who remained put.

"Weiss, it wasn't anything." Winter said softly, but Weiss held a hand up to silence her.

"It's none of your business!" He yelled back, still fuming.

"None of my business! Winter is my sister! Do not tell me it is none of my business!" Weiss yelled back, her hands balling into fists, her aura flaring.

"Weiss." Winter pleaded quietly.

"DON'T, raise your voice at me young lady!" Her father took a step toward her, this was getting out of hand.

"I swear to you if have hurt her I'll-"

"You'll what!? You'll protect her?! Like six years ago, when we all nearly lost her?! Because of you!" He poked her roughly in the shoulder.

Weiss heard her sister inhale sharply, she quickly looked at her and saw that she was on the verge of crying and her eyes were a mix of fear and sadness.

"You are a failure Weiss! The heiress to the Schnee Dust Company nearly lets her youngest sister perish at the hands of some White Fang dog!" He spat the last words, but each word was filled with just as much poison.

"Dad please-"

"Be quiet Winter!" He yelled back.

"Don't try and change the subject father. Did you or did you not hurt my sister while I was gone!?' Weiss asked, ignoring his attempt to break her composure. He seemed to be speechless, his mouth opening and closing dumbly, he was tittering on the edge of exploding.

"Weiss it was only once and it was my fault." Winter finally confessed softly. Weiss didn't remove her eyes off her father, who was now looking at her sister.

"You, you bastard! You call yourself our father!? What is wrong with you!? I should have never left, I should have stayed and made sure you didn't spoil her like you spoiled me!"


"Weiss if you were in my position you would have no idea how to handle it!"

"I certainly wouldn't hit my children!"

"THEY KILLED HIM!" Her father shouted, slamming his hand onto his desk. Winter jumped at the sound and Weiss took a step back.

"Killed who?'

"My brother! Your uncle! They killed him! They killed him and I was furious! I wanted to flip the desk, I wanted to break every stupid little ornament in this house. You don't know what's like to be at war with those bastards and always lose! You lose a train! Lose a few crates! Things like that are tolerable, but my BROTHER!"

"So you hit your daughter?"



The blow echoed through the house, it was a forceful slap, straight across Weiss' face. Winter's breath hitched and she was crying now, tears quietly sliding down her cheeks.

All this on their birthday.

Weiss slowly turned her head back toward her father, the left side of her face stinging madly. Her father was breathing heavily and his expression hadn't seemed to have faltered.

"I'm sorry." Weiss said slowly.

Her father seemed to falter at that. He blinked a couple of times and took a step back. "I'm sorry that you've had to go through all of this, but. If you hurt anyone in this house again, don't be so sure I'll let you take it out on me so easily. You have problems, we all do, but you are our father, you're meant to protect us, not hurt us."

"How am I supposed to protect you, when my own family is being murdered?"

"The White Fang may never leave, dad, they may always be there. All we can do is try our best to protect the people we love. We need to protect them, because we are the ones that love them." Weiss stated coolly, before turning and walking out, leaving her father in his study a little dumbfounded.

Winter had to jog, which was difficult in her dress, to catch her sister. "Weiss you didn't-"

"Winter" Weiss held her hand up, "its fine, he needed to hear it." Weiss sated, her face still stinging.

"Yeah but-"

"Winter please." Weiss said softly, wiping away her tears away.


"We have guests, stop crying"

Winter nodded, wiped her tears before quickly checking herself in the mirror. Luckily she wasn't wearing much makeup. She moved off to open the door, leaving Weiss alone to breathe out heavily.

This was going to be one hell of a night.


"Roof Roof!" Zwei bolted towards the door, Weiss watched him go and froze as she recognised the voice.


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