Two White Loved Ones


"Ruby what if Weiss doesn't even answer the d-"

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" Blake's warning was cut off just as the door swung open and Ruby yelled her greeting and just as Blake tried to warn her, it wasn't Weiss at the door.

"Oh uh…" Ruby breathed awkwardly, but the girl in front of her just laughed.

"It's okay, it is my birthday too anyway!" Winter said with a smile. "You must be Ruby! Blawndee is Yang, and faunas girl is Blake. Right? Cute ribbon."

It wasn't the most… formal of greetings and it left the three members of RWBY befuddled. Blake was the most surprised.

"Uh yeah that would be us, I see Weiss has spoken about us." Yang spoke, scratching the back of her head. "So where is the ice qu-"

"What are you doing here!?" Weiss burst into view from behind her sister.

"We got invited." Ruby answered gleefully, bouncing up on her toes a huge smile spread across her face.

"Who invited you?" Weiss asked.

"I think she did." Blake stated, nodding her head toward the younger version of Weiss.

"Hehe, oh look my friends are here!" Winter zipped past her sister and the rest of team RWBY down toward the car that had just pulled up in front of their house.

Weiss watched her go, a look of disbelief plastered across her face. She blinked and looked down at her teammates.

"Happy birthday!" Ruby said, shoving a small wrapped box toward the heiress.

"What is it?" Weiss asked, eyeing the box cautiously.

"It's a surprise. Duh!" Ruby teased as Weiss took the box from her hands.

"I think you'll love it" Yang quipped, "This, is also for you" Yang handed her a tall bag with a snow flake print. "It's wine." Yang explained, Weiss shot her a look. "What?! You're eighteen now are you not?"

Weiss scoffed, before moving to the side and opening the door wider, "Please come in" She greeted dryly. They forwarded in and Weiss moved into the kitchen, placed the box on the bench top, but took the wine out of its bag, there was something else in it, probably something from Blake. But Weiss was focused on the wine, her face still stung and now Ruby was here.

She opened the bottle and poured herself a cup, she stared at the red liquid in the cup. She really shouldn't.

"Wo- woah!"


"I'm sorry, you know I hate heels"

Weiss sculled the drink.


Weiss moved back out into the foyer, Winter had returned and her friends had indeed arrived. Three guys and five girls, all dressed very neatly. Weiss turned her attention to her own team. It seemed they had decided to stick with their respective colours, red, black and yellow.

Yang was wearing a golden dress, which was subtly peppered with sequence, you could only see it if you looked really hard, but it gave the dress a nice, 'perky' look, befitting of the wearer. Blake was dressed in black, of course. The back of her dress was a purple mesh that showed her back but still covered it. Her dress was pleated, like Winter's and her bow had been swapped out for a dark purple ribbon.

Weiss finally looked at Ruby, who was obviously dressed in red. It was more of a ruby red, how ironic, and it was expertly pleated throughout. The shoulder straps hung low, sliding below the shoulders and resting horizontally, where they met the breast there was a beautiful rose placed at each. The torso was pleated horizontally, intricately and beautifully. The bottom half was pleated diagonally, although less frequently. Overall the dress was exquisite and with Ruby in it, it seemed a hundred times better.

"Erghem" Ruby shuffled uncomfortably as Weiss seemed to stare at her. Weiss blinked, snapping herself out of her trance, she really shouldn't have had that glass.

"That's uh, a very beautiful dress, Ruby." Weiss stuttered, although what she really wanted to say sounded a bit more like, 'you look beautiful tonight'

"Oh uh, thankyou. Your dress looks nice too." Ruby offered, "Not that you don't look nice in it, I mean of course you look nice in it how couldn't you you always look nice did I just say that oh great I'm rambling again I'm sorry and the night just stared how perfect I don't suppose your day hasn't been going too bad has it?" Ruby somehow managed to pull out of that with a reasonable question, although the question made Weiss' face sting a bit.

"My day has been fine." Weiss answered, smiling as she watched her partner squirm in her heels. "I see you're wearing those heels again"

"Yeah I thought I was done with them, had them tucked away, faraway"

"It's true, I nearly gave up looking for them." Yang cut it. Ruby gently pushed her away back toward Blake who was rolling her eyes.

"Seriously, how do you fight in these?" Ruby asked, wiggling her feet uncomfortably.

"It's really not as easy as it looks." Weiss admitted.

"So your sister, you patched things up?" Ruby asked carefully. Weiss was starting to consider another glass.

"Yes Ruby we have, and she seems to have invited you hasn't she?"

"Uh yeah, funny that your both born on the same day"

"It is a strange coincidence." Weiss replied coolly. "What's in the box Ruby?"

"I'm not telling!" Ruby stomped a foot jokingly and crossed her arms. "You'll find out when you open it."

"I'm sure you'll love it Weiss." Yang cut it again.

"What does that mean?" Weiss said turning to the blonde.

"You'll find out when you open it." Yang said evenly.

Weiss looked to the remaining member of her team, but Blake only offered a shrug. She was about to turn away when the faunas spoke up.

"You told your sister about me?"

"Uh yeah I told her about all of you."

"I mean you told her about these." Blake wiggled her cat ears.

"Oh. Well yes I did, I didn't really expect you to ever meet, especially on our birthdays." Weiss stated.

Blake was about to say something before Winter came in. "So you two," Winter motioned to Blake and Yang. Oh no, Weiss thought, she was about to tell her stop but was too late.

"You guys a thing yet?" She asked casually.

Blake choked on the drink she just sipped on and Yang just blinked.

"Weiss just what did you tell her, and how much did you tell her?" Yang asked.

"I didn't say anything. She just came up with it on her own."

"Oh c'mon! There has to be something going on!" Winter squirmed, "You already have Weiss and-"

"I think your friends are calling you" Weiss said, slapping her hand over her sister's mouth, looking her in the eye.

"Mhmm" Winter replied, nodding her head. Weiss slowly removed her hand and Winter sweetly strode off back toward her friends.

"That was awkward" Yang stated, taking a sip from her drink. Blake was still cleaning herself up.

"Hey what was she going to say about you?" Ruby asked, cocking her head to one side.

"Nothing!" Weiss quickly stated, "She was going to say nothing."

"Weiss you don't happen to have any drinks that are a little less," Ruby waved toward Yang and Blake's drink, "Adult" She finished a little awkward.

Weiss blinked at her partner, "Oh you're such a dolt. I'll be right back." Weiss turned and walked toward the kitchen.

"Hey I'm just a kid!" She heard Ruby call. Weiss shook her head, as she turned into the kitchen.

"Please don't remind me." Weiss muttered to herself.

She opened the fridge and took out the bottle of juice, laughing at how ridiculous this was, but then again it was Ruby. That thought only made her smile further. She poured the drink and placed it on the table, she made to leave with it before noticing her cup still on the table. The clear glass lightly stained red where she had drunk from it.

"Oh why not." She breathed, filling the cup and drinking it quickly. Her face wasn't stinging as much and the wine itself tasted quite nice, Weiss had never drunk before but she believed she would be fine.

She was about to leave when a voice stoped her. "Drinking I see."

She turned to find her father, standing near the second entrance to the kitchen.

"It's just one glass."

"Is that so" He said, walking over to the bottle and picked it up, "Looks like more than one glass."

"Maybe two then." Weiss admitted.

"Ah. I didn't know you drink."

"I didn't know you hit your daughters." Weiss snapped back. Her father merely nodded, before placing the bottle back down on the table.

"Be careful Weiss." Then he was gone. Weiss eyed his former spot before shaking her head and exiting the kitchen.


The party continued on without incident, they chatted and laughed and were genuinely having a good time. Zwei made an appearance, running through the group of teenagers and stopping by team RWBY. He was greeted warmly by Ruby and Yang, even Weiss ruffled his fur. Blake, however, spilt her drink as she tried to get away from the corgi, causing her teammates to laugh.

"This isn't funny" She muttered as she tried to dab the drink off her dress, "This wasn't cheap."

Weiss had a few more drinks, although they were with Blake and Yang. By the time they came to cut the cake, Weiss was really feeling the alcohol kick in.

"Don't touch the bottom!" Someone yelled as Weiss and Winter cut the same cake together.

"Oh please that's just some-some childish game." But of course Winter pushed the knife all the way down.

"Now you have to kiss someone." She teased.

"Oh no I don't." Weiss said smiling at her sister’s childish behaviour, although her gaze lingered over Ruby, "And I won't" Weiss stated, tearing her gaze from the red head back to her sister. "You kiss someone."

As soon as she said Winter jumped up and kissed Weiss sweetly on the cheek. "Love you snow angel!" She teased.

"How come she gets to say it?" Both Blake and Yang muttered. Weiss shot them both a glare.

Ruby finally became suspicious of Weiss when she dropped her plate, which was something Weiss would never do. "Woops"

"Weiss did you just say 'woops'?" Ruby asked, watching her partner as she tried to clean up her mess.

"Yes I did actually, wh-whats wrong with that?" Weiss ended up toppling over as she kneeled in her heels.

"Weiss! Weiss are you okay?" Ruby dropped to her partner's side, Blake and Yang seemed to have moved outside, and Winter was showing her friends out.

"Yes Ruby I'm fine." Weiss answered, suddenly sounding not fine.

"You don't seem fine." Sniff, sniff, "Weiss how much have you been drinking?" Ruby asked, smelling alcohol from her breath.

"Oh I don't know, maybe six or seven glasses" Weiss was on her feet but was leaning heavily on her partner.

"What!? I didn’t see you have that many!" Ruby squeaked.

"Oh I had some from that bottle Yang bought me, it's really nice actually, you should try some."

"Weiss I'm sixteen." Ruby replied, suddenly very worried.

"Ah yes that's right, just like my sister. Oh wait! Turn me around!" Weiss suddenly demanded.

"What? Why? I need to get you back to the other's. I don't know how to deal with a drunk person!" Ruby exclaimed, fighting her partners struggle to turn back around.

"No! I can't let Winter see me like this! Take me outside."

"Weiss don't be ridiculous, what's she gonna do?"

"No you don't understand. We had a fight with our father and he hit me, Winter will be very worried if she saw me like this!"

"He. Did! WHAT?" Ruby yelled, holding her partner at arm’s length, but quickly brought her closer as she lost balance.

"No no, don't worry, it's out of context just take me outside."

"No I can't-"

"Ruby take me outside right now!" Weiss demanded with enough steel in her drunk voice to get Ruby to listen. Weiss guided her to their backyard, which was huge.


Ruby breathed as she laid her eyes upon the enormous garden. It was beautifully lit up, not too bright but bright enough so that you could see where you were going. Ruby couldn't see much of the green life, but settled to believe it was pretty spectacular. Ruby was torn from her awe when she felt the weight that was Weiss, slide off her shoulders. THUMP.

"Weiss! Oh my gosh!" Ruby exclaimed, trying not to ruin her dress but lift her partner back up at the same time.

"Ruby its fine." Weiss waved, the movement seemed to throw her off balance and she nearly fell backward if Ruby hadn’t caught her.

"Weiss get up, you're going to ruin that beautiful dress." Ruby groaned as she pulled on her partner's hand, but the heiress had decided she didn't want to move.

"Just…. Sit with me." Weiss managed to say, keeping her slurs to a minimum, in fact Ruby hadn't heard her slur, or hiccup, or stutter, she seemed like a very formal drunk.

"Uhm, I don't think I can" Ruby said awkwardly, lifting her dress.

"Just. Sit!" Weiss leaned forward and yanked on Ruby's hand, pulling her to the ground.

"Woah! Hey! Oof." Ruby wasn't sure if she heard a tearing noise, but she hoped she didn't.

"Weiss. What's going on?" Ruby turned to Weiss and looked at her sincerely.

"Oh, I've been having a rough day. A rough week. I've had a rough life."

"Weiss what did your dad do?"

"Oh that." Weiss breathed, touching the side of her face. "I think he was angry about something, probably some white fang incident. Then Zwei ran in to his office and started yelling and I tried to calm him down and then Winter came in and I found out that he had hit her while I was gone, naturally I became furious and then I taunted him to hit me so he did."


"It's fine Ruby, I can handle it." Weiss reassured the red head, swaying gently in the breeze, or maybe she was getting dizzy.

"Okay, so what about the past week? What's up with that?" Ruby asked.

"Oh uh, well Winter and I haven't had the best of relationships. We haven't spoken in years and all of a sudden when I arrive here, she didn't even care that I had treated her like, like, like a bitch!' Weiss threw her arms in the air and almost toppled over but Ruby quickly stuck her arm out and re-balanced her. Ruby kept her arm around her back.

"Well you didn't care what happened to Blake." Ruby offered.

"Yes but Blake didn't affect me. I practically destroyed my sister's childhood."

"Well maybe she just misses her sister. Her snow angel." Ruby said, squeezing the heiress at the nickname.

"Oh you heard that did you?" Ruby nodded gleefully. "You know I nearly lost Winter once." Ruby looked back to her partner and realised she was looking back at her.

"She was nearly murdered and I just watched it happen. I had hated myself for so long, all those years I ignored my sister I was hiding from her. I was afraid she would die because of me one day so I avoided her as much as possible."

"Weiss you don't have to tell me this now." Ruby said softly. Weiss was drunk, this wouldn't be fair.

"No let me, I probably won't unless I'm drunk. I'm past that now, well I thought I was. Until I nearly lost you." Weiss paused, as she stared into Ruby's eyes. Ruby gulped, unsure of where this was going, Weiss had never looked at her like this and it was really odd.

"You know, I should have never made it to you in time, it was practically impossible especially with the injuries I had."

"Weiss you don't give yourself enough credit." Ruby offered.

"No, it was literally impossible, we all know it. I thought I was going to lose you, and it would have been my fault."


"But one night, Ozpin told me something, 'love is a powerful thing, and it can cause people to do things unexpected' and after that day, I believed him" Weiss paused, even in her drunk state, she could be dramatic.

"Weiss I don't understand." Ruby confessed, her eyes searching for an explanation. Ruby's heart was beating intensely, she had a feeling what Weiss was getting at, but she wasn't completely sure. Weiss turned to face the red head fully. Weiss would later put it down to the alcohol, she would have never said it otherwise.

"Ruby, I love you."

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