Two White Loved Ones


“I’m sorry what?” Ruby finally said after several moments of gawking at her partner.

“Ruby don’t make me say it twice, once was hard enough” Weiss replied, seemingly exhausted.

“B-but you just said-“

“Yes I knnnnow what I said, I’m not that drunk” Weiss cut in, leaning toward Ruby and ‘booping’ her on the nose. Weiss leaned back and looked at her finger, the one she just ‘booped’ Ruby with. “Ok maybe I am.”

“Weiss, I don’t uh- You just-uhm. You’re drunk, you can’t mean it.” Ruby managed, sounding as if she was telling herself more than Weiss.

“Ruby I may be drunk now, but I’ve been feeling this way for a while. Actually, when we were in hospital I realised how I felt.”

“Weiss are you sure you know what you’re saying? I mean c’mon, you don’t really love me do you?” Ruby asked sheepishly.

“Yes I’m sure!”

“Love is a strong word.”

“These are strong feelings. Ruby why are you being so hesitant?” Weiss was doing extremely well for a drunk person.

“It’s just that…” Ruby trailed off, trying to form words from her thoughts. “It’s just that, all this time you haven’t been exactly, the nicest of people, I mean we’ve grown closer since we met, sure, but this is kinda a huge step isn’t it?”

“Ah.” Weiss nodded in understanding but immediately stopped as her world started spinning.

“I understand. Well Ruby, to tell you the truth, ever since we meet I had this strange feeling about you. It was like this strange nagging feeling that wouldn’t go away, but it was a warm feeling. I didn’t know what it was and it was very subtle, so being the Schnee I am I just bottled it up and hid it away, I had no reason for feelings like that.”

Weiss explained and Ruby listened, the red head still coming to terms with what had just been said.

“So those feelings remained there, for the better part of two years, and not only did they stay tucked away, beneath whatever my heart was back then, every moment spent with you was causing them to grow. Like I said, I didn’t know it because I had removed them from my view, but looking back I see it now.
Ruby from the beginning you were getting to me, slowly warming up to me, and slowly warming me up. I can no longer look you in the eye and say, ‘my heart is frozen’. I used to look at the sunset, whenever I was feeling down, and I’d wish I could just be absorbed by the warmth that would reach me, wish I could leave my coldness behind, I didn’t want to be cold like my father. But I knew the sun was out my reach.
But I had forgotten that I had you, Ruby. You are my sun, you are the star that has managed to warm this ice queen and free her stone heart.
It wasn’t until I nearly lost you that I realised how much you meant to me, it wasn’t until I nearly had my heart shattered for a second time, that I realised who had thawed it.”

“Weiss, I can’t-look I’m trying but I- I don’t know if-“ Ruby tried to formulate a response, but she was torn between what she wanted, what was in front of her and what she believed was true.


“Weiss you’re drunk! I’m sorry but you can’t say things like that to me in a state like that! This is all too sudden, too surreal, it doesn’t make sense for you to be acting like this!” Ruby finally managed. Ruby loved Weiss, but she didn’t want to be lead on just because Weiss had too much to drink and had saved her life.

“I know this is extremely out of character, especially because I’ve had a bit to drink, but I’m being honest with you. I don’t understand why this is so hard for you.”

“Weiss I love you! Okay! I love you and I wouldn’t be surprised if you know already, but.” Weiss looked at Ruby’s silver eyes and noticed they were significantly shinier then before. Maybe because she was on the verge of crying.

“Ruby I-“

“No. Listen.” Ruby sniffled and took in a deep breath. “I fell for you a long time ago and when I did I realised it was going to be the hardest thing for me. It was going to be the hardest thing because I had fallen in love with the ‘ice queen’. The heiress who let no one in, the perfect girl who didn’t need friends, the girl with a stone of heart, battered by the killings of the White Fang and immune to becoming attached to people.
When I fell for you, I thought I had fallen in love with an ice queen, but deep down I knew it was just on the outside”

Ruby seemed to be struggling to speak and it was hurting Weiss just as much as it seemed to hurt Ruby. What had she done to this girl?

“But I stayed and I tried. I tried to get you to open up, to get a glimpse of the real Weiss Schnee, the one that laughed and smiled and cared, the one that loved. But all I got was the heiress to the SDC, who ‘had a rough childhood’ and didn’t care for emotions.”

Weiss recoiled, coming from Ruby that hurt.

“But there were those times when your walls melted and you did laugh, you did smile and you did care. The time with Blake, I knew you meant the things you said and I knew you cared. The food fight,” Ruby chuckled at the memory, “I could see that you were having a good time, but when I really wanted you to let me in, you turned back into the ice queen.”

Weiss knew it was the truth, she knew how she had been acting but hearing it from Ruby succeeded in making the heiress teary.

“And I guess, the thing with your sister and your dad and the thing with the White Fang does explain a lot of it, and I guess it does make me understand” So maybe there is a good part to all this.

“But please, don’t suddenly turn around and tell me you love me just because you had some wine!”

Ruby was crying now, Weiss could hear her sobs and every hitched breath tore something within her. Weiss was beginning to understand what was happening.

Maybe Ruby cared about all that stuff from the past, which Weiss admitted may need some work to make up for and maybe telling the red head how she felt while she was drunk might not have been the best idea. Weiss realised that the reason why Ruby was so distressed right now was because she didn’t want her heart broken, she didn’t want all of this to be a lie, something she no doubt she had wanted to hear was coming out of Weiss’ mouth, but she was drunk.

Weiss believed Ruby was having a bit of a, ‘too good to be true’ moment and the fact that she was drunk didn’t help to persuade the red head. Now all the azure eyed heiress had to do was say something that wouldn’t ruin her image any further, and not harm her red headed partner even more.

“I’m sorry.” Was all she said.

Ruby sniffled, “What?” not what she expected.

“I realise that telling you this right now, may have been a bit of a mistake. It’s obviously done more harm than good and I’m sorry. I’m also sorry for being a…. bitch, for all that time, but I think we should talk about this when a bit more sober, for both of our sakes.”

Ruby was staring at the heiress, unsure of what to do or say. So Weiss took her hand and looked into her eyes sincerely.

“Ruby I understand where you are coming from and I’m sorry I put you in this position. So I think I should speak to you tomorrow, when I have sobered up, I want you to hear me say it and I want you to believe me and right now I don’t think you do.”

“Weiss I-“

“It’s okay Ruby, the things you said are justified and reasonable, saying I love you isn’t going to make up for all that and I know, so let me try to fix this. Just, when my world stops spinning.”

Ruby giggled at the joke. She was so overwhelmed with fear and frustration, she would gladly display any other emotion.

“Ruby! Is that you? I think it’s time we left!” That was Blake, calling her from inside, “Your sister is waiting!” She continued, “plus she won’t stop revving the engine.” she muttered angrily.

“Uh, yeah I’m coming!’ Ruby called back, “I’ll meet you at the car!” Ruby’s attempt to get Blake to leave worked, Blake acknowledged the statement and left the pair alone. Or maybe Blake decided to leave them on her own volition, she did have very good hearing.

“Weiss, I-I’m sorry. Really I am. I want nothing more in the world to believe you right now, but I just can’t. But I know I will, I always knew your heart was never truly frozen” Ruby apologised as she rose, lifting her dress carefully so as to not rip it.

“Uh Ruby?” Weiss called as she began to walk off.


“I’m still drunk. I can’t get up.” Weiss said plainly.

“Oh crap! Sorry!” Ruby hurriedly doubled back to the heiress, taking her outstretched hand and pulling her to her feet.

“Woah!” Weiss exclaimed, as her vision spun and her balance went hay-wire.

“You okay?” Ruby asked, shuffling Weiss’ arm around her shoulders.

“Yeah I think I’m good.” They slowly made their way back inside the house.

“You walk surprisingly well for a drunk Weiss”

“And I’m wearing heels.”

“Of course you are!” Ruby rolled her eyes and smiled at the heiress, “Seriously you have to teach me.”

“Weiss!?” That was Winter.

“Oh boy” Ruby breathed, stock still as she and Weiss had been caught. “Uhm, I gotta go soo, bye!”

“Ruby wait- Woah!“ Before she knew it, she was no longer leaning on her partner, but rather drifting through a cloud of petals. Luckily Winter caught her.

“I can’t believe your drunk!” She scolded.

“I’m fine!” Weiss replied waving her off.

“Is this because of dad?”

“Pff no! Why would I let him get to me?” Weiss asked rhetorically, but she knew Winter had seen through her act. But after glaring at her older sister, Winter decided to leave that subject for another time.

“You told her didn’t you?”

“Yes I did.”

“Urgh you’re such a dolt!”

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