Two White Loved Ones

Take two

Weiss woke up the next morning with a splitting headache, nothing she hadn't expected, but boy was it painful. She woke up with her eyes squeezed shut, the light in her room seemed excessively bright, probably another hangover affect. "Ergh!" Weiss groaned and turned over, one hand rubbing her eyes, the other stretched out.

"Ow." She heard someone say plainly. Weiss' hand had landed upon someone lying next to her, she had a feeling who it was but she still flipped her hand and moved it around, trying to get a feel of the person.

"Wow. I never thought I'd be groped by my sister" Winter said casually.

Weiss' hand immediately shot away from her sister, realising what that soft part she was feeling was.


"Good morning to you too Weiss." Winter said with a huge grin she was glad Weiss couldn't see.

"Wha- what are you doing in my bed?!" Weiss exclaimed, rubbing her hand.

"Actually you're in my bed."


"You crawled into my bed in the middle of the night." Winter explained.

"I did?"

"Yeah, right after you puked I think." Winter continued.

"I puked!?" Weiss almost yelled, and immediately regrated her decision as a sharp pain shot through her head.

"Mhmm, you know you are the weirdest drunk person I've seen."

"Jee thanks" Weiss replied, slowly getting out of her sister's bed. "Hey can you turn the lights off?" Weiss asked as she squinted around the room.

"The lights aren't on."

"Then close the blinds."

"They are closed."

"What? So why is it so bright in here?" Weiss asked confused.

"I'm joking, the blinds are open." Winter joked.

"Winter this isn't funny!" Weiss snapped, at least she tried to, "you don't know what it's like to be drunk."

"How do you know, maybe I do." Winter said.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Weiss turned to her sister, "Have you been drinking while I've been gone?" She asked, surprisingly sternly with a hangover.

"Weiss calm down I'm joking." Winter laughed, moving around the bed to close the blinds.

"Winter this isn't a laughing matter." Weiss continued.

"Alright alright I'm sorry. Stop taking your angel duty so seriously."

"I did tell you I would dob you in if I had to. Alcohol is not a joke."

"Oh yeah, you didn't know that last night?"

"Oh shut up! That's different, I've been having a rough week." Weiss said, defending herself.

"Uh huh. Well I think breakfast is ready, can you get ready on your own?' Winter asked concerned.

"Yeah I think I should be…." Weiss made to get up, she got to a standing position before her vision blurred and her world began to spin, again.

"Woah!" Weiss threw her arms out in an attempt to steady herself but in the end Winter had to grab her.

"Still a bit dizzy huh?"

"I just got up a bit too fast." Weiss let go of her sister and was steady enough on her own to make it to the bathroom.

"Hey don't take forever in there!" Winter called after her.

"I never take too long!" Weiss called back.

"Yes you do! You always did!"

"Me?! Well you should see Yang, she takes an hour to wash her hair!"

"Well she does have very nice hair."

"Yeah, don't tell her that, it'll go straight to her head"


"Good morning girls! How are we today?"

Their mother, sing-songed as the two sisters entered the kitchen. Weiss couldn't help but wince at the noise, the clattering of dishes and silver ware didn't help either. Winter's grin grew every time she saw her sister wince.

"We're fine mum, how are you?"

"Oh I'm just fine, I can't get enough of you in your cute little pyjamas." her mother stated, kissing Weiss on the cheek before moving back toward the stove.

"Watchya making mum!" Winter quipped, plopping into a seat around the table.

"Just some pancakes and waffles and the like. Weiss the coffee has brewed if you want some."

Weiss thanked the heavens that her mother loved her enough to know she liked coffee, right now she definitely needed one. She took a cup out of one of the many cupboards that lined the wall and poured herself some coffee from the pot. But before she began to drink it, she did something she had never down to her coffee before.

Winter watched with a worried look as her sister put a scoop of cream in her cup and then proceeded to add five spoons of sugar.

"Uh Weiss?"

"Yeah?" Weiss answered, taking a sip from the hot beverage in her hands. Weiss’ eyes widened as her mouth was overloaded with sweetness. Weiss smacked her lips together and turned to her sister.

"Did I just-"

"Yep." Winter replied a smile spreading across her face.

"I just made a Ruby coffee." Weiss breathed looking down at her coffee. Winter burst into laughter.

"Hahahaha! I don't know whether this is cute or funny. Hahahaha! You made a ‘ruby’!"

"What's a ruby?" Her mother asked curiously, setting down the plates and food.

"It's nothing." Weiss replied quickly, blushing slightly. How did she manage to absentmindedly make Ruby a coffee.

"Well Winter certainly doesn't think so." Her mother nodded toward the youngest Schnee of the house, who was still in the middle of a laughing fit.

"Just ignore her." Weiss replied sternly, shooting her sister a glare.

"Oh c'mon. How can you not laugh? You somehow managed to make her a coffee and she's not even here!" Winters explanation succeeded in making her laugh even more.


"Yes snow angel?"

"Shut up." Weiss dead panned.

Winter managed to bring her laughter down to a few giggles and snorts, but when Weiss took another sip of the coffee she started laughing again. Weiss rolled her eyes and sat at the table.

"Good morning." Their father stepped into the room. Weiss looked up at her father and they shared a rather tense silence.

"Morning dad." Winter finally said after a rather awkward lack of noise.

"How was last night?" He asked, watching Weiss carefully.

"It was great!" Winter quipped, smiling genuinely.

"Hm. What about you Weiss?" He continued. Weiss looked at her father for a moment before answering.

"It wasn't bad."

"That's a nice bottle of wine your friends bought you. I see it's been open already." He stated, eyeing his daughter carefully.

"Dad!" Winter said softly.

"Never mind." He said after another short silence. "I received a call from the police, apparently that man had been hired by the white fang."

Weiss paused in the middle of cutting a pancake, before quickly continuing.

"Which isn't really a surprise, it definitely doesn't make things easier for us" Their father stated.

"Not like things were ever easy." Weiss said.

"Weiss!" her mother warned.


"But why would they have waited this long to try to attack?" Winter asked, she didn't like talking about this topic, but she would do anything to steer the conversation away from another argument.

"That is an interesting thought," their dad agreed, "I had thought about that. Perhaps they have additional reasons."

A certain orange haired cane user came to Weiss' mind, along with Cinder, Mercury and Emerald.

"Weiss, any ideas?" Weiss snapped back to the present.

"None that come to mind. I think I'm done here, I'm going to get dressed." Weiss neatly placed her cutlery across her plate and moved out of the kitchen. They all watched her leave, Winter's expression dropped and so did her mother's, their father's stayed the same, as usual.


"You haven't opened your presents yet." Winter said from Weiss door. Weiss had Blake's and Ruby's gifts laid out on her bed. One small box and one slightly larger.

"Uh yeah, I hadn't gotten around to it."

"Well how about now!" Winter said excitedly, jumping onto Weiss neatly made bed. Weiss rolled her eyes and joined her sister as she continued to pat the bed next to her.

"What do you think they are?" Winter asked. Weiss looked at her sister and had to remind herself that she was now sixteen. Weiss rolled her eyes before answering her question.

"I have no clue. It's Ruby and Blake, both very unpredictable people." Weiss explained, looking at the two gifts.

"Start with this one" Winter picked up Blake's present and held it out to her sister.

"Oh fine." Weiss took the gift and began to unwarp it. Beneath was a black and white box with a note on the top.

"Checkmate." Weiss read aloud, smiling at their pair name Ruby had proudly come up with.

"What?" Winter asked, cocking her head to one side.

"Inside joke." Weiss explained simply. She opened the box and was pleasantly surprised. It was a pristine white, queen chess piece standing atop a small pedestal. Underneath the queen was a black king, which was lying on its side, defeated.

"I presume you're the queen?" Winter said with a frown, trying to make sense of it.

"Yes. Well I would hope so at least." Weiss replied with a smile, "thankyou Blake." She said with a smile, placing the statue to the side.

"Ok. Now this one" Winter handed her Ruby's present.

Weiss looked at the present for a moment, before taking a breath and claiming her gift. Weiss unwrapped it quickly and was presented with a small white jewellery box.

"What's with all the white?' Winter asked casually.

"Don't be a dunce." Weiss replied.

"What?" Winter recoiled with a grin, "Hurry up and open it!"

Ignoring Winter's instructions, Weiss slowly opened the box. What was inside literally took her breath away.

Within the box was a necklace, but not just any necklace. It was a rose necklace, a red rose of course. The pendant was a small red rose, beautifully crafted and intricate, it had a wonderful sparkle to it and it seemed to radiate warmth. Upon closer inspection, Weiss discovered that the centre of the rose was actually white, just a touch but nevertheless it was there. The necklace itself was a crimson chain, each link was crafted into tiny rose petals.

As Weiss looked at it the whole thing screamed Ruby, but when she delicately picked it up, it felt even more like Ruby.

"Weiss it's not gonna break that easily." Winter pointed out as she watched her sister, slowly pick up the necklace and delicately spread it out in her palm. "Weiss?" she repeated, her sister seemed to be in another world, and she was…. Crying?

"Weiss are you okay?"

"Huh? Oh yeah I'm fine." Weiss said, sniffling and wiping away a tear.

"Why are you crying?"

"She made this."


"Winter she made this" Weiss stated, moving the necklace closer to her sister.

"Wow that's pretty impressive, how did she cut the things so tiny." Winter asked, peering closely at the chain.

"No you don't understand!" Weiss exclaimed.

"Clearly I don't." Winter dead-panned.

"Oh don't be a dunce. Listen. Every time Ruby uses her semblance she leaves rose petals behind, but they usually disintegrate shortly after. Her sister had told me that sometimes she makes some that last awhile. Winter, this necklace, the entire thing is made from those petals. I don't know how she did it but, Ruby has literally given me a part of her, and it's beautiful."


“So Ruby, you never told us how you actually made the necklace.”

“Oh well, you know I kinda just used my hands and stuff.”

“That doesn’t… Uhm wanna try that again?”

“I don’t know Yang, it’s hard to explain. I kinda just flared my aura and kinda focused it, like a lot. It wasn’t easy that’s for sure.”

“Yeah I know, I saw you passed out on your desk.”

The following day after the party saw RWBY-minus the W- back at school and with only a few days left of the holidays.

“Also, what were you doing outside with Weiss last night? You got dirt all over your dress!” Yang asked, not very happy about the dress.

“Nothing, we were just talking.”

“About what!? Why were you sitting on the floor?”

“I dunno because Weiss wanted to.” Ruby tried to persuade her sister.

“There’s no way Weiss Schnee would sit on the floor in the dress she was wearing!”

“Well maybe she wasn’t feeling herself that night!” Ruby exclaimed.

“What do you mean? Was she drunk?” Yang asked, slightly concerned.

“No she wasn’t! I dunno maybe! Yang I don’t want to talk about it!” Ruby yelled.

“Woah okay. Sorry I brought it up” Yang recoiled, shooting Blake a confused glance.

“Don’t look at me.”

“Ruby is everything alright between you two?” Yang asked carefully.

“Yang! Everything is fine! Just… drop it!” Ruby exclaimed, moving around the room frantically.

“Ruby where are you going?” Yang asked as Ruby opened the door to their room.

“To the library!” Then the red head was gone.

“You seriously don’t know what that was about?” Yang turned to Blake, who had her head in her book.

“Nope.” Blake replied simply.

“I find that very hard to believe.” Yang dead-panned.

“Well I’ll tell you this. Don’t worry about it.”

“That’s reassuring.”


Head up, shoulder’s back, left foot forward. Perfect stance. Weiss Schnee was readying for a fight, a fight against an opponent she had never fought before. She was unsure of what to expect, was this person going to be a perfect match to her level, or would they be above her level.

It didn’t matter, because either way Weiss couldn’t lose, the option for failure was non-existent, because if she lost, she would never be allowed to live it down.

“You ready to get your ass kicked?” Winter teased, poking her tongue at Weiss.

“Yeah right. You don’t even know how to imbue your glyphs with dust yet.” Weiss bantered.

“Yeah but you said you won’t do that.”

“I don’t need to to win.”



CLANG! Both sister’s had decided to press the attack at the same time. They met in the middle of the arena, their rapier’s ringing through the room. They shared a smile before bouncing back to re-evaluate each other.

Winter’s rapier was a simple blade, she hadn’t crafted her own yet so she was still using the ones that were hooked upon the wall. Weiss was using Myrtenaster, obviously, but she had emptied her dust just in case habit got the best of her and she did use some. She had promised to stick strictly to movement glyphs, seeing as Winter was still learning she didn’t want to give her sibling an unfair disadvantage.

Winter wasn’t wearing a battle skirt like Weiss, she was wearing a pair of light blue tights, much like Blake’s but a different colour. Weiss didn’t mind it that much, she did mind when Winter teased her about it.

“Are you seriously going to fight me in that?”

“In what?”

“A dress.”

“It’s a battle skirt!”

Battle skirt or not, Weiss was going to win.

After what felt like hours of circling each other, Winter made her move. Dashing toward her sister, she performed a series of thrusts and slashes, all of which Weiss parried easily. Each strike Winter performed was executed expertly and with speed Weiss was not expecting. Although her extra amount of speed could be credited to her slight lack of power behind each strike.

Yet Weiss still managed to keep up. She smiled as she witnessed firsthand how far her sister had come since she left, it was definitely a feat worth congratulating, right after she claimed her victory.

Weiss found a window in the onslaught of attacks and used it as an opportunity to stop her sister and retreat. Weiss swiftly waved her hand in front of her, spawning a black glyph, which her sister passed straight through. Winter realised a fraction to late as she was captured within the spinning snow flake, but she would fight fire with fire. In this case, it worked quite well.

Winter placed her free hand on the glyph and used her own semblance to turn the glyph white and it quickly faded away.

“Not bad Winter.”

“Thanks. I just found out I could do that” As soon as she finished speaking she was moving again, a glyph propelling her toward her sister. Weiss did the same, moving toward her advancing sibling without hesitation. Winter wasn’t expecting her ‘snow angle’ to drop to her knees and slide right under her blade.

Weiss slid right past her sister, unharmed and with the advantage. Winter had assumed she would be colliding with her sister, so she had put more power into her glyph and now that she hadn’t collided with her sister, the extra momentum caused her to keep moving forward. As Weiss slid past Winter, she quickly returned to her feet and summoned another glyph to push her towards her still moving sister.

Winter managed to spin on her heel, although now she was moving backward, but at least she could block Weiss’ attack. Weiss’ slash fell on Winter’s rapier, another clang ringing through the arena, the force behind the attack, coupled with Winter’s movement caused Winter to trip over and fall backward. She landed on her rear with a thump, quickly rolling over to dodge a stab from her sister.

She rolled onto her back and quickly summoned a glyph in between her and Weiss, which Weiss’ arm passed through and couldn’t get out.

“How do you like that?” Winter teased, flipping to her feet.

Weiss poked her tongue at Winter, before yanking her arm out of the glyph. Unlike Winter, she didn’t need to pass her aura through the glyph, she just pulled it free with a loud, ‘pop!’

“That’s cheating!”

“No it’s not. You need to reinforce your capture glyphs more, and judge your speed more accurately.” Weiss pointed out, flicking her rapier to the side out of habit.

“Your attacks are a little soft, but you make up for it in speed. You’re faster than me, but I’m still going to win.” Weiss grinned at her sister before lunging at her one final time. Midway between reaching her sister, Winter called out.

“So when are you going to speak to Ruby?”

Weiss was surprised at the question and even stumbled during her dash. Her speed diminished and her blade to the side, Winter made her move.

Winter dashed forward, slashing at her sister’s front. Weiss aura flared as the blade danced across it, icy blue flares sparking along the slash. Although Weiss noticed that there was a tiny bit of red mixed through it, which was really strange. Weiss stumbled backward before freezing as she felt the tip of a blade softly pressing against her neck.

“I win!” Winter quipped, retracting her rapier from her sister’s neck.

“You cheated!”

“I did not!”

“Yes you did! You used Ruby as a distraction!”

“What, you don’t think people who are actually fighting you won’t?” Winter pointed out. It was a good point and Winter hadn’t meant much by it, but now that it had been brought up Weiss realised that it was true.

“That’s a good point.” Weiss breathed, trying not to think too many bad thoughts.

“Thankyou. So now that I’ve won, I will claim my prize.” Winter proclaimed, chin in the air.

“What might that be?” Weiss replied, rolling her eyes and sitting next to her sister.

“Answer the question.” Winter demanded.


“Answer the question. When are you going to speak to Ruby?”

Weiss blinked at her sister, I can’t believe her. “Well I want to speak to her face to face. So in three days.”

“Three days?!” Winter repeated, visibly alarmed.


“You can’t leave her hanging for three days!” Winter explained.

“Well what do you want me to do? Beacon isn’t exactly around the corner.”

“Make the effort you dolt!”

“Don’t call me that.” Weiss dead panned.

“Stop acting like one! Get off your lazy butt and meet her someplace and speak to her! Gee how un-romantic are you?”

“To be fair I’m not exactly experienced in this field.”

“Clearly not. Weiss there’s no ‘experience’ you just gotta do what you think will make Ruby happy” Winter explained, sounding as if it was as easy as it sounded.

“Winter, cookies and a cuddle will make Ruby happy.”

“Well then go buy her cookies and give her a cuddle! Listen, there is no way you can leave that girl hanging for three days. Ring her up and make a date for tomorrow.”

“A date!?” Now Weiss was worried.

“Oh relax, besides you can’t just love someone without going on dates.” Winter explained. “You know what? Ring her now.”


“Right now! Ring her now and make a date for tonight.”


“Yeah, c’mon you aren’t getting any younger and you got nothing to do tonight so why not?”

“It’s a little sudden don’t you think?” Weiss asked, she really didn’t think her sister would be telling her how to deal with all this.

“Weiss, you told her you loved her two nights ago, you don’t think that was a bit sudden?”

“Touché. Alright I’ll call her.”

“Hurray for white rose!” Winter celebrated.

“White what?” Weiss asked, liking the name but wanting an explanation.

“Oh it’s the name I came up for you two. Blake and Yang make bumblebee, cute isn’t it?”

“Adorable.” Weiss dead panned.

“Aw thanks Weiss.” Winter kissed Weiss on the cheek before moving back to the ring. “Round two?”

“Fine. But how about I actually teach you how to use dust this time?” Weiss replied, getting up from her seat and bringing a case of dust she had brought with her inside the ring.


“Hey, question?” Weiss asked.


“Did you see my aura flare, it wasn’t red was it?”

“Come to think of it, it was a little yeah. That’s weird I thought yours was white”

“It is.”

“Ruby’s is red.” Winter offered.

“Yeah but how does that affect mine?”

“I dunno, it’s your aura. Now show me how to make stuff blow up!” Winter demanded excitedly. Weiss rolled her eyes and popped open the case.

It was a wonder how neither of them noticed Weiss’ rose necklace glow when they fought.


Ruby busted into the dorm and headed straight toward the wardrobe, she flung the doors open and stepped back to look over its contents. Her eye's frantically looking for something, what she was looking for was a mystery, seeing as the only thing in the wardrobe was their school outfits and their alternate outfits. Ruby was hopping up and down on her tip toes and her frantic behaviour was sure to gain the attention of her sister and her partner. Even Zwei noticed the extra energy and began running around his owners feet, barking and jumping happily in unison with the red head.

"Uh, Ruby?" Yang asked.

No reply.


"Yeah what?" Ruby finally answered, although she was clearly not paying attention to the blonde.

"What are you doing?"

No reply…again.


"Wha- oh. I'm trying to think of something…."

Yang stared at her sister, unsure of what to make from that. Ruby glanced over at Yang and noticed her confused expression.

"Looking for something to wear I mean." Ruby explained.

"Wear for what?"

"Oh uh…." Ruby stopped hopping as she thought over the question. She wasn't really sure whether she should say what she was going to do tonight, whether or not Weiss wanted them to know. In fact Ruby didn't know if she wanted Yang to know.

"This-uh thing, with uh Weiss… maybe." Ruby explained, avoiding eye contacting and rubbing her hands together.

Blake peered up from her book, her ear twitched slightly when she heard what Ruby said and she was now a little interested. Blake had an idea about what happened that night, but she didn't think Weiss would ask Ruby out on, whatever this was, so soon.

"What do you mean?" Yang asked, eyes furrowing into a slight frown. She wasn't making this any easier for Ruby.

"Long story short, Weiss has some stuff she needs to tell me, so she decided to tell me tonight instead of waiting for when she got back here."

"Sounds important" Yang stated, continuing to look at her sister suspiciously. Yang turned to her partner and caught her just as she dropped her gaze back to her book. Yang grumbled at her partner before looking back to her sister.

"Well why are you jumping in front of our wardrobe. You know there's nothing in it."

"I dunno, heat of the moment? I'm just a little…anxious." Ruby confessed, ceasing her jumping and moved to sit on Weiss' bed.


"Yang stop asking questions!"

"I'm sorry I'm concerned about my little sister!"

"Well stop! Everything is fine.”

"You haven't been acting 'fine' these past few days." Yang pointed out.

"Look- Yang- just! It's confusing ok? Just let me work this out before I start answering questions I can't answer."

Yang was about to ask another question but Blake softly elbowed her in the ribs, along with a stern glance that told the blonde to shut up for the time being.

"Alright alright. But you have to promise me that you'll tell me if something goes wrong." Yang demanded.

"Yeah yeah, I will. Hopefully nothing goes wrong." Ruby replied, looking at Weiss' pillow.

"Ruby what time is this…thing?" Blake asked carefully.

"Uh Weiss said to meet her at five."

"Ruby it's four-thirty." Blake pointed out coolly.

"What?! Oh crap! See Yang, you made me waste time!" Ruby yelled.

"Waste time? You don't even need anything to wear, just go like that! I'm sure Weiss will be wearing her own dress!"

"It's a battle skirt!" Ruby yelled before running out of their room.

Yang watched her little sister go with a smile, following the small rose petals as they floated to the ground, she's so hopeless when she's not fighting. When the last petal touched the ground Yang snapped her head toward Blake.

"Alright kitty cat! You're gonna tell me what's going on between Weiss and my sister!"

"Uh" Blake breathed, slightly afraid of the current confrontation. She knew she would have to tell Yang what she knew and she wasn't only afraid of Yang might do, but she was afraid of what Weiss would do if she found out she had told Yang.

Luckily a certain corgi saved her. Well he kinda saved her.

"Roof!" Zwei jumped up between Blake and Yang, landing in Blake lap.

"AH! DOG!" Blake had begun to gradually get used to Zwei, but now she was in trouble, so she decided to milk it and use it to her advantage.

Yang had reared back a little when Zwei suddenly appeared, giving Blake more room to move, as soon as Zwei landed in her lap, Blake made a break for it. Blake used a shadow clone to push her away from the brawler and toward the door, luckily Ruby had left it open.

"Blake no!" Yang reached for the faunas but missed her by an inch. But Yang was quick to give chase, "Come back! You WILL tell me!"

Blake was already down the hall when she heard Yang's call, she smiled to herself as she knew Yang would never catch up to her but her smile faded when she realised she was still carrying Zwei in her arms. Somehow he got caught up her brisk escape and was now gently huddled in her arms. He looked up at the faunas, tongue hanging out loosely and a happy look on his face, Zwei seemed to like where he was at the moment, even if the person carrying him smelt like a cat.

"Don't look at me like that" Blake demanded, pointing her gaze forward. Zwei barked happily and seemed to listen, turning his head to face the direction he was headed. Blake glanced once more at the corgi and had to stifle a smile that threatened to spread across her face.


Weiss had arrived early, around quarter to five. Weiss was never late and being a bit early wasn't something she was shy about, except the reason she came early this time was because she was nervous. Weiss Schnee, heiress to the SDC, was nervous.

"Stop! Just calm down." Winter tried to calm Weiss down before she left.

"Winter it’s not that easy."

"Well you seemed fine when you told her two nights ago." Winter stated.

"I was drunk." Weiss dead-panned.

"Fair enough"

Long story short, Winter didn't help, clearly. Weiss' sweaty palms and nervous eye movement spoke volumes of how she was feeling. Weiss peered at her scroll for what might have been the thirtieth time that night, '4:56', it read. Weiss huffed and began to pace back and forth, what was she thinking? There's no way Ruby would get here at exactly five.

Exactly four minutes later, Ruby arrived. At five o'clock.

"Uh, hi." Ruby awkwardly approached Weiss, who was still pacing back and forth and didn't notice her approach.

They were in a restaurant strip of Vale, the number of people was slowly increasing as dinner time approached. A few people passed between Ruby and Weiss, blocking their view of each other momentarily.

"Ruby! I didn't expect you to be here..." Weiss glanced at the time, "At exactly five."

"I thought I'd try to be on time." Ruby replied, fiddling with her battle skirt.

"On time you are. Well are you hungry?"

"Of course I am! Where are we eating?"

"I was thinking maybe you might like pizza. I know this lovely place just around the corner."

"Sounds yummy!"

Weiss moved to the side and motioned for Ruby to walk with her. They walked down the road, side by side, the increasing numbers of people, walking past the pair, as if they knew not to walk in between them, even though there was enough room in between them. They walked in silence for a short while before Weiss spoke.

"How are Blake and Yang?"

"They're good. They've been spending a lot of time together, which confuses me seeing as Yang is a tease and won't leave Blake and her 'catiness', alone."

And Zwei?"

"Oh Zwei is good too. I think Blake is getting a bit more used to him, although she still isn't very comfortable with him so close."

Weiss nodded as she listened, she wasn't sure why this felt so awkward. Ruby usually wouldn't be quite but now she was extremely quiet, speaking only when there was something to be said. Weiss glanced at Ruby as they walked, she noticed that Ruby was nervously glancing between the floor and herself, she also noticed how she kept fiddling with her hands. Looks like Ruby was nervous too.

"This is the place here." Weiss stated as they walked up to a restaurant called, 'Pizza with Geisler'.

"Who's Geisler?" Ruby asked.

"Probably the owner." Weiss answered as they stepped inside, "Table for two, Weiss Schnee" She said politely to the waiter at the front. He nodded lightly and ushered the pair along, between tables and toward one side of the restaurant. They were seated at a table for two, it was literally a table that fit only two people. There was a row of them along the wall, a few couples were already seated along them, but Ruby and Weiss sat secluded from the strangers.

They ordered quickly, Weiss knew what she wanted and Ruby ate pretty much anything on the menu so the choice wasn't hard, in fact she just had what Weiss was having. The food would take some time, sometime meaning at least fifteen minutes, more than enough time for Weiss to say what she needed to.

She watched as Ruby began to look around the restaurant, taking in her surrounding and taking quick glances at the couples and friends enjoying their own meals. Ruby brought her attention back to Weiss and immediately shifted her gaze as she realised Weiss was looking at her. She turned her head to the side and scratched the back of her head casually.

"Ruby?" Weiss called.

"Yeah Weiss?"

"I think we should talk."

"Oh right, about that night?"

"Yes, about that night."

Ruby nodded and took a sip from her drink, she set it down and looked directly at Weiss, oh boy.

"I don't know how much I said exactly that night, considering the amount I had to drink, so I'll just cover everything." Weiss started, readying herself for the now sober confession.

"I know I told you I loved you, which is true. Even if I was drunk, I meant it, honestly I did." Ruby's eyes were slightly more open than usual, she was definitely paying attention, Weiss was just worried she wouldn't be scared off, or think she doesn't mean it.

"I know that it's hard to believe and that it's extremely sudden, but last night it just…. Came out. And I'm sorry it happened the way it did, I never meant to get drunk and tell you all that but I did, so now I'm trying to fix this.
As I said, I love you and I didn't know it until recently, until we were in hospital. I realised that since I had met you I had feelings for you, feelings I didn't recognise and had hidden deep within me. When I met you, my heart was still….cold." Weiss struggled to find an appropriate word.

"So it was easy for me to ignore the warming feeling I got whenever you were near. But as the year past on and I grew closer to you and Blake and Yang, I began to change. You all warmed me, you all helped me to free my frozen heart, but it was you who made the largest impact. Once it was free, you stayed. Ruby, you stayed.
Credit it to your persistence, or your adorable nature, or even your irritable ideas and actions, it doesn't matter, the fact is you stayed. You stayed and saved me from freezing up again. This isn't the only reason why I feel this way. After that day, I realised that I would never be able to continue without you. You had already been so deep within my heart, that you had become a part of me, a part that I could not afford to lose. Ruby, I used to call you names, I used to hate you whenever you got us into trouble, sometimes I was jealous of you. But now, all I can say and feel, is that I love you."

There was a silence between the pair, Weiss was searching Ruby for any sort of hint to what the red head was feeling or thinking, Ruby had remained silent through the whole thing and right now her face was blank and she was just staring at the heiress.


Ruby blinked. Blinked again, after the third time she sniffled and released a breath she had been holding.

"Weiss I..." Ruby looked at Weiss and noticed the heiress was looking at her with anticipation.

"Weiss," Ruby tried again, "I melted your heart?"

Weiss blinked, did she just... "Ruby."


"What do you mean what?! That isn't really important!"

"I'm sorry! I don't know what to say! Weiss I love you too, for as long as I can remember I have and in the beginning it was really hard. You kept shutting me out and pushing me away and it hurt every time, it honestly did."

"I know Ruby, and I'm sorry and I promise I will try to make up for it. After my sister I had all these ideas, all these beliefs that to truly protect the ones I loved I had to distance myself from them and I had to harden myself, like my father. But Ozpin said some things to me and now I realise I was horribly wrong. With you by my side I will never go back to that, there's no way I can shut people out when you are with me."

"Weiss. I don't think I ever want to be away from you." Ruby finally said.

Weiss released a breath she was holding, relieved she couldn't help but smile.

"That's why I made you that necklace!" Ruby stated, smiling back.

Weiss peered down at her necklace and held it in her hands.

"Ruby this is beautiful by the way. I love it." Weiss stated, still smiling.

"Why wouldn't you? You love me and that is a part of me." Ruby said with a grin. Weiss' smile widened, there's that Ruby she knew and loved.

"Speaking of which, what exactly did you do to make thi-"


Weiss jumped as Ruby yelled in celebration as the waiter placed their pizzas on the table. The waiter smiled politely at Ruby and quickly left the two alone. Ruby picked up a piece and shoved it in her mouth.


Weiss rolled her eyes, yet she was still smiling. "Ruby don't speak with your mouth full." Weiss said, picking up a piece gracefully and taking a bite. Ruby gulped down her piece.

"I said, this is really good."

"I'm glad. Now slow down, before you choke."

"I won't-" Ruby was choking. Weiss rolled her eyes and continued to eat casually, smiling as she watched her partner cough her lungs out.


After Ruby finished gagging, they were able to finish their meal without any more health risks. Of course Weiss didn't eat every piece, but Ruby was more than happy to eat them for her. They ordered desert, Weiss regulating Ruby's order strictly, one serving of gelato was more than enough for the red head. They spoke casually, it seemed the awkwardness had left them and Ruby was back to her normal self, chatting and babbling about all the 'cool' and 'awesome' things she wanted to do and see. Weiss was more than happy to listen and laugh at her ridiculousness.

Ruby was loving this new side of Weiss, she had never seen the heiress so carefree and...happy. Maybe she really did thaw her 'frozen heart', there was no doubt she loved the heiress.

They left the restaurant around seven and decided to go for a walk before heading home. They ended up walking along a huge fountain, it was almost half the size of a football field. It was surrounded by lush trees and greenery. There was a full moon and it's light glowed brightly upon the white rose couple, Weiss smiled to herself as she looked up at the giant orb in the sky, it used to make her cold, tonight it made her smile.

In Ruby style, Ruby was walking along the border of the fountain, arms out to keep her balance, although she was more than capable of keeping it.

"Ruby be careful, you might fall in." Weiss said, watching her partner skip and hop along the boundary.

"No I won't, why would I fall-Woah!"

To her credit, that part of the cement was a little slippery, although that didn't stop Weiss from yelling at her partner.

"Ruby!" The splash of water splattered lightly over Weiss, who quickly made it to the edge of the fountain in time to see Ruby emerge from the water. Seeing that her partner was safe, Weiss relaxed a little.

"Ruby, I told you to be careful!"

Ruby pouted at Weiss, not entirely happy that she was slightly freezing and the person that loved her was just watching.

"Shut up and help me." Ruby stuck her hand out and Weiss smiled as she took hold of her hand. But her smile faded as Ruby held onto her hand and smiled back at her.

"Ruby don't!" SPLASH!

Ruby pulled Weiss into the water with her, she burst into laughter when Weiss let out a rather cute, high pitched squeal. When Weiss emerged, Ruby was still laughing.

"Hahahaha! That was the cutest yell ever! Hahaha!"

Ruby splashed about in the fountain, laughing ridiculously at the heiress who was glaring with all her might at the red head. Ruby's laughter died down as the water began to cool down significantly, so much so she began shivering, although Weiss didn't seem to mind.

"Uh Weiss, is it just me or-" Ruby stopped talking when she noticed that slight layer of frost forming around the heiress which began to spread outward and toward Ruby. Ruby noticed that Weiss was not happy, at all.

"Weiss, you’re taking the ‘ice queen’ thing a bit far." Ruby chuckled nervously.

Weiss began to wade her way toward Ruby, slowly and with anger surging through her. "Ruby Rose!" Weiss walked straight up to Ruby, getting to within an inch of her face. Ruby looked into her eye's and could only see anger, but she noticed it quickly faded and was replaced with something softer. The ice had seemed to disappear and Ruby wasn't so cold any more. Weiss was still really close to her, yet she didn't feel like she wanted to move back and neither did Weiss.

"Weiss?" Ruby said in a much smaller voice than she intended. Weiss gently grabbed Ruby's arms and leaned closer toward Ruby. Halfway there Ruby met her, their lips pressing softly against each other. Ruby leaned into the kiss and Weiss reciprocated and it felt as everything was gone. Their wet clothes felt dry, they forgot about the pool of water they were standing in, forgot about the moon, forgot where they were. It was just Ruby and Weiss, both in love and both lost within their kiss.

It was such a beautiful moment, a moment they would never forget a moment that was spoiled by a security guard doing his rounds.


Weiss broke the kiss, "Oh no!" she breathed flushing an intense red. Ruby seemed to be a little delayed, still coming back to reality after that kiss.

"Hey you two!"

Ruby came to and realised they had been caught. "Ruby what do we d-" Weiss was cut off as Ruby quickly lifted Weiss into her arms and flared her aura, energizing her semblance and shooting off far away from the fountain. By the time the guard lifted his torch up all he saw was a small cloud of petals.

Ruby and Weiss ended up in a tree, Ruby was tangled in a branch, her cape caught on some branches. Weiss was perfectly seated upon a large branch, looking at her partner swing in the wind. Ruby looked at Weiss, her cheeks as red as her cape. "Hehe" she smiled awkwardly.

Weiss said with a huge smile, "You. Are such a dunce."

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