Two White Loved Ones

Morning Shenanigans

Weiss was at peace. It was quite, and there was no Ruby insight. She was comfortable, lying in her bed sleeping her worriers away. She smiled to herself as- WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!


Weiss shot up from her bed, nearly hitting her head on the bottom of Ruby’s bed. Torn from her most comfortable sleep, she snapped her head toward the source of that shrill whistle. Ruby. Weiss glared at her as if she was burning a hole through ten inch steel, but Ruby paid it no head, continuing to smile and stand in between the beds.

She winked at Weiss and brought the whistle back up to her lips, “Ruby no!”


Diving back into her pillow, hands covering her ears, Weiss wasn’t the only one hating her team leader for once.

“Argh! Ruby! Cat ears remember!” Blake called from under her pillow, Yang’s pillow and her sheets.

Yang was frantically trying to find her pillow, wincing at the high pitched call.

“Ruby, honestly it’s our second year, do you really believe that’s still necessary?” Weiss asked, standing back up and moving toward the bathroom.

“Well I just thought after last night we might need a little” WHOOOT! “Wake up call”

“Ruby!” Blake called once more, this time throwing Yang’s pillow at her.

“Hey my pillow!” Yang exclaimed, jumping from her bunk and landing next to her sister, seemingly unaware of what was going on. “Mornin’ Rube’s” she said happily, kissing her sister on the cheek, and then proceeding to pick up her pillow.

She picked it up, whacking it a few times to expel any unwanted dust from her night time head rest and then gave it an incriminated look. Holding it arm’s length, she perked an eye brow.

“Blake what did I tell you about stealing my pillow during the night?” she said, dropping the pillow to her side and giving her partner a quizzical look.

Blake seemed to blush slightly at the accusation before defending her case, “I did no such thing”

“Oh yeah? Cat hair” Yang stated, shoving the pillow into Blake’s view and pointing out the incriminating black strands of hair.

“Could be Ruby’s” she argued, somehow casually. Both Ruby and Yang looked at the faunas, even Ruby new that was silly.

“Really Blake?” Yang said arms folded across her chest.

Blake opened her mouth to speak but was cut off by a certain heiress who was looking, unsurprisingly, annoyed.

“Blake Belladonna, I understand that you’re a faunas but could you please keep the shedding under control? Have you seen the bathroom?” Weiss said, gesturing to the open bathroom door.

“Hey don’t talk about her cute little cat ears like that!” Yang said defensively, stepping in between Blake and Weiss, pointing a digit at the heiress.

“Excuse me, but weren’t you just accusing her of taking your pillow?” she pointed out.

“That’s different!”

“Oh how can that possibly be different?”

Blake began to make her way to the bathroom, mumbling something softly as she went, “I’m feeling so attacked right now” Ruby waited for her to close the door before blowing the whistle for the third time that morning.

“Ruby Rose I swear if you blow that stupid whistle one more time, I will freeze your mouth shut”
Ruby looked at her, examining her partners face for any hint that she was joking, but couldn’t find any. Dropping the whistle into her hands, she was slightly disappointed that he partner seemed to mean what she said.

“I’m sorry” Ruby replied, head down, shuffling the toe of her shoe into the carpet like a small child.

“Hey don’t threaten my sister like that!” Yang said, getting back on the defensive.

“She deserves it!” Weiss retorted

“Why what has she done to you?!” Yang called back.

Ruby looked between the two highly contrasted teammates and slowly made her way towards the bathroom. She quickly stepped in and shut the door behind her, exhaling as the argument was reduced to mere muffled voices. Ruby turned around to see Blake sitting on top of the toilet, with its cover down, book in hand and a look of complete disinterest across her soft features. Ruby looked at the book and realised she didn’t see Blake walk in here with one on her.

“How did you..?”

“I have my ways” she replied coolly, never looking up from her book. Ruby looked back at the bathroom door, the muffled argument somehow still continuing.

Sighing and giving Blake a tired look, the ebony haired girl simply replied, “This is your fault”

“I know” Ruby admitted, sighing another time.

There was a small silence between them before Blake said plainly, “My ears still hurt”.


After about twenty minutes of hiding in the bathroom with a very silent Blake, Yang and Weiss had finally finished arguing, and the land was safe to travel across once more. Exiting their safety, the team proceeded to get dressed and ready for class. However as Ruby made to open the door that led to the hallway with her team behind her, Weiss pointed out something. “Ruby?”


“We have no classes today” Weiss said, slowly lifting her gaze from her timetable to Ruby.

Yang looked at her sister, mouth open in a ‘what’ shape and Blake just sat against her bed head, yet another book in her hands.

“Uh huh we don’t?” Ruby asked nervously, feeling Weiss’ current glare chill her bones.

“No we don’t. In fact, today is the only day we had to sleep in this fortnight and after last night’s incident, I think we all would have liked to sleep in” Weiss answered, slamming her book shut sharply.

Ruby looked to her sister for guidance, but all Yang did was face palm and then flop onto Blake’s bed in front of her feet. Blake glanced at the blonde and smiled to herself before returning to her book.

“And not only did you wake us up, you decided to use that blasted whistle” Weiss continued, voice rising with each word. “Then I had to argue with your boisterous sister for an hour” she said waving to the brawler, who was about to get up but Blake intervened and stretched her leg over Yang’s head and pushed it back down into the bed, smiling as she herd Yang’s muffled protests.

“And here we are, in our school uniform at eight in the morning, with no classes and no reason to even be talking at this time! Ruby Rose you unbelievable dunce! How could you have messed this one up!”

Weiss finished, throwing her arms into the air, pinching the bridge of nose and turning away from her leader before abruptly turning back around to face the guilt stricken fifteen year old. Weiss faltered a little at the sight of her leader looking so vulnerable but quickly pushed it aside and continued.

“I am going to change out of these clothes and when I come back, you had better come up with something to make waking up this early worth it!”

Ruby watched as the ice queen marched her way into the change room, slamming the door behind her, letting out a breath she didn’t realise she was holding. She looked to Blake and realised she was smothering her sister, “Blake?”

“Yeah?” she replied, eyes on her book.

“Uhh Yang”. Yang was flailing her arms, trying to lift her head out of the sheets and get some air, but Blake’s right leg had her pinned down good.

“Oh crap!” she cried alarmed, throwing her leg off her partner and moving close to make sure she was ok. “Oh my gosh Yang I’m sorry” the faunas apologised to a spluttering and coughing Yang, although Blake couldn’t stifle a laugh or two.

Ruby looked toward the change room, if only her partner had changed as well.

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