Two White Loved Ones

Another Dream?

Two days later the holidays came to an end, team RWBY prepared for the next semester to come and Weiss left home and returned to Beacon. After teaching Winter a fair bit about dust and her semblance, as well as redeeming herself against her sister in a rematch, this time dust was allowed and Weiss won buy, what she deemed, 'a mile'.

The two days after that date Ruby and Weiss spoke to each other both days. Weiss called the first day, Ruby called the second, both times were just as wonderful as each other. Even though Ruby got home fifteen minutes after Weiss pulled her out of that tree, when she did, she was already missing the heiress. Ruby knew it was ridiculous, but she didn't care, it was probably that kiss that left her missing Weiss.

In hindsight the kiss was extremely unexpected but in that moment Ruby felt as if it was the most appropriate thing to do. Ruby may have had her doubts about how Weiss felt, but when she looked into her eyes before that kiss, all doubts she had were erased immediately. Weiss' eyes were usually cold and filled with either irritation or anger, but when Ruby looked into them, under the full moon and drenched in water, all she saw was love. That was when Ruby believed that Weiss really loved her, that Weiss needed her and that she needed Weiss.

Ruby's way of showing Weiss she believed her was returning the kiss with as much love and passion she could manage. She didn't know how Weiss felt about the kiss, but Ruby knew it was the most amazing kiss she may ever experience.

Weiss walked into her room that night and was surprised to find her sister sitting on her bed, she seemed to have been waiting for Weiss to return.

"I see it went well." Winter said with a grin.

"Hello to you too." Winter said slyly, "may I ask how you figured that out?"

"You walked in smiling."

It was true, Weiss hadn't stopped smiling since she pulled Ruby out of that tree. She noticed it, but she didn't care. She didn't care if she looked like a fool, she was just, genuinely happy. She could still smell the roses from that kiss, still tasted Ruby's sweet lips on her own.

She didn't know that she was going to kiss her, to be honest she thought she was going to scold her but when she got that close to Ruby she was just overwhelmed. It was the perfect symbol for everything she felt. She had told Ruby she melted her heart, made her feel warm and that was the perfect example. As she waded toward Ruby, drenched and enraged, she intentionally began to freeze the water, just like her heart. But when she ended up so close to Ruby, her menacing composure was shattered and the ice melted away, just as Ruby did to her heart.

Looking back on it made Weiss realise how real this actually was. How real these feelings were, how real Ruby was and how much she meant to Weiss. Weiss knew that she couldn't continue without Ruby and that meant she now had to be her snow angel.

Weiss was set to arrive the night before the first day of school, Ruby was a little more excited than Yang would have expected and she was becoming increasingly suspicious of her sister and her snow haired partner. Ruby was currently running around between their dorm, the library and around campus gathering all her last minute items she had no doubt forgotten.

Blake was peacefully reading her book, which she hadn't done in a while, between Zwei and Yang there wasn't much 'her time'. Right now Yang was out with Nora, relishing their last night of freedom. Zwei was silently lying at her feet, the corgi had seemed to taken a liking to the faunas, Blake didn't know why, she was part cat and didn't even like the dog, or so she said. Blake wasn't that distracted by Ruby's frantic entries and exits, but what did distract her was that rather large book lying on her bed.

It was the same book Ruby had been reading for the past weeks. Blake was curious to know what exactly the red head was reading, so when Ruby dashed out of her room one more time, she got up and picked up the book and flicked through it.

"Soul bound: All the secrets of Aura unlocked." She read aloud as she glanced over the cover. Blake flicked through it and came across a page that had previously been marked by her leader.

"Manifesting aura and storing it." Blake read the title of the page. "Interesting" She began to read through the contents, beginning to understand why Ruby was so interested in this book. Blake continued to read but doubled back and re-read one paragraph just to be sure. She read it aloud as if hearing herself say it would make it clearer.

"There is an ancient technique, long forgotten and hardly used in this day and age. A technique that allows one's aura to be manifested into physical form. A way to store it or a way to share it." Blake sat down on Yang's bed, now she really understood why Ruby liked this book so much.

"Through difficult meditation and power, it is possible to form an object from aura, in ancient times the most common form was jewellery, mainly rings, necklaces or wrist bands. Things that could be worn and be available at all times. These objects, filled and made from aura can be used for a multitude of things. It can be used as a failsafe, if one's aura is depleted the charm could be used to replenish enough for a retreat. It can be used as a weapon, during the wars many realised that an object overloaded with aura would explode violently, releasing raw power and this could be used as an explosive, the only tricky part was finding someone with enough aura, the person who was selected usually died from aura deficiency.
Another use, a rather less violent use, was to be given to others. These pieces of jewellery would be given to a person who was loved and cared for. This person would wear the aura filled jewellery and it would be as if they were walking around with that person with them, the one who the aura came from.
The amount of aura and spirit required to form a charm such as this is so extreme, that it becomes a part of that person. The person removes a part of themselves and manifests it into the charm. This charm will protect whoever it is given to, bonding it's aura with the wearer, effectively bonding the two people in a loose manner.
But this comes with a price, the reason why this technique was abandoned. As the charm becomes a part of the creator, harm done to the charm is reciprocated to the creator. The most dangerous part of all is if the charm is broken, with the link to the creator still attached, the creator will feel as if a part of them has been destroyed. The pain has said to be unbearable, it is written that people would rather die than feel that pain, and some do. Depending on the amount of aura and soul in the charm, depends on the harm done to the creator. Some are crippled, some die, but many of those who survive, are never the same.
As a warning, make sure those who are given a charm know what they are being given, that they know the risks, because if they don't know and they believe it is simply a piece of jewellery, they will not protect it and the creator will feel the repercussions."

Blake finished reading and looked up from the book, this was the book Ruby had been reading. Ruby gave Weiss a necklace that she made, Blake put two and two together, "She didn't". Just then Ruby came running back in to their room.

"Blake? Hey that's my book…Uh oh." Ruby was busted.

"Ruby you didn't do what I think you did?" Blake asked carefully.

"I might have…" Ruby confessed, looking down at the carpet.


"What? What's the big deal!?"

"Ruby you could die! Did you read this whole thing!?" Blake exclaimed, waving the book at her leader.

"Yeah I did."


"Well what? I'll be fine. Nothing’s going to happen to me, Weiss is very good with her things." Ruby replied coolly.

"Ruby that necklace isn't one of 'Weiss' things', it's literally a part of YOU!"

"I know! That's why I gave it to her!"

"But she doesn't know what is!"

"Yeah she does."

"She doesn't know that if it breaks you could die! Ruby you have to tell her exactly what it is!" Blake demanded. She was yelling but she wasn't angry, she was just very concerned, very very concerned.

"No I can't!" Ruby yelled back.

"Why not!?"

"Because if I do, Weiss will give it back and she won't wear it."


"Then she won't be safe!"

"What do you mean?"

"I gave it to her so that if I was away from her, I could still protect her" Ruby confessed, looking directly at Blake, her silver eyes quivering slightly. Blake looked over Ruby, she realised that Ruby was genuinely afraid that the necklace was the only way to keep Weiss safe, Ruby was no doubt, in love with Weiss.

"Ruby." Blake said in a softer voice, "You have to tell Weiss."

Ruby made to argue again, except Weiss herself walked into their room.

"Tell me what?" She announced with a smile. Ruby and Blake looked at Weiss and Ruby blinked before coming to. Pushing all thoughts of that conversation out of her mind, Ruby jumped into Weiss, encasing her in a hug.

"You're back!" Ruby yelled, swaying back and forth with Weiss involuntarily swaying with her.

"Yes Ruby, I know that."

"Oh I missed you!" Ruby exclaimed, stepping back and looking at Weiss.

"Ruby it's been two days,"

"I know." Ruby replied simply, continuing to look at Weiss with a goofy smile plastered across her face. Ruby and Weiss simply looked at each other for what had to be at least a full minute.

"Roof!" Zwei jumped off of Blake's bed and ran to Weiss feet, yapping and sniffing her boots, breaking the moment the pair were sharing.

"Hi Zwei!" Weiss said in a rather high pitched voice, kneeling over to pet Zwei. "How are you?"

"Roof roof!"

"I missed you too sweety!"

Ruby took the opportunity to look at Blake, who looked back at her with a rather stern expression yet with a soft look in her eyes. Her eyes seemed to plead to Ruby, 'you need to tell her'.


Ruby was running through Forever Fall. She was running so fast, faster than she had before, she needed to get somewhere, to someone. As she moved through the blurred trees, her world pulled back as she exceeded humane speeds, the deeper she went into the forest, the thicker the snow became. The ruby forest slowly became a white landscape, blanketed in Ruby's favourite gift from mother nature. But there was no time for appreciation right now.

Ruby was brought to a screeching halt, her cape had become hooked around a small branch, she paused to try and free it, but it soon became obvious she would be there too long, so she simply unclipped it and dashed away. She didn't have time to waste.

Ruby was exhausted, puffs of fog appearing rapidly as she breathed. She was pushing herself to the limit, she couldn't let this happen to her. A small clearing burst into view and there was the person she was trying to save. She moved to the person lying in the snow, the snow around her was stained red, a dark red, a ruby red.

She kneeled next to the woman, her quivering hands floated above the girl's body, unsure of what to do. Then Ruby remembered something, the necklace! Ruby frantically searched for a necklace underneath all the clothes. She couldn't find it.

"Where is it! Where's her necklace! I knew it! It's Blake's fault for making me tell her!" Ruby yelled, continuing to look for the necklace.

"Weiss! Weiss where is it!" Weiss of course didn't reply, she was currently bleeding out into the snow she lay on. Ruby was late, she wasn't wearing her necklace, it was gone and now Weiss was going too.

"WEISS! WEISS YOU CAN'T!" Ruby shook Weiss, willing her to wake up. The necklace could have saved her!

"WEISS I NEED YOU!" Ruby's vision blurred as tears welled up and began to flow down her cheeks. "WEISS I'M SORRY!" She yelled, her power left her and she collapsed on top of the heiress, her tears soaking into the white battle skirt. Ruby looked up from Weiss' stomach and turned to look at her face. That beautiful face, the pristine white that was all Ruby wanted in her life. She wanted Weiss to open her eyes so that she could see those icy blue eyes, wanted to see that love she saw the night they kissed. But Ruby knew she wouldn't wake up, because she failed.

Weiss was bleeding out into the snow, turning it a dark red. A ruby red, a red like roses.



Ruby shot out of her bed landing in front of Weiss before she was even aware she had woken up. Ruby moved toward Weiss' bed and gently shook the heiress, "Weiss wake up. Please!" Ruby pleaded, her heart was beating frantically, Ruby had no idea what she just saw it was horrible it was the worst, it couldn't be true.

"Weiss!" Ruby tried again, shaking Weiss a bit more violently.

"Ruby what's wrong!?" Yang asked, who had woken up to see her sister shaking the heiress awake. Ruby ignored her and continued to shake Weiss.

Weiss woke up, the feeling of someone shaking her bringing her out of her slumber. She reluctantly woke up, but Ruby's terrified voice shot through her like a hot iron and Weiss spun around immediately.

"Ruby! What's wrong? What is it?!" Weiss asked, the fearful look in Ruby's eyes frightening the heiress beyond imagination.

"Oh thank god!" Ruby breathed, dropping to her knees as if she could no longer stand, going in limp on top of Weiss. Ruby began to cry, the wave of fear leaving her overwhelmed and drained. She was so afraid in those few seconds, she had believed that Weiss was gone even if it was a dream, it felt so real. Now the aftermath hit her and all she could do was cry.

"Ruby what's wrong?" Weiss asked, her voice thick with concern. "Ruby why are you crying? Ruby you're scaring me."

Ruby didn't reply, couldn't reply. All she managed to do was shake her head and wrap her arms around Weiss. Weiss looked to Yang but Yang seemed just as confused, Blake too.

Team RWBY sat in silence for a moment, only Ruby's soft sobs filled the silence. Yang was terribly worried, Weiss just the same and Blake watched her leader with a fair amount of concern. After a moment Ruby looked up from Weiss' stomach, her eye's reddened and still showing signs of fear.


"Please just, let me sleep with you." Ruby said in such a small voice it hurt Weiss to hear. Weiss glanced at Yang who was still watching but just shrugged, the blonde had no clue. Weiss looked back to Ruby, her pained expression making Weiss wince a little.

"Uh yeah, ok." Weiss nodded before shuffling over towards the wall, making room for her partner. Ruby climbed in without hesitation and immediately wrapped her arms around Weiss. Weiss wasn't expecting it and recoiled out of reflex, but it didn't matter with the way Ruby was holding so tightly to her.

"Ruby what's going on?" She whispered, returning the embrace and softly rubbing Ruby's back.

"I'll tell you later, I just need to hold you. I need to feel you breathe."

Weiss had no idea what to make of that. It was quite morbid and a little frightening. What had Ruby experienced to make her so afraid. Weiss heard Ruby yell her name and it sounded as of Ruby thought she had lost her, a sound Weiss was familiar with.

Ruby nudged closer to Weiss, resting her head under the heiress’. Weiss looked down at her partner and gently pressed a kiss to her head and shuffled a little to get more comfortable in the embrace before closing her eyes. Whatever it was, Weiss would be there for her.


Weiss woke the next morning with a very unfamiliar sensation. It felt like there was a weight resting on her, and something had been wrapped around her body. When she felt someone’s breath softly blow against her skin she realised who it was. Ruby had fallen asleep with her and know she was holding Weiss as if she was a teddy and Ruby had just had the worst nightmare ever, to be fair she did.

When Weiss opened her eyes and looked at Ruby she had to crane her neck back a bit because of how close the red heads face was to Weiss’. The pair had tossed and turned during their sleep-Ruby much more than Weiss- and now Ruby was positioned on her side with her arm over Weiss, who was lying on her back. When Weiss was finally able to focus her tired eyes on the silver eyed girls face she noticed that Ruby was still showing a pained expression, as if that nightmare still hadn’t left her as she slept. Weiss’ heart went out to Ruby and she tried not to think about the things she may have seen because it must have been horrid, she had never seen Ruby so distraught before.

Weiss peered past Ruby’s head and looked toward Blake. Of course the faunas was already awake, and was already looking at the heiress. Weiss made to look away, although she was fine with the situation she was in, she was still a little embarrassed by it. But before she did she noticed that Blake wasn’t looking at her, she was looking at Ruby and she seemed concerned. To be honest they all were, none of them had ever seen their leader act in such a manner, never seen her so vulnerable, so afraid. She had lunged towards the claws of a death stalker without hesitation yet last night she looked as if a small nevermore’s wing beat would shatter her.

Not even Yang had anything to say. She was just as confused as the rest of them and just as worried. Albeit a little more being her oldest sister. Ruby had stopped running into her bed from nightmares at around the age of five years, the passing of her mother brought a storm of sleepless nights and incomprehensible crying. But once Ruby stopped, she stopped. This was the first time in years Yang had seen Ruby run away from her bed after a nightmare and it was absolutely the first time she had gone to someone other than her. The fact that Ruby went to Weiss was very strange to Yang. She thought that at least Ruby would tell her something, but the red head went straight for the heiress without uttering a word to anyone else, even when Yang called to her she ignored her and focused on Weiss. Yang knew that there was something between them for some time, she believed they had some issues they had to sort out, she never knew they had sorted them out and moved a far bit past them. By the looks of things their relationship was a thousand times better than what it was a few months ago and Yang wasn’t sure how she felt about that.

“Blake, do you know what this was about?” Weiss’ hushed voice brought both Blake and Yang out of their thoughts.

“What makes you say that?”

“You’re staring at her.”

“Oh.” Blake looked at Weiss and then dropped her gaze to the rose necklace that hung around the heiress’ neck. “I don’t think I do.” Was what Blake decided to reply with.

There was no doubt that she believed Ruby should tell Weiss about that necklace, but she was definitely not the one to tell her.

“I’m just a bit worried that’s all.” Blake continued using it to cover up her obvious interest in the red head.

“We all are.” Yang chimed in, jumping from her bunk to land next to Blake.

“I have never seen her like that in so long. The closest she ever looked like that was when she found out her mum died. I thought I would never see her like that again, but this, this was pretty close.”

“It must have been a horrible dream” Weiss whispered looking down at her partner.

“No doubt about it. She hasn’t said anything to you guys has she?” Yang asked.

“About what?” Blake said lifting herself into a sitting position.

“I dunno, about anything. Maybe she’s been a bit troubled lately.”

Weiss looked back down at her partner and couldn’t help but feel a shred of uncertainty. Was this her fault? Was she somehow the catalyst for whatever dreadful things she had seen? Weiss forced herself to push the thoughts out of her mind, she didn’t want to believe them and she didn’t. But if she was somehow hurting Ruby there was no way she could forgive herself.


Weiss hadn’t realised that Yang was looking to her for an answer. She had spaced out and completely missed the question.

“Oh, sorry. What is it?”

“Has she said anything to you?” Yang repeated.

“No, nothing that stands out.”

“Come to think of it, why do you think she went to you?” Yang questioned.

Blake shot her partner a look which Yang seemed to miss, Weiss felt a bit threatened, being put on the spot in a sensitive time like this wasn’t exactly her comfort zone.

“I uh- uhm. I wouldn’t know, she didn’t tell me anything besides she wanted to sleep next to me. She said she wanted to ‘hear me breath.” Weiss explained, offering a bit more information to try and get herself out of the predicament.

“Yeah but why you? You haven’t been exactly the warmest person around her.”

Yang was right, and it hurt. Even though Weiss had already admitted to it, it didn’t ease the pain that the guilt inflicted upon her every time it was brought to face her. She wished she could go back and changer herself, change the way she was to Ruby, but she couldn’t and the price to pay was this guilt.

“Yang!” Blake warned. The faunas didn’t disagree with the statement but she didn’t condone putting Weiss on the spot like that and filling her with guilt when she was clearly making an effort to change. At least Blake knew she was.

“No no, Yang is right Blake.” Weiss interjected before Yang made to argue. “I wouldn’t know why she came to me Yang, I don’t have a clue what she would have seen in me.” Weiss continued.

To Blake and Yang the last sentence felt like it was coming from somewhere else, it was a bit too deep to be related to what Yang had asked. Then again, Yang didn’t exactly ask it with a bright smile and a happy attitude.

“Well in that case, I’m sure whatever she found wasn’t in her imagination.” Yang replied, moving into the bathroom. Before she closed the door she said one last thing, “Her roses don’t just stick around for anybody Weiss. You mean something to her, don’t disappoint.”

Weiss was left to blink at the closed door for a few moments. Left to take in Yang’s words which could have perhaps been a threat or a warning, either way Weiss didn’t take those words lightly.

Blake moved off toward the mini kitchen to make some tea, leaving Weiss alone with the still sleeping Ruby. Weiss took another look at the red head and couldn’t help but sadden when she found that the red heads face was still tight with hurt. Weiss wished that those sweet lips would curl into a smile and brighten up the room, that those silver orbs would burst open wide and gleam in the sun. But right now Ruby’s lips were drawn into a straight line and her eyes were tightly shut, painting a picture of someone who had been broken on the inside.

Weiss instinctively began to lightly play with Ruby’s hair, moving her fingers along the black strands that ended in that ruby red she loved so much. Weiss felt Ruby flinch at the contact, her arm tightening slightly and her breath hitched a little, but the red head quickly relaxed and eased back after feeling the lack of hostility and the presence of that cool warmness that Weiss offered the red head.

Ruby must have been extremely familiar with that sensation because not long after she groaned her name as she slowly woke up.

“Weiss?” Ruby stirred, her eye’s relaxing out of their squinted state before softening and lazily opening to meet icy blue. Ruby blinked a couple of times, blinking away the haziness that waking up was known for, before realising just how close she was to the heiress.

“Weiss!” She repeated a bit more aware. She removed her arm from around Weiss and awkwardly placed it in between them on the bed. She wanted to shuffle her head back a bit, wanted to hide the slight blush that was forming around her cheeks, but Weiss’ hand was still positioned behind her.

“Ruby. What happened last night?” Weiss asked softly, looking directly at Ruby.

“Last night?” Ruby was a bit confused by the question, even more confused why Weiss seemed so concerned, but she quickly remembered why she was in this bed and not her own.

“Oh, last night.” Ruby breathed, dropping her gaze onto the pillow and clenching her fist. Ruby looked back up at Weiss and on the way looked at the necklace she made that was hanging around Weiss neck. Blake. She thought immediately, Blake told her to tell Weiss but last night Weiss was dead because she had told her. Ruby could never do it.

“Ruby you said you wanted to hear me breath. What sort of dream did you have?” Weiss continued, moving her head to regain eye contact with her partner.

“I uh, I dreamt that you were gone” Ruby explained. A very vague explanation, a true explanation, but a vague one.

“Oh.” Weiss replied. ”Do you want to talk about it?”

Ruby silently shook her head still avoiding eye contact.

“Hey,” Weiss said softly, lifting Ruby’s chin so that they made eye contact. “Listen, I made you a promise, I promised I would never leave you. I made that promise once to someone and I broke it, this time there is no way I will. Ruby I will never leave you, if someone tries to take me, I’ll fight, not for me but for you, because you come first. Ruby I can’t live without you.”

Ruby looked at Weiss and knew that Weiss meant every word of it.

“Neither can I Weiss.”

Weiss meant it all and it made Ruby happy beyond description, but the smile that spread across her lips was bitter sweet. Although Weiss meant all those things, Ruby had a feeling, a feeling that made her even more afraid about her dream. Ruby didn’t know why, and it was making her very afraid but, she had a feeling that even though Weiss meant those things, she would somehow fail.

Weiss would fail and Ruby would lose her.
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