Two White Loved Ones

Irrational Fears

A few days had passed since Ruby had that nightmare and neither Weiss, Blake or Yang were convinced she was completely over it. Ruby never told any of them exactly what the dream was, the most any of them got out of her was that she ‘lost Weiss’. What that meant exactly, nobody knew. It could have meant a multitude of things, but the fact that it had such an impact on their red headed leader was a lot more worrying than what the dream was.

That morning Ruby got dressed in silence, she ate breakfast in silence and sat through all her classes in silence. When they were all back in their dorm for the night Ruby remained in silence, only speaking when spoken to. It hurt the team to see their leader so out of character. They were so used to the happy, care free, beaming red head who couldn’t sit still. But now all they saw was a silent, morbid girl who would rather sleep than talk with her friends.

Everyone noticed, even team JNPR were worried when they met at lunch. Lunch itself was silent, team RWBY didn’t feel very talkative as if they all felt the way Ruby did. When the team leader is down, so are the teammates.

As they days past Ruby seemed to lighten up a little. Day by day she was slowly becoming herself again, at least Blake and Yang thought so. As days passed Ruby began acting more like herself. She would leap out of her bed instead of lazily climbing down, she ran to class instead of merely walking and she was becoming more involved in class and lunch discussions. After a week it seemed that night was in the past.

Except Weiss had a different view of the situation. While Ruby was acting herself around Blake and Yang, she was definitely not herself around Weiss. It was subtle when Blake and Yang were with them, almost undetectable. But when Ruby and Weiss were alone it was obvious. Weiss would sit and wait for Ruby to suggest that they do something stupid and immature and then she would nag her and tell she was forced to agree. Weiss was waiting for the moments where she would get to spend more time with the red head, where she would be able to hold her close and feel her warmth.

Weiss would sit and remember that night in the fountain where they had their first kiss and she would close her eyes and become lost in that night. She would leave their dorm and would be back in the water with her arms around Ruby and their lips pressed against each other. But when she opened her eyes she would see nothing but Ruby Rose, leader of team RWBY, child protégé and partner to Weiss Schnee. Weiss didn’t want that girl and every time she saw that girl her heart sunk a little.

Ruby was being torn in two directions. She wanted nothing more in the world then to be with Weiss, to spend every moment with her, but she couldn’t. She wanted to hold her hand and lie against and fall asleep in her arms, but she couldn’t. Ruby wanted to pick Weiss up, take her all the way back to Vale, throw her back into that fountain and kiss her like she did that night, but she couldn’t. She couldn’t do the one thing she wanted to do the most. Ruby had no interest in hunting grimm or looking for Torchwick or building more weapons, all she wanted was Weiss, but she couldn’t have her.

Ruby couldn’t have her because every time she got too close to the heiress, she would be shot. Shot with the most painful feeling of despair. Ruby hated herself for it, she hated why she felt it, hated why she couldn’t explain it, hated why it was there and what it meant. Ruby hated herself for believing that she was going to lose Weiss. She believed it because not believing it made it worse. Ruby tried to tell herself that it was a lie, that the dream she had was nothing but a dream but whenever she did the feeling stayed. It didn’t leave, it stayed and continued to haunt her and that was when doubt began to work its way through her and grow. Grow and grow until she felt that she had no other choice but to believe it. It got to the point where she began to justify her belief in it, she reassured herself that if she believed it she could work to try and stop it, try and keep Weiss with her. But right now all she was doing was moving further away from the heiress.

It was very bad start to their relationship, right after their first kiss Ruby had effectively shunned her partner, moving away from Weiss without explaining herself. There was one good thing in all this, Ruby knew that Weiss didn’t hate her, she knew that the heiress wasn’t angry with her and however she did know that Weiss was very worried and was becoming increasingly frustrated. Sometimes when they were all asleep and Ruby was awake, she would focus and concentrate on her aura and eventually she would reconnect with the part of her that was Weiss’ necklace. Ruby would use that connection to feel what Weiss was feeling, it was almost an invasion of privacy but it was the only way Ruby could see how Weiss was doing. She found out that Weiss still loved her, that she still cared and she found out that Weiss was worried. It hurt Ruby to realise that she was making Weiss frustrated, Weiss wanted to be with Ruby just as much as she wanted to be with Weiss, and Ruby was depriving her of that and it was making Weiss upset.

Connected with Weiss like that served to remind Ruby just what started all of this. Blake had warned her, almost begged her to tell Weiss about the necklace and there wasn’t a day that past that Ruby saw Blake look at her and remind her that she still wanted her to tell Weiss.


“Stupid idiot, couldn’t even handle two girls!”

“Calm down, it isn’t that big of a deal”

“I know, I’m just annoyed that I had to spend all that money”

“It really wasn’t your money”

“Oh shut up!”

“Now now, there’s no reason to fret” A third voice entered. A women, a women in charge by the sound of things.

“Ah, it’s you. Where’ve you been?”

“Out” the women said simply to the older man. “It seems that your plan has failed. Oh well, it was only a matter of time before we got involved.” She said coolly.

“What do you mean? You want us to go ourselves?”

“Well who better to get the job done than us. Your little failure didn’t come without reward. It seems the little girl and the heiress are closer than just teammates, we can use this to our advantage. If we take the girl, the rest will follow and maybe do something reckless.”


Weiss was brimming on the edge of giving up. Giving up on waiting for Ruby. It had been three weeks and Ruby was still acting the same. Weiss thought that in time Ruby would come around, that she would pull herself out of whatever hole she was in and come back to her. But she never did, she stayed perched far on the horizon, remaining as a speck, far away from Weiss.

There were times when Weiss felt like Ruby was right next to her, as if she was in bed with her as she slept, but she knew they were just dreams. The closest she had to Ruby was the necklace she gave her which she had yet to take off since she got it. The only time she did take it off was to hold it in her hand and bring it closer to her heart, hoping that something, anything would come out of the action. Nothing.

Weiss didn’t want to say anything for a while, she believed that it was only fair seeing as she treated Ruby just the same not so long ago. But moving into the third week of living with Ruby Rose her leader, and not Ruby Rose her partner, Weiss was finding it harder and harder not to say anything. It wasn’t long before she snapped.

Weiss walked into their dorm after a history class, it was her last class for the day and she was sure Ruby was finished as well. Surely enough Ruby was the only one in the room when she stepped in, Blake and Yang still had one last class to go. Weiss stepped in and looked at Ruby, Ruby looked up from whatever book she was reading, simply acknowledging the heiress’ presence before returning to the book. Weiss frowned and nearly stomped into the room. She dumped her books onto her bed before briskly moving into the bathroom. Before she closed the door she looked at Ruby one last time, who didn’t as much look away from her book let alone at Weiss. Weiss groaned, rolled her eyes and then slammed the bathroom door shut. Ruby winced after the door was closed.

Shortly after Ruby heard the toilet flush, Weiss swung the door open and stomped toward her. Ruby looked up from her book and raised an eyebrow at the heiress.

“Oh so now you look at me?” Weiss snapped.

“Uh what?”

“Don’t ‘what’ me! You know exactly what I’m talking about!”

“Weiss why are you so-“

“Angry? Oh I don’t know, maybe because I can’t stand this anymore. I can’t take not hearing your voice when it’s just you and me. I can’t stand how distant you feel when you are sleeping right above me!”

“Weiss I-“

“Ruby I tried to give you time. I tried to let you ignore me, let myself feel the way you felt when I treated you like nothing. But screw it all I can’t take it anymore! Can you get down from there?”

“Wh-what?” Ruby stuttered. The red head was suddenly on the spot a spot she hadn’t seen coming.

“Get off that bed so I don’t have to keep looking up at you” Weiss managed to explain with an even voice, as soon as she started yelling it felt as if all those weeks worth of anger and frustration were boiling to the surface. Ruby carefully jumped down from her bed, landing in front of Weiss and realising just how angry she was. She didn’t need the necklace to tell her how the heiress felt, she could see it as plain as day.

“Ruby what in the world is going on with you?”

“What do you mean? Nothing is going on”

“Ruby don’t you dare give me that! We haven’t spoken in weeks!”

“Yes we have”

“I don’t mean like that and you know it. You haven’t said anything about that night haven’t said anything about us. Ever since that nightmare all you’ve been doing is keeping your distance.”

“Well now you know how I feel!”

“Ruby don’t try and turn this around. Do you know how hard these past weeks have been for me? You’ve become so distant it’s getting hard to even see you. I just wanted to speak to you, but as soon as I came near you moved away. Ruby you need to tell me what is bothering you before I lose you.”

“Nothing’s bothering me”


“Weiss I’m sorry. I can’t” Ruby turned and headed for the door. She had to get away, had to retreat and gather her thoughts, she was losing her composure. She couldn’t let Weiss know.

“No.” Weiss grabbed her arm and held her firmly. “Don’t you dare try and run. That’s what I used to with my sister and look how it turned out”

“This is nothing like that” Ruby explained.

“This is exactly like that. Ruby don’t try and persuade me that the similarities I’m seeing are wrong, I know what I’m seeing now please, please tell me what is going on”

Ruby could see just how much Weiss wanted to know. Ruby could see how those blue eyes wavered and searched for her, how Weiss’ voice was nearly trembling. Ruby felt a twang of guilt, this was her fault, she knew Weiss was right, what she didn’t realise was how much Weiss was being affected. Ruby turned around to face Weiss, letting go of the door handle Weiss let go of Ruby’s hand, although she wanted nothing more than to hold onto her.

“Weiss I’m sorry”

“It’s okay your forgiven, just tell me why this is happening”

Ruby nodded and moved to sit on the bed, Weiss followed and sat in front of her. She sat and waited for Ruby to start.

There was short silence before Ruby took a deep breath and started.

“Remember my dream, how I said you were…. Gone?”

“Yes I do remember that quite clearly”

“Well, I keep having this feeling that somehow I am going to lose you”

“Ruby I told you I’m not going anywhere”

“Weiss I know what you said and I try to believe it, but every time I do I just get filled with doubt and dark feelings that it scares the hell out of me. I don’t know why and I hate it but I really do feel like something is going to happen to you”

Weiss was a little speechless. She didn’t really know what to say if Ruby really did think something was going to happen to her. it did scare Weiss a little, the thought that her partner believed something would separate them wasn’t a nice one. But right now this was about Ruby so Weiss pushed the fear to the side and focused on her partner.

“Ruby how can you be sure?”

“I don’t know. I just feel it, trust me I don’t like it, I hate it I really do. But it won’t go away.”

“But why have you been pushing yourself away from me?”

“Because when I tried to get close I was just reminded that I was going to lose you and it hurt so much”

“But you don’t know if you will”

“So why do I feel it!?”

“I don’t know Ruby. Maybe the dream had a big impact on you. It’s impossible for you to just ‘feel’ that you’re going to lose me, don’t be ridiculous.”

“But Weiss it scares me” Ruby said in a small voice, the one that made Weiss wince whenever she head it.

“I know it does Ruby” Weiss moved closer to Ruby and pulled her into a hug. Oh it felt so good to have her so close, both of them relished the embrace. Ruby even felt a bit better, she nearly collapsed into Weiss, she didn’t realise how much she missed the heiress.

“I was so afraid every moment of every day when Winter was around me. It was such an irrational fear, it was one that ruined our relationship, it ruined me. Ruby, please don’t make the same mistake I did, don’t live your life in fear over something you can’t prove. I won’t let you. I can’t let you. It’s a horrible way to live, it brings nothing but pain”

Weiss felt Ruby nod in her arms, she relaxed her hold and let Ruby move back a little to look at her.

“Weiss I’m sorry”

“It’s okay Ruby. Just tell me you’re at least a bit better.”

Weiss got an even better answer.

“Do you feel like ice cream?”


"No Ruby"

"C'mon Weiss"

"Ruby I don't want to"

"Why not? It's just a little bit. Just taste it!"

"Ruby I'm fine with my own ice cream"

"Yeah but what about this one! Try something new! Here."

Ruby took a scoop out of her own bowl with her spoon and moved it toward Weiss' mouth.

"Ruby. I don't. Want." Weiss dodged and ducked her head away from Ruby's spoon, catching a glimpse of Ruby's smile behind the piece of cutlery.

"Weiss! Eat it!" Ruby said sternly. Shoving the spoon right in her face.

"Ruby Rose I swe-MMMMM Gah! Ruby!"

"Great! Now, do you like it?"

Weiss' mouth was abruptly filled with ice cream, ice cream comprising of at least six different flavours. Weiss lost count after caramel and cookies and cream. Ruby's choice in ice cream was rather… unique. Where Weiss was happy with two flavours, Ruby had settled for a multitude of different sweet dairy, all of which she wanted Weiss to taste, all at the same time.

Right now, Weiss had no other choice than to taste Ruby's desert, Ruby had so ungraciously shoved her spoon into Weiss' mouth, a bout of déjà vu accompanied the familiar feeling, taking Weiss back to Forever Fall with a certain orange haired hammer user.


Weiss glared at her partner sitting across from her, waiting patiently for an answer. Still glaring, Weiss swallowed her ice cream and formulated a response.

"It was….okay"

"Okay?! Oh c'mon, give me something more than 'okay'" Ruby exclaimed, throwing her arms in the air.

"Well there were a lot of different flavours, but it did flow very well" Weiss explained.

"So you liked it?"

"Yes Ruby it was nice"

"Good. Now excuse me, I need to use the bathroom." Ruby excused herself and got up and made her way to the bathroom, behind where they were seated. Leaving Weiss alone with two bowls of ice cream. Weiss looked down at Ruby's bowl, still half full, Weiss smacked her lips together quietly, she really did enjoy that ice cream, a lot.

She may have thought it was a bit strange but when she tasted it her mouth buzzed and tingled with joy. Whatever Ruby ordered was delicious, but Weiss would never admit it. Weiss peered over her shoulder, looking for Ruby and not finding her she turned back to Ruby's bowl. Weiss quickly picked up her spoon and took a scoop from Ruby's bowl and quickly shoved it in her mouth. Oh that's really good.

"AH HA!"

"AH! Ruby!" Weiss almost flew out of her seat, Ruby suddenly appeared right next to her looking very proud that she had scared the living day light out of her partner. "What in the world are you trying to do?!" Weiss asked, her voice a little higher than usual, a light blush flowing across her cheeks.

"I knew you liked it!"

"I told you I did!"

"Yeah but you like like it. Like a lot"

"Yeah so?" Weiss asked, turning her head to the side.

"So, you should have just admitted it"


"Don't, 'please' me." Ruby teased, taking her seat and taking another spoon from her bowl. "Here" Ruby offered it to Weiss.

"No thankyou" Weiss said politely, still looking out the window.

"What!? Weiss just have it!"

"No" Weiss repeated sternly.

"Urgh!" Ruby rolled her eyes and leaned over the table, getting close to Weiss. "Why are you so difficult?"

Weiss was about to reply but quickly shut her mouth when she saw the spoon so close. But Ruby didn't give up, waving and weaving the spoon aiming for those sweet thin lips. Ruby stuck her tongue out to the side in concentration, ignoring Weiss' moaned 'no's' through her sealed lips. Ruby got a little to close and Weiss swung her head to the side and smacked the side of her face against Ruby's spoon.

Ruby quickly jerked the spoon back but the damage was already done. She blinked at her partner, before snickering and then bursting into laughter.

"BAHAHAHA! Weiss I'm so sorry! HAHAHA!"

There was a thick line running across Weiss cheek, a thick line of ice cream. Weiss stared at Ruby, her face void of emotion. Weiss silently grabbed a napkin, and slowly wiped the ice cream off of her cheek, never taking her eyes of the giggling red head in front of her. Once she had wiped the ice cream off her face Weiss silently got up and moved to sit next to Ruby.

"Uh Weiss?" Ruby's giggling died down, the look in Weiss' eyes one she saw not too often. It was the look that usually signified that she was about to do something, something worthy of revenge.

"Weiss it was an accident" Ruby tried.

But Weiss ignored her and just leaned in closer to Ruby, much closer. Weiss got within an inch of Ruby's face, staring into her silver eyes. It was a lot like that time in the fountain, but unlike that night, this time Ruby didn't see Weiss' eyes change, they stayed just as cool and deadly as ever.

Ruby shuffled back in her seat but quickly bumped into the wall behind her. Ruby began to feel very cornered and very small and Weiss' close proximity was making her feel a bit hot.


Just before their lips touched Weiss grabbed her napkin and wiped it all over Ruby's mouth and nose.

"Argh!" Ruby squealed, thrashing her head in an attempt to get away from the napkin. "Weiss!"

Weiss showed no mercy, continuing to smother her partner until she thought no more would come off the napkin. Once she finished she pulled back to take a look at her handy-work. Ruby was pressed up against the wall, one hand on the table, the other against the booth, breathing heavily and looking dumbfounded.

Ruby blinked at Weiss, no words making it to her mouth. Weiss on the other hand looked at Ruby, took in the mess of smudged ice cream and burst into her own fit of laughter. It started off as a small smile, then Weiss giggled a little brining a hand up to her mouth, before she just exploded.

"HAHA! You look utterly ridiculous! Dunce doesn't cut it anymore!"

Ruby watched as Weiss laughed at her, she blinked taking in what just happened. One second she was cornered with the person she loved looming over her, which felt rather…odd. The next she had a face full of ice cream covered napkin. Although the sight of Weiss laughing and smiling in front of her made her extremely happy, she was too dumbfounded to say anything. Ruby searched for a napkin to clean herself before Weiss beat her to it.

"Here let me" Weiss offered, still broadcasting her enjoyment with a huge smile. Weiss took the napkin and began wiping away the ice cream off her partners face. Ruby sat in silence as Weiss affectionately wiped her clean, watching as the heiress' face contorted softly. Weiss pulled back, looking over Ruby one last time.

"Oh, I missed a spot" But instead of using a napkin, Weiss gently wiped her thumb over the spot near Ruby's lips where the small spot of ice cream sat. It was a simple action, but it still made Ruby gulp awkwardly.

Weiss looked over her thumb before shrugging and popping it in her mouth. "You're right, this really is good" Weiss admitted laughing.

Ruby cleared her throat and re-positioned herself in the booth, willing her heart to slow down and hoping Weiss wouldn't notice the blush spreading across her cheeks. "I told you it was" Ruby said in a small voice.

Ruby looked down at Weiss' necklace and noticed it was glowing ever so slightly. Uh oh. Damn it Weiss why did you have to do that! Ruby hoped Weiss wouldn't look down and notice the necklace glow, or feel the aura that was undoubtedly flaring from it, Ruby didn't really have good control over senses at the moment, for some reason she was feeling rather flushed.

"Ruby are you okay?" Weiss asked, snapping Ruby back to the present.

"Uh-yeah yeah I'm fine"

"You look really red, I mean more than you usually do"

"I wasn't expecting that to be honest" Ruby admitted.

"Good. Nothing good comes out of being predictable" Weiss stated smiling.

Ruby nodded and looked at Weiss, who had taken her bowl back and was finishing off her ice cream. Ruby noticed that there was still a tiny bit of ice cream resting on the edge of Weiss mouth. Weiss didn't seem to notice but Ruby did and for some reason it was really bugging her. So Ruby quickly moved toward Weiss and kissed the spot near Weiss' lips, wiping it away with her lips.

"Sorry, you had a bit if uh- ice cream left over" Ruby stuttered, nervously glancing between Weiss and the table.

"Well thankyou" Weiss said after a short silence.

A peaceful silence followed after, Ruby and Weiss both finishing their deserts. Weiss didn't show it but Ruby's little kiss made her heart jump and left her a little flushed, of course it was only fair after what she did to Ruby. But Weiss still had one trick up her sleeve.

"Do you wanna try my ice cream?" Weiss asked casually.

Ruby looked at Weiss bowl and realised it was empty. "Weiss you already ate it al-" Ruby trailed off when she looked at Weiss.

Weiss had smudged the last bit of ice cream around her mouth and was now grinning widely at Ruby, who was just staring back.

"Well?" Weiss asked with a giggle.

Ruby completely ignored what Weiss was implying, instead the red head opted to burst into laughter and slam her hands against the table.

"Weiss, you called me ridiculous! You look stupid! HAHAHA!"

Weiss simply held her smile before gently placing her hand on Ruby's shoulder and brining her own cream covered lips to rest against Ruby's. Ruby recoiled a little, the feeling of the ice cream making it a bit odd, before she got past it and felt Weiss' lips. Ruby was instantly flooded with that coolness that did nothing but warm her heart and make her feel tingly inside.

It felt like an eternity, but it was merely a few seconds. A few seconds was all they needed. Weiss broke the kiss and before Ruby could make any comment the heiress was rubbing the rest of the ice cream around Ruby's face…again.




"So those two went out for ice cream?"

"That's what it looks like"

"Do you think Ruby got over whatever that was?"

"Looks like it"

"Blake do you ever say more than what's necessary"

"Doesn't look like it"

Blake grinned when she heard Yang grumble and drop onto Weiss' bed. But her grin faded when Zwei came running toward her. The corgi barked before jumping onto the faunas' legs. Blake flinched, but didn't make too much of a fuss. Her body stiffened as Zwei ran along her outstretched legs and sat on her bare stomach, his tail wagging over her skin, tickling her slightly.

Blake lowered her book to look at the dog.

"Can I help you?" Blake asked.

Zwei cocked his head to one side, his tongue hanging loosely to the side.

"Roof!" Zwei jumped over Blake's book and onto her chest, standing on his hind legs to affectionately lick Blakes chin. Blake immediately jerked her head back, bumping it against the wall loudly before she dived out of her bed. She landed on the floor, just near Yang's feet, who was watching this all with interest. Zwei landed next to Blake and moved to get back to her.

Blake shuffled back and thumped against the door, she looked at Zwei and saw that he wasn't giving up. Just before he jumped onto her, Blake summoned a clone and leaped over him. Zwei jumped into the arms of a projection, he was confused for a moment before sniffing the air and turning to find Blake behind him.


"Zwei no!" Blake tried.

"Roof roof!"

"Yang tell him!" Yang smiled and shrugged.

"Sorry babe, this is too funny."

"Don't call me- Zwei!"

Blake jumped up onto the table, crouching low, ready to leap away.


Zwei plodded up to the desk, jumping and leaning against it on his hind legs. He cocked his head to the side and whimpered softly.

Blake looked down at Zwei and couldn't help but feel a little guilty. Zwei looked saddened, as if he just wanted to hang out and she kept running from him. Actually, that's exactly how it was. Zwei pawed the desk and whimpered one last time. Yang watched and raised an eyebrow, surprised by what Blake did next.

Blake sighed and rolled her eyes. "Look." She looked at Zwei, "No, licking. Okay? It's not gonna work."


That was as close of an answer Blake was gonna get. Blake, slowly climbed down from the table, carefully watching Zwei. When he didn't make a move to lick her up and down she jumped down. Zwei happily followed Blake as she walked back to her bed, she sat down and Zwei jumped up and sat next to her. Blake looked at him once more before picking up her book and returning to reading. Zwei watched her momentarily before resting his head on her stomach and settling down. Blake tensed at the touch but quickly relaxed.

"Wow" Yang breathed.

"What?" Blake asked, lowering her book for the second time.

"I just didn't know that you two were so close"

"We aren't close. He's a dog"

"And you're a cat"

"I'm not a cat! I'm a faunas!"

"With cat traits"

"Yes Yang with cat traits! Where are you going with this?"

"Nowhere, I just think it's kinda cute. He seems to really like you"

"No, we just have a mutual understanding"

"Is that why you let him sleep in your lap and not me?" Yang teased.


Yang simply held her arms up in defence.

"That's not true, we both know you've fallen asleep on me before"

"Long trips don't count" Yang stated.

Blake groaned and rolled her eyes, "What do you want? Do want to sleep on me? Come, do it right now"

"No I don't want it to be forced."

Blake glared at her partner. "I like Zwei better than you."

Yang brought her hand up to her chest, "Oh, I'm hurt."

"Good" Blake returned to her book, sharply opening the book.

"Does he know?" Yang asked.

"Know what?"

"That you're a cat faunas"

"Who Zwei? I think he does, he's not stupid"

"Not stupid huh" Yang repeated, thinking over the words. "Zwei, come here."

Zwei's ears perked at the call, before he got up and plodded toward the blonde. Yang picked him and began whispering in his ears. Blake couldn't help but be curious, curiosity did kill the cat. When Yang was done, she motioned for Zwei to move off back toward Blake. Blake watched as he made his way over to her, jumping back onto her stomach.

But this time he made his way up her abdomen, crawled under her book and stepped up onto her chest, causing Blake to blush a little, and brought his face right up to Blake's.


Zwei had his front legs on either side of her neck, his hind legs were positioned on her chest, something only Yang could have thought of.

"Yang what did you tell hi- ARGH!"

Zwei suddenly began licking all over her face, Blake thrashed her head to the side, she threw her book to the side and actually grabbed Zwei and held him back. He barked at her and she stood up from her bed.

"Yang what the hell!"

But Yang was laughing so hard she barely heard Blake.

"Yang!" Blake tried again, Zwei watching, still in Blake's hands.

Yang continued to roll around on Weiss' bed, thumping her fist into the mattress, cackling loudly and obnoxiously.

"That's it" Blake breathed, she gently put Zwei to the side and cracked her knuckles. "You stupid blonde."

Yang never saw it coming, she was to be busy replaying Blake's reaction over and over in her mind to notice Blake stalk toward her. Blake paused at the edge of the bed, watching her partner momentarily before pouncing. Blake literally jumped onto Yang, grabbing her arms and pinning her to the bed.

"Woah, hello there" Yang grinned, still getting over her fit.

"You don't understand how much I hate you." Blake glared down at Yang, her aura flaring slightly.

"Oh c'mon, I know you love me." Yang teased.

"Far from it." Blake growled, tightening her grip on Yang's wrists.

"Well, before we get into this, I don't like being on the bottom."

Before Blake could process what Yang said, what it meant and what it implied, Yang had broken free and somehow flipped Blake over so now she was pinned onto the bed.

"Ah, that's better" Yang said, her golden hair spilling over the sides of her head and plunging Blake and Yang into a dim light.

Blake attempted to break free, but to no avail.

"Blake did you forget how strong I am?"

Blake just growled at the blonde.

"Don't be so catty" Yang replied, smiling at her pun.

Blake blinked at Yang before resting her head on Weiss' pillow, "I hate you so much" she breathed.

"You're my partner you can't hate me." Yang stated.

There was a silence as Yang smiled at Blake and Blake continued to glare back.

"Blake stop looking at me like that." Yang said in a much softer voice.

Blake noticed that Yang's grip relaxed a little and her eyes weren't so sharp.

"Why not?"

"You don't smile enough. You know how beautiful you look when you smile?"


"What's it going to take to make you smile?" Yang thought. Her eyes landed on the bow that wrapped around Blake's cat ears. Yang's smile returned when she came up with a plan.

But she needed to move her hands and she knew the second she did Blake would use a clone to move her away. So Yang simply, dropped her body onto Blake's.

"Oof! Yang get off."

"One second Blakey." Yang called back.

Yang was a big girl, she wasn't fat, far from it. There were multiple times Blake had seen Yang walking around in a sports bra and shorts, she was toned as hell. Although they all were, but Yang had just a bit more muscle than the rest of them. Something Blake duly took note of.

Blake felt Yang's hands fiddling with her bow, and instantly became worried. "Yang! Don't!"

"Sorry Blake, I need to see that smile" Yang grabbed hold of the bow and yanked on it, pulling it free from the cat ears.

"Aww they're so cute!"

"Yang!" Blake squirmed under Yang's body, using her arms to grab at Yang's. Blake grabbed her hand before Yang could touch her ears.

"Blake let go."

"No way!"

Yang groaned, the things she did. Yang jostled her body forward, lifting herself further up Blake's body. Soon Blake found herself staring straight into Yang's….bosom. Blake's eyes went wide and she blushed horribly, Yang used it to rip her hands free and grab her ears.

"Yang!" Blake yelled.

Yang quickly ruffled Blake's ears. Blake instantly went limp, she tried to fight it but she found herself leaning into the touch. Yang leaned back to see Blake with her eyes closed and a look of pleasure splashed across her face. Yang watched as her faunas partner seemed to go into another world and Yang couldn't help but wonder if anyone had ever done this before. It was then that Yang moved her hand away. Blake slowly opened her eyes and looked up at Yang, all previous anger gone from those amber eyes.

"I uh- I'm sorry" Yang said quietly, moving off of Blake. "I shouldn't have done that."

"No it's okay. It's been awhile since I felt like that, it was nice." Blake replied.

"You looked really… peaceful" Yang stated.

"It makes me feel safe. Violent people aren't very capable of being that affectionate" Blake explained.

Yang nodded, understanding what Blake was saying.

"Then again, you always make me feel safe" Blake stated.

Yang looked over at Blake who was looking back at her.

"Why's that?"

"Dunno, you just feel, warm."

Yang climbed off the bed and moved to Blake's. "What?" Blake asked.

"Well we should probably not be intimate on Weiss' bed" Yang stated.

Blake's eyes widened with realisation before she jumped up and stood near her own bed.

"Do you really think Ruby and Weiss have a chance?" Yang asked.

Blake looked at Yang and saw the care in those lilac orbs.

"They'll be fine. Weiss will never let anything happen to Ruby."

"And Ruby won't let anything happen to Weiss." Yang countered.

"They'll be fine Yang." Blake reassured, sitting next to Yang.

Yang sat in silence for a moment before she glanced up at Blake’s, now bare cat ears which were standing straight up and looking so adorable. Blake sighed when she noticed Yang's gaze.

"Go ahead." Blake said softly, tilting her head toward Yang.

Yang hesitantly reached for the ears, stopping just before touching them. When Blake nudged forward, motioning for Yang to continue, Yang gently ruffled her ears and the hair between them. Immediately Blake relaxed, leaning closer to Yang. A low purr rumbled from Blake's throat, Yang heard it but ignored it, focusing on Blake.

Yang instinctively brought Blake closer, wrapping her free arm around her and pulling her in close. Blake returned the embrace, resting her head against Yang's shoulder. The pair fell back and laid down on Blake's bed, and Blake moved to rest her head in the crook of Yang's neck.

Blake closed her eyes and let herself be moved from that place and glide to somewhere peaceful. A place where she knew she was safe, where she knew the white fang and their enemies would never enter. A place with Yang.

"Yang I'm glad you're here, with me I mean."

"I'm glad you let me be here, with you I mean."


Ruby and Weiss walked back into their dorm to find Blake and Yang asleep on Blake’s bed. Even Zwei had joined them and was sleeping on Yang’s stomach leaning back against Blake, who was on her side and huddling against Yang. They both looked very happy and at peace, especially Blake.

It was a little strange to both Ruby and Weiss that the faunas didn’t wake up as soon as they walked in, or even when they turned the handle. It became obvious that the faunas was having a much more peaceful sleep than usual when Blake still failed to wake up as the white rose pair got ready for bed. Every creak or groan from a door or a bed spring was accompanied by a glance over at Blake, but each time she didn’t wake.

It seemed that her habit of waking at the slightest of noise had been broken, or maybe it was the fact that she had her arms wrapped around Yang, at least for Ruby she would say that was the reason. Yang had this habit of making people relax and feel safe, even if she wasn’t really trying. Blake’s curved lips seemed to answer the question.

Zwei on the other hand didn’t share the same experience. His ears promptly sat up as Ruby and Weiss stepped in. Ruby had to bring a finger to her lips and quietly hush the corgi before he made to bark, a ‘sit’ gesture helped to make sure he didn’t jump off of her sister and wake her up. So Zwei quietly sat back down and rested his head against his paws, watching as his owner and her friend moved around the room and got changed.

Weiss noticed that Ruby kept peering over at her sister and Blake, seemingly a little confused by it.

“Do you think they’re okay?” Ruby asked innocently. Weiss really couldn’t believe how thick her partner was.

“What?” Ruby asked after noticing Weiss was staring at her and blinking. “What is it?” She whispered.

“Ruby are you serious?” Weiss hissed.

“Serious about what?”

“Can’t you see?” Weiss pointed at the sleeping pair, who still hadn’t moved since they arrived.

“See what?”

Weiss groaned and turned to pinch the bridge of nose, eyes closed and mumbling to herself. “I’ve actually fallen in love with a dolt. An actual dolt”

“I can hear you Weiss.” Ruby dead panned.

“Ruby pleased don’t tell me you are actually blind to what is literally right in front of you.”

Ruby looked at her partner, thinking over her words, there was something she was missing, something right in front of her. Blake and Yang? Yeah what about them, they’re just sleeping together…..

“Huuuu” Ruby inhaled sharply as she realised what was going on. She brought her hand up to cover her mouth and used her free hand to point at her sister and Blake. She turned to Weiss and waved her finger at the pair, eye’s wide and in slight disbelief.

“Ruby did you seriously not realise that they were a thing?” Weiss asked, resting her hand on her hip and sticking it out to one side.

“I thought they were just going out for fun, like normal friends, like Ren and Nora.”

Weiss was about to tell Ruby to re-think the part about Ren and Nora but thought one realisation was enough for one night.

“Well I guess they were, but they clearly are more than friends” Weiss stated, walking to Ruby’s side and looking at her teammates.

Ruby dropped onto Weiss’ bed taking it all in. Even Zwei seemed to think she was a bit of an idiot, shooting her a crooked look before going back to sleep.

“Well this is just….”

“Awkward?” Weiss filled in.

“No, it’s actually kinda cute.”

Weiss blinked, “What?”

“C’mon Weiss! Tell me they aren’t cute together”

Weiss looked at her partner, befuddled. Then again it was Ruby and only Ruby would say something like that in a moment like this.

“Well I guess they are slightly adorable.” Weiss admitted looking back to Blake and Yang.

“Do you think they’ll be angry that we are kinda just staring at them?”

“What makes you say that?”

“I think Blake is waking up.”

Weiss immediately shot up, grabbing Ruby and practically throwing her up on to her bunk.


“Shh!” Weiss hissed back, diving under her own sheets, quickly turning over and feigning sleep.

“Weiss?” Blake said drowsily, pushing herself up and rubbing her head, it had been a long time since she slept like that, it felt….good. Yang soon followed, yawing boisterously and stretching out before looking over at Weiss.

Weiss turned over in her bed and looked at the pair. “What is it?”

“What were you doing?” Blake asked, her eye’s still showing signs of a good rest.

“Nothing, we weren’t doing anything.”

“We?” Yang chipped in, quickly looking up to find her sister looking down at them. “Ruby?”

Ruby ducked back under her sheets, running from her sister’s gaze.

“Seriously what were you two doing?” Blake pressed.

Before Weiss answered she paused as she smelt something on her pillow, something familiar. It smelt like lilacs, like lilac shampoo, like Yang’s shampoo, like Yang’s hair. Weiss shot Yang a look before sitting up and grabbing her pillow to look at it.

“Weiss?” Yang queried.

Then Weiss found something, a tiny lock of black fur, not hair fur. Weiss picked it up and slowly turned to the bumblebee pair, who quickly exchanged glances.

“What were you two doing? Specifically on my bed!” Weiss asked slowly.

“Uh oh” Yang breathed softly.

“Nothing!” Blake spurted. “We were doing nothing on your bed!”

“Clearly you were. I have your fur on my pillow and Yang’s smell all over my bed, what did you two do while we were away?”


“Hold on Blake.” Yang interrupted coolly. She turned to Weiss and looked at her with squinted eyes. “Why, what do you think we were doing?” Yang asked.

“I have no idea, that’s why I’m asking. I don’t appreciate you two rolling around on my bed while I’m out, it’s slightly disturbing”

“What are you suggesting?”

“Yang I’m not suggesting a thing!”

“Sounds like you are”

“Am not!”

“Am too”

“Am not!”


“Guys!” Ruby stepped in, “Yang, stop being perverted, Weiss next time just drop it Yang can keep it up for hours. Blake….” Ruby paused, thinking of something to say to the faunas. “Be nice to my sister.”

As soon as she said it Ruby was under her sheets and facing the wall, hiding the blush that was furiously spreading across her cheeks. They were a cute couple, but it was still her big sister.

Blake looked to Yang who offered her a shrug and a warm smile before getting up to change into pyjamas. Blake turned to Weiss, but the heiress just glared at her and threw the tuff of fur at her, before she roughly slammed the pillow back onto her bed and went to sleep. Blake groaned and fell back onto her own pillow. She felt a small weight trod up to her and she turned her head to see Zwei standing next to her. He had this look on his face and Blake could swear he was telling her to do what Ruby said, ‘look after her cat’ he seemed to say. Then he yapped happily and jumped off her bed to sleep on the floor between them all.

“Even the dog” She mumbled.

“Even the dog” Yang repeated, winking at Blake before climbing into her bed.

Blake was going to call Yang back, but looked to Ruby and Weiss and thought otherwise. One excellent sleep was enough for now. Blake would have more opportunities, she would make sure of it.

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