Two White Loved Ones

A Bit Of Competition

“Welcome back students. It’ been a while since we last met like this, I hope you’ve all been well and keeping yourselves in shape. I hope you have because today we will be sparring, it’s been a while since we last had the opportunity and I’m curious to see where you are all at. Do we have any volunteers?”

Goodwitch addressed the class in her usual manner. Tablet in hand, head held high and voice projecting through the entire amphitheatre. It was indeed another sparring class, RWBY, JNPR and CRDL as well as the other teams were all present. This was nothing special, just a regular sparring session, but it still got all the student’s blood pumping.

The current class champion was none other than, Pyrrah Nikos of course. Followed by Yang, although some would say that’s because of the way she scared people and not from skill, or was that Weiss? Ren was in third, followed by Blake and Weiss, than Ruby who was just in front of Nora. Unfortunately Jaune was at the end, although CRDL and the rest of the teams were below him, but they didn’t really count in his eyes.

Yang could be heard cracking her knuckles and slamming her fist into her palm, to say she was a little competitive would be an understatement. Let’s just say she wanted to be first really badly. Blake checked her ribbon, Weiss remained still and of course, Ruby was jiggling in her seat. Surprisingly her hand shot up.

“Me! I wanna go!”

“Ah Miss Rose. Please be my guest.” Goodwitch motioned for Ruby to take the stage. When Ruby was next to her she asked. “Tell me, do you have anyone in particular you wish to battle?”

The most cheekiest, evilest, yet somehow adorable look came over the red head. That look in particular made its way over to Weiss. Weiss’ eyes widened as she cracked Ruby’s plan.

“Ruby don-“

“Weiss Schnee!” Ruby said loudly. “I challenge Miss Weiss Schnee” she repeated with a smile.

Blake and Yang turned to Weiss, to see her just as surprised as they were. An ‘ooh’ rushed through the class, nobody had challenged Weiss before, they least expected her quite, innocent partner to do it.

“Miss Schnee, do you accept?” Goodwitch asked.

Weiss looked back at Ruby, who didn’t falter under her gaze. ‘She wants to play like that huh? It does take two to tango.’

With a proud, determined smirk Weiss replied, “I accept the challenge. Ruby Rose”


The stage was set. The aura gauges were calibrated, the protective field was up, the duellers were ready and the students were excited. Ruby versus Weiss, a match up no one had been expecting. Not even Weiss, Blake or Yang were expecting their leader to nominate her partner to battle. Yang was expecting Ruby to pick her, it wouldn’t be the first time her little sister wanted to brawl. But when Weiss’ name was called out, rather confidently if she might add, the blonde was a lot more than surprised. But there was nothing she could do, there was nothing she wanted to do, Yang was more than happy to watch her little sister beat the crap out of the ice princess, so sitting back in her chair she readied herself for one hell of a show.

“Okay ladies, you know the rules. Once you drop into the red the match is over. You may begin on the buzzer.”

Said buzzer was set to ten seconds, giving Goodwitch enough time to get out of their way, and Ruby and Weiss enough time ready themselves. To calm their nerves, settle their adrenaline and ready their aura’s. Both Ruby and Weiss were exercising a ‘don’t hold back’ policy, neither of them were going to lose just because they loved each other, besides, a little competition spiced up a relationship more than it hurt it, at least in Ruby’s and Weiss’ opinion.

Weiss readied Myrtenaster, grasping it firmly, yet loosely in her left hand, pointing it at the ground in front of her feet, showing proper etiquette for a rapier user before a fight. She had her head up, looking directly at Ruby, who stared back just the same. It was odd how Ruby could be so nervous and have the attention span of a nut when they were in class, but when she was in a fight she seemed so determined and mature. It made Weiss smile, and Ruby smiled back.

Ruby was in a much less graceful stance. Legs crouched, Crescent Rose pointed away from her, the curved blade behind her, held in two hands and seeming firm and steady, Ruby was going to win…. Just to rub it in Weiss’ face.

‘3’ The timer read. Three seconds left, the pair took in one last breath before the moment, Blake taking the chance to lean towards Yang.

“Ruby’s gonna shoot straight at her isn’t she?”




Low and behold Ruby squeezed the trigger on Crescent Rose, the gravity round shooting her off toward Weiss. Weiss of course didn’t expect anything less of her partner and expected the move, so before Ruby got within reach of her, a black glyph appeared in front of the red head. Of course Ruby was going too fast to do anything, so she flew straight into the glyph, freezing with half her body through it.

She grunted as she tried to squeeze out of it, surely she would be able to, and Ruby soon realised that if she didn’t get out quick Weiss would be on her in a second. Weiss had dashed to the side and then moved herself to get behind Ruby, who continued to struggle to free herself. Weiss readied her sword for an easy forward jab as she launched herself toward Ruby’s back with a glyph.

Neither of them were at all worried about hurting each other, they both new each other’s limits and even so, Goodwitch would step in before anything bad could happen.

Ruby heard Weiss rushing toward her and quickly deciding to give it a shot, no pun intended, she pulled the trigger on Crescent Rose on more time. The scythe had been pointed diagonally, so when Ruby fired, still pivoted by the glyph, she spun around clockwise breaking out of the glyph and meeting Weiss just in time for her scythe to deflect Weiss’ attack.

Ruby moved into the spin, following through and taking a step back from Weiss ending with her barrel pointing at Weiss. Seizing the opportunity Ruby fired off a couple of rounds, using the scythe to anchor her into the ground, the gravity rounds rocking her back slightly.

Weiss was able to deflect each round with her rapier but each bullet exploded against her blade forcefully, knocking her blade around and jarring her wrist slightly. The third shot left Weiss’ sword swinging wildly off to the side leaving her wide open for the fourth round, which impacted against her right shoulder. The round released its pent up energy on impact, sending Weiss soaring backward through the air.

Ruby didn’t even flinch when Weiss yelled out, she knew she was fine, they were just having some fun. Some very rough fun.

Weiss turned her backward movement into a backflip, gracefully landing on her feet and sliding back a few paces, bumping against the protection barrier that walled off the arena from the students. Weiss looked to Ruby and saw a cheeky smile splashed across the red heads face, Weiss couldn’t help but let out a puff of air.

Ruby spun Crescent Rose around, pointing the barrel behind her and firing to launch herself toward Weiss. Halfway there Ruby repositioned the scythe so that it was pointed slightly off to side, fired and began moving to the right before she quickly re-adjusted again and fired, launching herself not toward Weiss’ front, but to her left side.

Weiss watched her partner go, acknowledging the red heads change in strategy. Ruby was coming towards her quite fast but nowhere near as fast as she could really go, Weiss would have to watch out if she ever did. Ruby was nearly upon hear so she leaped into the air, gracefully flipping over Ruby’s head. Ruby looked up in time to see Weiss soaring above her, Myrtenaster pointed at her, glowing red.

“Uh oh” Was all Ruby managed before the space above exploded with fire.


A ball of fire exploded from the tip of Weiss’ blade, she had spun her canister, primed the burn dust and augmented her blade within a matter of mere seconds, something she was getter much better at. Weiss landed softly on her feet, her combat skirt giving her the slight resemblance to a ballerina, the way she fought added to the effect. There was a small ‘woosh’ as the fire ball dissipated and the cool air rushed in to feel the space. Ruby was seen stumbling out of the smoke cloud more than stunned.

Ruby stumbled back as far as she could from Weiss, taking a moment to look at her aura gauge that was strapped to her right forearm. She saw that about a fifth had disappeared, she was still in the green but she was below Weiss. She looked up to the heiress and was rewarded with a sly wink before the heiress was moving toward her again.

Ruby rolled out of the way of Weiss attack, still within reach of the heiress Ruby spun Crescent Rose above her head to gain momentum, before bringing it around in a right-to-left downward arc at Weiss’ side. Weiss turned a little too slowly, bringing Myrtenaster up just enough to deflect some of the force, her aura took the brunt of the rest of the blow. That large curved blade carving into Weiss’ aura, sparking white and forcing her backward.

Weiss growled softly, glaring at Ruby before deciding to take it up a notch. She jumped backward, landing on a glyph she just summoned and shot off upward. Before she hit the roof another glyph appeared, launching her back toward the ground, behind Ruby. But before Weiss touched the ground a third glyph appeared and moved her off to the side, shortly followed by a fourth glyph that sent her toward Ruby, but a bit further away from the red head.

Ruby spun her head around, trying to keep up with her partner, and even with her heightened reaction time she was having a hard time. It seemed Weiss wanted to compete with Ruby for speed and it looked like she was making progress. Ruby saw Weiss finally come toward her, but misjudged the distance between herself and Weiss and brought Crescent Rose up to block an attack the never came.

Weiss smiled as she flew passed Ruby, the red head had fallen for her feint and now her right side was wide open. Weiss stopped against the protection barrier, for the briefest of moments. The students watching saw the heiress appear as a flash before another glyph rocketed her toward Ruby’s right side. The moment Ruby lifted her scythe she knew she messed up, it was less than a second, but the way Weiss was moving it was all she needed. As soon as Ruby tried to bring Crescent Rose over to her right side she felt the sharp sting of Myrtenaster slash across her ribs. Of course her aura protected her, but it still hurt.

As of now Ruby had lost twice as much aura as Weiss, so she was losing.

Stumbling to the side from the impact Ruby grumbled to herself, watching as Weiss spun elegantly to face her, flicking her rapier in the way that she does. Ruby grew even more agitated when Weiss smiled slyly at her, ‘Who does she think she is? No more little Ruby Rose, time to get serious’

Ruby took the chance to reload her sniper, slamming home another magazine, before spinning her scythe around out of habit. She spun it and slammed the blade into the ground to her right, holding it with her right hand, one handed, she stood up straight and stared straight at Weiss. Weiss watched as Ruby remained still and silent, frowning when she swore she saw her partner’s figure shimmer slightly.

“Game over Weiss” Yang said quietly from the stands.

As soon as she said it, Ruby’s eye’s shot open and then she was gone. BOOM. She was gone so fast she literally created a vacuum where she previously stood and the air slammed into that place to fill it up, issuing a thunder like clap. As soon as Weiss saw the rose petals she knew she was doomed. One moment Ruby was a few feet from her, the next she was right in front of her, Crescent Rose’s barrel pressed against her abdomen.

“Love ya Weiss” Ruby winked then squeezed the trigger.

The excessively large gravity round, shot from the barrel, slamming into Weiss at near point blank. The bullet exploded against her aura, the energy within it blowing forwards, directed by the custom made bullet shell. Weiss could do nothing but yell as she flew backward, she bounced off the protection barrier and landed on her stomach in a heap, Myrtenaster sliding away from her.

This time Ruby did flinch a little, she had to admit, that would have hurt.

Ruby looked at the scoreboard to see Weiss’ aura gauge slowly drain from green, to yellow, to red. She was about to celebrate when the gauge strangely jumped back up to half full, in the green.

“Hey what?” Ruby exclaimed.

A murmur passed over the students as they became confused. Immediately people began asking if Weiss had cheated, even Goodwitch couldn’t explain it, tapping at her tablet and even refreshing the readers. Ruby looked to Goodwitch who shrugged and stated,

“The fight continues”

Ruby looked back at Weiss who was now on her knees, struggling to get back on her feet. Ruby watched as Weiss shook her head in an attempt to clear her fuzzy vision before she pushed off her knee and turned to Ruby. Which was when Ruby found the source of this issue. Weiss’ necklace.

“Damn!’ Ruby cursed, as she saw the rose necklace glow dimly, radiating that protective aura it was designed to whenever Weiss was in trouble. Ruby didn’t think this counted as trouble, she was definitely not happy about it, at least she knows it works.

Weiss looked at Ruby, showing her partner nothing but hate and frustration, Ruby forgot she was in a battle for a moment and became a little afraid, she may win this battle, but when she left this classroom she was sure there would be another to come.

Then Weiss realised that her blade was a few feet behind her, and so did Ruby.

Ruby snapped back and saw Weiss move toward her sword, Ruby took the opportunity to chase Weiss down and get her while her back was turned. So using her semblance to shoot her forward, Ruby soon had to show extreme amount of self-control and skill to stop herself mere inches from another black glyph. Ruby came to a screeching halt in front of the glyph, teetering on her tip-toes and waving her arms in an attempt to not touch the circle.

Except Weiss didn’t need her too. Picking Myrtenaster up, she turned to Ruby and coolly lifted her hand up to the glyph, turned her hand, the glyph turned to white, and then Weiss thrust her hand forward. The glyph moved with the action and as soon as it contacted Ruby, Ruby was launched backwards away from Weiss all the way to the other side of the arena.

Ruby bumped into the invisible wall and immediately decided to make her way back to Weiss. So Weiss cheekily primed her frost dust and slammed her sword into the floor. A sheet of ice appeared from the point and covered the area in front of her. Ruby made the mistake of moving too fast and was thrown into a skid as her boot touched the ice.

Ruby slid a few meters before she had the idea to use Crescent Rose as an anchor. She came to a stop holding onto her scythe for support. She looked at the scoreboard and found that Weiss was still in the lead. Ruby grumbled and looked back at Weiss, but couldn’t find her. Before she tried to look, she felt Crescent Rose come unhooked and fling up into the air. Ruby lost her balance and fell onto the ice. Crescent Rose came free and slid across the ice away from her.

“Oh no.” Ruby tried to crawl toward her weapon but she kept slipping on the ice. Shortly after she witnessed a bolt of electricity slam into Crescent Rose and send it sliding even further from her.

“Hey!” Ruby turned to Weiss, nobody hurts Crescent Rose, nobody!

Weiss dashed toward Ruby who was still lying on the ground, pointing Myrtenaster toward the red head as she glided toward her. Ruby rolled out of the way and when Weiss came to a stop, Ruby swept her legs out from under her. Weiss yelled out as she fell onto the ice, the thin sheet cracking a little under her. Weiss held onto Myrtenaster and brought it around to hit Ruby, who was lying to her right.

Ruby grabbed Weiss’ wrist and began a battle for control over the rapier. Ruby managed to get up on over Weiss, trying to use her weight as an advantage, but Ruby wasn’t that heavy and Weiss wasn’t physically weak, not at all in fact.

So there the pair stayed, locked in battle over Weiss left hand, Myrtenaster swinging back and forth preciously. Ruby’s hand ended up over the dust chamber of the sword, in the struggle she accidently spun it around and primed that one chamber that housed the mix of dust, the one Weiss barely used because it was so volatile. The mix that was inspired by Ruby’s ‘explosion’ when they first met outside Beacon.

“Ruby stop!’ Weiss warned, noticing Ruby’s hand.

“No Weiss, I’m going to win” Ruby managed between groans and grunts.

“Ruby you dunce, look at what you’re doing!”

“Weiss you can’t tell me what to do, this is a fight not-“

Click, fizz, BOOM!

One moment Yang was watching as Ruby sat over Weiss and grappled for her rapier, smiling to herself as she found the scene quite comical. But then the next moment all she could see was a black smoke cloud with snow flakes and bolts of lightning fizzing through it. A wave of déjà vu washed over Blake as she was reminded of that day the three of them met two years ago. When the smoke cleared, what she saw only helped to reinforce the feeling.

Weiss was covered in soot from head to toe and Ruby remained clean somehow, a little frazzled and confused though. Ruby blinked and looked down at Weiss, who was looking very unimpressed.

“Hehe” Ruby chuckled nervously.

“Ruby. Let go of my hand”

Ruby listened.

“Now get off me”

Ruby got up.

Weiss could faintly hear Yang’s laughter from the stands but didn’t dare look at the blonde, certain she would just laugh more. Instead she turned to the leader boards.

“I think it’s time we called it a good match” Goodwitch interrupted. “Weiss looks like you win”

Weiss remained silent, still staring at Ruby, who continued to offer her partner that sheepish smile she always had when she was in trouble. Weiss clipped Myrtenaster back to her belt, gave Ruby one last look and keeping with the tradition thanked Ruby for the battle.

“Good match” She said sweetly.

Ruby was about to return the compliment when Weiss’ expression quickly became much more serious.

“Crater face.” Then she quietly walking out of the room. Ruby watched her go, mouth ajar, unsure whether to laugh or be offended. Ruby didn’t like the nickname but the way Weiss said it, covered in soot and irritated, made the name a bit more bearable. But when she looked at the scoreboard she decided to be offended.

Weiss did win, but just buy a sliver. “Stupid necklace!”



“Send men to wait in Vale, they’ve been making frequent trips to the city. We can’t reach them while they are at Beacon, but in Vale, away from all their professors and hunters, it will be much easier. Capture her and bring her back here, the rest will follow and we will be waiting.”

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