Two White Loved Ones

Is It A Dream Or A Vision?

Ruby was back in Forever Fall, back to that same place she had been two times before. Where it was snowing and she was running. Running as fast as she could, to reach someone before it was too late. Ruby found this all very familiar, she had been here before, had done this before, once with Weiss and once with someone else, but she couldn’t remember who it was. All she could do was run.

Her cloak snagged on a branch and for the sake of saving time, she quickly unbuckled it and moved off, leaving the cloak to sway in the wind. Ruby knew she had done that exact same thing before, what was this? She couldn’t care less what this was, all cared for was that she had to get someone and quick.

Finally she reached a clearing, the trees stretching out of her peripheral vision as she bolted to the centre of the clearing. But Ruby expected to find someone lying on the floor in a pool of red, like the two other times, but instead she found someone standing, very much alive.

Ruby paused a few feet from the person, her ragged breathing forming small puffs of mist in front of her. It took her a moment to realise who it was. A women, with a white hooded cloak draped over her entire body, much like Ruby’s red cloak. Ruby’s eyes widened and she inhaled sharply, there was only one person she knew who wore a cloak like that.

Then, as if the universe thought she needed more hints, the wind blew, picking up the woman’s white cloak, and with it, white rose petals began to appear from the edge of the cloak and fly away. The hood covered the face but Ruby knew who it was.


The woman looked up at the call, slowly at first, raising her head just enough to take a look at the red head in front of her, before lifting her head all the way up.

“Ruby, it’s been too long.”

“Mum?” Ruby repeated, shocked beyond belief that her mother was standing right in front of her.


“B-but, you died.” Ruby stuttered, her eyes tearing up and her hands trembling.

“I know Ruby, It’s hard to explain. I’m sorry I left you, I was sure that I would see you when I made it back home.”

“I-I thought you would never leave.”

“Ruby I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to do this to you, but I had no choice” Summer walked closer to Ruby.

Ruby’s mouth faltered, opening and closing multiple times. Dumbfounded, shocked, frustrated and a whole other multitude of feelings, Ruby couldn’t speak. Instead she merely gawked at her mother and held her hands out, tears rolling down her cheeks. Summer stepped forward and took Ruby into a hug.

“Ruby I’m so sorry” She whispered gently.

“Why are you back?” Ruby managed between sobs.

Summer looked down at her daughter before replying. “Ruby I’m not actually back”

Ruby softly pushed out of the hug to look at her mother properly. “What do you mean?”

“Ruby there’s something coming. I’ll only be here when I’m needed then I’ll be gone again. My time has already come so there’s no way I can come back forever. I’m sorry.”

“What does that even mean? How can you possibly even come back anyway?!”

“Ruby, when I died, I never left you completely. There’s always been a part of me with you. I just had a friend take that part and make me whole again, even if it was for a little while” Summer explained with a smile.

“No!” Ruby yelled, stepping away from her mum. “No I don’t believe you! Your gone, you died! You left me when I needed you and you can’t ever come back!” Ruby continued to yell at the woman in front of her, her vision filled with tears and her cheeks wet.

“Ruby-“ Summer tried.

“No!” Ruby stuck her hand out, “Please, don’t do this to me. It hurt enough losing you, I don’t need to be lied to and be broken again. My mum is dead, she’s not coming back, as much as I want her too….. she’s gone”

Ruby woke much more peacefully then the other two times she had a dream. Her eye’s opened and she remained on her back, blinking at the ceiling. She blinked three times before tears began to blur her vision. Ruby broke.

She quickly spun around to shove her face into her pillow before she began to cry. She pressed her face harder into her pillow as her crying became more uncontrollable, her sobs becoming small wails and her breathing became jagged. ’Why? Why do I keep having these dreams?’

After what seemed an age, Ruby finally pulled her face out of her pillow and turned to her side, ignoring the damp feeling on the side of her head. She found Yang ‘sound’ asleep, Blake seemed undisturbed and Weiss just the same. Ruby sniffled before staring back at the ceiling, she didn’t sleep after that, neither did Weiss. She heard enough to make her heart ache.


“Yang can I speak to you. You know, outside”

Yang looked at her sister, sensing something was up and nodding quietly before dropping what she was doing to follow her little sis outside their room.

It was the next morning, Saturday. Weiss was in the shower, Blake was gathering her things for the day and Ruby really needed to speak to someone. Weiss had shot her a few worried looks when they woke but Ruby didn’t respond to them.

“What’s up Ruby?”

“Yang I had a dream last night.”

“It wasn’t like that other one was it?” Yang asked quickly, grabbing Ruby’ shoulders.

“No, it wasn’t.” Yang relaxed a little. “Mum was there. My mum.”

“Oh.” Yang breathed. “What happened?”

“She told me she was coming back, that she was needed for something, that she was sorry.”

Yang considered Ruby’s word’s. Yang knew that Summer was a very touchy subject for Ruby and this was the first time she had heard anything about a dream with her.

“You don’t… believe her do you?” She asked carefully. There was no way she could come back, as much as Yang hated to admit it, Summer was gone.

“No. Mum is gone. It just… felt so real. I almost believed it for a second and it hurt so much when I came to my senses. Yang, it was horrible” Ruby neglected to tell her sister that she cried all night.

“Oh Ruby” Yang wrapped Ruby in a warm hug, the kind of ones that made Ruby just that much more happy. “Honestly, I don’t know what to tell you. I have dreams about my mum, but she never says she’s coming back, even if she isn’t dead. Maybe you’re just missing her a lot?” Yang offered.

“It was a pretty horrible dream to have for myself” Ruby stated, looking up at her sister from their hug. “She also said that she had never left me, that there was a part of her that stayed with me the whole time”

“Is that right? And what do you think about that?” Yang asked.

“Honestly Yang, that part I believe”

“Are you guys ready? The airship to Vale leaves pretty soon”

“Yeah we’re coming Blake”


Team RWBY arrived in Vale just before noon, with no objective in mind besides to have a good time. School had been hectic the past few weeks and they all needed a break.

“So how do you guys want to do this?” Yang asked as they walked from the port toward the central city.

“Well I want to go to that new weapon shop that opened” Ruby stated.

“Ruby didn’t you say that last time we came here?” Weiss asked.

“Yeah, the store is still new.” Weiss merely shook her head at the logic.

“I’m sure Blake has some bookstore she wants to go to.” Yang stated, grinning at her partner, who scoffed back. “So I guess we could split up and meet back up for lunch?”

“Sound great, c’mon Weiss let’s go!” Ruby declared quickly, grabbing her partner’s hand and shooting off down the way.

Blake and Yang shared a giggle as they heard Weiss yelling as she was dragged away.

“Please tell me there isn’t actually a bookstore you wan-“

“Since you mentioned it, yes actually there is one.” Blake cut in, straight faced.

Yang grumbled as her partner began to walk away, to what would have to be some old book shop owned by some old man seeling some old books.

“Are you going to stay there?” Blake asked, looking over her shoulder.

“Urgh!’ Yang grumbled before stomping toward the faunas. Blake smiled as her partner acted as immature as her little sister.

“That smile just made this a bit more bearable” Yang spoke, grinning at her partner.

“Well I’m glad.”

“I said a bit.” Yang clarified.


“Ruby, honestly, how many times have you been to this store?”

“I dunno.”

“Too many, that’s how many.”

“Weiss don’t be silly. ‘Too many’ isn’t a number.” Ruby replied.

“Ha ha, very funny crater face.”

“Aww are you still hung up about that?” Ruby asked, turning to her partner.

“No why would I be. If I recall, I did win.” Weiss stated proudly.

“Yeah but you looked like a cartoon character when you did.” Ruby teased.

Weiss opened her mouth to say something but Ruby continued, “Besides, you cheated.”

“I did not cheat! The Schnee’s do not cheat.”

“So how did your gauge jump suddenly?” Ruby questioned, knowing the answer but just wanting to push her buttons.

“I don’t know! Maybe it was faulty.”

“Uh huh.” Ruby breathed, flicking through a magazine. “Hey look, it’s your family.” Ruby exclaimed, turning the magazine toward Weiss so she could look at it.

Indeed there was the Schnee family, looking all very happy and family like for the cameras. The only person’s expression that would have been genuine would be Winter’s. Even if it was a photo, her smile lifted Weiss’ spirits just that bit more. Looking to the two remaining members, the same couldn’t be said for her father, she scowled at the photo and looked away from it.

“What a lovely photo.” She said sarcastically. “I might go take a look at the dust collection.” Weiss stated, notcing the large section dedicated to it.

“Mhmm sure.” Ruby waved her off, already going through another magazine. Weiss shook her head with a smile as she made her way to the far wall.

She began skimming through the selections, finding nothing too interesting. There were some products she hadn’t seen before, something labelled ‘laser’ and a crystal called ‘melt’. She picked one up to inspect it, holding it up toward the window so that the light would dance around within it. As she admired the way the light refracted through it, something outside caught her attention. Actually it was a person, two people.

Two shady looking people, both with bulges under the jackets, both staring straight into the shop looking directly at Ruby.

“Uh Ruby?” She called, returning the crystal and moving toward her.

“Yeah what is it?”

“We should go.”

“What!? We just got here, I still have twenty more magazines to get through!”

“No Ruby I really think we should leave.” The men were moving toward them now.

“But Weiss!”


The windows of the store exploded inwards, shards of glass flying into the store, peppering Ruby and Weiss, the shards harmlessly bouncing across their aura’s. The cashier immediately dived under his desk, hiding from whoever was coming.

“What the hell!?” Ruby yelled, finally noticing the two men stalking toward them, one with a shotgun, the other an assault rifle of some sort.

“Ruby let’s go.” Weiss commanded, grabbing her arm.

“No Weiss we can’t just leave, there are people in here.”

“Ruby this is serious.”

“Weiss I am being serious! We’re huntresses, this is what we do!”


A volley of pellets blasted toward them, shredding the shelf next to them and knocking Weiss to the floor. Ruby quickly unsheathed Crescent Rose from her back, keeping it in its gun form and the levelled the barrel at the closest man.

“Ruby!” She heard Weiss before she squeezed the trigger.

Ruby was dead on point, aiming for the man’s shoulder, there was no way she would miss. But she had no clue someone else was about to jump in front of the man and deflect the bullet. Ruby was stunned for a moment, the red and brown haired masked man was quite a surprise. The second man with the machine gun, ceased the moment and fired at Ruby. Ruby had no time to move, but luckily Weiss was with her.

One of her glyphs caught every bullet, before they were all shot back toward the shooters. The masked man quickly unsheathed what seemed to be a red katana, deflected every round before quickly sheathing the blade again.

“Hey is that-“ Ruby mumbled to herself, before another volley of bullets came their way.

She quickly spun Crescent Rose in front of her, it opened as it spun, blocking the bullets.

“Ruby we can’t fight them, not here at least, we don’t even know who they are!” Weiss yelled over the gunfire and cling of ricocheting bullets.

Ruby spun Crescent Rose to the side as the firing stopped, she turned to Weiss to agree with her but there was a loud crash off to their right. A bunch of more men burst out from the store room, rushing into the store and pretty much surrounding them. These guys they recognised.

“The White Fang?” Weiss breathed.



“So this is the book store? Wow we haven’t been to this one yet.” Yang stated as they stepped into the store, the bell dinging sweetly behind them.

“Very funny Yang.” Blake said plainly.

“I try.” Yang replied proudly.

Blake shook her head, trying to ignore the blonde as she made her way to the counter.

“Ooh comics!” She heard Yang say.

Blake was shaking her head when Tucksen emerged from the back.

“Ah. Blake, it’s been a while” He greeted, placing a large stack of books onto a table off to the side.

“It has hasn’t it?”

“Huh! He has X-ray and Vav!” Yang called excitedly.

“You brought a friend?” He asked sweetly.

“Unfortunately.” Blake replied with a smile.

“Looking for anything in particular?”

“No not really, I thought I’d come by and say hello.”

“Uh huh. You don’t have anything to ask, about a particular person or group of people?” Tucksen asked carefully, leaning against the counter.

Yang stopped her reading and began to try and eavesdrop.

“Why? Is there anything to be said?”

“Only if your friends with a red head with a scythe.”


Yang almost knocked over an entire book shelf moving to the counter. “What’s going on with Ruby?” she asked, grabbing Tucksen by the collar and pulling him over the counter.

“Yang!” Blake yelled.

“Woah, blondey calm down!”

“Don’t call me that!” She glared, pulling him closer to her face. “What’s happening with my sister?!”


“The girl you described!”

Blake took a step back, suddenly she felt very odd. As if a shadow had fallen over her, a wave of darkness passed through her. It felt familiar, and she knew who it was.

“Tucksen.” Blake said, interrupting Yang’s interrogation. “Yang let him go, he needs to get out of here.”

Both of them shot her confused looks, but she ignored them. “Now! Go, he’s here Tucksen get out!”

Now Tucksen understood. He swiped at Yang’s hand, surprising her with how strong he actually was, before disappearing into the back.

“Blake what the hell is going on?” Yang asked.

Blake ignored her, unsheathing Gamboul Shroud just as the room went dark.

“Blake wha-“

“Shh” Blake hissed.

“Don’t ‘shh’ me-“



“Yang shut up!”

Yang couldn’t see a thing, being in the dark wasn’t her thing, especially when she usually walked around on fire. Blake on the other hand had her faunas ability to see in the dark, it didn’t really give her an advantage when her opponent was another faunas, a strong one. Blake slowly turned around, searching the corners for any sign of him, she knew he was here, she could feel his presence.

“Hello Blake.”

There he was. Perched on a shelf in one of the corners.

“Who’s that?” Yang asked, still in the dark, literally.

“It’s been too long. You never did tell me how that train ride was.” The persons face glowed red briefly, the mention of the train certainly not a pleasant memory.

“Please spare me the attitude.” Blake replied.

“You know I miss you.”

There was a silence before Blake spoke. “I’m sorry. I couldn’t stand it anymore.”

“I’m sorry too Blake.”

“About what?”

“Please, I came to tell you to stay out of our way. If you don’t, I will have to fight.”

“You never have to fight, Adam. There’s always a choice!” Blake replied, almost desperately.

“Adam!?” Yang repeated, alarmed.

“We work for stronger people now, we don’t have a choice.” Adam replied, Yang sensed a bit of anger in his voice.

The Adam?”

Blake waved her off, forgetting she couldn’t see a thing.

“Who? Adam we can help you, all of you.”

“No it’s too dangerous for you Blake.”

“When was anything we did ever safe?”

“Good point.” Adam admitted with a smile.

“Adam, what do you want with Ruby?” That was Yang. Adam turned to face the blonde, tilting his head to the side, taking in the brawler.

“Do you mean the girl? I don’t want her, Cinder does.”

“Who? It doesn’t matter. You can’t take her!”

“Oh?’ Adam cocked his head to side once more, hearing Ember Celica click and whir as it deployed over Yang’s wrists.

“You gonna fight me in the dark?” Adam asked almost laughing.

“Nope.” Just then Yang’s hair burst into flames, illuminating the entire room with a golden light. Both Blake and Adam had to shield their eyes from it, giving Yang the opportunity to locate the faunas.

Two loud booms rattled the store, Ember Celica firing two rounds toward the masked faunas. Adam swiftly jumped down from his perch, dodging the two rounds and making a break for the door.

“Oh no you don’t!” Yang pointed her fists behind her, firing and using the force to launch her toward Adam. She reached him in time to block his escape, skidding to a halt in front of him and using her left gauntlet to punch him in the chest. Her fist hit home, slamming into his chest and pushing back into the wall behind him, thudding against it with a thud.

“Yang stop!” Blake yelled.

Yang ignored her and moved toward Adam, fists ready. She threw another punch, this time Adam moved out of the way, Yang’s hand slamming into the wall and lodging there.

“Shit!” She cursed.

Adam took a step back just to look at Yang as she struggled to free her hand, taking a moment to admire the way her hair seemed to flicker and burn like a fire. Yang noticed him staring and became even more angry.

Giving up on trying to pull her hand free, she angled it toward Adam as much as she could before firing Ember Celica. The blast pushed her hand through the concrete wall, rubble and small pieces of concrete being torn free in her wake.

“AAAAAH!” She fired twice more, tearing through more wall before her hand came free and her fist was moving toward Adam’s head. But Adam swiftly arched backward, dodging the fist calmly. Then there was a click and another boom that didn’t come from her gauntlets. Before she could ponder what it was, the hilt of a katana was bouncing off her chest. She stumbled back as it hit her, watching as Adam dashed forward, grabbing the sword as it remained in the air and continuing to move toward her.

She quickly brought her hands up to block the attack, but a second attack was on its way even before the first was over. ‘Shit he’s fast.’ Yang managed to block the second, just barely. Then there was a third attack on its way, Yang wasn’t going to be able to block it.

But before it made contact with her, the blade made contact with a familiar black blade. “Blake.” Yang breathed, stumbling back from her.

“Adam leave her alone.”

“Hey she started it.”

“Adam! Leave.”

“You do realise where I’ll be going if you let me go.”

“Adam you don’t have to do this.”

“Yes. I do.”

Adam quickly pushed off Blake’s blade, following up with an upward slash that knocked Gamboul Shroud out of the way. Adam quickly sheathed Wilt and then fired Blush, launching the blade, hilt first, toward Blake. The handle hit Blake square in the head, as soon as it bounced off, Adam had it in his hands and he was moving toward the door.

“No!” Yang gave chase, immediately realising he was way too fast but not caring anyway.

“Yang!’ Blake called after her partner, meeting her just outside the door.

“Who the hell are these jerks?” The ‘jerks’ in question were a group of at least thirty, wearing masks and holding weapons of all sorts.

“The White Fang. Yang go after Adam, I’ll take care of these guys.” Blake commanded, unsheathing Gamboul Shroud in to its two portions.

Blake knew very well that Yang would want to go after Adam, but she also knew that Yang wouldn’t just abandon her, she would try to help than go after Adam after. But as it was now, Yang would have a hard time catching him without delays, besides she could take on these guys on her own. That and she wasn’t sure whether she would be able to physically stop Adam, she knew Adam would complete his job no matter what, which meant the only way to stop him would be to either injure him badly, or kill him. Blake would never be able to perform the later, even if it was Ruby who was in danger, Blake didn’t want to kill anyone, let alone people she held close, even if they had grown apart.

“Are you sure?” Yang asked, even though she was already moving to jump away.

“Yes I’ll be fine.” Blake replied honestly. Yang looked at her partner, she knew Blake was more than capable but she still didn’t like the idea of leaving her alone with a bunch of armed men, but then there was Ruby.

“Thankyou Blake” Yang breathed before blasting into the air, leaving two marks in the ground where Ember Celica fired.

Blake turned her attention to thirty or so men, and possibly women, who had surrounded her. A few were watching Yang fly through the air so she started with them. Using a clone to push her toward an enemy to her right, she slashed at the man’s wrist with her katana, an uppercut followed by an overhead strike.

The first attack was to disarm, the second was to eliminate his aura field so that when she spun and kicked him in the gut it hurt and kept him on the ground. Blake spun and kicked him, pushing him away and causing him to crumple onto the ground, arms clutching around his stomach, she probably broke at least one rib.

Blake came out of the spin facing her left, bringing her blade up to block an attack. Her left hand free and holding the sheath portion of Gamboul and the man’s arms up in the air, she brought her left hand around in a horizontal slash, cutting through the man’s aura, before using a clone to push her toward the man as him stumbled away from her. Her elbow smacked against his forehead, knocking him out instantly.

Blake’s aura flared and she quickly spun around and took a step back, narrowly missing a huge war axe that came swinging down at her head. The axe slammed into the ground, the yielder looking quite beefy, Blake jumped up onto the weapon where it was in the ground, ran along the handle like a cat running along a fence, before jumping off the end and bringing her knee into the man’s face. He stumbled back, blood already flowing out of nose, before he could do anything Blake summoned a clone and she was skidding toward the man along the floor. She passed him and took his legs out from underneath him.

Blake smoothly got up, collapsed her blade into the scythe, threw it at the person in front of her, hooked it around him, pulled him in then flipped him over her head and brought him down on top of the bigger man who was using the axe and was about to get back up.

Blake yanked back her sword and plucked it out of the air, clipping the sheath back onto her back and using that hand to cock her pistol, time to lessen the numbers.

Blake dropped her weapon to her side, holding it by the ribbon that she kept wrapped around her wrist, before she spun it and threw it at the furthest person from her. The sword bounced of the persons head and as soon as it did, Blake yanked on the ribbon, causing it to pull the trigger and sending the scythe off to the side. Blake controlled it perfectly, moving with the ribbon and making sure not to hinder its momentum. She took down three people before pulling it toward her and spinning it over her head, hitting four people that were creeping up behind her.

Blake leaped into the air, turning as she floated in the air, before yanking another time on the ribbon and flicking it around in front of her. The scythe responding immediately, spinning through the air in front of the men as Blake seemed to float in the air. The scythe moved so fast they had no chance to even try to block it, it cut through their aura and inflicted enough damage to put them down in less than ten seconds. By the time Blake touched the ground she was ready to turn around and take on the rest.


Yang was soaring through the air, gaining height before dropping before Ember Celica fired and brought her back up and pushed her forward, there was no way she would reach Adam on foot. She wasn’t sure whether she would catch up at all, so when she finally spotted the red and black clad figure running along the sidewalk she was a little surprised, but she was plenty angry. Not bothering for a smooth landing, Yang just fired her gauntlets facing toward the ground, launching her downward straight toward Adam at frightening speeds.

Adam twitched at just the right moment to be able to turn and leap backward, for where he was just then was now a large crater, thanks to a speeding blonde that decided to ‘iron-man’ it toward him. Adam skidded to a halt, watching the dust cloud pool around the crater just before Yang came rushing toward him. He calmly stepped to the side and used Wilt and Blush to deflect the punch, sparks flying as Ember Celica scraped along Blush.

Yang was thrown to the side a little as Adam deflected her attack, so to keep her footing she turned into the motion, throwing herself into an anti-clockwise spin. She fired her right gauntlet, pivoting on her right foot so that she spun quickly to face Adam again. Yang fired again, adding force to an already powerful punch, launching her arm forward at incredible speeds. She aimed for Adam’s chest, hoping to break his sternum, but instead she hit the, unbelievably strong blade that was Wilt. Yang’s fist slammed into the flat side of the blade, a shockwave burst from the point of contact, blowing in the windows of the nearby store to their right.

Adam was pushed back a few meters, his heels digging into the pavement and kicking up dirt and dust. With Blush in his left hand, he quickly sheathed Wilt and made his move. Instead of running toward Yang he moved toward the wall to his left. He jumped up on to it, ran along it for a few steps before jumping off it and spinning as he did so.

As his back faced Yang he spun Blush around so that the hilt was facing Yang and fired. Wilt flew from its sheath and moved toward Yang, Yang had enough time to bring a gauntlet up to block the blade, it bounced back with a ding and before Yang even realised, Adam had it in his hand again.

He appeared in front of her, Wilt grasped in his right hand as it came down on her in a left to right arc. That was quickly followed by two horizontal slashes at her abdomen, ending with Adam poised with Wilt drawn back and pointed at Yang.

All three strikes were carried out with so much speed that Yang couldn’t even see them, she cursed herself for underestimating Adam and being for being so slow. She cringed as she stumbled back from the strikes, trying to ignore the pain that pulsed through her and just as she regained her footing, Adam moved from his pose.

He was crouched low, holding Wilt in his right hand and held it horizontally and drawn back, like when playing pool and you draw back to hit the ball. He waited as Yang stumbled back, or Yang assumed he was waiting, in fact he was gathering power. As soon as Yang regained balanced, his mask and his attire flashed red and his hand flashed forward and then returned to its position, it was so fast it seemed like his hand never moved.

Yang definitely didn’t see it, but she felt it. An amazingly sharp pain in the middle of her chest, just below her breast, she felt like she had been stabbed and the blade had run right through her, but in reality Adam’s sword only made it a quarter of an inch into her body. Not only was his attack inhumanly fast, but he exhibited extreme skill and strength to be able to pull back his arm just at the right moment to make it a mere quarter inch into her chest.

It didn’t matter how he did it, what mattered was what happened to Yang. Yang’s aura was shattered on contact with the sword, there was a sonic boom as-believe it or not- Adam’s strike broke the sound barrier and made its way into Yang. Yang was blown backwards, lifted into the air and soaring for what was a few seconds before thumping onto the ground and skidding to a halt about thirty meters from Adam.

Adam watched as Yang silently flew through the air and bounced along the ground before coming to a stop, a light trail of blood left behind her. He quickly sheathed his blade and turned around before whispering to himself, “I’m sorry Blake.”


“Ruby we have to go, there’s too many of them.”

“Weiss, I’m sure we can-“




“A bunch of White Fang.”


Ruby seemed to be doing all the fighting at the moment, blocking all the bullets and even firing her own shots. Weiss had Myrtenaster drawn, but she was standing behind Ruby, trying to get her to listen to her warnings. One of the members of the White Fang had turned over all the shelves so that they had no cover to hide behind, so now the floor was filled with ammunition and dust crystals.

The sudden appearance of who they believed to be Adam, only made Weiss even more anxious to get out of here.

“Ruby can you please just listen to me for once!”

Ruby shuffled on the spot, hefting Crescent Rose, her eye’s darting from enemy to enemy. There were a lot of them.

“Alright. Let’s go-“

A shotgun blast came her way as she turned to face Weiss, forgetting about the group of people that came in through the back. Ruby threw her arms up to protect herself, but Weiss had already summoned a glyph in front of her to protect her. Two more glyphs accompanied the glyph, joining its side, creating a wall of glyphs that spanned the width of the people in front of them.

Weiss spun her canister and opened the burn chamber, throwing the dust across the three glyphs, augmenting them with it and turning them red, something she had been practicing lately, before they all exploded in unison. Realising a steady stream of fire that lasted until all the dust was used. The men who were smart enough to see what was coming dived onto the floor, narrowly missing the ball of flames, those who weren’t were engulfed in the fire and ran out of the store yelling and screaming.

“Ruby out the front!” Weiss directed. She didn’t know whether there were more men waiting for them out back, at least she could see who was out the front.

Ruby made for the door, Weiss following closely behind, both somehow forgetting about Adam. The man in question appeared in front of Weiss, using his speed to attack Weiss before quickly sheathing his blade again. Weiss managed to bring Myrtenaster up in time block the attack, sparks dancing across their blades. Adam went for a second attack but was forced to back away when a huge scythe came swinging through the air near him.

Adam jumped back to give himself some space between him and the two girls. Landing just as Ruby fired at him, he quickly blocked the round before sheathing his sword again and dashing toward her. Ruby continued to fire, and Adam continued to deflect each round except for when a white figure flashed passed him and knocked his sword into the air.

Weiss gave Ruby the opening she needed, squeezing off two more shots, both of which hit home. One in the shoulder, the other off his mask, cracking it and chipping a piece off. Adam stumbled backwards, cursing as his head was rocked backward and he nearly lost his footing on a round crystal. He stumbled back and bumped into a wall, his vision returned in time for him to see Weiss gliding toward him, Myrtenaster pointed right at him.

Weiss made the same mistake as Yang and underestimated Adam’s skill. Just before she ran him through, he calmly stepped to the side and as she sped past him, he took her left wrist in his left hand, spun her around before grabbing her right hand and pinning her to the wall.

“Oof!” Weiss breathed as she was slammed against the wall, shocked that he was able to move like that while she was moving that fast. She struggled as she tried to break free from Adam’s grasp but she quickly realised she wasn’t going anywhere.

“Weiss!” Ruby called. Weiss heard Crescent Rose’s chamber being emptied and another round taking its place. Adam was a sitting duck.

Adam heard the red head and the click of the sniper round being primed, he looked at Weiss then looked to the floor, noticing that there was a burst crystal by his feet and immediately thought of a plan. He waited a few short moments before moving.

He knew Ruby was about to shoot him in the back, knew that she wouldn’t miss but knew how to get out of it and help himself at the same time. Using his feet he rolled the crystal back a little, before stomping on its side, causing it to flip up into the air behind him. Then he quickly spun Weiss around so that her back was facing Ruby, which was the exact moment he heard Crescent Rose fire its bullet. Adam then quickly kicked Weiss away from him, she moved backward, the crystal he previously had launched into the air contacting Weiss’ back and moving with her, further away from Adam.

The bullet from Crescent Rose’s barrel, flew straight into the crystal that pressed against Weiss’ back. The bullet slammed into the crystal, cracking the crystal slowly, before the round penetrating the surface layer and the crystal exploded into shards. With the shards, came the Natures Wrath stored with in.

It blew outwards, a wave of pure energy that sent Weiss flying back the way she came. The roof above the crystal was pushed upwards, it cracked and parts of it collapsed in. Weiss yelled as she was forced forwards, pain shooting through her back, she watched as she moved closer to Adam. Adam stepped out of the way so that she slammed straight into the wall with a loud thud, she bounced off the wall limp and fell to the ground in a heap, dazed and losing consciousness.

“Weiss!’ Ruby called out, now completely ignoring the immediate threat and focusing on Weiss’ limp body. She made to move toward her partner but Adam soon intervened. He dashed from his position near Weiss to pick up Wilt, brandishing it expertly he dashed over to Ruby, knocking her scythe out of his way and out of her grasp, the sudden force on her wrist jarring her hand and loosening her grip.

Adam quickly followed through with a swing at Ruby’s head, turning his sword on its side so that the flat part banged against Ruby’s skull, knocking her out.

The last thing Ruby saw was Weiss’ limp body lying in the rubble, quiet and unmoving. Ruby nearly blacked out with fear cursing through her heart, but a voice came to her and just made her confused.

“Ruby, I’m sorry. I’ll be there soon.”

She knew who it was, but she didn’t believe it.


“Weiss? Weiss! Weiss are you ok? Where’s Ruby? Where did they go? Weiss!”

“Yang.” Blake said softly as she watched her partner shake an obviously unconscious heiress. Blake had gotten through all those men a bit after Yang was almost killed. When she saw her partner lying on the floor in a small pool of blood, she nearly collapsed then and there.

“Yang! Oh my gosh Yang!”

Once Blake got closer to the blonde she was far beyond relieved that she was still breathing. But the sight of the blood didn’t calm Blake’s nerves. She quickly found the wound and just as quickly recognised it. Adam had done this to hundreds of other people when she was still with him, fortunately most of them survived, most of them.

Blake moved to try and tend to the wound but when her hand drew close to Yang’s body she felt a small resistance coming from the blonde. Blake experimented, placing her open palm above the wound and found that when her hand go too close there was a yellow shimmer as her hand seemed to touch a force field. Blake quickly recognised it as Yang’s aura, it seemed that the brawler wasn’t completely unaware of her condition and was using whatever little aura she had left to heal herself. But if they got into another fight Yang wouldn’t last very long.

Blake heard a loud rumble come from down the road, when she turned her head using her enhanced eye sight, she saw a couple of people running out of a store on fire.


Blake looked back at Yang, looking at her usually bright face scrunched up in pain, feeling her chest rise and fall, barely but steadily. Blake made the decision to leave Yang and go after Adam, who was most likely already with Ruby. As she ran from her partner, even though she knew Yang would want her to go after her sister, she couldn’t help but feel a little guilty about abandoning her partner.

When Blake drew closer to the store she realised she was too late. The store was trashed, the windows had blown in, most of the shelves were toppled over, the floor was covered in dust, crystals, ammunition and all sorts of rubble. The wall near the counter was scorched black, a part of the ceiling had fallen in and there were bullet holes everywhere. But the one thing that caught Blake’s attention was a white dressed girl lying on the floor, clearly battered and bruised.

“Weiss?” Blake quickly moved to kneel by the heiress.

“Weiss?” She tried again, picking her hand up and checking her pulse. Blake exhaled as she found her teammates pulse.

Blake gently placed her hand back down and looked over the heiress, looking for any life threatening wounds. Blake couldn’t help but cringe when she looked at Weiss’ back. A portion of her jacket had been, what could only be described as obliterated. Leaving her back bare and showing the faunas a large purple bruise that had begun to form around the area.

Blake thought of moving the heiress but decided against it in case she had any spinal injuries, instead, confident that Weiss was in a stable condition Blake began to look around the store, or what was left of it. She tried to look for anything that could help to find out where Ruby had been taken and by the time Blake decided it was futile, Yang stumbled into the store.

Which brings them back to here.

“Weiss please!”

“Yang she’s out cold.” Blake tried.

There was a pause as it seemed Yang was considering her words, before the blonde tried again.

“Weiss.” Yang said one last time with a hiccup, all her energy seemed to be drained by that last word as she slumped forward and Blake had to catch her before she fell over Weiss.

Blake knelt by her partner, holding her gently so that she wouldn’t topple over. Blake looked down at Yang, who was staring at Weiss with a drained expression and tears at the edges of her eyes. It was as if Yang wanted nothing more in the world right now than for Weiss to wake up and tell them where Ruby was.

“Yang we’ll find her, I promise you we will find her.” Blake said softly, turning Yang around so that she was looking at her. “I promise.”

Yang believed Blake, her words felt so real and so promising somehow, Yang knew that they would get Ruby back, there was no other option. Blake’s words re-assured her that she won’t be alone when she gets her sister back. But right now she was too weak, too drained and to battered, so all she could do was lean into Blake and be taken away into subconsciousness.

Blake felt Yang thump into her chest softly, she shook her partner experimentally, receiving no response she realised she was out too. She gently laid Yang down beside Weiss, who stirred when she felt Yang next to her, but couldn’t manage to speak or to open her eyes. All the heiress could do was feel the excruciating pain radiating from her back, a large circle pulsing with an intensely dull ache that spread to her fingertips. Weiss did manage a groan as she tried to move her hand, she tried to get up, placing her palm against the floor but she felt someone touch her gently.

“Weiss stay down, you’re not in good shape right now.”

It was Blake. Weiss tried to turn her head toward the voice and make a protest when Blake beat her to it.

“Weiss even if we went after her you wouldn’t be able to do anything. They want her for something so we still have some time. At least get healed a little before anything.”

Weiss still wanted to argue, even if she was right. But the fact was she couldn’t do anything and it was that fact that made her want to move more than anything. Ruby was gone, she was definitely in danger and Weiss was here lying on the floor in a trashed weapon store, doing nothing. There was no way she could succumb to this another time, not after all she’s been through and all the obstacles she’s overcome. Weiss wasn’t going to let Ruby be hurt and there was no way in hell she would let her be killed.


Weiss yelled at herself, urging her to get up, get up and fight. She opened her eyes and found Yang lying next to her, she looked up and saw Blake looking down at her, those amber eye’s telling her to stay down.


“I…c-can’t… do no-nothing.”

“Weiss you’re no good if you can’t fight.”

“I’ll fight…. I have to.”

Weiss had both arms planted against the ground firmly now, readying herself to push against it and get up. She counted to three in her head before she pushed. Weiss got about half a meter off the ground before pain shot through her spine and ran up her neck and along her arms.

“Arh!” Weiss’ arms gave out and she collapsed back onto the floor, the pain continuing to course through her at a decreasing rate.

“Weiss, please.”

Even if Weiss could answer she didn’t want to. She knew she wouldn’t be going anywhere right now and she hoped beyond capability that Ruby would hang on until she got to her.
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