Two White Loved Ones

Definitely A Trap

Sunday morning

“We need to get going.”

“Going? Go where we have no leads?”

“We’ll get some.”

“Yang it’s not that easy.”

“Have a better idea Blake?”

“Weiss you two just got treated, we all know one good hit and you’re out.”

“We’ll be fine.” Weiss and Yang said simultaneously before glancing at each other and sharing a look.

“What about that Tucksen guy he seemed to know a lot?” Yang asked, Blake sensing her distaste as the blonde recalled the man.

“He’s probably long gone by now.” Blake stated.

“No thanks to you.”


“And while we are at it, what was up with you and Adam?”


“You let him get away!”

“Yang that isn’t very fair!”

“Blake you let him get to my sister, I couldn’t care less what you think is fair or not.”

“We’ll I’m sorry!”

“You should be! If something happens to my sister it’s partly your fault!”

“Yang that is not at all fair!”


“Both of you shut up!” Weiss yelled, fed up with her teammates arguing that no doubt was having an effect on them both.

“This was no one’s fault, even if it was it doesn’t matter. What matters is finding where Ruby is. Agreed?”


“Good. Now let-“

Beep beep. Beep beep beep.

Weiss looked down at her data pad at her belt. She quickly picked it up and answered the incoming call.

“Gooodmorning Ice Queen, I hear you are doing better.”


“What!?” Yang yelled, the air already rising a few degree’s.

“Oh hi blondie, how are you feeling today? Heard you got knocked around a fair bit.”

“Shut the fu!-“

“Woah hey, language. It’s not very fitting of a pretty girl like yourself.”

“What do you want?” Weiss spat, looking at Yang whose eyes had turned a redder shade than usual and was having a hard time controlling herself.

“What do I want? No no no snow angel, what do you want?”

“Where is she?” Weiss asked, forcing herself to ignore the nick name.

“She is right here. Say hi red.” Torchwick turned to someone off screen.

“Go to hell!” Came the response.

“Ruby!” Yang yelled, her eye’s instantly returning to their usual lilac colour.

“I’m sorry, she’s currently unavailable at the moment, but if you’d like to come to this address at the requested time, we’d be more than happy to see you.” Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

And that was the end of the call. Then Weiss’ data-pad buzzed again when she received a message from a blocked number. She thumbed the open button and read the message.

“It’s obviously a trap.” Blake said.

“Looks like they didn’t just want Ruby, they want all of us. Just on their terms.” Weiss stated.

“It doesn’t matter, I’m going to get my sister back.”


Team RWBY-minus their leader- arrived at the destination described in the message. An old harbour in the lower district of Vale, a few old boats still bobbed in the water but the buildings and markets had been abandoned a while ago. The area screamed ambush as soon as they arrived, walking along the wharfs that looked out into the harbour. Blake had already sensed a couple of people hiding in the shadows and within the buildings, but she didn’t really say anything, they were all expecting it. The team walked in silence, sharing no words and no looks, Weiss and Yang both looked determined, although Yang looked a little angrier than Weiss. Blake didn’t look the same but she was just as stern as she needed to be, Ruby wasn’t just her leader, she was her friend too.

They walked down the harbour until they made it to the stretch of warehouses that used to house all the cargo containers and what-not, which hadn’t been done for a while.

“Good evening ladies!”

All three heads snapped up toward the voice.

“It’s good to see you all so….happy?”

“Oh I’m so going to-“

“Blondie, you really gotta keep it shut don’t you.” Torchwick said, pointing his cane toward her.

“If you had a little bit of patience, you would have heard me tell you where your sister is”

Yang forced herself to hold back, Blake placed an arm on her shoulder which seemed to help her calm down, although Blake herself had Gamboul Shroud in her hand and Weiss was holding the hilt of Myrtenaster.

“Good. Now.” Just then a group of men came out of the warehouses, at least fifty of them pooled out and circled the girls.

“Just to let you know before we begin, this was all my idea, Cinder wanted to just burn you all on the spot, but that was too boring for me.” Torchwick rambled, sounding proud of himself.

“Let me explain this game to you.”

“Game?” Weiss questioned.

“There are three warehouses down the way, all have a rose on them, how symbolic right? Anyway, one of those warehouses has little miss riding hood sitting in it, waiting for one of you. Yes that’s right, one of you. Because if Adam see’s two people, or three people, or even no people walk into the warehouse, he will kill her. Understood? Good now. Me and Cinder will be in the other two warehouses, please don’t hesitate to join us. Also the warehouses aren’t empty, we kinda decked them out before you got here. Now to get this started, meet the grunts.”

Then Torchwick was gone and the group surrounding them began closing in on them.

“Hey! Get back, you piece of shit!” Yang yelled after Torchwick, running toward where he was standing.

“Yang!” Blake called just as they opened fire at Yang. Bullets rattled against her aura and then off her gauntlets as she brought her arms up to block the shots. Yang walked back to the middle to re-join Weiss and Blake who were back to back and sizing up their enemy.

“He’s treated this as if it’s like some game!” Weiss spat.

“Yeah well we have no other choice but to go with it.” Blake stated.

“Well then let’s get this over quickly.” Yang said, pumping Ember Celica, before launching herself into the enemy lines.

They weren’t expecting the rush, or how fast Yang covered the distance between them, but the unlucky grunt who got hit first was sent flying yards backwards with a large crack through his mask. The man next to him, possibly his friend, found Yang’s elbow ploughing into this head, before his face was filled with heat as Ember Celica fired and launched Yang’s fist toward a third person in front of her.

While Yang was getting busy, Weiss and Blake sprang into action. The grunt Weiss moved toward was distracted by Yang’s display of female brutality and found himself moving backwards at incredible speeds before colliding with a lamp post. Weiss turned to her left, swatted a man’s weapon out of his hand with her rapier, before slashing down his torso. She spun anti-clockwise in time to parry a sword swipe, deflect the blade up, slashed at that man’s torso and then used a glyph to jump back toward the centre. Both men spontaneously burst into flames, fire emerging from the slashes Weiss made at them.

“Weiss, Yang, freezerburn!” Blake called, reading her scythe and unwrapping her ribbon.

Weiss and Yang instantly acknowledged the call, Weiss primed her dust, Yang jumped into the air and slammed into the ice layer that Weiss had just created, flaring her aura to turn the ice into a thick mist that made the night visibility even harder.

Thankfully not all of these guys were faunas, so Blake at least had an advantage over them. The mist made it a bit harder for her, but she managed just as well. Weiss grabbed Yang and together they used a glyph to jump outside of the circle, to get out of Blake’s way. As they flew Weiss turned around and summoned a glyph below Blake, the glyph that was a series gears, that basked Blake in a golden light and made her feel amazing. Blake welcomed the exhilarating feeling she felt as the glyph powered her up and pushed her further than she could go alone.

Blake found her targets and swung her scythe around, pulling and swinging the ribbon swiftly and precisely, hearing the boom of its pistol and the clangs it made as it bounced around the grunts it hit. From where Weiss and Yang stood, they could only make out shadows and the frequent purple flashes as Gamboul Shroud fired a sent the blade spinning in the other direction.

By the time the mist began to clear, there were only a few men remaining, which was when Weiss and Yang stepped back in to finish them off.


“We have to split up. I don’t like it but we do.”

“But what if something happens to one of us?” Weiss asked.

“Adam, Torchwick and Cinder, I’m sure we can handle any of them.”

“Yang did you forget what Adam did to you yesterday.”

“Blake I had underestimated him, I know what to expect this time.”

“Well anyway, who takes which one?”

Weiss, Blake and Yang had finished off the grunts and found the three warehouses marked with the roses, upon seeing them Weiss absentmindedly touched her necklace.

“I’ll take the first one.” Weiss volunteered.

“I’ll take the second one.” Blake said.

“Which leaves the last one. Boy I really hope Torchwick is in there, as much as I want it to be Ruby.” Yang said, cracking her knuckles. As she walked off Blake felt the heat radiating off her partner, and hoped that it wasn’t Torchwick, for his sake.

Blake made her way into the warehouse, using the man sized door off to the left, seeing as the large double doors were sealed shut. As she stepped in she was a little shocked by what she saw, Torchwick had told them the houses were ‘decked’ out, but she didn’t know what he meant. Now she did.

The warehouse was filled with containers, stacked and piled around the interior to form a kind of labyrinth. He really did want this to be a game. Blake quickly overcame her awe and began to walk through the metallic maze, slowly placing her feet against the steel so as to not cause an echo and reveal her position.

Blake soon found herself following a route that she didn’t even realise. She didn’t know where she was going but she felt like she was being led somewhere, as if someone was showing her the way. Just then she recalled Torchwick saying that Adam would be with Ruby, which meant that he was in the warehouse with her, which meant that Blake picked the right one, because she felt Adam’s presence and he was close.


Weiss found her warehouse to be quite warm, which was surprising seeing as it was the middle of the night and the warehouse was filled with cold steel. She had a one in three chance of finding Ruby, a one in three chance of finding Torchwick and a one in three chance of finding Cinder. Either way there would be a fight, either with Adam, the red headed child or the flame witch, whoever it was Weiss had no choice but to win, gripping Myrtenaster, turning her knuckles white, she promised herself that she would win.

Weiss made her way up the make shift staircase that wound around the walls of the warehouse, she wasn’t sure what the other’s looked like but hers was pretty easy to follow. There was a clear pathway and it seemed there was a platform at the back in the middle, presumably where the person was waiting for her. She cursed herself for always wearing heels as they clicked loudly against the steel containers, sending a metallic shudder through the warehouse.

She made it to the top without incident and met her enemy.

“Fitting isn’t it? That ice should meet fire?”


“Isn’t it lucky that you picked this one Blake?”

“I wouldn’t call it lucky.” Blake replied making her way through the maze. She had already hit two dead ends and was beginning to realise that Adam was toying with her and giving her fake trails to follow.

“I think you should call it luck.”

“Why’s that?” She replied, continuing to feel her way toward him.

“Well don’t you want your leader back?”

“I do.”


“You know, you didn’t have to take her in the first place.”

“But if I didn’t, we wouldn’t be able to have this moment.”

Blake hit another dead end. She slammed her fist against the container, issuing an echo. “And what moment may that be.”

“A good one.” Adam replied, Blake could picture the smile he had as she walked into another dead end.

“How about you just tell me where you are so we can end this?” Blake called after him.

“I’m surprised you haven’t tried going up yet.” He said coolly.

Blake paused for a moment, considering his words before sighing and sheathing Gamboul Shroud. She took a step away from a wall before running and jumping up onto it and climbing above it. When she turned around she was faced with a platform not far from where she stood, lying over the maze and perched above it was Adam. Ruby was tied to a chair behind him, blinking at Blake.



Blake jumped from her position onto the platform and made to reach her friend before Adam landed in between them. Blake stopped and immediately drew Gamboul Shroud.

“You know, after yesterday I really thought about what you said Blake.” Adam sounded very solemn now. Blake was a little surprised, but she didn’t lower her guard.

“You said I don’t have to fight.” Blake perked an eyebrow. “Don’t worry, I still believe fighting is necessary. But, I’m willing to make an exception, at least for you. At least this time. I choose not to fight you Blake, so don’t waste it.”

Just like that, without a fight, without even drawing his sword, Adam turned around, a jumped out a hole in the roof. Blake was utterly surprised. So much so, she forgot about Ruby and had to be reminded by her voice that she was still there.

“Blake! Blake come get me quick!”

Blake shook her head, forcing that moment away from her mind for now, she could ponder it later. Blake reached Ruby and began to free her.

“Blake who went into the first one?” Ruby asked frantically.

“What? Why? It’s ok now”

“No Blake just tell me!”

“Uh Weiss went in that one I think, why what’s wrong?”

“Weiss!” Ruby repeated, shooting from the chair and running to where Crescent Rose was lying.

“Ruby what is it?” Blake asked, suddenly feeling alarmed as well.

“Cinder is there!” She replied.


“Blake, do you know how strong she is? I have to get to her!”

Ruby’s heart was racing. She had hoped that none of them would end up there, that somehow they didn’t listen to Torchwick and decided to go all together anyway. As Ruby ran she suddenly began to feel sick, she began to feel something she felt a while ago. That same feeling she had when she believed something was going to happen to Weiss. “Oh no” Ruby breathed, quickly picking up her pace.

Her heart rate continued to increase, every beat reminded her of every second passed that Weiss was with Cinder, and Ruby continued to feel that in any of those seconds Weiss would be taken from her. She knew she was right, she knew something was going to happen. ‘Weiss, I’m coming!’

“Ruby I’m sorry, I’m not going to make it.”

Ruby paused as she heard the voice. That same voice she refused to believe she heard not too long ago. She searched around her, stepped outside and looked around but couldn’t find anyone, all she saw was a pile of unconscious men.

Ruby quickly pushed the thought from her mind and dashed toward the first warehouse. If Weiss was taken from her, she had no idea what she would do. When her mum was gone she nearly lost it, nearly gave up. She didn’t know if she could survive that a second time.
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