Two White Loved Ones

Fire And Ice

This was bad. This was very bad.

Weiss was on the offensive but she couldn’t even keep up. What was this? Upon engaging Cinder, the first attack revealed to Weiss that this wasn’t going to be easy. After a few back and forth’s, and still not getting anywhere, Weiss began to believe that maybe she was punching above her weight.

It wasn’t until she was blown out of the back of the warehouse that Weiss began to feel that she was in danger, that her life was at risk.

Weiss slid back away from Cinder after another engagement, breath heavy and chest heaving. She felt the wall on her back and began to feel like a cornered pest looking at its hunter. Cinder stalked slowly toward her, swinging one foot in front of the other, her black heels clicking loudly against the steel.

Weiss gulped and held Myrtenaster out in front of her, waiting for the next move. As Cinder drew closer, the sleeves of her dress and the front began to glow red, the design in the fabric coming to life. There was a screeching noise as fire began to curl and lick around Cinder’s arm before it reached her palm and formed a burning ball of fire. Weiss saw Cinder’s eyes glow just the same, before the fire ball was coming her way, screeching at the heiress as it moved.

The ball came toward her, fire trailing behind it like a comet, Weiss brought her blade up to try and reduce the impact on her, even summoning a glyph as well. But the ball ripped through the glyph and slammed straight into Weiss, ignoring her blade and blasting her through the back of the warehouse.

Weiss soared through the air for a moment before she forced herself to flip up right and used a glyph to launch her even further away from the warehouse. She landed on the roof of a small building, skidding to a halt before she turned and ran off the edge of the building, landing sloppily on the ground below.

Cinder stepped onto the edge on the hole she made in the wall, watching as the heiress retreated behind the building, before moving to give chase. Cinder jumped high and as she reached the apex of the jump her arms flared red and fire burst from her palms, launching her just far enough to land on the building.

Weiss didn’t have much time to catch her breath before she spotted Cinder jumping down from the building. She was leaning against Myrtenaster when she saw the dust user and was quick to stand tall, she couldn’t show weakness. Weiss flicked her rapier up, taking a deep breath, smelling the salt in the air from the harbour to her left. It seemed the harbour stretched around the warehouse and reached over behind them.

Weiss took one last breath before opening her eyes and striking.

She would have taken the defensive, but whenever she tried Cinder would remain neutral, not bothering to attack as if she wanted Weiss to attack her. It irritated Weiss that she was forced to fight like this, it irritated her to know that she wasn’t getting anywhere and that every time she attacked she was losing aura and was being countered.

Weiss glided toward the woman, her rapier met Cinder’s shoulder before Weis spun on her heel, slashing across Cinder’s torso before she used a glyph to move behind her. Cinder didn’t even bother to turn around as Weiss slashed at her back, she was more than happy to stand still and let her dust form where the blade came too close and absorb the attack. Weiss couldn’t perform her attacks faster than the speed at which the black dust appeared around the woman’s body, which was becoming extremely frustrating.

Growling at her, Weiss pulled her hand up to her right shoulder, pointing Myrtenaster at Cinder’s back. Myrtenaster became imbued with white ruins which glowed brightly and as soon as the last rune was formed, Weiss thrust her blade at Cinder. Even if the dust formed, the blade would go right through it, Weiss was sure of it, but so was Cinder.

Cinder quickly spun anti-clockwise, stepping to the side of the blade, she grabbed Weiss’ hand and yanked her forward, causing the heiress to lose balance and she was pulled forward. Weiss’ eyes widened as she felt herself tipping forward, she had missed Cinder, the one attack that had so much of her in it, missed.

As the heiress continued to move forward Cinder placed her right palm against Weiss’ back just as it glowed red and exploded violently.

“Arh!” Weiss couldn’t help but yell out as she was blown forward, landing a few meters’ from Cinder in a heap, scraping her bare legs and landing funny on her right shoulder. As she landed she felt the burning in her back, it stung and felt as if it was sizzling, she could feel tiny shards of burn dust embedded into her flesh and cringed as the continued to burn and sizzle. Besides the fact that this was the third jacket she had, it was the third time her back had been injured, but it was this one that left a burnt engraving on her. Weiss couldn’t see it now, but later there would be a circular pattern faintly burnt onto her back.

It had a centre that was a patterned circle, around that was another circle, connected to the first by a series of tendrils that resembled flames. The outer circle was distorted and random, looking much like a fire. It was a stark contrast to the elegant snow flake that marked the Schnee family, it was a cruel reminder of this day.

Weiss could feel the mark and cursed herself for being so reckless, tears began to form as she realised that she had just received yet another scar, one crueller than the other two. Weiss hissed as the tiny shards seemed to flare up again, shooting off sparks of pain through her body.

“Oh I’m sorry. It seems I’ve left a mark.” Cinder said slyly as she peered over at the heiress back.

“Get up! Get up!” Weiss seemed to yelling at herself a lot lately. “Weiss get the hell up now!”

Her right arm seemed to be unresponsive so Weiss resigned to using her left hand to get up off the floor, luckily she was left handed.

She got up onto her knees, ignoring the pain that radiated from the grazed skin on her legs. She picked Myrtenaster up and stood to face Cinder.

“Fire and ice, wasn’t it simple to know who would win?” Cinder asked.

Weiss didn’t reply, she just stared at Cinder, her right arm hanging limply and Myrtenaster held loosely in her hand.

“You do realise you’ve lost. There’s no way you could come out of this alive.” Still Weiss remained silent.

“I must say. Torchwick’s idea for this isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I really like the-“ Cinder paused abruptly as she turned her head to the side, as if she heard something and was trying to hear it again.

Weiss took advantage of Cinder’s distraction, quickly using a glyph to shoot toward her. Cinder heard the singing noise as Weiss sped toward her and quickly turned to face the heiress.

But Weiss smartly stopped short of Cinder, Myrtenaster was still pointed at her and electricity crackled around the blade before it shot out from the point and jumped to Cinder. Cinder hadn’t been expected it and was helpless to do anything as the electricity coursed through her and sent her muscles into spasms.

Weiss used another glyph to speed past Cinder’s right side, Myrtenaster trailing behind her and slashing against Cinder’s side. Weiss stopped quickly and closed the distance in an instant, standing at Cinder’s back, she slashed an ‘x’ into that red dress before drawing the blade back and slamming it’s point into the ‘x’. Ice burst from the hilt of Myrtenaster before it quickly crawled along the blade and exploded against Cinder’s back.

Now it was Cinder’s turn to be thrown off her feet and thump against the ground roughly. The ‘x’ Weiss had cut into Cinder was now covered in ice, the solid remained there and Weiss wasn’t done with it. Weiss summoned a glyph and gliding, lowered to the ground, toward Cinder where she lay. Before Cinder could get up, she felt Weiss place her hand against her back, followed by a burst of excruciating pain and she couldn’t help but yell as she felt her back become painfully cold.

Weiss spun out of her dash to face Cinder. She watched as Cinder withered in pain and arched her back as the ice on her back contorted and embedded into her flesh as the glyph Weiss placed over it, pulled the ice into something that vaguely resembled the Schnee symbol.

“I guess we’re even now.” Weiss said coolly, just as Cinder began to come to terms with the pain and get her body under control. Cinder glared up at the girl in front of her, that pathetic little Schnee brat.

Cinder picked herself up, forcing herself not to wince or cringe from the pain, that icy pain that washed over her body, as if it had a heart beat and pulsed frequently. Cinder felt what the heiress had done to her, she could feel the marks in her back and the icy shards that remained there.

“Revenge is a bitch isn’t it.” Weiss spoke again, continuing to hold her gaze with Cinder.

“I’ve had enough.” Cinder said, her dress glowing again but this time it was a much more intense glow.

“We both know you are nearly out of aura and it seems you have underestimated me. You have landed a hit, but that will be your first and your last.”

Weiss’ eyes widened and she took an involuntary step back as Cinder was engulfed in flames. Her eyes were burning intensely and her entire dress seemed to be made of fire.

What scared Weiss the most was the amount of aura she could feel coming from Cinder. This may very well be the end.


Where the hell are they?

“Weiss?!” Ruby called from the warehouse, looking around for her partner. “Weiss?!” She continued as she climbed the stairs.

The feeling Ruby had continued to grow within her and it was making the red head more and more desperate to find her. At least she had the necklace right? But Ruby wasn’t sure if it had been refilled since it was used in that sparring match. Ruby had been feeding it aura but she could only do it in small portions before someone noticed her flaring her aura in their dorm. Ruby hoped it would be enough.

Ruby reached the top of the stairs and immediately saw the gaping hole in the wall.


Ruby didn’t know how long she had been fighting Cinder for and it only succeeded in making her even more afraid.

“Ruby I’m nearly there, please just wait.”

There was that damn voice again. Ruby couldn’t understand where it was coming from or why she was hearing it. She didn’t care about it anyway, all she cared about was finding Weiss.


Ruby quickly spotted a flash from the other side of the building in front of her, and when she listened she heard grunting. She looked over and realised that it wasn’t a flash, but it was a continuous light that seemed to flicker like a fire.



Weiss was shocked, she was shocked and afraid. She felt a wave of darkness fall over her as she realised that there was no escaping this. She had made a horrible mistake and now she was going to pay. The only think that seemed to keep Weiss somewhat composed in the face of her death was the thought that Ruby would be safe. Weiss seemed to draw the unlucky card, having to fight Cinder, who she was sure was the strongest, so Weiss was certain that Blake or Yang had gotten to Ruby.

Weiss began to squint as Cinder drew closer to her, the light radiating from her body growing more intense with each step. Weiss didn’t want to die and she wasn’t about to go down without a fight, she knew after this they wouldn’t leave them alone. They would continue to hunt RWBY down, so Weiss had to at least try. It felt like the end, but Weiss wasn’t one to believe in feelings, at least not these ones.

Weiss tightened her grip on Myrtenaster, gathering what aura she had left to try and withstand whatever was coming. Cinder stopped walking and raised her palm toward Weiss, “Fire and ice, it’s simple”


The flames around Cinder seemed to move and congregate around her palm for the briefest of moments before it circled around her hand and exploded outward. There was a huge shockwave that blasted vertically from Cinder’s hand, echoing a thunder like boom through the air.

Weiss cringed and closed her eyes as the fire approached her rapidly, summoning all the aura she could and pouring it into one glyph. When she did, she found that there was much more aura than she expected, except unlike her usual aura, this aura felt warm and for the briefest of moments before she shut her eye’s she saw her glyph flash red.

Cinder didn’t expect the glyph to do anything, no matter how strong it was, her attack was going to hit the girl. What Cinder wasn’t expecting was Weiss to explode in a brilliant flash of red and roses.

Weiss felt the fire ball hit her, but she didn’t feel the heat that came with it or the scorching pain of being burnt. What she did feel however was a burst of power explode from somewhere near her neck.

When Weiss opened her eye’s she found herself lying on the floor meters away from Cinder who was lying on the floor too. “What?”

It was then that Weiss began to feel strange, as if something was missing. She felt cold, but she didn’t understand why that felt strange to her. They say you don’t realise something is there until it’s gone and Weiss was beginning to believe it. Weiss felt cold, she felt as if there had been a warmth wrapped around for as long as she could remember and now it had been stripped away from her.

Weiss thought back, tried to remember what the warmth she felt was. She absentmindedly brought her hand up to her neck, feeling the necklace Ruby made for her. Weiss’ heart dropped and her breath hitched.

“Oh no! Please no. Ruby!”


Ruby was running across the roof when she heard the explosion. The boom urged her to move faster but shortly after she heard it, her heart thumped loudly and her vision pulsed. Ruby came to a halt, dropping to her knees.

‘What the-‘

“ARGH!” Ruby yelled out as she clutched her chest. What was this? It hurt so much, so much pain. Her heart felt as if it had literally shattered. Another heart beat and another bout of pain.

Ruby dropped onto her hands, breathing heavily and cringing as the pain wouldn’t go away. Ruby forced herself to stand back up, she had to get to Weiss. She didn’t know what this was but she had to push through.

Ruby took a step toward the edge of building, her foot touched the floor and pain rumbled through her. Ruby dropped to the floor in a heap, her body trembling uncontrollably. ‘Why?’

She felt her heart beat slow at an alarming rate, every delayed beat followed by another wave of pain. She felt so weak, so small.

Ruby tried to get back up, making it onto her knees before she wretched forward and collapsed. It was then that Ruby felt it, felt the source of the pain. She delved inside herself and found that there was a part missing. A part of her had been torn from out, ripped out of her without mercy, it felt as if someone had ripped an umbilical cord out of her, tearing free flesh and muscle. Except this wasn’t flesh, it was her soul, her aura. It was the part she offered to Weiss in the necklace, Ruby realised the necklace had been broken. Weiss was in trouble!

It was that thought that somehow made Ruby stand up, still clutching her chest and trembling weakly. She stumbled to the edge of the roof, looking over the area finding Cinder and Weiss lying on the floor not too far from each other, Cinder already getting up.

“Weiss.” Ruby said so weakly she wasn’t sure whether she had said it at all.

Ruby stood on the edge of the roof, barely keeping herself up, her heart continuing to radiate that sickening pain through her. Ruby felt her heart beat one last time, felt the pain wash over her and felt the world stretch away from her. She shuddered as the world went dark and she toppled over the edge of the building.

The last thing she heard was her mother calling her name. “Ruby!”



Weiss had no doubt about it, no matter how much it hurt her to believe it she knew what it was. The warmth that she was describing, it was the warmth she felt whenever she was with Ruby, it was the warmth that saved her, the warmth she fell in love with. It was the warmth that she could not live without. ‘No no no no no!’

Weiss didn’t know where she was but she had to get up. Just as she turned over to push herself off the floor she spotted someone standing on the building. Weiss watched the person as they stood there, before they swayed slightly and fell off the edge, cloak trailing as they fell.


Weiss willed her body to move faster, to get up and to move. She tried to summon a glyph but she had no aura left. Weiss’ heart began to beat faster and her hands began to tremble. She saw Cinder standing up but she didn’t care about her, she had to make it to Ruby.

Weiss ran and it seemed the world had slowed down. Ruby seemed to float as she fell, her cloak flapping gently as she fell. It was all Weiss could see at the moment, Ruby falling toward the ground, she knew she wasn’t going to reach her in time.

“RUBY!” Weiss yelled, tears rolling down her cheeks as she ran.


Ruby slammed onto the ground beneath with a solid thump. Ruby was barely conscious, she felt so far away from herself, she didn’t feel connected to her body she felt like she had begun to drift away, away from her world. But she couldn’t, she had Weiss.


She heard someone call her name faintly and it seemed to reel her back in slightly.

“Ruby hold on.”

That was a different voice, her mother’s. This time it seemed to bring her back, back enough for her vision to return.

Ruby rolled her head to the side to find Weiss running toward her, fear filling those icy eye’s Ruby loved to lose herself in. Ruby noticed Weiss was hurt and alarm ran through her, but it quickly passed as she couldn’t do anything.

Ruby had the strangest feeling as she watched Weiss ran toward her. It was such a dark feeling, so dark it made Ruby want to close her eyes and be gone again, hidden away from it. As she watched Weiss run toward her, she couldn’t help but feel like this was the end, this was where it finished.

Cinder appeared behind Weiss, a little off to the side, Ruby saw her in her peripheral vision. That feeling grew within her, it clawed at her heart and tore it up. ‘No’ Ruby pleaded. Pleaded to herself, to Cinder, to the world! She didn’t want it to end, it had just begun. ‘No! Please! Weiss!’

Ruby watched as Cinder raised her hand, aimed it at Weiss, who stumbled and was still running. Ruby watched as the person she loved like nothing else in the world ran toward her, not caring for the woman off to the side, not caring for anything besides her at that moment. Ruby felt tears form at her eyes, she couldn’t do a thing, she was being pulled away again and her heart began to cave in as she watched.

Watched as a fiery red streak passed straight through Weiss’ chest. Right through her heart.

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