Two White Loved Ones

A White Loved One

“Breaking news! Two stores in downtown Vale have been attacked both at the same time and detectives are certain they are both linked. It has been reported that it had involved a second year team from Beacon Academy called, RWBY and that their leader, Ruby Rose has been taken. Authorities are asking for any witnesses to come forth as soon as possible, this girl could very well be in a life or death situation.”

“Winter, isn’t that Weiss’ team?” Winter’s mother asked, glancing at her daughter from the tv.

“Yeah it is.” Winter replied, staring at the news feed which was reeling through photos of the two trashed stores.

“Should we give her a call?” Her mother asked again.

“No. I’ll go check on her myself.” Winter said casually.

“What?” Her mother turned to her daughter, just in time to see her leave the room in a hurry.


“Where the hell is Ruby!?” Yang yelled, stomping around behind the warehouses.

Yang had indeed found Torchwick in the warehouse she walked into. It was bitter sweet, she had hoped to find her sister, she wanted to be the one to insure her safety, Yang wanted to bring her home. But as it happened, she settled with beating the crap out of the sick, immature red headed criminal instead.

But of course, in true Torchwick fashion, when the tide of battle favoured toward the blonde, he made a getaway. He dropped a container that had been hanging above them as they fought, giving him a window to escape without Yang seeing where her went. By the time she busted through the wall of the warehouse, he was gone, and so was pretty much everyone else.

Yang had stormed over to the side, where she saw a series of scorch marks and torn up pavement, someone had a fight here before them. Yang was surveying the scene when Blake walked up behind her.

“Where’s Ruby?” Yang asked carefully, seriously unsure whether she wanted to hear the answer.

“She went to find Weiss.” Blake replied, just as carefully.


“Yeah. She rambled something about Cinder and then ran off.”

“You let her go!” Yang raised her voice and stepped closer toward her partner, towering over her slightly.

“Yang she didn’t really give me a choice!”

“Why didn’t you follow her!?”

“I came to look for you!”

“What! Why?!”

“Because you’re my partner! I was worried!”

“Why weren’t you worried about Ruby!? The one this is all about!”

“Because Ruby isn’t my sister!”

“So? So you just leave her!”

“Yang I didn’t leave her!”

“Where is she Blake!? Where is my sister?!” Yang yelled at Blake, stepping toward her and causing Blake to take a step back.

“Yang I-“ Blake wanted to give her an answer, but she didn’t have one.

“What about Adam?! What happened to him?!”

“What?” Blake asked confused.

“You know, the guy you let go and started all of this!”

Blake’s eyes narrowed as she picked up the implication. “Yang, I did not let him go!”

Blake felt the air around her become warmer, warmer and hotter. She heard Yang take in a deep breath before the blonde stepped toward her and grabbed her arm roughly.

“Blake you let him go. You didn’t even bother to stop him. You found Ruby and then you let her go and now, she’s gone. Why is it that I can only blame you?” Yang said quietly, pulling Blake intimidatingly closer, her eyes turning red.

Blake stared up into Yang’s burning eyes, it hurt her to realise that she couldn’t find the warmth in those eyes that she usually could. She only found fire and anger. This was her partner, the person she felt so close to, dangerously close, but she understood why Yang was acting like this.

“Because you’re scared.”

Yang blinked, stunned by the response. “What!’ She spat.

“Yang, you’re scared that something is going to happen to Ruby and I understand that, but I promised you nothing will happen to her. So please, come back to me, come back as my partner and not as the brute I’m looking at right now.”

Yang blinked a few more times, before she leaned back and let go of Blake’s arm. Blake had to force herself not to rub the red spot on her arm that was feeling painfully warm. Yang’s eye returned to their usual lilac, the soft lilac that Blake was more than happy to see, but Yang looked away from the faunas, ashamed of what she had just done to her partner.

Blake sighed and moved to turn Yang around to face her, but a voice caused them both to turn around.

“So, looks like you’re not the only one missing a sister.”



“Aah! Ow!”

Ruby groaned and swayed as she slowly came to. Instantly regretting waking up when her body tingled painfully, radiating from everywhere at the same time. Her back ached beyond imagine, radiating a dull pain that emerged from her spine and reached out to her fingertips. But that wasn’t what was hurting her most. There was a strange sensation, coming from what felt like the centre of her body, the centre of her being. It felt like a huge gash had been torn down her middle and the wound was being pulled open from the sides and it just bled. Bled what Ruby felt to be herself, her soul. When she woke, besides the insane amounts of pain, she realised that she was extremely low on aura, and the pain she felt, felt as if it was flowing through her just as she felt her aura flow out of her.

Ruby scrunched her face up, trying to squeeze the pain out of her before she finally opened her eyes. She looked around, squinting through the pain as she tried to make out her location. She seemed to be underground, the only light being artificial leading her to believe so. She felt chains around her wrists and when she tugged at them she found that there was little to no slack available.

There was a door across from her, probably leading to the surface and that seemed to be it. There was nothing noteworthy besides the door where Ruby sat, chained to a wall.

So, having scoped out her surroundings, Ruby began to dig around her memory to find out what happened to her.

There was the warehouse, then there was Blake followed by her running around. The last memory Ruby should conjure was the one where she was falling to the ground. But what happened after? Ruby knew there was something after, something important, but what was it.

Just then something landed in front of her in a heap, its pieces scattering pathetically around her knees. Ruby looked down at the shards, trying to piece together what it was. It was red and it seemed to shine and one of the larger pieces looked like a part of a rose.

“Huu!” Ruby inhaled sharply as the last part of her memory came rushing back to her, slamming into her like a truck.

Ruby stared down at the necklace but all she could see was Weiss running toward her. All she could feel was her heart beat and shudder, all she heard was Weiss yell her name. Then the part she couldn’t believe, the moment she still didn’t believe actually happened, the moment Weiss chest was blown through by a streak of fire.


Ruby strained against the chains around her wrists, yanking it taught as it rattled violently. Her eyes became wild and frantic and her breath began to come out shallow and raspy.

“Oh No! No! No no no NO!”

Ruby slammed her eyes shut, thrashing her head trying to shake the image out of her mind. Ruby began to tremble and she yanked on the chain again. The image of Weiss falling to the ground haunting her mind, burnt there permanently. ‘No! It didn’t happen! It didn’t happen!’

‘It didn’t happen. Couldn’t have happened’

“Weiss!” Ruby yelled as if her partner would answer her call. Ruby began to shake and tremble, she felt her resolve begin to shatter. She couldn’t believe the image in her mind, there was no way Weiss was dead.

Just thinking the words made Ruby feel sick. She needed to get out. Needed to get out and find Weiss, where ever she was, Ruby knew she was alive, there was no way she was dead.

Ruby hopelessly pulled on her bindings, ignoring the pain as she felt the shackles dig into her skin and tear it. Why was this happening? Why did Ruby have to keep seeing things like this? First in her dreams and now in real life.

“Stop that.” A voice said calmly as she continued to yank on the chain.

Ruby looked up and found Cinder watching her, her face as neutral as ever, yet Ruby could only see nothing but evil.

“Where’s Weiss?” Ruby questioned.

“Where? What do you mean ‘where’?”

“Where is she? Where is my partner!?”

“I don’t think ‘where’ is the right word. Weiss Schnee is dead.”

“No she isn’t!” Ruby yelled back, that image flashing momentarily and causing her heart to beat painfully.

“I do believe she is. I saw her chest burst with my own two eyes, she hit the floor and remained there, in a pool of her own blood, a gaping hole where her stone heart no doubt had been.”

“NO! You’re lying!” Ruby yelled, swallowing the bile she felt climb up her throat at the description Cinder had just provided.

“I am NOT!” Cinder yelled back and threw something at Ruby. The object landed in front of her and rattled to a halt just out of her reach. It was Weiss’ sword. Its white finish stained red with blood.

Ruby knew who’s blood it was, the smell of it was enough to make her wretch to the side and vomit. Ruby hacked and spluttered as the smell seemed to linger around her nose. But once the smell dissipated, Ruby was sick a second time when she realised that it was Weiss’ blood. ‘She said she would never leave me. We just grew closer and now she’s going to be taken from me?’

Ruby slowly turned back around, she had to force herself to say the words she wanted.

“I won’t believe it until I see a body.”

“I burnt it.”

“You what!?” No! Surely Cinder wasn’t that cruel.

“I burnt her where she lay, so that there would be no part of her left in this world.”

“No.” Ruby breathed, slouching where she sat. She felt so weak for some reason, so fragile and vulnerable, she felt naked, as if something had been stripped from her.

The part of her heart that was Weiss, was gone.

“Weiss?” It was more of a question rather than anything else. Ruby said it in such a small, broken voice it was nothing short of pathetic to Cinder. She scoffed and turned toward the door, leaving Ruby alone.

Tears began to roll down her cheeks and her body began to rattle from her sobs.


Every time she said her name Ruby felt nothing but anguish and sorrow, but as much as it hurt it was all she had left of the heiress, all she could call upon. It was the only thing that felt real at that moment, the only thing that mattered.


Ruby’s sobs turned to wails as it all came crashing down on top of her, painfully and without mercy. It was as if someone had dropped a tonne of stones on top of her and she couldn’t help but topple over onto her side. Ruby brought her knees up to her chest, tucking her head between them in an attempt to hide from the world. She continued to wail uncontrollably, the wail of a mother who had just lost their child, the wail of someone who had someone shove their hand into their chest and ripped their heart out. It was the painful cry of someone who had just broken.

With each passing moment more and more of Ruby began to dissolve away. More and more Ruby gave up and let herself be taken by whatever wound she felt within her. She stopped caring about the growing pain within her just as she stopped caring whether her heart continued to crumble. For her, it was all over.

Ruby had felt this way one time before and it was a wonder she got out of it. She didn’t know whether she could this time.

Just like her mother, Weiss had been taken from her. Just like her mother, she said she would never leave. Just like her mother, she was never coming back.

“Was it necessary to go as far to tell her you burnt the body?” Emerald asked as Cinder strolled through the door, leaving Ruby’s painful wails behind to be blocked by the door.

“It was necessary to break her. Besides, she wouldn’t believe that she died.”

“Did she?”

“I’m more than certain that she did.” Cinder asked seething at the memory of their battle, feeling the mark in her back tingle again.

The two women walked up a flight of stairs before entering another room, one a little more furnished then the one Ruby was in.

“So what now?” Emerald asked as they walked toward Torchwick and Mercury, the former nursing a bruise on his chin.

“Now we wait, the rest of them will sure to be coming, it’s a matter of time before we defeat them. Their teammate is dead and their leader is broken and dying, the remaining two will be easy.”

“Speak for yourself.” Torchwick spoke, rubbing another wound on his side.

“Don’t be cocky next time.” Mercury teased with a grin.

Torchwick scoffed and turned away from the boy mumbling under his breath. “I hope she beats you up when she gets here.”

Then Cinder spoke, “Mercury and Emerald, move the girl. We should get ready.”


“So you don’t know where Weiss is?”

“No Winter. We don’t know where Weiss and we don’t know where Ruby is. We can only hope and presume that they have been taken, alive, to where ever they are.”

“Gee well that’s reassuring.”

“Winter for someone who has lost there sister, you seem pretty casual.”

“I know Weiss is fine.”

“Oh yeah? Why’s that?” Yang turned to the younger girl walking alongside Blake.

“Because she’s my snow angel and she’s not a loud to leave me.” Winter replied simply, as casual as saying the sky is blue.

“Yeah well so did Ruby’s mum. She never came back.”

“Yang!” Blake warned, sending her partner a sharp look.

“What? It’s true. Although it may sound harsh and cruel but it’s true. Ruby’s one biggest mistake was assuming the people she needed or wanted in life would simply never leave her. So when Summer was killed Ruby was shocked beyond description. I dare even say she went into denial at one point. It was so hard to watch her go through those waves of emotions, anger, guilt, disbelief, grief the list goes on. Winter don’t be ignorant like that, nothing good comes from it.”

There was a short silence between the three girls as they walked down the harbour, no real destination in mind.

“I understand Yang. But, I just feel that she hasn’t left, at least not yet.”

Another silence fell over the trio, those dark words floating around their minds, threatening to sink into their hearts and make them fear the worst.

“Where do we even go?”


Several hours had passed since both Ruby and Weiss went ‘missing’, in fact that sun was beginning to rise when Blake, Yang and Winter got their first hint to whatever their next move should be.


“Blake! Blake answer it!” Yang called as she was dragged from her sleep by the ringing of Blake’s scroll.


“Alright alright!” Blake pulled her scroll toward her and opened it up.

“It’s a message.”

“From who!?” Both Yang and Winter sprang from where they were lying on the ground, having decided to sleep in a nearby park, just in case someone came back.

“Unknown number. It says, ‘Come to this location, Ruby is there, I’ll be there too but I need your help. When you get there wait for me before you do anything, trust me’ and that’s it.”

Winter and Yang shared a glance, “What?” They asked.

“There’s an address, it’s not too far from here. They want us to go there tonight”

“Should we trust them?” Winter asked, looking at the two older girls in front of her.

“We don’t have any other leads really.” Blake stated.

“So let’s go! If Ruby is there I’m bringing her home, alive, no matter what or who is in my way!”

“And I’m bringing Weiss back too!”

“We should probably get some rest. Yang you need to heal up and regain your aura, you still haven’t recovered from your fight with… with uh Adam.” Blake said carefully, making sure not to pull on any nerves.

“I’m fine.”

“Yes but you’d rather be in a much better state to get Ruby back wouldn’t you? We should rent a room and leave at night.”

“Oh hey.” Yang pulled out her own scroll, finding her own messages.

“I have a bunch of messages from JNPR and the others. What should I say?”

“Lie. We shouldn’t get them involved unless it’s necessary. We can’t risk losing more people.”

“We won’t lose any people.” Yang said sternly, looking Blake straight in the eye.

“I refuse to lose anyone again. As long as my fire still burns I will do everything I can to keep you all here.”

Yang didn’t voice the thought she was having as she said that. Yang loved Ruby so much, she was her sister and they grew up together, even if they were ‘half-sister’s’ Yang loved Ruby more than anything else in the world, more than her bike, more than her hair.

But as she said those words, she didn’t know why but she could only think of one person. It was true she had feelings for this person, she had done for a while, but right now they felt stronger than ever. It was as if Yang was being told something, perhaps she was being reminded that it wasn’t only Ruby who was in danger, they all were. Whatever it was, Yang just knew that she would be the one to protect them, she would have to be the one there for Winter and for Blake.

Yang refused to lose anyone else, not on her watch. She was going to make sure they returned to Beacon as team RWBY. Ruby, Weiss, herself and Blake.

She would not forgive herself if one of them did not make it home.
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