Two White Loved Ones

Never Let Go

Torchwick was more than happy to stand to the side and watch as that faunas girl fought the faunas boy, the one with the permanent serious face. ‘Some people really need to lighten up’ He thought as he lit a cigar, he paused and looked at the smoke, thinking over what he just said. ‘I hate puns.’

Blake and Ityei both stalked toward each other, sharing similar expressions, both as emotionless as the other. Blake walked confidently toward her opponent, lifting Gamboul Shroud off her back, sliding the sheath portion free, spinning it in her left hand to hold it in reverse. Ityei slowly unsheathed his katana, the black blade hissing softly as it came free.

When the two came within ten meters of each other, Ityei didn’t waste any time, immediately dashing toward Blake. His sword slashed straight through Blake, but her figure wavered and shimmered away. Ityei was no doubt surprised when he found his enemy to not be there and looked around frantically to find her. Up!

His head shot up just into time to see the faunas falling toward him, sword swinging at him. He immediately leaped back, Blake’s katana narrowly missing his skull. Blake expected just as much, tucking into a ball and landing in a crouch, taking less than a second to spring back toward Ityei. Their blades clashed against each other, the blades themselves a mere blur as the two ninja’s moved with expert skill.

Ityei’s black sword came to rest against Gamboul Shrouds sheath, poised high above Blake’s head. She lashed out with her free hand, clashing her katana against his, knocking it to the side. Ityei spun into the action, coming around with a powerful horizontal slash that released a shockwave beyond the reach of the sword. But Blake had flipped up above Ityei and landed behind him.

What he didn’t realise was that Blake had collapsed her sword into its scythe form and had thrown it so that it wrapped around his sword as she flipped over his head. Blake spun around and yanked on her ribbon, pulling Ityei forward, and leaving him open. Blake pulled her scythe free, and as it soared past her, she pulled on the ribbon to fire the pistol. The scythe immediately changed trajectory and was making its way toward Ityei. The scythe cut along his chest before it swung back around to slash across his chest again. Blake lifted her hand above her head and swung the ribbon around twice, the first time the scythe made its way across the top of Ityei chest. The second time, Blake stepped forward, causing the blade to wrap around his neck, at which point Blake yanked roughly on the ribbon, pulling Ityei forward toward her. Blake used a clone to push herself to meet Ityei halfway, where she brought Gamboul Shroud’s sheath portion, up in front of her, to cut roughly across his upper body.

Blake spun out of the action, coming to rest with her katana flipping elegantly along it’s ribbon back into her hands, where it re-contracted into the katana. Blake took her stance, left foot forward, her sheath held in front of her horizontally, ready to block an attack. Her katana held in her right hand, pulled back and tilted forward, the point trained on her opponent. She watched as Ityei slowly got to his feet, her amber eyes staring straight at him. He stood up and looked back at Blake, silent and still. Before his image wavered and he disappeared.


“Have fun little lady!” Torchwick called from his position, leaning against a post and smoking.

Blake snarled and made her way toward him, before Ityei suddenly appeared before her and lashed out at her. She was to slow to block the attacks and staggered back, pain lancing across her body. She glanced at Torchwick and he tipped his hat and winked at her.

“You sly piece of sh-“

Blake was cut off as her feet were thrown out from under her and she landed roughly on her back.

“Keep your eyes on the ball kitty.” Torchwick continued.

“Oh you are so going to get i- Gah!”

Torchwick laughed as Blake was thrown to her feet again by a seemingly invisible force. “Hahaha, oh this is fun.”


Mercury and Emerald shared a glance as they looked at the little girl before them. She may be only a few years under them, but she just looked small and young. To her credit, she did look rather confident, with her rapier pointed at them steadily and her expression unchanging.

“Ladies first?” Mercury offered to Emerald.

“Wouldn’t it be easier if we both went?”

“Nah, I think you’d just get in my way.”

“Haha very funny.” Emerald replied snarkly. “Fine, I’ll be right back.”

“I’m sure you will.” Mercury replied, crossing his arms as his partner in crime walked forward to deal with the girl.

Emerald got within earshot before she stopped and spoke up. “Listen kid we really don’t have to-“

Winter was having none of it, flicking her rapier lightly and shooting off a single streak of ice toward the green haired lady. Emerald turned to the side, letting the icicle streak past her harmlessly, it was a warning shot, or more of a ‘no talking lets fight’ shot. Emerald turned back to the girl, who was still looking as determined as ever, “Well alright.”

Emerald quickly drew her two hand cannons as she ran, pointing them forward and squeezing the trigger.

Winter held her ground, deflected each bullet with the flick of the wrist, not moving until Emerald was practically on her. Emeralds cannon’s flipped around into two daggers and she brought her left hand around in a low arc as she got close to Winter. Winter gracefully flipped to the side, landing on a glyph in the air which had just conjured. The glyph launched her forward toward another glyph shooting her back toward Emerald.

Winter shot toward her from behind, her rapier slicing across her side. Winter landed on her feet as she skidded to a halt, back in front of Emerald.

“Not bad.” Emerald stated, ignoring the slight pain.

“You should see my sister.” Winter replied evenly, taking her stance again.

“Maybe after you I might get to.” Emerald replied with a smile, before she dashed toward Winter.

Emerald quickly found herself slamming into a solid object, something like a wall. But when she staggered back she found that it was another glyph that was just highly transparent. The glyph spun quickly as it became a light blue and quickly fired off a series of icy projectiles toward her. Emerald quickly flipped her daggers up and deflected the projectiles, shooting the last one out of the sky.

When she lowered her gun she was in time to witness Winter gliding toward her, her white hair flowing behind her. Emerald rolled out of the way of another attack, coming out of it and squeezing off a few more rounds at Winter’s side, which the white haired girl quickly deflected before charging at her again. Their blades clashed together and they held there for a moment, before Emerald heard something click within Winter’s rapier and an arc of lighting emitted from the hilt. Emerald leaped back just before the rapier exploded with arcs of electricity just where her head had been.

Winter was ready to dash back toward her opponent, before she found her rapier being kicked upward and a foot slammed into her gut before she felt it fire something and launch her backward. She slid to a stop with her hand on the floor and her other holding her stomach. She looked up and Found Mercury with his leg pushed out, just as he kicked her. He lowered his leg and looked at Winter with a smile.

“Mind if I join in?”


“Ruby! Ruby!”

Ruby’s eyes shot open as she was suddenly pulled back from wherever she was. That last image of her mother crying staying with her long after her eyes were open. It took her a moment to adjust to feeling much more alive than recently, before she finally focused on the person looking over her.







Ruby shot up and threw her arms around her partner’s neck, accidently pulling her down to the floor. Weiss let at a squeal as she was violently yanked down toward Ruby.

“Weiss! What- what happened? You-you-“ Ruby still couldn’t bring herself to say it.

Weiss pulled free from Ruby’s arms, pulling Ruby up with her. Weiss felt Ruby gently touch her cheek, so gently it seemed Ruby felt that she could fade away at any moment, those silver eyes saying the same thing.

Weiss took Ruby’s hand and held it to her cheek, holding it there firmly as she watched her partner slowly come to terms with what was going on. Ruby’s eyes began to quiver softly as she stared into Weiss’ eyes, before she dived into Weiss and began to cry into her stomach. Weiss dropped her hand onto Ruby’s back, rubbing her gently as she cried and mumbled incomprehensibly.


Ruby held onto Weiss tighter and tighter with each moment, her fingers curling against the cloak around her partner. Ruby forced herself to pull away from the hug to find Weiss with a white cloak around her, the cloak her mum wore, the one she gave her just then.

“You’re wearing my mum’s cloak?” Ruby sniffled, looking at her partner.

“The cloak is like the necklace you gave me, it’s filled with her aura, which is how she saved me.”

“Is that what she was talking about?”

“In a way, I would assume so. Your mother found me shortly after the….incident. She was there but she wasn’t there at the same time, it was strange. She was like a shadow of herself, I don’t know how to explain it but it just felt like it. She gave me her cloak to save me and it seemed it was the aura she had left because when I woke up she was gone, but I could still feel her presence.”

“So the cloak has her aura in it?”

“Seems so.”

“Is that how you were able to do all those super awesome super-fast moves?!”

“Yes Ruby I think so.” Weiss answered with a laugh. Awarding her with a smile from her partner, a smile which lifted her spirits and made her feel warm and fuzzy inside.

“Is she still there?” Ruby asked, now with a much more serious tone.

“Yes.” Ruby’s eyes lit up, “But she’s too far to come back enough to speak to her, sorry Ruby.”

“It’s ok. I’m just really glad your back. I thought you were gone forever, I was dying inside it was horrible.”

Weiss couldn’t help but feel a little guilty, she had an idea about how Ruby must have felt and just thinking about it hurt her to think about.

“I know, I’m sorry, I never wanted any of this to happen. I’m so sorry I made a promi-“

Weiss was cut off when she felt Ruby’s lips pressed against hers. She was startled and almost broke the kiss before she recovered and gave in to it. Weiss felt that familiar warmth she craved every day wash through her, the tingling sensation that ran down to the pit of her heart and warmed her up so lovingly. Weiss wrapped her arms around Ruby and pulled her in closer, holding her as close to herself as possible.

Ruby let Weiss take control and let herself be pulled into the heiress, basking in the icy warmth she felt from her partner. It was such a strange sensation that she still couldn’t describe, it felt cold, but it was a good cold, a refreshing cold that made her tingle and dance and made her heart beat faster than it should. Ruby was convinced the battle was over and they were the only two people around, willing to let herself be lost in Weiss arms, but the boom and clangs of the battle below brought her to where she needed to be.

Ruby forced herself to break the kiss, looking Weiss in the eye.

“We have to go.”

Weiss simply nodded, standing up and helping Ruby up with her. The two partners walked to the edge of the building, looking over the three battles that were underway beneath them.

“The cloak suits you really well Weiss.” Ruby said with a grin.

“Does it really?” Weiss replied clooking down at it.

“Mhmm.” Ruby replied with a bright smile and adorable nod.

Weiss laughed, “Thank you Ruby.”

They glanced at each other one last time before both of them shot off the roof, a loud boom resonating as they both broke the sound barrier. A mix of roses and snowflakes floating around each other in the wind.

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