Two White Loved Ones

This isn't a picnic

“Well this is nice” Pyrrah chirped as she looked between the silent members of team RWBY out in Forever Fall. Ruby decided that a picnic with team JNPR would make ‘waking up so early worth it’, or so she hoped. Yang was reasonably happy with the idea, Blake didn’t seem to have an opinion and Weiss, well Ruby still hadn’t figured out how she felt about the idea. Her expression was the same from the moment Ruby pronounced the idea to the moment they arrived at their spot. It wasn’t until they had all sat down and Nora happily tried to shove a cookie in her mouth that she changed her mood.

“Open uuuuup! Here comes the aeroplane!” Nora said as if talking to a child, making plane noises as she flew the cookie towards Weiss’ sealed lips.

“Nora leave her alone” Ren said in a way that made it sound as if he was saying it more out of habit than anything else.

Ruby watched the display nervously, worried how the stern faced heiress would react when the cookie made contact.

“C’mon Weisssssss it’s about to craaash” Nora called, waving the cookie in front of Weiss’ mouth.

Weiss looked at her, arms folded and opened her mouth to most likely scold the orange haired grenadier.

But as soon as her lips parted a fraction, Nora slammed the cookie into her mouth, “GOAL!” she yelled, throwing her arms in the air and falling onto her back, landing in Ren’s lap, causing him to drop his sandwich.

Ruby’s mouth dropped in shock, Yang dropped the chicken drumstick she was holding, Blake’s eyes went wide, Jaune froze and Pyrrah brought her hand up to cover her mouth.

Weiss recoiled as her mouth was abruptly filled with sugar and chocolate, she turned her head as she coughed and splattered, trying not to choke on the biscuit. Both teams froze as they watched Weiss, except for Nora who continued to yell in celebration.

“Score one team JNPR, team RWBY zero! Whooo!” completely un-phased at what she had just done, she continued to cackle and dance around the picnic blanket.

Ruby watched the slightly crazy turquoise eyed girl, with an expression of utter bewilderment. Weiss had finally brought her coughing fit under control and turned back to face the two teams. Ren caught Nora’s hand as she passed by and brought her to a halt.

“Hey!” she complained looking at her partner and then to Weiss, “Uh oh”.

“Uh oh indeed” Jaune said softly.

Weiss looked at Nora, correction, she glared at the girl, wishing that she could truly live up to the title ‘ice princess’ and freeze the fearless member of JNPR on the spot. But instead she slowly stood up without taking her eyes off Nora, dusted the crumbs off her white dress, spun on her heel sharply and began to walk away.

Ruby extended a hand toward her but made no attempt to call her back, afraid of what might happen. But Nora had other ideas. “Round two!” she yelled, grabbing another cookie, and clearly not giving a care in the world about Weiss’ hostile and volatile nature, threw it at her like a shruiken.

“No!” this time Ruby yelled out, now very very afraid of the situation Nora was getting them into. But before the cookie made contact with the back of Weiss’ head it froze mid-flight, a black glyph circling around the sweet. Weiss had stopped walking, she seemed to take one deep breath before tuning sharply and waving her right hand across the glyph, turning it white and shooting the cookie back at Nora. It was so unexpected and it was moving so fast that it went straight into Nora’s forehead, sending her reeling backwards, to land on top of Ren.

Ruby inhaled sharply as Nora tumbled on top of Ren and a small cloud of cookie crumbs followed shortly after. She dared a glance back at Weiss who was sporting a very determined expression.

“What was that you said about this being nice?” Jaune whispered to Pyrrah.

“Uhh I’m not sure” she replied softly.

Nora sat up, brushing the cookie off her face and shaking her head, giving Weiss a surprised look.

“Uhh Weiss?” Ruby called cautiously as her partner had yet to say anything and she could practically feel the chill in the silence.

“Not good” Yang breathed, looking between Weiss and Nora, who was now reaching for the plate of cookies, again.

“Nora don’t!” Ren called a little too late.

Weiss’s eyes narrowed as six more cookies came flying at her again, she waved her arm gracefully and froze the cookies once more. She held her arm in position before thrusting it forward, sending the six cookies flying away from her. Nora was ready this time, blocking two with the plate, they exploded on impact. Two hit Jaune in the head and chest knocking him back, one smashed into the book Blake was reading, knocking it out of her hand and the last one Yang punched out of the air. Six small clouds of cookie debris floated around the two teams, before all hell broke loose.

Blake looked at the book that she was gladly enjoying being immersed in, now stained with chocolate chip cookie. Her hands still in their previous position, as if holding an invisible book, her finger and cat ears twitched in unison. In a flurry of motion, she picked up a bread roll in front of her, spun and threw it straight at Weiss, intent to kill.

Weiss’ eyes went wide as she saw the bread roll spinning though the air at unimaginable speeds. But she acted out of instinct, ripping her blade from its holster and slashing at the loaf as if parrying a sword. But instead of knocking the bread stick away from her, all Weiss succeeded in doing was slicing the front part of the roll off the rest of it, which still collided with her right shoulder.

“Let’s go team! While they weaken themselves!” Nora yelled, standing and pointing a finger at Blake and Weiss.

Pyrrah was busy helping Jaune up when Nora threw a small pie which hit Yang in the back of the head, splattering all over her most precious locks of hair. Ren took one look at Yang, exhaled and facepalmed.

“You did that on purpose didn’t you?” he asked shaking his head.

“Only the strongest shall fight the strongest!” She replied grabbing another pie, bringing her arm back to launch the second pie.

“Jaune are you okay?” Pyrrah asked, pulling Jaune back into a sitting position while dusting off bits of cookie out of his hair.

“Yeah I think I’m fi-” BANG! Jaune jumped in his seat as a loud shotgun blast rang through the air. Pyrrah’s hand instantly went to her sword hilt as she searched for the source, only to find a very angry RWBY member.

Yang blasted that second pie out the air with Ember Celica, her eyes burning with rage. Her precious blonde hair filled with raspberry and sweet pastry, sticky and, and ruined! She pumped her fist, cocking another round, kicked up the chicken in front of her and punched it toward Nora. Filled with rage Yang miscalculated the power in her punch and instead of launching the chicken toward her target, the chicken exploded on impact.

Wings, drumsticks and breasts flew off in multiple directions. Some scattered pieces of poultry even hit Ruby and Blake, some hit Jaune and the pieces that went straight towards Pyrrah, bounced off her shield.

Un-phased by her minor failure Yang pressed the offensive, kicking a watermelon, this time not too hard, straight toward the somewhat crazy girl. The melon exploded as Nora brought her arms up to protect her face. A shower of watermelon fell over Ren who was sitting behind Nora, the red fruit splattered all over Ren’s slick black hair and tail coat.

“Nora!” he yelled, flicking the melon out of his hair.

Nora turned to the side, looked at Yang and said, “Lets tango”.

Meanwhile, the black and white pair were still going at it. Ruby had resorted to hiding in her cloak while she watched bread rolls and crackers fly back and forth between them. Ruby heard Ember Celica’s loud call and turned to see the back of Yang’s hair covered in raspberry pie.

“Uh oh” she breathed, sinking further into her cloak. Ruby looked around and saw Jaune and Pyrrah sitting across the picnic blanket, Pyrrah brushing off chicken her leader.

“Pyrrah!” she called hoping to get some sort of assistance. Pyrrah looked toward Ruby and she sweetly waved back at the silver eyed girl. Jaune on the other hand was looking very fearful, his eyes darting between Nora, Yang and the various items of food that were being thrown between them.

“What do we do?” Ruby called.

“I guess” Pyrrah ducked under a piece of cake, “We can only join them” she said as she picked up a brownie, smiled her superstar smile, and then threw one of Ruby’s favourite sweet right at her.


“Aah!” Ruby squealed as she dived out of the way of two brown pieces of scrumptious delights, that she would rather be eating now. Why has it come to this? Why has her plan to have a lovely picnic in Forever Fall with team JNPR resulted in her hiding behind her cloak while one of Beacon’s best huntresses threw brownies at her?

Nora had a part in this, and then there was Weiss’ attitude, which she had to find out what that was all about. Then there was her sister and her obsession with her hair, Blake with her books and Pyrrah, well in her defence she was just getting in on the fun. She had to move, she couldn’t stay curled in a ball, pondering her many mistakes like a sitting duck. So she moved to the only place she felt safe, right behind her partner, whom was ironically part of the problem. “Weiss protect me!” Ruby called, latching onto her partners arm.

“Get off me you dunce! Can’t you see I’m in the middle of something?” Weiss argued, yanking her arm back and forth in an attempt to throw Ruby off her.

“But Weiss, Pyrrah’s throwing brownies at me. Brownies! You know there was a time when I loved brownies, and now I’m very afraid” Ruby continued, ignoring the heiress demands and latching on tighter than before. Unfortunately for Weiss it was her left arm that was being attacked, the arm that was holding Myrtenaster.

Weiss now had enough and turned to scold her child of a partner, “Ruby Rose I swear if you do not let go of me this instance I will- Baah!” Her mini lecture was cut short by a high speed can of grape soda, which hit her, quite forcefully, in the head, toppling her over and bringing the still attached Ruby with her. Ruby was up before you could say ‘people like grapes’ trying to help Weiss back to her feet.


“Ruby stop! This is exactly what you were like when we met! You’re always in my way!” Weiss yelled over Ruby’s pleas, smacking her hand away and lifting herself up.

“Where’s that coming from?” Ruby said in a small voice. A voice that made Weiss wince a little whenever she heard it.

“I don’t have time for this, nor is it the right place to have a discu-“

“Weiss watch out!” Ruby threw herself at the heiress mid-sentence, bringing them both to the ground once more. But as soon as they hit the ground Ruby was back up and dashing back the way they came.

“Ruby what in the world?!” Weiss was readying for another bout of scolding until she realised what had just happened. Ruby had, in essence just saved her from, what seemed like a very hungry, Beowolf.

By the time Weiss was on her feet, the monster was dead and fading away, but as she looked around she realised it was not alone. There was whole pack of them, and they were emerging from the trees that surrounded them all. They were getting boxed in. She looked to the others and saw that they too had averted their attention from the food to the more pressing issue. Yang and Nora were engaging two pairs of Ursa, which seemed like they followed the Beowulf pack just for fun, Pyrrah, Jaune and Ren were dealing with their own monsters and Blake was going solo for the time being.

Magnhild’s loud boom snapped Weiss into action, dashing forward to aid her partner, who was currently being circled by at least six of the creatures. Blade in hand, she glided straight into the back of one them, yanking her blade out and quickly moving to the next. Flicking her rapier to the side quickly before slashing at a wolf to her right, she readied her canister and primed a round of arc dust, and gracefully thrust her blade into the enemy. On contact, arcs of electricity burst from the point and sent the Beowulf in question into a series of convulsions, before all the arcs focused and joined at the point of her blade and suddenly shot out, striking another Beowulf and leaving a scorching hole in its chest.

Two down four to go. Weiss flicked her rapier to the side, like all good rapier users, and readied herself to… “Oh” she breathed, relaxing a little as Ruby stood with Crescent Rose over her shoulder and four dead Beowulf’s lying dead around her.

“Where did all these guys come from?” She asked moving to stand by her side.

“Who knows. Maybe they smelt the food” Weiss suggested.

“Or maybe they heard your yelling” Ruby muttered

“What was that?!” Weiss snapped.

“Oh looks like Yang might need some help” Ruby quickly said, before leaving a cloud of rose petals in her wake.

“Oh that insufferable little-“ Weiss couldn’t finish her sentence as her aura flared and she instinctively rolled to the side, just missing the claws of another Beowulf. Rolling onto her feet, she meet the gaze of three of the creatures, snarling and gnashing.

“Tsk! Disgusting” Weiss stated, spinning the barrel of her canister, priming burn dust, running her fingers along the blade smoothly before slashing in front of her horizontally. A line of fire burst from the rapier, moving toward the three monsters, and blasting them back on impact. Burning and howling, Weiss left them to their doom and turned to help Blake.

Blake was doing fine, fending off two Beowulf’s on her own was no big deal. But after dispatching at least ten of them and then having to continue to fight increasing numbers at the same time alone, was slowly taking a toll. Clones were appearing slower, fading quicker and with less power. She blamed her fatigue on her ruff night last night. Gamboul Shroud was making quick work of the Grimm, working in close quarters, Blake kept the weapon in sword position, not bothering with her bow. The cleaver sheath cut through them like butter and the sword blocked their swipes easily. Blake’s clones added to her speed and manoeuvrability allowing her to get behind them and cut them up without resistance. But now, well not so much.

She was slowing down was edging closer to the defensive, larger numbers pressing in on her, four versus one was never good odds, but tis the life of a huntress. Then again huntress’s don’t usually turn picnics into food fights.

Luckily huntresses are barely alone, and this cat had a snow angle to come to her rescue. A beowulf leaped at her, she brought up her sword to block the attack, but the canine was frozen mid-flight, a black glyph rotating around it. Distracted by the strange feat of gravity defiance, Blake was late to react when another of the four monsters swung their huge claws at her right side. Luckily, the Snow Queen, glided in between the two and an ice wall exploded into view.

The crystalline chinks and crackles were very befitting of the heiress, all graceful and, rather beautiful, but the dark creature frozen within the wall couldn’t be spared the same description. Still without missing a beat, Weiss slashed upwards at the third beowulf to the left, used a glyph to glide toward the one still held in mid-air, swiftly removed it’s head from its neck before proceeding to gut the forth one, before it burst into flames.

Blake raised an eyebrow at the display of pure brutality, a little unbefitting of the heiress, just a little.

“A little angry I see” Blake teased, tilted her head to one side.

“Oh please. When am I ever angry? This is how I always fight” She stated, as-a-matter-of factly. Although her act of slicing the frozen beowulf in half with a ‘humph’ didn’t help to prove her point.

“Riiight” Blake breathed, following the Schnee girl toward Yang and the others.

“And what about you? Kitty had a rough night?” Weiss teased, keeping a straight face.

“Excuse me-“


Blake was rudely cut off as the trees around them shook and the ground beneath their feet quivered at the sound of, of, “What was that?” Jaune breathed softly. Pyrrah yanked Miló out of a smoking beowulf before turning toward the sound.

“HIYAH!” BOOM! Nora continued, bringing down an Ursa with her grenade launcher. “Haha watch ya got now!”

Yang beckoned her with her hand, staring at the source of the noise. “Huh?” Nora breathed, following Yang’s gaze. “Oh” she breathed, dropping Magnhild a little. Every breathing thing in that clearing stopped, the beowulfs even seemed to whine and back away. The trees shook, scattering more flowers to the ground, as the beast moved toward them. Its heavy breathing could be heard from even that distance. The only person that did move was Ruby as she reloaded and cocked a round, ready to jump into action. Both Yang and Weiss noticed the action and prayed that she would at least wait to see what it was before jumping to attack it.

Boy weren’t they all luck that she waited.

That thing was huge.

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