Two White Loved Ones


Ruby had always been the fastest one in their team, if not the fastest in their year, maybe even their entire school, it wasn’t hard to believe. So imagine Ruby’s surprise to find Weiss shooting ahead of her as they made the very quick trip back to the ground. Weiss made it to the ground at least one whole second before Ruby, and to the red head that was a significant amount of time. They both touched the ground and Weiss turned to her partner, looking very pleased by Ruby’s ajar mouth and widened eyes, Weiss winked at Ruby before she moved off to assist her sister. Ruby forced herself to get over it, otherwise she would have been standing there for a while and it seemed Yang could use some help.


“Mind if I join in?”

Mercury lowered his foot and smiled at Winter as she glared up at him, only making him smile wider. He clicked his foot against the ground, resetting the firing mechanism, before he slid his foot back behind him and lowered himself to get ready to pounce. But he stopped himself when someone answered him.

“I do mind actually.”

Winter jumped at the sudden appearance of Weiss by her side, a puff of snow drifting behind her.

“Weiss!?” Winter took a step away from her sister to get a look at her entire figure.

“Didn’t expect you to be here to be honest.”

“I saw the news.” Winter explained, still staring at her sister.

“Ah, well that’s good and all, but it does seem we have some people to deal with does it not?” Weiss stated, lifting her sword up and placing her left foot forward.

Winter remained in her position, staring at her older sister who she had thought to be dead, although she did feel that it wasn’t true, it was still a possibility. Weiss looked over at Winter and noticed the glassiness in those soft azure eyes and the tears hanging at the edges.

“Winter now is not the time to-“

Mercury tried to interrupt the sister’s reunion, taking advantage of the distraction they made for themselves and running to round house the younger of the two Schnee. His plan would have been devastating if it wasn’t for the invisible force field that seemed to exist around the two girls. Mercury stumbled back away from the girls, his leg jarred and now a little wobbly he turned to Emerald who simply shrugged at him as she walked to join his side. Weiss shot him a look, that was too casually ‘fed-up’ for the situation they were in, as if Mercury was an immature boy and Weiss had enough of him.

Weiss turned to her sister, ignoring the two people in walking toward them.

“Winter, I know this may be extremely odd and hard to understand right now, but I need you to focus and not worry about me anymore. I’m here now and I’m not going anywhere, especially when it’s just these guys. So put you right foot forward and lift you blade up.”

Winter sniffled before nodding and straightening her posture and taking her stance. Standing tall side by side with her sister there was no doubt in her mind that would definitely beat these two criminals and get out of this alive.

Mercury picked up a piece of rubble off the floor and threw it lightly at the sister’s, testing the force field around it. Just as he did, the stone hit the field and bounced back, tumbling to the floor. At that time Weiss nodded to her sister, taking her stance and just as the stone hit the floor she was off, Winter just behind her.

Mercury was too slow to register the incoming attack, lifting his arms up just in time to cover his face, although the attack was aimed at his chest anyway. He stumbled back from the force of the attack, regaining his balance quickly and immediately beginning his counter attack. Taking a quick step forward before lashing out with his left leg twice in quick succession. As soon as the second kick made contact, he leapt off the ground off his right leg, turning in the air and kicking with his right, coming to land on his left. When he landed he tucked his right leg closer to his body before pushing out with all his strength, the flat of his boot pushing Weiss back at least a few meters. Before Weiss even came to a halt Mercury was running toward her.

Emerald had more time than Mercury to see the attack, plus the fact that Winter was significantly slower than Weiss at the moment. Winter and Emerald met each other evenly, sword against daggers. This time Emerald was smart not to linger and give Winter the chance to use her dust up close, jumping back away from the Schnee she flipped one of her daggers into the hand cannon. Winter gave chase, gliding toward her and flicking her sword to deflect the bullets that came her way as Emerald stood still and fired as she approached.

Winter deflected each round easily, but even when her sword slammed against Emeralds dagger, Emerald relied on her right hand to hold the sword at bay while she held her pistol in her left hand and fired point blank into Winter’s gut. Winter spun around to dodge the shot and continued to spin until she was behind Emerald, but found her to have already spun around already firing at her. Winter was mid spin when the first round hit, the huge hand cannon launching slugs slamming into her body. The first one slammed into the back of her shoulder, causing her to stumble forward and turn to the side. The second slammed into her left arm, followed by her ribs and by that time Winter had her rapier coming around to deflect the last two shots. After the second shot Emerald’s pistol cocked back and made an empty clicking sound, out of rounds.

Winter took the moment to gather herself, those rounds hit hard, her shoulder and arm was buzzing and her side was stinging, quite furiously might she add. Winter cringed as she stood straight, forcing her right shoulder to push through the pain, which to its credit was already beginning to lessen, thanks to her aura. Winter stole a glance over at her sister, she seemed to be handling herself well, one less thing she had to worry about. Winter looked back Emerald, rolled her shoulders and flicked her rapier up. Time to kick ass.


Yang was seething. She had enough of all this shit, she was done! She just wanted to explode and blow crap up, specifically Cinder. She hated that woman so much that night, her anger fuelling the fire roaring within her she was waiting to let loose. Which would be very soon as she stalked over to the woman, fists clenched by her sides, her lilac eyes far beyond red.

Cinder seemed to have no other choice but to fight the blonde girl walking toward her. Cinder opened her palms as she let her dust crawl its way down her arms and accumulate near her hands to form two jagged blades that she seemed very familiar with. Cinder was about to meet Yang halfway but just as she took her first step she saw red coming toward her. Cinder immediately stepped back, bringing her swords up in time to block the huge scythe that swung toward her. The second swing knocked her swords to the side and the third strike made its way up across her shoulder. The whole time she couldn’t actually see the person until the figure jumped back to stand near Yang.




Ruby threw her arms over her sisters shoulders, pulling tightly around the blondes neck. Yang’s rage immediately left her as she was overwhelmed by the fragrance of sweet roses, another warmth besides her own making its way through her.


Yang finally returned the hug, squeezing her sister as tight as she could.

“Yng ccahnt breathe!”

Cinder growled and balled her hand into a fist, ‘She shouldn’t be like that! I broke her! She should be broken!’. Growling out loud and channelling her anger into a ball of fire, she threw it straight at the pair, not caring to wait for their attention. The fire ball sped toward the sister’s without mercy and burning with a fire unmatched. Unmatched when there wasn’t an angry blonde brawler.

Yang felt the ball coming toward them, spun, lifted Ruby and almost threw her out of the way before spinning around and firing at the fire ball. Ember Celica spat out a round similar to the ball of fire making its way toward it, except this round was burning brightly and furiously, lighting the area around it as it flew. It contacted the ball of fire and exploded, diffusing the projectile mid-flight.

“You aren’t the only one who can play with fire.”

Yang stepped through the cloud fire, disregarding the flames that licked at her clothing and flickered around her face. Although she was surrounded by fire, it was clear that Yang herself was bathed in it, there was a distinct difference between the flames created by Cinder and the ones Yang was forming. Where Cinder’s flame burnt black and orange, scorching and melting whatever it touched, Yang fire burnt brilliantly, shining bright and illuminating the darkness. Yang was covered in a bright yellow flame, a fire raging but nonetheless beautiful. Only a yellow beauty burns gold.


Blake was still left to her own devices, struggling to predict each attack before she felt it scrape along her body, her aura reaching the end of its capacity. Ityei didn’t seem to be giving up his disappearing act any time soon, popping in and out of visibility just in time to strike and then quickly fade away before Blake was able to attempt a counter attack. Blake was amazed at how long this faunas could keep at it, surely he was using large amounts of aura to keep it up. But Blake didn’t want to place a bet on how long he would last because she knew how long she would last and right now it wasn’t looking good.

Even though Blake had her enhanced eye sight she still had a hard time even looking for a flicker of movement, she could see in the dark and see further than any human, but she couldn’t see things that can’t be seen. Blake tried to use her ears instead of her eyes, calming herself and forcing her mind to ignore the background noises of further battles going on around her. She blocked out the explosions, the clanging, the yelling, all of it, her ears twitching as she tried to hone in on the area around her.



Blake spun around believing in her senses, telling her to turn around. But when she spun around to meet her opponent, he wasn’t there. Instead he appeared at her side kicking into her ribs and then slashing forward as she staggered away. When Blake flipped back onto her feet, he was gone again. Blake growled in frustration. She was being toyed with, he could have ended her in one attack but he was playing around with her. Blake was a cat, she was the one who does the toying.

Blake released the clip in Gamboul Shroud, letting it fall to the floor with a small clunk. She fished around in her pouch, looking for a specific item. She finally felt her fingers brush against the item and pulled it out and slammed it into Gamboul Shroud, cocked back the pistol and returned the sheath portion back over the blade. This was only the second time she used this specific item that Weiss had given her. The first time didn’t go as planned, albeit she had no idea what to expect when she tested it, so hopefully this time around things would go to plan.

One whole clip filled with pure dust. Pure, white dust that shined bright, so bright at times it had to be kept wrapped up. Blake was slightly afraid whenever she came to use dust like this, she felt as though it was incompatible with her naturally dark aura, light and dark were indeed opposites, although when it came to Yang that rule seemed to disintegrate. Which is why Blake was determined to have this work, besides the fact that her life may very well depend on it, she wanted to prove a point to herself, she wanted believe she wasn’t as dark as she believed.

Holding Gamboul Shroud in both her hands in front of her, she closed her eyes and took in a deep breath. This had to work.

When she released the last of her breath her eyes shot open and she poured her aura into the weapon in her palm, passing it through the dust and calling it back toward her. Her body tingled as her aura came back to her, bringing with it the power of the dust in her weapon. Although it was her aura it still felt different, it felt heavy and thick and where her aura was generally quiet and silent, this aura was energetic and buzzing with power.

Her eyes still held their usually amber colour but now they glowed a bright amber, an orange shimmer illuminating the area around her eyes, Blake’s body shook as her semblance came to life, moving her empowered aura through her body. Finally she spun Gamboul Shroud around and slammed it into the floor, her figure shimmered golden for a moment, as if she was out of focus and a second golden image was present around her. Then in an instant that same image burst from Blake’s body, just like any other shadow clone she conjured. Except this glowed golden and was much more powerful.

This clone was different from a shadow, showing no sign of any darkness within it even going so far to remove the darkness from around it, illuminating the area around it. This is what scared Blake, this clone was a part of her, yes it came from the use of dust, but it was her aura that brought it to life. This clone was a part of Blake and it seemed to do nothing but fight against the darkness, so what would it do to Blake? Blake believed herself to still be tainted, she still hadn’t let go of her former self, the part of her that lived and thrived in the shadows, Blake believed she still had darkness within her and the fact that she was able to summon a part of herself that destroyed darkness, confused her and made her question herself.

The first time she ever summoned this clone it had simply turned to face her, looked at her with narrowed eyes, staring at her as if it was looking for something. That time it seemed to find what it was looking for, but before it could move toward her, it shimmered and collapsed spontaneously, exploding violently, releasing all of its energy. When Blake got back to her feet she was left with an unsettling feeling, the way her clone looked at her stayed with her till this day.

But right now, no matter how much it scared her, Blake needed it, she made a promise to Yang. A promise that they would all get out of this alive, she was one of them. The clone shot toward Blake and for a second Blake actually believed it was coming for her, but it passed through her and stopped behind her, blocking an attack from Ityei who had moved behind Blake. Torchwick was just as surprised as Ityei when he watched a gold glowing Blake shoot across the ground, pass right through Blake and then bring it’s sword up to parry a strike that shouldn’t have been visible. Ityei was definitely not expecting it, one moment he was looking at Blake’s back, the next he had a bright figure standing before him, knocking his sword to the side.

Ityei didn’t stop to try and asses who was in front of him, rolling to the side and going invisible again. But when he got to his feet that same amber glow was before him striking out at his invisible form. He didn’t believe that he could be seen, so he didn’t even bother to block the attack, taking the strike across his chest. What was even more surprising was the power behind the attack, the physical aspect of the strike was nothing spectacular, but the sheer power behind it exploded against him and threw him back off his feet. When Ityei got back to his feet he got his first look at the figure, he found a replica of Blake standing in front of him, but this Blake was bathed entirely in an amber glow and as he stared at it, it stared back, narrowing its eyes at him as if it was searching for something.

Ityei never gave it the chance to find it, dashing toward it with blinding speed, but the clone remained still, not bothering to move an inch as Ityei sped towards it. Just before Ityei struck out against it, the strangest thing happened, even Blake didn’t know it was going to happen. The amber clone made its own clone to dodge the attack, dashing to the side just before the katana made contact. Immediately the clone’s light became dimmer than before, perhaps summoning its own clone was too much for it. But still, the clone slashed out at Ityei’s side, quickly slashing the opposite way as Ityei spun around, before slashing horizontally and spinning with the attack. As it spun it brought it Gamboul shroud over its head and brought it down in a wide overhead arc, releasing a beam of golden light that slammed into Ityei and exploded against his aura, shattering his defence and shooting him yards away.

The clone silently returned its weapon to its holster, turning as it did to look at Blake. Blake locked eyes with it as it continued to stare at her, probably searching for that same thing as last time. Immediately Blake began to feel that sense of unease and uncertainty, somehow believing that the clone, that was a part of her, would eventually attack her, a thought that haunted her since she first summoned her. But for now it didn’t make a move to come and attack her, instead it simply looked away from Blake and turned to Torchwick, looking at him for a moment before gently fading away.

Blake forced herself to push the feelings from her mind, the clone knew Blake was busy with her own fight and left her with the reminder that Torchwick was still watching her from a distance. Blake looked at the criminal and smiled. This, would be easy.


Strike for strike, blow for blow, fire with fire. They say not to fight fire with fire, Yang has a different saying. “Don’t fight fire with fire, unless your flame is brighter.” It was something she lived by, Yang knew when to fight and when to back down, she knew her limits and knew how to assess an enemy, but it was those times where she let her anger get the best of her she made mistakes. Fortunately, in cases such as that it was a hit and miss situation, her judgment became cloudy when she was furious, but she also burned brighter, it was a trade-off Yang was very comfortable with.

Cinder was holding her own just as evenly as Yang was. Every blow she managed to inflict upon the blonde, was rewarded with an equally powerful attack. Cinder had to constantly keep managing her dust, summoning it whenever one of Yang’s fists made it past her swords and made its way toward her body. Yang’s knuckles would smack against the dust, followed by a shattering noise as the dust was blown away. Ember Celica was frequently heard blasting off round after round, adding to Yang’s already powerful blows. Her arms were a blur as she jabbed, hooked and weaved between attack and counter-attack, Cinder’s blades almost mimicking Yang, slicing through the air precisely and leaving scratches along Yang’s gauntlets.

The air around the two was steadily increasing in temperature as Yang continued to burn furiously, her hair giving off a golden glow, the flames around her hair flickering gold and burning intensely. Cinder’s dress soon began to take on its own glow, dark piercing orange that ran along the patterns through her dress. Don’t fight fire with fire.

There was a difference between a fire and an inferno. A fire flickered gently in the wind, warming the area around it and bringing light into the world. An inferno blazed furiously, ripping through whatever was in its path, burning with furious warmth that bathed its world in a glorious light that threatened to incinerate what darkness it could find.

Yang was this inferno and Cinder was the fire, the dark fire that flickered intently in the shadows. Don’t fight fire with fire, unless your flame is brighter.




Ruby had resigned to stand at a distance away from her sister and Cinder, thinking it better to not get in their way. There really was no way for her to help without her getting in the way. If you play with fire you’re bound to get burnt. When it came to Yang, that rule definitely applied. So Ruby stood at a distance, with Crescent Rose ready to spring in to action at any moment. She stole a glance toward Weiss and Winter, the two sisters still locked in battle with Mercury and Emerald. In that particular moment Ruby witnessed Weiss deftly create a dome of glyphs around her opponent, before she dashed toward one of them and was launched into a flurry of motion. Being passed from glyph to glyph whilst each time going by Mercury, slashing and slicing at him, wearing down his aura in mere seconds. It was a marvel at how fast she moved, Ruby couldn’t help but stare in awe as she struggled to count each attack as it was delivered. Right now Weiss was frighteningly fast, Mercury didn’t stand a chance.

Ruby looked away just before Mercury fell to the floor, returning her attention back to her sister, just in time to see Cinder take the brunt of a punch, absorbing it with her dust and using the remaining force to backflip away from the blonde, increasing the distance from a few inches to a few meters. Ruby watched as Cinder stood apart from her sister, slowly being engulfed in her own flames, raising her palm as it began to glow intensely. Soon Cinder’s entire arm was covered in fire, as if she was wearing a glove of pure fire, burning intensely. Cinder added dust to her burning arm, relishing the moment of slight euphoria as she felt the pure energy rush through her. The fire along her arm burst momentarily, flaring up violently before it quickly died down, but Ruby knew the power was still there.

Yang cocked back Ember Celica, reloading it quickly before charging back into the fight. Ruby wanted to yell out, to tell Yang to watch out but a huge double headed axe entered her vision and she was forced to roll away. Brorn had decided to get up and made his way over to the red head, fed up and annoyed by the way he had bene thrown around, he had a score to settle. Ruby rolled onto her feet and looked up at him, just before she heard her sister yell out.



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