Two White Loved Ones

The Black Beast

Cinder drew her arm back, concentrating on keeping the fire under control. She waited for Yang to make her move, smiling as the blonde carelessly charge toward her, firing her gauntlets and launching herself toward her, fist pulled back.


Cinder heard her yell before she thrust her palm forward toward Yang, a bright red beam shot from her palm, a dark red that bubbled and glowed darkly. The beam made contact with Yang’s fist, exploding on contact, a huge ball of energy covered Yang, blowing around her entire form, ripping up the concrete and road underneath her feet. The street pole a few meters behind her melted immediately, disappearing within the cloud of fire.

Cinder drew her arm back, allowing the fire to settle down with a hiss, but leaving the fire around her form to burn. She waited as the cloud was slowly cleared by the wind, waiting to see how much of the blonde was left.

Ruby completely forgot about the brute standing in front of her, her attention focused on her sister. Ruby was beyond shocked to have been looking at Yang in one moment and in the very next moment all she saw was a huge cloud of red hot fire that resembled lava exploding outward. Where was Yang? Yang was in there! What happened to her?

Ruby swung Crescent Rose around in an attempt to shoot off to her sister’s side, but once again she was forced to cancel that plan as two blades came rushing towards her. The first spun her around while the second struck out in a jab, pushing her back. Now before her stood Brorn and Azura.

You don’t fight fire with fire, unless your flame is brighter. But what if it wasn’t? “Then make it brighter.” That was Yang’s response. Yang wasn’t one to give up easily, especially when it came to her own principles. If they didn’t seem to apply, bend them until they did. How do you make a flame burn brighter? You feed it and what better food to feed it then the other fires power? Luckily for Yang she always had room for more.

Cinder was happy to find the blonde lying face first on the ground at the end of a crevice her body seemed to have formed as she was blown into and along the ground. Cinder smiled to herself as the blonde was covered in darkness, no longer burning with that pathetic golden light, she was done. So when Cinder turned away and immediately saw a bright light in her peripheral, she was beyond irritated to find Yang slowly getting back up.

Yang stood slowly, fire returning to her body and hair and to Cinder’s hatred, burning brighter than before. Cinder growled and dug her nails into her palms, ‘Why won’t they just DIE!’ Yang’s hand, where the beam hit her was burnt and bleeding, her gauntlet had been damaged as well, the front part melted and torn away. No matter, she had two hands. Yang turned around to face Cinder, her eyes turning red again and her body exploded. Fire suddenly burst from her body violently, sending a shockwave outward around her, causing those too close to her to stagger away. Yang was burning so brightly that it was hard to actually see her body, she was completely covered in a gold light that flickered and illuminated the darkness without mercy. Cinder blinked as she tried to focus on the blonde, but in the time it took her to blink, Yang had made her way over to Cinder and had thrown her fist with all her might at Cinder’s chest.

Cinder watched as Yang began to shrink away from her at alarming speeds and she was confused for a moment before her back slammed against a building, crashing through a support and continuing into the building, smashing glass and desks as she bounced through the office. Cinder struggled to her feet, dazed and in large amounts of pain, she was not only infuriated she was confused. What had just happened? Even form this distance, when she looked up, Yang was still shining intensely and seemed to illuminate the entire world. ‘What the hell are these kids?’

Cinder stumbled to her feet, never taking her eyes of the girl, watching as the girls fire burned around her, flickering and dancing in the wind, resembling wings that were ignited with gold, giving Yang the appearance of a golden angel.


Blake forced herself to remove her sword from Torchwick’s exposed neck, she wanted nothing more to slight his throat and be done with him. Be done with his pathetic presence, be done with his sly comments and his deceptive words. But she knew she couldn’t do it, she wasn’t a murderer, she wasn’t.

“What’s wrong Blake? It’s not like you haven’t done this before.”

Blake’s head snapped back to Torchwick who was lying on the floor underneath her boot, her heel digging painfully into his chest.

“What did you say?” Blake hissed, returning the blade back to its position.

Torchwick laughed, ignoring the point against his throat.

“I mean, I wouldn’t be the first person you killed right?”

“Shut up!”

“Hey now, no need to get pissy, I’ll be honest, I’ve done it before too.”

“I don’t care what you’ve done! You’re a monster, I am nothing like you!” Blake added more pressure against her blade.

“I’m a monster? Hmm, lemme think about that. Monster…. Like scare people and live in the dark? Well the only one in the shadows here is you.”

Blake’s eyes widened at his words. His damn, sly words. Torchwick continued before she could.

“Adam and his buddy’s told me a lot about you. You’ve done some naught things. Burning stores, raiding warehouses, stealing whole trains! What was that other one they told me about? Oh yeah that’s right,” he paused but Blake already knew what he was going to say. “Assassination.”

“No! No it’s not like that!” Blake yelled, stepping off Torchwick and swinging her sword in denial.

“You can’t run from your past Blake. You are who you are, you can’t fight it. You’re just as dark as me, as Cinder, as Adam. You lived and thrived in the shadows, not even I could do that.”

“Shut up! Shut! Up!” Blake shook her head and continued to step away.

“You killed them and you knew you were doing it.”

“They were bad people!”

“So what about you! Are you not a bad person? Do you not deserve to die?”

Blake stopped and looked at Torchwick. His words, they got to her, was he right?

“What do you think kitty cat?”

Blake couldn’t help but believe him in the slightest. Even as he levelled his cane at her heart, she hated herself for believing him.

There wasn’t the first time Blake found herself staring down the barrel of a gun, in fact there was time in her life when this was a common occurrence, yet no matter how many times she found herself in this situation, none of them compared to this.

This felt real, this time felt like the last time. This, felt like the end. She was doomed to die with her final thoughts being that she her death was justified, that she deserved it. Blake Belladonna, fugitive, ex white fang member, thief and assassin. Murderer and a monster. A black beast descending from the shadows, to be slain in them.


This was it.



Torchwick pulled the trigger with ease. One less faunas girl in his world was nothing to his conscious, well what was left of it. The faunas before him disappeared behind a cloud of fire as his round exploded on impact, no doubt against the girls heart. She had been so easy to manipulate, she was so easily swallowed by his words. Given he had a way with speech, something he was proud about, it wasn’t hard to say what he did, the truth isn’t hard to say.

Torchwick began to lower his cane, certain his job was done and the faunas had been, quite forcibly, wiped from the earth, but as his cane made the short journey back to his side it was abruptly knocked back into the air, high up and swinging his arm up with it. Out of the inferno came a figure rushing forward toward him, a figure bathed in light. As it advanced upon him, pressing against his already weakened defence, Torchwick realised that it wasn’t just a figure, it was that clone form before. That stupid gold Blake that took out Ityei.

‘Where the hell did this come from?’

Torchwick growled as he struggled to keep up, but he was fighting a short battle that he already lost. The clone may have taken a direct hit to its shoulder but it was showing no signs of injury, moving its swords with just as much speed as the real Blake. With one swift movement, raising her blade up to block an attack before spinning around, still with her blade held up, she completed the revolution with her sword quickly moving away from the cane and coming across his chest. As Torchwick staggered back the clone removed the sheath portion of Gamboul Shroud, turned it to its flat side and swung it with all its might at Torchwick’s head. It contacted with a solid clang, knocking his rather stylish hat off and knocking him unconscious. Torchwick’s eyes rolled back before he registered what happened, his vision darkened and he toppled to his feet a small line of red trickling down the side of his head. He wasn’t dead now, but a brain haemorrhage might do it.

Blake blinked. Wasn’t she about to die? And wasn’t she about to let it happen? She didn’t even feel the need to move let alone summon a clone. Let alone that clone! Blake blinked again, the clone turning to face her. Should she say something? Why did Blake feel the need to say something?

“Uhh… how did you…”

“I couldn’t let me die could I?”

Woah woah woah! Shadow clones can’t talk! At least, the ‘shadow’ clones can’t.

“You can- you can talk?” What was going on?

“Seems like it.”

“H-how did you get summoned, I didn’t even use my aura.”

“Actually you did. You thought you didn’t but you did.”

“No! I wanted to die, I had accepted it!” Blake couldn’t believe it, she was arguing with herself.

“Maybe you thought you did, but there was a part of you that wanted to keep fighting. The part of you that made that promise to Yang, me. I am that part, the part that has to constantly fight the battles within you, the battles between the dark and the light. Lucky for you, I won this round.”

“I don’t get it.”

Gold Blake looked at real Blake with the look she had used so many times on Yang and to be honest, it frightened Blake a little to see a golden version of herself do it to her.

“Blake honestly, you need to let go.”

“Let go of what?”

“Will you let me finish?”

Wow, so Gold Blake had an attitude? Not even Blake had one.

“You continue to live believing that you’re not who you want your friends to see. That the person Yang see’s next to her all the time, is a lie. You continue to believe that you’re still Blake Belladonna, member of the White Fang, apprentice of Adam. Blake, that was three years ago. It’s in the past, you moved on. You lived in the shadows, so think of it like this.
That Blake still lives in the shadows, the shadows that the current Blake leaves behind as she walks in the light. That Blake is the Blake I fight for whenever you recede into the darkness. That is the Blake that Yang and Weiss and Ruby sees. That, is the Blake that exists now.
I’m not going to lie, you were a beast, all those years ago. But now you’ve ascended out of them, I am proof of that. I’m, in essence, the embodiment of the light that exists within you. The dust you used, it amplifies positive energy, in a way similar to the Grimm attracting to negative emotions. I wouldn’t exist if there wasn’t a template for me to be made from, a template that came from you. A template that is real and that is you."

Blake remained silent, staring at what was apparently the good part of her. She couldn’t believe it, this was too far fetched. It didn’t make sense. Something like that couldn’t possibly be a part of her, it just couldn’t, there wasn't space for that kind of light, there was too much darkness in her for it! It wasn’t right! This couldn’t be real!

“I killed people! I killed them in cold blood! I’m stained with their blood, I have no right to walk in the light! The light should burn me, it should hurt me! I don’t deserve this!”

Blake yelled into the night, tears coming to the edges of her eyes, the gold figure before becoming a shining star in the tears that blurred her eyes.

“So don’t let their deaths be for nothing! You killed them, nothing you do will bring them back and perhaps nothing you can do will ever make up for it. But don’t you dare let their deaths be for nothing as you crawl back into the darkness and do nothing about the world around you! That would be far worse than what you’ve done so far! If it wasn’t you it could have been someone else that killed them, someone who loved to kill, someone who would have done it time and time again. But it wasn’t that someone, it was you! You, who left that world behind and you who will make a difference!”

Blake wiped a few tears away from her eye’s, returning her sight back to normal, in time to see her clone flicker and her glow die down. Her light was fading.

“Blake, remember who you are. Remember who I am, because without you, I am nothing. You are who Yang sees you to be, don’t let her down. You made a promise.”

Then she was gone, her light fading with her. But as soon as Blake was left in the dark, an enormous light burst to life to her left. Blake snapped her head toward the source, having to shield her eyes form the glare. It wasn’t a light, but a fire, burning gold, igniting the world and eating away at the darkness.


Blake watched as her partner flew toward Cinder and practically pummelled her into a building yards behind their position. She couldn’t help but cringe as Cinder ploughed through a concrete slab without the slightest of hesitation.

Just as Yang began to walk over to Cinder, something caught Blake’s eye. Something high up on one for the buildings. Something with dark red eyes that glowed in the night. Blake squinted as she tried to make it out, but she had no need to when a huge black figure passed over it and placed its huge talons over its head. Blake stepped back as she took in the sight, a huge nevermore, perched on the edge of the building, its beady eyes scouring the ground beneath it.

“Oh no.”

Blake spoke too soon. Just then an enormous King Taijitu slithered its way around the corner of a street, carving its way through the corner of the building. Death stalkers, beowulfs and ursa’s followed suit, leaping from the buildings or emerging out of alley ways, roaring and snarling as they ran toward them. Gold Blake’s words echoed in Blake’s mind.

“The Grimm attracting to negative emotions”

Right now, this area was filled with negative emotions. Apparently there was a huge amount of them, enough to attract the attention of one particular Grimm that team RWBY had dubbed the ‘titan’. The Grimm they almost fought back when they had their picnic, the massive one covered in bone.

That one seemed like a child compared to the one that levelled an entire building as it moved toward them.

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