Two White Loved Ones

A Change of Pace

The titan was huge, but to say it levelled an entire building may be a little deceiving. It did destroy the building, but it didn’t just push it over due to its size, it was that big, instead it came charging through the building, it was definitely big enough for that. It ploughed through the building like it was papier-mâché, its pale bone plating absorbing whatever force was applied to its huge mass. It came barrelling down the street moving exceptional fast for something its size, its body covered in bone, pointy protrusions extended from its elbows and running along its spine. Covered in white the moon gleamed off its bony exterior as it shook the earth with each step, the building nearest it shedding more layers of concrete and glass, everyone had stopped to watch it go.

Yang stood stock still in awe as she watched the huge beast pound down the street in her direction, completely ignoring the Grimm around its feet, crushing them without hesitation. It was coming toward her and didn’t seem to be slowing down, yet Yang was too dumbstruck to move. Lucky for her it wasn’t going for her, but instead it ran toward the building where Cinder was and smashed its huge skull into the building, moving its huge mouth toward the dust user. The beast violently shoved its mouth into the building, not caring for the rough structure of steel and concrete that was the five floors of office it went through to get to Cinder. It reared its head back as a cloud of dust began to form and Yang could see flashes a fire flash from the ground toward the titans armoured head.

The explosions that appeared at its jaw had literally no effect on the beast, it didn’t even require the need to ‘shrug them off’, simply ignoring them as if they weren’t there, in fact it probably didn’t even feel them. The shots kept coming and soon Yang found Cinder emerging from the dust cloud, moving away from the beast. Yang smiled to herself as she launched a flare toward the woman, Cinder turned in time to raise a hand and block the projectile, where it exploded against some force field.

Even though she hated this woman, Yang couldn’t help but cringe when a huge claw came swinging toward Cinder, it seemed to move so slowly but when it hit the woman she was sent flying. Flying across the street straight into another building.

“Oooh.” Yang cringed as she saw the small puff of rubble emit from where Cinder flew through more concrete and glass.

The ground beneath Yang’s feet shuddered as the titan placed its claw back on the ground, before it decided to issue one of the loudest noises they had ever heard. Its huge jaw opened wide and the world began to shake, glass shattered, buildings crumbled and everyone had their hands over their ears, especially Blake. It was a deep rumbling roar that would have travelled for kilometres, it was so loud that from where Yang stood there was a discernible gust of air that flicked her hair around and even threatened to send rubble tumbling down the street. As soon as its mouth was shut it was moving, and so was every other Grimm that had been attracted to the area.

Yang hopped on her feet before tuning and bolting down the way, back to her team. “Oh boy.”


“How did we not notice that earlier?”

Winter walked to Weiss’ side, walking away from a rather large icy plume that housed a certain green haired criminal.

“That is a good question.” Weiss replied, looking at the leviathan with awe.

“Like seriously, something that big isn’t easy to mi-“


Winter was cut off as she was forced to bring her hands over her ears, the shrill sound threatening to render her deaf. Once she acknowledged it was safe she removed her hands to hear even more shrieks and growls, these being issued from the surrounding Grimm that had joined them. Beowolfs, Death Stalkers, Nevermores, Boarbatusks, King Taijitu, even goliaths had emerged from the shadows, ranging from regular sized Grimm to the occasional exception of ridiculously sized Grimm.

“Where did they all come from?” Winter asked in a lower voice.

“Grimm are attracted to negativity. What do you think this whole night has been filled with?”

“We can’t fight them all! Especially mister Godzilla over there!” Winter threw her hand at the titan, this really was ridiculous.

“We may not have a choice.” Weiss replied, her newly acquired cape flapping in the wind behind her.

“You know, ever since that cape you’ve been acting really…”

Weiss raised an eyebrow as she turned to her sister.

“Stop it. You’re not cool. You’re my sister.” Winter dead-panned, although the kind nature of the statement was evident.

Weiss laughed at her sister, “Oh Winter, trust me, I can be cool.”

Then Weiss was off, leaving a puff of snowflakes to float around her sister and leave a cooling sensation in the air.

Winter scoffed and rolled her eyes, “Great, now she’s pulling puns.”


Yang joined Ruby, just as she finished off the two guys from before, the big guy and the one Yang thought she had knocked out.

“What the hell is that!?” Ruby exclaimed.

“It looks like that thing we saw in the forest.” Yang explained.

“Yeah I know but…” Ruby moved her hands around in the air frantically, “It’s huge!”

“Dully noted Ruby.”

Weiss appeared by her side with a smile, cocking her head to one side as Ruby looked her over.

“You know,” Yang began looking over Weiss, “ever since that cape-“

“She’s been looking cool right?” Winter had dropped in. “Yeah it’s weird isn’t it.”

“What’s weird,” Weiss glanced at her sister, who smiled back, “is all this grimm? What do we do?”

“Hey where’s Blake?” Ruby asked, looking around for the faunas.

They all turned to find her fighting off what had to be an entire pack of Beowulf’s, to add to it there was a pair of boarbatusks and a nevermore circling above.

“Grimm are attracted to negativity.” Weiss whispered.


As soon as Blake recovered from the roar and the Grimm began to move, she immediately knew they would come for her, at least a large portion of them. She still couldn’t shake the doubt and guilt she felt, even after she was lectured by herself. She straightened as a pack of beowulfs began to stalk toward her, fanning out around and behind her, slowly closing in on her. She glanced up and saw a nevermore gliding through the air above her, watching and waiting. When Blake looked back to the ground she found two boarbatusks rolling toward her. Blake quickly jumped into the air, turning her body and using a clone to push her higher into the air and away from the second boar.

As she reached the apex of her jump where she hang for a moment, her sword collapsed into the scythe and no sooner was it flying toward a beowulf. Blake spun in the air, her scythe following behind her, carving circles in the air as she spun it around as she herself spun in the air. When she hit the ground she had already taken out at least six of the beasts. Her feet hit the earth and her blade was back in her hand, clone pushing her toward the next target. Gamboul Shroud being split into its components and making quick work of three more Grimm. Blake heard a loud snort and some sort of tumbling sound before she turned and found the two boars coming at her again, from the front and behind.

Blake was ready to move out of the way before a flash of yellow slammed into the ground, fist planted firmly against the now crushed skull of the boar. The one behind her was blocked by a glyph, before something white landed behind it and jumped away. Both glyphs turned white and the boarbatusk began bouncing between the two with blinding speed. Blake looked around her and found Ruby, Weiss, Winter and Yang joining her. Before she could say anything the continuous thudding of the boarbatusk between the glyphs caused her to point at it while raising an eyebrow at Weiss. Weiss looked at Winter and Winter flicked her wrist with a sigh and her glyph vanished, leaving the boar to soar high into the air, quickly being lost in the night sky.

“Hilarious.” Weiss said sarcastically, not even bothering to look at her sister.

“Yay! We’re all back!” Ruby yelled, throwing her arms around her teammates plus Winter.

Blake was pulled into the hug in the last second by Yang, who sent a wink her way, Blake rolled her eyes but nonetheless smiled happily.

“Good to be back.” Blake said softly.

She really did mean it. These were her friends, this was her home now, where she belonged. It was with these people she felt the happiest, felt the safest. When she was with them it felt so easy to let go of ‘Blake of the White Fang’, all she had to do was let go. She wanted Yang to see her as Blake Belladonna, the cat faunas who played in the shadows, not the faunas who lived and thrived in them. She needed to let go, so what better time like the present?

“So uh, all this Grimm huh.” Yang stated.

“Well it’s a lot easier than fighting people.” Ruby pointed out.

“Yeah but people don’t come in the hundreds.” Blake retorted.

“But that’s when it gets fun.” Yang teased, slamming her fists together.

“You need to cool down.” Blake dead-panned, her smile once gain betraying the intention of her words.

“Nah that’s Weiss job.” Yang waved at the heiress.

“Ha.” Weiss breathed, “Well in any case. We need to do something. There are a lot of them and we can’t just leave them here.”

“Oh I’m sure I’ll think of something.” Ruby replied, reloading Crescent Rose and pointing it behind her, she stopped before she pulled the trigger, “Eventually.”

Even with her extra speed, Weiss was hopeless to stop her partner from jumping into battle carelessly, leaving the rest of her team to all face palm.

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