Two White Loved Ones


Ruby soared through the air, her cloak fluttering freely behind her and Crescent Rose gripped firmly in her hands. Fighting Grimm was easy, so much more than who they were fighting earlier. Fighting Grimm was what she was used to, it was so much easier for her to slice through hordes of mindless beasts without hesitation then for her to go toe to toe against another living breathing human being with feelings and skill. Ruby had no quarrels with killing beasts, the last thing she wanted to do was kill a person and become a beast herself.

The roars and crashes kept issuing from the huge titan continuing its scavenge through the buildings to try and close its jaws around Cinder. Ruby could just see the tops of its bony white spikes peaking over the building as she flew, puffs of dust and rubble blowing around its form. Ruby was edging to go up against the beast, it was huge and gigantic, she wanted to see it up close and see what it could do. But Ruby knew it would be suicidal to go in alone, besides she needed a warm up. A small pack of beowulfs would do nicely.

Ruby landed on the ground, sliding to a halt in front of a wolf, Crescent Roses’ barrel pointed forward, it fired off a round, blowing a gaping hole in the beasts head and launching Ruby backward. Ruby spun so that she was facing forward, approaching another beowulf she spun Crescent Rose around twice, creating a gash through the beasts waist and then removing its head from its neck. Ruby kept Crescent Rose spinning until it came to rest across the back of her neck along her shoulders, where another round was fired and shot Ruby off to the right. She met two more beowulfs, one closer than the other, and as she came close she lowered herself and spun around, causing Crescent Rose to cleave the legs of the first beat out from under its body. Before it touched the ground Ruby rose from her spin and had placed her scythe on the shoulders of the second wolf, the blade resting at the back of its neck before Ruby pulled the trigger and sent the blade through its neck. Ruby jumped and spun into the air, using her body to convert the direction of Crescent Rose so that when she planted it into the ground it pinned the beowulf from earlier into the ground.

Ruby landed on top of Crescent Rose, her feet planted between the staff section and the reverse blade, she pulled the trigger, freeing Crescent Rose from the ground and sending the pair into a spin. They cleaved straight through middle of yet another beowulf, cutting it into two equal halves, and landing on her feet a few meters away. Crescent Rose came over her head and was slammed into the ground yet again, Ruby kept her hold onto it using it as leverage to help her spin into the air as she kicked a beowulf off to her left in the head. As it staggered back Ruby had used her hold on Crescent Rose to swing around and in between its handle and the ground, using the spinning momentum to launch herself, feet first, at it. As Ruby felt her feet smack into its jaw, the speed of her spin gave her enough upward force to yank Crescent Rose free where she brought it up to fire at the beowulf in mid-air.

The beowulf had its chest blown out and Ruby was sent further into the air, where she back flipped and turned around. As she floated in the air momentarily, she saw a line of beowulfs directly below her, how convenient. Smiling to herself Ruby readied her semblance and swung Crescent Rose to her right side, throwing herself into a slow spin and when she was facing away from the line of wolfs she fired. Ruby shot toward the ground in a flash, landing firmly still in a spin to cut the first in line in half. But Ruby was still moving forward, using the reach of her scythe to kill the second in line without having to reach it. As Crescent Rose came around her semblance fired and she was instantly speeding down the pack of beowulfs. Ruby spun as she killed the third one, jumping up and gutting the fourth mid-air, she fired another round to bring her back to the ground where she dropped to her knees and as she slid past the fifth, Crescent Rose was trailing behind her to remove its shoulders and head from its abdomen.

Ruby quickly got to her feet, her semblance still carrying her at lighting speeds, spinning Crescent Rose at her side to cleave through the sixth beowulf in line. Crescent Rose quickly came around back to her front where Ruby placed it against the back of the seventh beowulfs neck, she fired and as Crescent Rose effortlessly cut through its spine and neck and was pushed back toward Ruby, Ruby jumped into the air and flipped forward, cancelling the backward push of Crescent Rose so that she spun in the same position, where she landed with Crescent Rose facing behind her, firing another round, killing a beowulf she missed behind her and launching her forward yet again. As she sped forward the cleaved through the two remaining beowulfs and the force of her semblance causing her to skid to a halt a few meters away from the last beowulf, where she spun and slammed Crescent Rose in the ground behind her to look back down the line of strewn and fading bodies. Except when she looked down the line of bodies, the second beowulf was yet to hit the ground, sometimes Ruby forgot just how fast she was.

“Man, I am so bada-“

Ruby’s self-praise was cut short by a piercing shriek that was shortly followed by a whistling noise. Ruby looked to the sky to find a nevermore shooting its feathers at her, or had already shot its feathers at her. Just before the huge, razor sharp feather points made it to her a white figure danced across the air in front of her, seeming to land on something for the briefest of moments before jumping away. The feathers slammed into a wall of glyphs that Ruby was sure wasn’t there earlier, the glyphs quickly rotated before launching the feathers back towards its owner. The nevermore squawked as it was forced to bank out of the way of the projectiles, tilting its enormous body to the side and gliding out of harm’s way.

“Honestly. How many times do I have to tell you to think before you something stupid?”

Ruby looked to her left and was pleasantly surprised to find Weiss strolling toward her, her mother’s white cloak still fluttering behind her. Ruby was brought back to attention as Weiss cocked her head to the side, waiting for a response.

“Stupid?” Ruby splattered. “Weiss, I don’t call that stupid.” Ruby stated, stepping to the side to show off the neat line of carnage that she created in the space of mere seconds.

“I call that awesomeness”

“Yet you still managed to completely forget about the huge bird flying over your head.”

“Well that’s why I have you!” Ruby answered with a smile.

It was such a strange sight to Weiss. The woman of her love, smiling brightly in the moonlight, a smile that threatened to melt her, all the while holding onto a huge menacing bloodied scythe in the middle of a battlefield. Weiss couldn’t do anything but smile back.

“You are such a dolt.” She answered with a laugh.

“Yeah but I’m your dolt.” Ruby reminded, lifting herself onto her toes as she said it.

“Well that’s great and all but the huge bird is coming back.”

Ruby jumped at the voice, she hadn’t seen Winter enter and had thought it was just Weiss and herself. Luckily she didn’t make any moves otherwise she’d be horribly embarrassed.

The nevermore was indeed heading back, gliding toward the trio, the white of its bone plate gleaming in the moonlight. It opened its huge beak to issue another piercing yell before a barrage of ice slammed into its head. Although it bounced harmlessly off the armour around it head, it was still forced to turn another time away from them. Ruby turned to Weiss and found her blade to be pointed down.

“Hey Weiss, why haven’t you been using dust?”

Weiss lifted her sword up to give Ruby a better look at it. It wasn’t hers.

“I don’t have Myrtenaster, so I don’t have dust. Although I don’t mind, this swords excellent.”

The sword did look quite elegant, it had simple golden hilt that extended outward about five inches and was curved inward slightly. The blade was a pristine white shade that appeared silver at times. The blade itself was thin but sturdy, much like Myrtenaster and to Weiss it was just as good, minus the dust cartridges.

“Come on you don’t need her, I’m just as good!” Winter teased.

Just then she pulled an ice crystal from one of her pouches, she tossed it into the air and slashed her blade through it. The crystal burst into fine specks that seemed to float in the air momentarily, Winter brought her left hand up, her index and middle finger held out, mimicking the motions Ruby had seen Weiss go through countless times before. Immediately all the shards converged into several different points, forming multiple shards of ice that hung in the air. Winter spun around, slashing her sword across the group of crystals at which point they all lurched forward, shooting off toward the nevermore.

“It has all that armour, we won’t get to it like that. Its neck is covered as well, so we can’t exactly repeat what we did last time.” Weiss stated, referring to their first encounter with a nevermore. But Ruby disagreed.

“No, I think me and you can.”


Yang was itching to go and take on the huge titan that was smashing its way through buildings. She wanted to see just how many hits its bony skull would take before cracking. But Ruby, Weiss and Winter had already taken off, leaving her with Blake. Yang would have gone off on her own, but when she looked at Blake she really didn’t want to leave her alone. As she recalled, Yang realised just how many times the faunas fought alone, in forever fall she fought alone, she fought alone tonight as well, Yang felt it was time she put a stop to it.

“So Blakey, looks like it’s just me and you huh?” Yang asked sprightly, “You know I was thinking maybe after all this we co-“

Yang was cut off as Blake smashed into her and pushed her to the floor.

“Oor we could do it now? Blake remember what I said about me being on the bottom?”

“Oh shut up” Blake quickly rolled off her partner and summoned a clone to push Yang and herself away from their position, just in time to dodge the stinger of a death stalker. Yang got to her feet and looked at the Grimm.

“Oh is that why she did that.” She mumbled to herself.

She watched as Blake jumped up and used a clone to dash over the scorpions head, slashing at its skull as she moved, before coming to land by her side.

“You got some smooth moves there Blake.” Yang teased with a grin.

“Seriously, do you ever stop?”

“Mmm not really no.”

Just then Blake turned to face her and back flipped, kicking Yang as she spun, pushing the blonde back and summoning a clone to push herself back. The space between the opened up just as the black head of a King Taijitu quickly entered the space, mouth wide open.

Yang rubbed her chest where Blake’s heel caught her, “That’s just mean.” She mumbled.

“You deserved it!” Blake called, her cat ears working wonders.

The snake head reared back just as Yang was forced to jump back out of the reach of the death stalker pincers. Yang slid to a halt to the side of the king Taijitu, the black scales fading to white. Then Yang remembered those things have two heads.

The brawler quickly spun around, fist ready, and was glad to find the serpents white head coming toward her, where she was able to fire her gauntlet and send her fist straight in between the eyes of the snake. The head reared back with a hiss, shaking its head to the side in an attempt to dull the pain. Yang felt her aura flare and instinctively spun to the side, feeling the death stalkers stinger just brush against her back. As she spun she fired off another round at the serpent just as Blake appeared above it.

Blake back flipped into the air using a clone to push her toward the dark head of the beast. As she flipped through the air Gamboul Shroud came with her and it slashed upward against the bottom of the serpent jaw. As the snake reared back Blake summoned another clone that pushed her toward the snake as she flew over its head she swung her blade below her, slashing across the top of its head, before she landed on its neck and began to slide down its body.

Blake found herself easily sliding alone the scales of the grimm, moving along as the scales beneath her feet transitioned from black to white. She had to use another clone to push her up toward the second head of the snake as it had just jerked back, Blake heard Ember Celica fire and guessed that’s what did it. As she jumped high over its head, she barrel rolled with Gamboul Shroud held firmly to cut against the beasts second head three times over, before she tucked and rolled, landing on its head gracefully and immediately jumping off toward the death stalker.

As her feet left the snakes head she saw one of Ember Celica’s rounds speeding toward the serpent and felt the resulting shockwave against her back as it exploded on contact. Blake reached out and grabbed onto the death stalkers stinger, which was yet to leave the ground, she drew back Gamboul Shroud ready to hack the golden bulb off of its appendage. But as she drew her arm back, the black head of the Taijitu hissed and shot its head toward her. Thankfully she wasn’t alone and Yang had jumped into the air, bringing her fist into the underside of the snakes head and pushing it upwards.

The snakes jaw was slammed shut and its head jerked up before it reared back to gather itself. The death stalker had pulled its stinger free and had Blake swinging around with it, barely holding on. ‘Is this how Jaune felt?’ Blake thought as she was effortlessly thrown through the air like a rag doll. Suddenly she was whipped back and then thrown forward, the speed of the movement being too much for Blake and she was violently thrown into the ground. Blake’s back slammed into the ground roughly before she bounced up and rolled onto her front, grunting as the thuds created shocks of dull pain that flashed through her body.


Yang yelled out as she saw her partner being tossed into the ground effortlessly, cringing as she smashed into the ground at painful looking speeds. Yang sprang into a run as she made to reach her partner, made it half way before she was forced to slide to a halt. As she ran toward the faunas, the white head had recovered and hissed at the blonde before spitting a vile acidic substance toward her. Yang saw the acid in the corner of her vision, falling to her knees in an attempt to slow her down immediately, coming to a halt mere inches from where the acid landed on the ground. Yang watched at the purple liquid as it sizzled and bubbled, expelling an obnoxious gas that had Yang turning her head away from it. Yang flipped back onto her feet, where she heard the death stalker hiss lowly and she quickly rolled to the side, dodging the stinger for the second time.

“You’re really persistent.”

Then Yang came up with a plan. Looking from the death stalker to the king Taijitu she called out to Blake to come to her.

“Blake! I have a plan!”

Yang leaped back away from the claws of the death stalker landing as Blake appeared by her side.

“Am I supposed to be glad?” She teased.

“Oh c’mon it’s not that bad.”

Yang quickly explained her plan to her partner, between dodging and jumping out of the way of three different enemies, Blake didn’t think that it was all that bad after all. After another strike from the black Taijitu, it brought its head back up and Blake sprang into action. She ran straight toward the serpent, jumped up and used a clone to propel her over its head, her ribbon let loose and Gamboul Shroud in Yang’s hands, Blake began to flip around the snakes head, wrapping the ribbon around it, using clones to move her around and around until the ribbon became taught.

Yang held onto Gamboul Shroud as Blake wrapped the serpents head. Yang was reduced to using one hand to dodge and manoeuvre out of the way of both the deaths stalkers pincers and the white serpent’s fangs, as her other hand was busy holding onto Blake’s sword. Blake finished swinging around the serpents head and rested on top of it as she went to cut the ribbon off or her arm.

“This was a good ribbon.” She sighed to herself before she freed herself from the rest of the ribbon. When Yang saw Blake jump down from the snake she gave the ribbon a small experimental tug, testing to see if it was sturdy enough. Just as she finished tugging she felt a much more forceful tug from the other end, the snake was pulling back on the ribbon as it tried to get free. Yang held firm, keeping her ground and waiting for the right moment to put her plan into action. Blake ran across from her, moving to pre-occupy the remaining Taijitu head as Yang dealt with the death stalker and the other head.

Yang grabbed onto Gamboul Shroud with two hands, grunting as each yank threatened to pull her off her feet. She turned to the death stalker and waited as patiently as she could for its stinger to slowly rise into the air. When the death stalker stopped snapping its pincers and lifted its stinger into the air, aiming for the blonde girl in front of it, Yang tensed her arms as she readied herself for the exact moment. When the stinger reached full height, she counted to two before pulling with all her might on the ribbon, firing her gauntlets to add to the pull.

The black Taijitu head was abruptly pulled forward and continued to be moved against its will until it was pulled in front of Yang, right in the path of the stinger that was already on its way home. The death stalkers stinger slammed straight into the snakes head, easily piercing its skull and impaling the beast. The head died instantly but its dead weight was thrown back as the stinger pushed it forward, tumbling on top of the blonde who was standing behind it.

As Blake fought the remaining head it suddenly jerked upward as the black head died, it hissed and spat acid at Blake who easily dodged it with a clone, turning to the dead head and looking for her partner.


She ran toward the limp head but was thrown back as the death stalker swung its claws at her. It stepped in between her and the black portion of the king Taijitu, blocking her path to Yang. Fortunately the poison from the stinger was already making its way through the rest of the snakes body, making the remaining head sway droopily before it flopped over onto the floor with a loud thud.

Blake was left to fight the death stalker with just the sheath portion of her blade.

“Go for the eye!”

Blake heard Yang’s voice but couldn’t see her. Shortly after hearing the command a white object was thrown toward her, she plucked it out the air and found it to one of the king taijitu’s fangs. Blake looked back up and saw Yang running toward her.

“Throw it Blake!”

Blake looked down at the fang in her hand, then looked at the eyes of the death stalker. Blake was tempted to ask which eye to aim for but decided that sort of humour wasn’t necessary right now. Hefting it in her hand, she flipped it over before throwing it toward the scorpion. The fang flew straight and true, slamming into its centre eye easily. The death stalker wretched back with a shriek before Yang jumped over it to land in front of its ‘face’. The blonde winked at the beast before throwing her fist straight at the fang protruding from its eye ball.

Ember Celica fired, driving the fang into the scorpion skull like a hammer would a nail, except this hammer was extremely powerful and this nail was pushed deep into its head. The scorpion staggered back, before it swayed gently and then collapsed onto the floor, the stinger slamming into the ground loudly.

“Well then,” Yang dusted her hands off, “not such a bad plan huh?”

“Was part of the plan getting crushed by a dead head?” Blake asked with a smirk.

Yang narrowed her yes at her partner before she tossed her sword back to her, “Shut up.”

Blake smiled to herself as Yang turned away from her.

“What do you say we try to take on big daddy over there?” Yang asked, jerking her head toward the titan.

Blake turned to Yang with a smile, “Sure.”



Winter handed the crystal over to her sister.

“I haven’t used it like this in a while, let’s hope I still know how.”

“You guys ready?” Ruby asked, hoping on her toes impatiently.

Weiss rolled her eyes but replied with a smile, “Ready!”

“Alright, its coming back around.”

Ruby had devised a plan that would surely bring them victory over the nevermore that was covered in bone plate armour. A super awesome badass plan that would totally make her look awesome. Well her and Weiss.

The huge bird let out another shriek as it approached, and just as it reared back to flap its wings and shoot off another round of feathers, Ruby launched into the air.

Winter gave her a boost with one of her glyphs, sending the red head speeding into the air with her own semblance moving her at unimaginable speeds. Ruby’s scythe met the armoured neck of the nevermore, the curved blade curving with its neck perfectly and she seemed to float there momentarily before her feet pushed against another of Winter’s glyphs and she fired another round both adding force as she pushed against the nevermore’s neck.

The nevermore felt a slight tug at its neck as Ruby began to pull it mid-flight, the nevermore was about to lean forward and destroy her plan if it wasn’t for the continuous supply of glyphs and gravity rounds that issued from her sniper. Each round was accompanied by a glyph that pushed her forward, and soon the nevermores forward momentum was being cancelled out. Then Weiss entered the fray.

Weiss had jumped onto her own glyph when Ruby launched herself toward the nevermore. The heiress remained perched on her glyph as it spun slowly, drawing in power from her aura. The glyph began to spin faster and faster as Weiss continued to feed it, legs bent and sword pointed forward, she managed to apply the dust crystal to the blade, imbuing it with a faint white glow. The whirring noise from her glyph reached the speed where it sounded like one long continuous rotation, no longing a whirring but a long humming and when she saw that Ruby wasn’t moving any further, she fired her glyph.

Winter jumped in surprise as she heard a loud boom off to her left, she turned her head in time to see a huge cloud of snow explode against the ground, the concrete beneath Weiss’ position was cracked and broken. Winter snapped her head back toward the nevermore just in time to see her sister reach it.

Weiss flew through the air faster than she had ever done before. To the point where it frightened her a little, the world at the edges of her vision drew back and became one huge blur and for a moment she wasn’t sure whether she missed her target. But she felt her blade slam into the bone plating, just under Ruby’s scythe, and with two hands she pulled with all her strength, forcing her blade to dig into the armour.

Ruby blinked and found Weiss on the opposite side of the birds neck, her blade under hers, she squeezed of one last round as she pulled with all her might against the armour.


The pair yelled in unison as they both flared their auras and fired their semblances together, Weiss summoning a glyph and Ruby giving herself another burst of speed to add to her momentum. The plating cracked, starting off as a small black line where the two blades met, then when they used their semblances, the additional power turned the small black line into a series of larger jagged lines.

Winter watched in awe as her sister and her partner seemed to float in the air, their yells just reaching her ears. She watched as a cloud of snowflakes burst from her sisters cloak and a cloud of rose petals issued from Ruby’s, they drifted behind the pair and Winter followed them as they drifted toward each other and twirled in the air, making a mix of red and white in the night sky.

Winter had her attention on the snow flakes and petals and jumped as she heard a loud cracking noise, snapping her attention back to the huge bird she watched as the armour around its neck broke away violently and then Ruby’s scythe and Weiss’ sword sliced right through its neck.

They both spun around in the air to face her direction and the picture before her was nothing short of ‘badass’.

Weiss on the left, Ruby on the right and a huge black and white nevermore between them, its head slowly coming off its neck. They all seemed to float in the air for a moment as their cloaks fluttered behind them, emitting a stream of snow flakes and rose petals that blew around them.

A white knight and a red reaper, floating in the sky with a huge, beheaded, beast in between them with a full moon perfectly positioned behind them. It was a scene for legends.

When they touched the ground Winters mouth was still slightly ajar and she still hadn’t blinked. She thought now was a good time to do that. She ran to meet the pair and was immediately approached by Ruby.

“How did we look did we look awesome? Was it totally badass?”

“I-I uh- uhm… Yes?”

“See! I knew it!” Ruby turned to Weiss.

“Ruby not everything is about looking ‘badass’. Have you ever tried looking, sophisticated?”

“Trust me you don’t want to” Winter interjected, voicing Ruby’s point for her.

“That’s why I’m the heiress.” Weiss stated.

“I don’t need to be ‘sophisticated’, I’m too cute” Winter folded her arms over her chest.

“Oh please, Ruby is cuter than you.”

“What?” Ruby quickly asked.

“N-nothing.” Weiss began to turn red.

Winter looked between her sister and the red head before she rolled her eyes and said.

“Seriously Weiss, we already know you two are a thing, why do act like this?”

“Maybe she’s embarrassed that her partner isn’t as, ‘sophisticated’ as her” Ruby teased.

“Ruby do you want to fight the giant Grimm down the road?”


“Then be quite.”

Weiss turned away from her sister and partner as she made her way toward the titan, leaving Ruby and Winter to share a giggle. Weiss was about to turn back toward them when she felt a weight at her arm.


Ruby had grabbed onto her arm and was leaning against her as they walked toward the huge beast. Ruby looked at Weiss and smiled brightly at her partner.

“Ruby what are yo-“

She was cut off as Ruby affectionately pecked her on the check before issuing a, “Love ya.” Then quickly shooting off down the road.

“Ruby! Wait!” Weiss threw her hand out, but her red headed partner was already too far gone. Grumbling loudly she summoned a glyph and shot after her. When Winter was sure her sister was long gone she voiced her thoughts.

“I think Ruby will be good for you Weiss. I’m glad you let her in.”

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