Two White Loved Ones

Just Another Mission

Weiss returned to their dorm later that night, so late that when she stepped in she had to do so very quietly as they were all asleep. Or so she thought.

Blake and Ruby were both awake when she stepped in, Yang, well Yang was snoring as loud an ursa of course. Her sheets were thrown about, again, her hand was hanging off the edge of the bed and a steady stream of drool was soaking her most beloved locks. Sometimes Blake wondered how much she actually cared about her hair.

Blake had woken as soon as Weiss began to turn the handle of the door, Blake was an extremely light sleeper, perks of being in the White Fang, and waking up at the slightest of noise had become a habit she was beginning to hate. At least now she wasn’t drawing a knife every time she did.

Ruby, Ruby never went to sleep to begin with. None of her teammates had ever been out that late, except for when Blake ran away, and she was getting worried, especially since it was Weiss. But when the heiress walked in, trying her best to be as quite as possible, Ruby was relieved and a weight was lifted off her, but she quickly turned around so that Weiss wouldn’t see that she was awake.

Blake on the other hand didn’t bother about it, besides Weiss would have known that the cat faunas would have woken up. Weiss walked past the faunas and they shared a glance, no words were exchanged and Blake had a hard time reading the heiress, she showed nothing but her signature poker face, hiding all from the world. Weiss walked off and Blake spun around and tried to get back to sleep, ‘Yeah like that’ll happen’, she thought glancing at the bed above her.

Next morning

The team woke up without a sound, no whistle, no arguing, no talking. They went about their routine with just the regular, “Good morning”. Weiss didn’t say anything, Ruby didn’t mention the call from her sister and Yang and Blake thought it best not to bring up last night’s escape.

Although there weren’t any words exchanged, Ruby had been glancing over at Weiss quite regularly, maybe a bit too regularly. “What’s goin on Ruby” Blake whispered as Weiss entered the bathroom.

“What do you mean?” Ruby asked, flicking her bed sheet and throwing it over her bed.

“Why do you keep looking at Weiss like that? You think she hasn’t noticed?”

“Is it that obvious?”

“Yeah it is” Yang called from the other end of the room. Yang might be a bit oblivious at times, but she was pretty observant when it came to her little sister. Ruby looked between her sister and her teammate, the two most loving people she has in her life right now. It was the truth but it hurt her a little that that number was down to two and not three, but that third person was being rather, cold, lately.

“Argh, there’s something I have to tell her but I don’t know how or even if I should” Ruby confessed.

“Ooo what might that be?” Yang asked, a little more interested now, she loved gossip. Ruby went to answer but the bathroom door swung open. Three pairs of eyes looked to the heiress simultaneously. The silver pair a little worried, the amber pair seemingly disinterested and the lilac pair looking as if they had been caught in the middle of a crime.

Weiss looked at her teammates, “Honestly” she scoffed and moved toward her own bed to grab her things. She walked to the door and paused to face her team, “Class is in five, do you want to be late again?” Then they moved.

‘Class’ was a little bit of a lie. The so called class was feeling more like an assembly, Goodwitch was standing on an elevated platform and most of the second year students were present. “This is weird” Yang stated. Team JNPR were positioned next to team RWBY, both teams had no clue what was going on, they both thought they were going to be having a training class.

“Now you may be wondering why this class is a little unorthodox” The professor began

“You don’t say” Yang whispered, awarding her a stern look from her partner.

“But this is your second year here at Beacon, and as a second year student you have been awarded many privileges, but you will also be given certain responsibilities. One such responsibility will be given today” She explained, her ever present tablet in hand. Yang couldn’t help but make the connection between Ozpin and his cup, and Goodwitch and her tablet.

“If you will be so kind to have a look at your scrolls, you will see that a new icon has been added to the top left corner” There was a mass of shuffling as all the students pulled out their scrolls simultaneously.

“Well she wasn’t lying” Yang stated

“What is it?” Blake wondered out loud.

“This is your new mission assignment app” Goodwitch stated right after Blake spoke. Ruby and Yang shared a smile at the resemblance to their first day at beacon in the airship.

“As second year students, and hunter and huntresses in the making, you have a duty to society. And that includes many things, fighting Grimm, yes is one of them, but your overall responsibility is to keep the peace. Fighting Grimm is only one part of the equation, simple tasks such as community service, guarding, or simply lending a hand is all part of the job.”

“Where is she going with this?” Yang asked.

Nora was heard taking in a large breathe, “HUUUH, We get to save kitties stuck in trees!!!!” She bounced up and down. Blake just had to smile at that.

“Your new app will act as a pager, it is catered to all of your timetables, so whenever your team is free, and your help is required, it will send you a notification, and you will be expected to accept it. These tasks can range from anything, hunting Grimm to patrol work, whatever the task you must complete it. And don’t worry you won’t be asked to do anything outside of your ability, we monitor each request and confirm and deny them as we see fit.” Goodwitch explained.

Realisation dawned on Ruby and her eyes lit up and a smile burst across her face. “Guys!” Her team recoiled at the sudden outburst, “We get to go on missions!”

“Yes Ruby we just her-“

“Like actual missions!” She continued cutting off Weiss.

“You are all dismissed, the pagers are active as of now so don’t be surprised if some of you receive requests straight away” Goodwitch called, dismissing the mass of second year students. They all forwarded out, chattering about their new responsibilities, some were excited, some were annoyed, Ruby, Ruby was over the moon. She already had her scroll clutched in her hands, staring intently at the little sword and shield that was the mission icon. Weiss noticed her partner’s already excessive enthusiasm and rolled her eyes. “Seriously Ruby there is more to-“

“YES!” She yelled, cutting Weiss off one more time, they all looked at their leader and realised that her scroll was flashing. The remaining trio looked amongst themselves before looking at their own scrolls.

“That was quick” Blake stated, reading the mission notification.

“And it’s not some boring old patrol mission! Yes! We get to fight things!” Ruby pointed out

“Didn’t we do that yesterday?” Yang asked, grinning at her sister’s excitement, it rubbed off on people. Yang glanced at Blake and noticed she was smiling too, she turned her attention to the ice princess, and she was honestly a little surprised.

Weiss wasn’t frowning as she usually tended to do, nor was she scowling at her sister. She had a rather neutral yet soft expression as she watched Ruby jump up and down and ramble on about the cool things it could be. It was as if Weiss was considering whether she should smile, whatever happened yesterday, she seemed to be over it. Yang smiled at the thought, it warmed her heart to know her teammates were all feeling well, she had a soft heart and she knew it.

“What are you smiling about?” Blake asked, interrupting her train of thought. Yang looked at her partner and could have asked her the exact same thing, Blake wasn’t a stranger to smiles, but every time she did, Yang warmed up inside, and coming from Yang that means something.

“I’m just glad whatever happened yesterday seems to be behind the two” She replied, nodding her head toward the pair.

Blake hummed in agreement, “Although there’s still that thing Ruby had to tell her.”

“Yeah, but I’m sure Ruby will figure it out. I’m not the only one who is warm inside” She stated with a grin. “C’mon, I think we should save the ice princess from my over active ruby sister.”


“Is it set up?”

“Yes it is, as soon as their servers go live they’ll be the first to get a notification”

“And the briefing?”

“Short and simple, doesn’t give too much away but enough for them not to be suspicious”

“And you” the voice said, turning his attention to someone else, “Are you ready?”

“Yes I am” the voice was rough and a bit muffled, as if he was speaking through a mask.

“Good because I didn’t pay you off from her father just so you could fail.”

“I won’t” The man replied plainly.

“Don’t underestimate those girls, especially that one in the cape, focus on the mean one first, she seems the weakest.”

The man with the muffled voice chuckled, “Haha, you tell me not to underestimate them, but you just did. Miss Schnee is far from weak, it’s her heart and mind that brings her down. But don’t worry, she will be no problem for me”

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