Two White Loved Ones

A Fearful Realisation

“Your injuries are minimal, considering the circumstances. You do have two cracked ribs on your left side, but other than that and a few scrapes and bruises you’re A-Okay. You will have to stay with us for minimum of seven days so that we can ensure your ribs reset correctly and then you can go back to school” The doctor explained with a reassuring smile as he looked over his data pad, regarding Ruby’s report.

It was the day after the incident, Ruby and Weiss had been taken to hospital, Yang and Blake finding them about ten minutes after Weiss collapsed. Turns out, the slash at Weiss’ abdomen had gotten through her aura and she had a gash that went diagonally from her right hip to midway down her left side. When Blake and Yang reached the pair, Weiss had lost quite a bit of blood and Ruby had begun to lose hope.

“Weiss! Weiss please! Weiss don’t go!” Ruby’s gentle shaking had turned into something more desperate. She somehow managed to flip Weiss onto her back and the sight that was revealed to her made her heart sink and her desperation doubled.

“Weiss! You’re bleeding! He got you and you’re bleeding!” Ruby looked at her hands and realised they were red. She paused and stared at her hands, Weiss’ blood, it was so red. She looked at the heiress who was eerily silent.

She looked to her hands and then back to her partner and was strangely reminded of an image of blood soaking into pristine white snow. Weiss Schnee, stained by her blood. “I can’t lose you Weiss! You can’t leave me, you’re my partner, you’re not allowed to leave me!” Ruby continued desperately, trying her hardest to put pressure on the wound. Weiss groaned from the pain, giving Ruby a speck of hope, she was alive. A speck she latched onto and held so desperately.

Weiss’ head rolled around and seemed as if she was looking to Ruby. Weiss was fading in and out of consciousness and she had heard some of Ruby’s cries, it was all very familiar but she couldn’t figure out why. She tried to call out her name but someone beat her to it.


“Ruby! Oh my god! Ruby!” Yang yelled as she stepped onto the edge of the warehouse, witnessing an image she had never thought she would see. From where she stood all she could see was Ruby, Weiss and some man, lying on the floor in a pool of blood. Yang’s mind only expected the worst.

“Ruby! Blake call an ambulance!” Yang jumped down from the roof and ran to her sister’s side. It wasn’t until she got up close that she realised it wasn’t her sisters blood, but Weiss’ and if Yang had taken just a little longer, team RWBY would have lost their leaders partner.

Which brings them all to the hospital. Despite Ruby’s injuries and exhaustion, as sleep came to her that night she did her best to fight it.

“Ruby why don’t you just go to sleep” Yang said softly from the side of Ruby’s bed. Ruby didn’t require surgery, Weiss on the other had needed to have her wound closed up.

“Yang I can’t, I’m too, worried” Ruby confessed, her voice thick with exhaustion.

“Ruby, Weiss will be fine, she’s a strong girl and it was just a cut” Yang replied, taking Ruby’s hand in her own. Her lilac eyes, filled with concern and love only a sister could manage.

“Yang you weren’t there! You didn’t see how much blood there was, how red it was.”

“Ruby” Yang tried to get her to stop, she didn’t need to relive that moment, Yang could only imagine what it was like.

“You know what scares me the most?” Ruby asked rhetorically, turning to look directly at her sister. “The colour reminded me so much of roses. My roses” Ruby’s eyes were quivering now and even in the dim light Yang new her sister was crying. She got up from her seat and wrapped her into the most caring yet gentle hug she could manage, given Ruby’s broken ribs.

“Sssh Ruby it’s okay! Don’t say things like that, it’s over now. You had nothing to do with what happened. Silly comparisons like that mean nothing” Ruby was definitely crying now, Yang could feel Ruby’s body shake with each jagged breath, but she could barely make out the words she was saying.

The next hour was spent with Ruby wrapped up in Yang’s arms, when the nurse came in to check on Ruby she found that Ruby had fallen asleep, albeit Yang had climbed into bed next to her so that she could hold her better. When the nurse came past to check on Ruby’s drip, she felt a strange warmth radiating from the bed, and when she looked to the blonde, Yang offered a just as warm smile. The nurse nodded understandingly and moved on to the next patient, leaving the sisters in each other’s warmth.


After Blake checked up on Ruby, she decided it was best to leave the sisters on their own, after saying her goodbye’s and stating she would come back tomorrow, she was about to leave the hospital when she had a thought. Weiss’ surgery wouldn’t take that long, and with Yang and Ruby pre-occupied with each other, Weiss would be on her own when she returned to her room.

Blake didn’t hate the heiress, maybe when they first met, but when she told her team she was a part of the white fang and Weiss confessed that she couldn’t care less, Blake had never been more grateful of the ice queen. The least she could do was keep her company, even if she would be asleep.

Blake asked the desk clerk where Weiss’ room was and noticed it was just down the hall from Ruby’s, at least she didn’t have to walk far. When she stepped into the room Weiss was indeed asleep, but Blake didn’t mind, she merely sat in one of the chairs, pulled a book out from her back pack and began to read. After all, it was quite peaceful in there.

The faunas was half way through her book when the heiress woke up. Blake’s ear twitched as the sheets shuffled slightly. Blake marked the page and closed the book, placing it to the side and watching the heiress, with slight amusement.

Weiss shuffled her feet first, and then her head rolled over, before her arms came up from under her sheets to rub her eyes open. She removed her hands from her face and blinked a couple of times before looking at the faunas.

“Blah- Blake?” She asked, clearly the anaesthetic hadn’t worn off completely. Blake grinned at the drugged heiress and wondered whether she should take advantage of the fact.

“Good evening Miss Schnee” Blake replied, the grin still plastered across her face. The heiress looked at the expression and gave the faunas a questioning look.

“Why are you grinning like that?” She asked with a yawn.

“No reason snow angel.” Blake hummed, she had never seen the heiress so, so improper, she just had to smile.

“Please don’t call me that” Weiss dead-panned, “I already have two blondes calling me that, I don’t need a cat doing the same” She tried to lift herself up into a sitting position, but must have forgotten about her injuries.

She got halfway before pain shot along the stitches and up her spine and dropped back into her bed with a painful wince. Blake almost jumped out of her seat, she had to check herself to make sure it didn’t come across as too feline, she didn’t think the heiress would forget about it easily.

Nevertheless Blake was by her side in an instant, gently grabbing her arm to steady the azure eyed girl. “Weiss did you forget you’re in hospital?” Blake teased, helping her oppositely coloured teammate into a sitting position.

She couldn’t help but wince along with Weiss, Blake didn’t realise how fragile Weiss could be, she was always so stern, so sharp. Not right now, now Blake felt as if she could shatter like a shard of ice, she certainly felt just as cold.

“Don’t be absurd of course I know I’m hospital!” Weiss stated sharply, flattening out the wrinkles in her bed sheets.

“You’re also probably exhausted so you should drop the regular attitude, at least just for now” Blake suggested taking a step back and continuing to smile.

“Attitude? Oh please I’m far more than capable of keeping my ‘attitude’ thankyou very much Blake”

“Whatever you say” Blake said waving a hand and returning to her seat in front of the heiress. The faunas watched the heiress as she continued to fiddle with her sheets. Clearly there was something on her mind and Blake had a good guess what it was.

“Where is Yang?” She asked, obviously beating around the bush. Blake wasn’t going to have any of it.

“Weiss why don’t you just ask? I know you’re worried about Ruby, she’s doing fine. She’s actually just up the hall.” Blake stated, getting straight to the point.

“Ah well that’s very good news. Very good.” There was a pause as Weiss nodded. They sat in silence for a moment, Blake giving the heiress a moment.

“Thankyou Blake, but I’m beginning to feel a little tired after all” The heiress said, patting her sheets bringing her fiddling to a halt. Blake nodded, getting up from her seat and moving toward the door, taking her book with her.

“Thankyou Blake” Weiss called before she walked out. Blake smiled to herself before saying goodnight.

“Goodnight Weiss, see you tomorrow.”

Weiss sighed as she heard the door close. Ruby was okay, she made it in time. She didn’t think she would be fast enough. She still hadn’t forgotten about Ozpin’s words and she was beginning to believe them. Maybe she could protect her sister now, she definitely proved it with Ruby. There was- Wait!

Weiss eyes widened and she gripped her sheets tightly. What was she saying? She just said she believed Ozpin, believed what he said about love. She saved Ruby believing in those words. Weiss stared at the chair Blake was seated in earlier and her heart began to beat faster.

Weiss knew what this meant, deep down her heart knew exactly what it meant, but her mind was having a very, very hard time accepting it. Mainly because she was afraid, afraid of what it meant. What it meant for her and what it meant for Ruby.

For the past two years she had this feeling, but for the past two years her stone heart had been able to block it out, block it for the both of them. But now that her stone heart had been broken and she had realised that shutting out the people she loved to protect them was the wrong approach, she had allowed those feelings to swarm within her and yesterday’s actions was the catalyst that had set these feelings in motion.

Weiss’ heart wasn’t made of stone, and it had fallen for Ruby, and this frightened the heiress.

“Oh no.”

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