Thanks To A Cheater

Chapter 13: The Perfect Present

Leo's POV

"Jason." I said when I saw him on a stool. I'd found Jason here after Reyna saying he's been drinking recently and that she usually never see him after around three in the afternoon and here he was, siting on a stool at a bar that we all use to frequent. The owner was a guy named Sesh and this club was where Piper did some of her performances before she was world wide famous.

"H-hey Meo!" Jason slirred in his druken state and laughed. "What'cha doin' here?"

I didn't even know why I was here to begin with. Christmas was next week and I still had to find Piper a present gods' sakes!

"Jason, you have a fiance waiting for you at home. She is pregnant. You should be there, not here."

"Piper? Piper's waiting for me?" I sighed and felt angry.

"Piper is not you're fiance and she's not pregnant either! Reyna is your fiance and she's pregnant because you got her pregnant when you cheated on Piper."

"Reyna? Sssscrew Reynaa! I wove Piper!" Jason said and turned to the bar tender. "Give me 'nother shot!"

"Don't you dare!" I snapped at the bar tender when he move to serve Jason his order. I turned to Jason and scowled at him. "Enough Jason."

"Nope!" He popped the P and giggled. "I wanna drink cuzzz that makes me happyyyy!"

"You brought this on yourself." I said and sucker punched him. He felled unconsious from the hit and I practically dragged him out of the bar and into my car.

I was almost at his house when Jason woke up, somehow without the drunkeness.

"Damn...Major hangover..." Jason said and realized where he was. "What the fuck? Leo?"

"Jason, you hit Reyna." I said simple. Reyna had been staying with Piper for about two days now. Piper hadn't let me find Jason until she thought I was calm enough, but she doesn't know I'm here now. But I had to set the bastard straight.

"Jason, you hit Reyna. Do you know how hurt she was? And she has news for you."

"What? I never hit her." Jason said as he held his head because of a presumably terrible hangover.

"Yes you did. We found her and her cheek was red and her arms had bruises from where you grabbed her and she has a bruise on her side from where you hit her there and there's more. And don't say you didn't."

"I-I can't believe..."

"She's going to leave you Jason." I said as I parked in front of his house. Jason was silent for a few minutes and I sat there, waiting for a reaction. "It's only...six and you were already as drunk as hell. I just came to tell you that. Now get out of my car."

"But-" Jason tried to say something but I raised my hand and threw a ball of fire at him. He jumped away and the fire disappered.

"Out. A lot of what you've done is sickening Jason." I reached back and opened the door for him. "You use to be such a great hero, now you're just a drunken loser. So get out and never go near Piper or Reyna ever again if you're like this."

Jason sat there and got out after a few seconds. He closed the door and I drove off, wondering when Jason had become such

Piper's POV

"What the hell am I suppose to get him?" I asked myself as I walked past all the shops.

Christmas was next week and I'd been searching since around noon for a present for Leo. But it was 6:30 PM and I still haven't found him a good present.

And that stupid song that Apollo keeps taunting me with is not helping one bit. I only had about half of the lyrics done. And then I had the feeling there was another song I needed to write.

"Happy christmas. I wrapped it up and sent it with a note saying 'I love you' I meant it. Now I know what a fool I've been but if you kiss me now I know you'd fool me again..." I sang under my breath as I walked into another store. This one was a tool store.

I spent twenty minutes muttering the song lyrics under my breath and trying to find Leo's gift. But I left the store empty handed. I'd already looked at almost everything. Expesive wine, power tools, building tools, and I have not found anything!

"Aphrodite, for the love of you please help me find the perfect present!" I murmured under my breath and continued down the street.

Let's see...Leo wasn't a outdoor cooking guy or a cooking guy in general. Leo was a builder, but he could get all the tools he needed from his job or with his own money.

I needed to find something special...something special...

Suddenly a soft melody hit my ears and I looked up, trying to find where it came from.

I followed the sound of the melody and stumble upon a small store.

I opened the door and stepped inside.

"Welcome young lady." I turned to find an elderly man smiling at me from the counter.

"Oh. Hello." I said and started to wander around the small shop, looking for a gift.

"Can I help you find something?" The old man called from the counter.

"No." But what the hell? Might as well let him help. "Actually yes, I was looking for a present for my friend."

"What kind of present?"

"Oh, I don't know. I've been looking for a while now and I can't seem to find anything." I fingered a lovely looking wooden chest and turned to the old man when he spoke.

"You know, they say the best gifts come from the heart. Come this way, I'll show you something."

I followed the old man to a spare room and was surprised by what I saw.

There were many little devices and things all around the room and there was a small work shop in the corner of the room.

"I'm a son of Heaphestus. You're a daughter of Aphrodite, are you not?" The man asked and I turned to him, surprised. but managed to nod and walked over to the little trinkets. "Surprised by the things?"

"A bit. But do you have any idea what I could give another son of Heaphestus?" I asked and the man chuckled.

"Well, we do like to be reminded of our best creations."

Then it hit me. I knew what I could get leo.

"I know what I can get him now!" I said aloud and the man smiled.

"Good. I have a feeling you'll need someone who can create things with his hands. I'll help you if you'd like."

"Oh yes! Please!"

"Then come to my workshop and we can discuss this personal order." I nodded and immediatly followed the man to the space in the corner, my mind already forming the perfect present.

"Thank you sir! Goodbye!" I called back as I opened the door of the shop. "Thank you so much!"

"It was nothing dear. Goodbye." The old man called back and I walked out onto the street, Leo's gift carefully wrapped and placed in a bag which I held to my chest.

"Thanks mom." I whispered as I looked in the direction of the empire state building that I could more or less make out in the dark sky from this distance. A familiar voice whispered a 'You're welcome' in my mind and I smiled.

I was waking down the street to head home and bumped into a person I hadn't seen in a while and wished I hadn't seen.


But more importantly Leo's gift almost fell out of my hand but I grabbed it and cradled it to my chest to keep the impact of my fall from breaking it.

"Oh gods! Piper, I'm sorry." Jason said and held out a hand to help me up. I ignored his hand and picked myself up. I brushed off the back of my jeans with one hand and then checked Leo's gift. It was still perfectly intact.

"Jason." I said and gave him a nod before brushing past him and continueing my walk.

"Wait Piper," Jason said and caught up to me. "Is it true Reyna's staying with you?" I stopped, thinking about the reason why Reyna is at my house right now.

"Yes. Yes it is."

"But why is she-" I whirled around to face him, causing Jason to step back a bit.

"She's there because you beat her, Jason! You slapped her! You even hit her more than once!" I all but screamed at him, grateful that there wasn't anyone near by to hear.

"But I wouldn't-"

"Jason, don't give me shit. Y-you've turned into a drunken monster since the last time I saw you! Right now, I can't believe I ever even loved you." I sighed and stepped back, glaring at Jason. "Don't you ever come near me again, Jason. I left you because you cheated on me and I'm pasted that now, but you beat Reyna, the woman who is five months pregnant with your child!"

"I never meant to do that. I'm sorry for cheating on you and for hurting Reyna but-"

"No, no buts Jason. You lost me and now you've lost Reyna. I hope you're happy now you cheating pregnant woman beater! I know I'm speaking for both Reyna and I when I say this, goodbye and good riddence!"

I spun on my heel and stalked down the sidewalk, determined to get home and as far away from Jason as possible.

"Oh, hi Piper." Reyna said when I walked in the door. "Did you find Leo a present?" The question instantly put me out of my foul mood.

"Yup! Come take a look!" I opened the bag and pulled out the present. Reyna gasped.

"That looks just like the real thing!"

"I know. I met another demigod, an older man, and he helped me make it! It's perfect!" I grinned and carefully put the gift back in the bag.

"Thanks. I just hope Leo likes it. I'll be back in a few minutes, just let me put this away." Reyna nodded and I headed to my room.

Inside my room I looked for a place to put the bag and decided to put it in the safe I kept in the back of my closet.

I went back downstairs to find that Reyna had already made dinner. I didn't mind, but I didn't really eat much. I was to focus on the new song and in the middle of dinner I shot out of my seat and ran to my room, singing the lyrics over and over so I wouldn't forget.

I got the lyrics on paper and planned to call Joan tomorrow to get the band together and record the song. I could put the song on the new album-which was set to release two days after tomorrow-and I'd be able to add it to the poll as a late entry.

Except for the Jason thing, today was a great day.

But I knew this wellness couldn't last, and I felt in my heart that I was right.

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