Thanks To A Cheater

Chapter 15: Your Girl

Piper's POV

"H-Hunter..." I said, barely high enough to be heard. "It's...good to see you back."

I stood up and walked over to him, but I could sence that I wasn't to touch him.

"Piper, can I talk to you?" He glanced around. "In private?"

"Yeah. Of course." I said, nodding. "Follow me."

I lead Hunter to my sunroom that was lit by Christmas lights. I gestured for Hunter to sit anywhere and he took a seat on the L-shaped white couch I had. I sat there too, but with a good distance between us.

It was silent for a while, making me nervous.

Finally, I could take it anymore.

"Hunter, I'm really sorry for what you saw. But there was mistletoe and they would've tried something else if I didn't kiss Leo, and-" Hunter raised a hand.

"Piper, I'm not mad." Hunter said.

I blinked. Surprise and releif shot through me at the same time. I was almost convinced that I'd misheard him, but Hunter was able to read the look on my face. "You heard me right, Pipes. I, Hunter, am not mad at you. If anything, I'm mad at myself."

"A-at yourself? Why?"

"Because I let you get away." Hunter sighed and leaned back. "I left without an explaination and didn't contact you for months. I knew this would happen, but something told me it had to be done. I think it was you mom, but I'm not sure. I only know it was someone with enough power to make me stay away longer than I had to."

I swallowed, happy that Hunter wasn't mad at me, but sad that it had more than less likely been my own mother who kept us apart.

"W-why did you leave in the first place?" I asked when I found my voice. Hunter looked at me and sat up.

"Rmemember that Wednesday morning when you told me about Leo, left the room, an came back to find me on the phone?"

"Yes." I remembered that day so clearly like it as yesterday. A while after Hunter left I'd replay the day, wondering how I could've stopped him from leaving.

"That day my sister called me. I told you my mother had cancer. She got worse and the doctors thought she would pass on soon, so my sister called me an told me to go in case we really lost her." Hunter's eyes closed as he took a shaky breath. "A month after I got home, my mother died there on the hospita bed, holding my hand."

"Oh Hunter..." I said as I moved closer and hugged him. "I'm so sorry..." I pulled away and sat next to him.

"Thanks. But I've morned and everything already. There's nothing I could've done to stop it, is there? We all excepted the fact and are learning to live with it. My sisters suggested I stay with them a while longer, so I stayed two more months." Hunter looked at me. "Piper, I swear I wanted to call you and tell you everything, but I couldn't. Like I told you, something or someone made me realize that I couldn't come back.

"I realized that I wasn't the right person for you, and your mom confirmed that when she visited me a month back. She told me everything. How she planned for you to marry someone else and how I was meant for someone else." Hunter smiled. "She said she'd given me the job of making you understand love is out there, waiting. And now it's time for you to be with the guy you love. Who, according to your mom, is the one you kissed under the mistletoe."

"L-Leo?" So my mom had meant for me to be with him.

"Yeah. It was Aphrodite who hung that mistletoe above you two."

"Oh Hunter. I'm so sorry. You were used by my mother and-"

"No Piper. I don't mind. I only mind that I couldn't be the guy you deserve." Tears filled my eyes and I hugged Hunter without thinking. "Piper?"

"Thank you. Just...Thank you. For everything." I said and Hunter made me look at him.

"You have nothing to thank me for. This was all because of your mom, so thank her." I smiled.

"I will, but I'll do that later. Right now, there's a party and we need to make sure things go great."

"I'm guessing you didn't get me a present?" Hunter asked and I looked away.

"I didn't think you'de be back, so I didn't. I'm sorry. But I swear I'll take you shopping and buy whatever you want." Hunter smiled and pulled something from the pocket of his jacket.

My breath hitched at the sight of it.

It was a ring box. And the sight of it terrified me.

"Don't worry." Hunter said, seeing the look on my face. "It's just a ring I saw that reminded me of you. It had belonged to my mother and I thought you might want to have it. She made me promise to give it to you because she said," Hunter's voice rose to an attemted girl voice "'Hunter, you give that girl this ring. I have a feeling it's meant to be hers so you better or I'll haunt you from beyond the grave.'"

I smiled and took the ring from Hunter.

"I-" Just then the sound of running footfalls sounded and horror shot through me. Who was it?

"I think that was Leo." Hunter said, looked at where we'd heard Leo run off.

"Oh my god." I glanced at the ring and paled. "H-He must think that the ring-" Hunter took my hand and I looked at him.

"Go after him Piper. Go." I nodded and handed back the ring before taking off running, trying to find Leo.

"Piper!" Thalia said as she caught my arm. "Leo just ran out the front door. What happened?"

I didn't answer. I pulled out of her grasp and ran towards the door, trying to get outside as fast as possible. I didn't care that I'd probably get sick runing around in my christmas outfit.

I only wanted to find Leo.

Leo's POV

Stupid stupid stupid.

I thought that to myself over and over again as I walked down the street, repaying what I had seen in my head.

Piper didn't love me, she loved Hunter. And now Hunter had proposed to her. Piper was bound to say yes and she'd forget all about me.

All about our kiss...

In my hurry to get away from Piper's house, I'd been to stupid to remember my car was parked in her driveway.

"Dumbass!" I yelled out at myself in frustration and stopped moving, standing just outside the light of a lamp post.

"You're not a dumbass." I knew it was Piper before I even turned around.

Piper stood there in her female Santa outfit. She didn't act like she was cold, but I knew she was. Either way, Piper looked beautiful standing there under the lamp post's light.

"Where's Hunter?" I asked, not sure why.

"He's back at the house. He told me to come after you, not that I needed to be encouraged."

"Come after me? For what? To say the kiss was a mistake and that it'll never happen again because Hunter's back?" I snapped and Piper tilted her head a bit.

"No. I came to see why you bolted before you heard everything." Piper sighed. "Leo, nothing has changed because Hunter's back. I-I still like you as much as I did when I wrote 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' for you, Leo."

"You wrote that for me?" She nodded.

"I've never really been good with speaking my emotions, but I can sing them just fine. And as the song said, 'I just want you for my own, more than you could ever know'."

I didn't know what to say, so I decided to make sure I heard right.

"So you like me? As in, like like me?" Piper nodded.

"I like you more than I ever liked Jason." Piper glanced at the sky and gave a small smile. "It just took a few pushes and some time for me to figure it out.""

"Kiss her!" A female voce yelled in my mind. "I did not set this up for you to chiken out! KISS HER!"

"Whoever you are, stop screaming. It hurts my brain!" I shot back and everything was quiet.

Taking the voice's advice (Though I am questioning my sanity because of it.) I walked over to Piper until where was only a small space between us.

"Well Piper, I've liked you for a while, but I tried to hold it off, scared to ruin our friendship." I gave Piper a mischievous smile. "But nothing's holding me back now."

With that, I leaned in and captured Piper's lips with my own.

Piper seemed shocked for a second, but quickly recovered. Her arms wrapped around my neck and mine wrapped around her waist, pulling her as close as possible.

The feeling of kissing sent pleasurable shocks through me. I never wanted it to stop, but I did want the giggling that was making me question my sanity to stop.

But I didn't care. All I cared about was that I was kissing the girl of my dreams.

The kiss seemed to end all to soon when we split in need of air.

"That was..." Piper trailed off.

"Wow?" I suggested and Piper nodded, grinning.

But then her grin fell as she shivered and I pulled my jacket off, draping it over her shoulders. I was a bit surprised that it looked huge on Piper, but I didn't care. I liked the thought of Piper wearing my clothes, especially if she wasn't wearing-

"If you finish that perverted thought, I'll slap you." Piper hissed and I looked at her.

"Can you read minds or something?"

"So you were thinking pervertedly!" Piper accused. "I thought it might be something else, but I was right!" I raised my hands in surender.

"You caught me."

"Pervert." I laughed and Piper tried to fight off a smile but failed.

Piper's POV

Leo and I headed back to my house and Leo wrapped an arm around me as we walked.

I leaned into him and enjoyed the time alone during the walked back.

"You cold?" Leo asked and I shook my head.

"Not much anymore. Thanks for letting me use your jacket." Leo nodded.

"I couldn't let my girl freeze, could I?"

"Your girl?" I asked, testing out the phrase more than anything. "I like the sound of it."

"You better because I'm not letting you go like the two guys before me did." Leo pulled me closer and soon we were at my doorstep.

I opened the door and was immediatly yanked away from Leo.

"What the hell-!" I screamed before I was wrapped into a hug.

"Merry Christmas, Piper."

I froze at the sound of the voice and slowly looked up, near panic.

Again, I could only think one thing:


Then added, For the second time in one night...

Why does my mom hate me?

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