Thanks To A Cheater

Chapter 17: Everything Is Perfect

Piper's POV

"You look beautiful." Thalia said and I smiled, examining the reflection in the mirror

Today was the day. Today was the long awaited wedding.

I couldn't help but smile at the thought that-thanks to my mom-everything tonight would go off without a hitch.

Today was Percy and Annabeth's wedding.

"Yeah, you do look beautiful Annabeth. Percy's a lucky guy." I said and Annabeth smiled at me before I moved to fix her veil.

Annabeth's dress had a deep V halter on the top and was leaning towards being an A-line dress. The dress had pearl and crystal applique sewn onto the Perfecting Satin material that made the dress. The applique started where the V in the halter top ended and went down and spread to the sides, forming what kinda resembled a cross.

"Alright everyone! It's time to start the wedding!" My mom, Aphrodite, squealed as she barged into the room. Annabeth had let her plan everything when my mother asked-or begged in her own way-to be the wedding planner.

"Already?" Annbeth asked and nervously smoothed out the front of her dress.

"You better not be getting cold feet, Chase." Thalia said. "I didn't where this bright as hell pink for you to chicken out now." She pointed at the bright pink dress all of the four bridesmaids, including me, wore.

As I expected, my mother had picked short strapless dresses, but they weren't too short. The skirt of the dress was an A-line dress that ended at the knee and had a lighter pink sash that complimented the bright darkish pink nicely. It complemented each of us-Thalia, Hazel, Rachel, and I-nicely and perfectly.

Thalia had actually fought with Aphrodite when we went dress shopping. Thalia had always picked dark blues, greens, and blacks while my mom picked bright pinks, reds, and a few other bright summer colors, but she mailny stuck to pink and red options.

And there was that one inccident where Aphrodite forced Thalia into a red dress that my mother described as 'sexy, light, and perfect'. Thalia had stepped out of the dressing room in it and seconds later, Apollo (Who Thalia has been dating for a while) popped in and his eye immediatly went to Thalia.

Apollo got a about the way Thalia looked, making her whole face go bright red as she ran back to the dressing room. As soon as she was out of sight, Apollo had akwardly said goodbye and left.

I still can't find a way to describe it all in one word.

"Come on Annabeth soon-to-be-Jackson." Mom chimmed, practically dragging Annabeth out.

"Mom!" I screeched, making her stop.

"What?" She gave me a confused look. I stood next to Annabeth and pointed at her lips that were plain and naked. Mom's eyes widened and I quickly put on Annabeth's lipstick, specialy altered so it wouldn't fade or smudge or come off.

We were inside a little house that mom had somehow gotten a hold of for today. She's gotten another one for the guys to get ready in.

We walked down the grassy area of the beach until we reached a little tent where the grooms men were waiting.

"Everyone ready?" Aphrodite asked and once we nodded she went to check on the guest and Percy. She came back moments later, a headset on her and spoke into her mic to the band, telling them to start the music.

Everyone paired up. Rachel with Nico, Hazel with Frank, and then Leo and I. Finally, at the end of the line was Thalia who would be walking alone since she wanted to and was the Maid of Honor. Grover was originally going to be a groomsmen too, but Lord of the wild stuff got in the way so he couldn't, so Nico was the bestman.

Our flower girl, though, was Percy's little sister that he adored. She was four and as adorable as she could be. She was his half sister, the daughter of Paul and Sally, so she had no relashionship to Poseidon or the Half-Blood world.

"Okay, everyone, go." Aphrodite said and sent us each down one pair at a time.

"I wish we were at the reception. I heard it was planned with the help of Apollo." Leo whispered to me as Hazel and Frank exited to walk down the aisle that was formed by a white carpet.

"No talking." Mom said to Leo and pointed towards the aisle. "Go."

And we walked. Slowly yet fast the way my mom had drilled us to learn. We reached the end of the aisle where Leo and I split. Leo headed to where Percy, Nico, and Frank were while I went to where Rachel and Hazel were.

I watched as Thalia came down, followed by Percy's sister, Silena, who threw her little petals. When they reached their positions, the music stopped and the 'Here Comes The Bride' song started.

I noticed how nervous Percy looked and smiled as Annabeth came walking down the aisle.

She looked beautiful with her hair in one of those buns made of perfectly curled hair. She'd opted for a veil that wouldn't cover her face, showing her simple and elegant makeup.

Percy's eyes widened when he saw her and I swear his jaw almost hit the sandy beach floor.

I won't lie. I found the whole ceremony boring up until the part where they exchanged I do's.

"You may kiss the bride." The preacher finally said and Percy and Annabeth leaned in for a kiss. As soon as they kissed, everyone cheered and clapped.

Then there were the wedding party pictures that took place during the cocktail hour. Aphrodite arranged for one of the best photographers to take the pictures and we were done in twenty minutes.

We were in the area for the cocktail hour, which was outside on the sand, and I immediatly headed to get a drink.

I got a delicious nonalcoholic drink and looked around for Leo.

A hand grapped me and pulled me towards my right.

I was wrappd into a hug and looked up to find Leo.

"Looking for someone?" Leo asked and I nodded, smiling.

"Yeah, I was." I said. "I was looking for a really hot son of Hephestus." I looked around pretending to be searching. "Oh, there he is."

"Who?" Leo growled, looking none to happy and I giggled, bringing my mouth to his for a kiss.

Leo kissed back without thinking and soon I pulled away in the need of air, smiling.

Leo and I had been together since Christmas and that time had been the best in my entire life.

Leo and I stayed at eachother's side for the rest of the cocktail hour and in the begining of the reception.

The reception was held a a wonderful ballroom that was a two minute walk from the cocktail hour site and it was wonderfully decorated to fit Percy and Annabeth's wedding.

It was my mom who announced Percy and Annabeth's entrance as husband and wife and everyone clapped and cheered while ercy and Annabeth grinned and leaned in for another kiss at their table.

Dinner was fine, but I mainly cared about who I was sat with. It was originaly Leo, Hunter, Reyna, Thalia and I at the table, though Thalia had long ago transfered to another table.

But to take Thalia's place we had Reyna's baby girl, Rae. She was three months old and adorable. It was no secret that Reyna and Hunter had been together for four months and I had a feeling there were wedding bells in their future.

Leo and I were dancing with everyone else when Leo suddenly took my hand and lead me out to the beach.

We walked close to the water under the shining stars for a while.

"So Leo, why'd you bring me out here?" I asked and Leo looked at me.

"Because I wanted to speak with you in private." Leo stopped walking and looked at me. For a second I was scared that it was bad news, but something in his eyes told me I wouldn't be hurt by anything he said.

"You know I love you right?" Leo asked and I nodded as he brushed a stray strand of hair behind my ear.

"And I love you." I said and Leo smiled at me, giving me another kiss.

"Well, Piper..." Leo ran a hand through his hair and sighed. "This is so not easy."

I grinned and kissed Leo's cheek and made him look at me.

"Just say it Valdez. I'm not getting any younger." I joked and Leo grinned.

What Leo did next made my heart stop.

Leo got down on one knee and pulled a small box out of his pocket. He opened the box and I saw a beautiful diamond ring.

An engagement ring.

I couldn't help it as tears formed in my eyes.

"Leo..." I whispered and Leo looked at me, taking my hand in his.

"Piper McLean. Will you do me the greatest honor and marry me?" Leo sounded nervous and I down right started to cry.

I knew the answer without thinking and I knew this was how everything was mean to be.

"Yes..." I whispered and raised my voice. "Yes you idiot. I'll marry you. You didn't even have to ask!"

Leo slid the ring onto my ring finger and I launched myself as him, knocking us both to the sandy ground laughing.

I kissed Leo again and again and then pulled away to admire my ring.

I realized, with a bit of saisfaction, the diamond was bigger than the one Percy had gotten Annabeth.

"I love you so much right now." I said as I hugged Leo and kissed him again.

"I love you more. Especially since you said yes to my proposal." Leo laughed and I smiled.

"How could I say no?" I sighed in content and leaned against Leo, smiling.

Everything was perfect.

No, everything was beyond perfect.

I was engaged to the man I loved, my friends were all happy, and I had my dream life.

Nothing is better than this...I thought as I closed my eyes.

But I was proven wrong not to long later because I found a day that made me even happier:

My wedding day.

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