Thanks To A Cheater

Chapter 18: The Wedding

Piper's POV

Today was my wedding.

Normally, women get the day to relax, sleep in late, get pampered.

But that doesn't could for me, apparently.

"It's my gods damn wedding day! And I'm fighting a monster!" I complained as I fought the gods damned hellhound in front of me.

It swipped a paw and sent me flying.

The bastard.

I let out a slight cry as I hit a rather hard brick wall. But I was lucky enough to not have hit my head because I'd be out of it for sure.

"I'll get rid of it!" Thalia called and a few moments later there was a whimper from the hellhound and my gaze focused on it turning into a pile of golden dust.

"You okay?" Thalia asked as she came to help me up and I nodded after a few seconds.

"It's the morning of my wedding...and I already have a cut on my arm..." I muttered as I examined my arm. Worst of all, the gash was to deep to be covered in makeup and it was bleeding a bit...

"Oh my gods!" A voice said and the next thing I knew I was being pulled into my house. "Piper McLean! Aphrodite specifically ordered that you stay on rest today! And that included staying away from fight!"

"Relax Dee. I'm not dead." I said, rolling my eyes at Aphrodite's Co-Wedding Planner. She wasn't as bad as my mom, but she was lady-like and could be a daughter of Aphrodite...if she wasn't as mean and tough as she was.

She was the wedding planner I would've hired myself if mom hadn't insisted she'd take care of everything.

Dee sat me at the table and turned to Thalia, who had followed us in.

"Has she eaten breakfast?" Dee asked and Thalia shook her head and Dee sighed. "Make something for her Thalia. Even if it's just a smoothie."

Thalia was about to protest, but Dee gave her a glare that would've scarred Gaea. Thalia nodded and went to get me something.

"Now, let's look at that arm." Dee said as she pulled a firt aid kit from out of nowhere. She inspeted my arm, talking to herself. "Deep gash...Needs to be cleaned...Would normally leave a scar..."

Dee cleaned my wound and I expected her to give me ambrosia or nectar, but she didn't. Instead she ran her finger along the gash and I was surprised to see the gash instantly heal.

"There." Dee said, blowing a stry strand of hair from her face. "I'm not sure if ambrosia or nectar leave scars so I healed it myself." Dee looked at her watch. "Well, it's eleven and you be there by six forty...We have seven hours and twenty minutes to get ready, that way we'll have twenty minutes to spare in case we need them. I've planned other demigod weddings and celebrity weddings, Piper."

"You're famous for having everyone ready at the exact moment you say they'll be ready and with time to spare." I said and Dee smiled.

"Yes. Now, where are the other bridesmaids?"

"One of them is right here." Thalia said, appearing with a plate of food.

"Where is the maid of honor? I specifically told that girl-"

"I'm here!" Reyna called, bursting into the room. She didn't exactly look pretty. She was in the track suit my mom had gotten each of us so 'the brial party can match while getting ready'.

Reyna's hair was in a messy bun and she looked a bit...unassembled. Although little fourteen month old Rae was just fine and awake.

"I'm sorry. Rae was fusing this morning and I had to take care fo some things." Reyns said, putting Rae down on the ground with her stuffed bear toy. Rae had been walking for two months now and she could say enough to get us to understand her and she'd be the flower girl.

"There's the adorable flower girl!" Dee cried as she walked over to Rae who rushed to her and hugged her leg.

"Dee!" Rae said and held her arms up. "Up-py Dee. Uppy!" Dee smiled and picked her up.

"Why is it she likes Dee so much?" I asked and everyone shrugged.

"Reyna, go take a shower." Dee ordered before going back to cooing at Reyna's daughter. Reyna looked at the content Rae and went to take a shower.

"Aren't you a cute girl?" Dee asked Rae, bouncing her a bit. "Yes you are! You could be a child star!" Dee looked at me. "So where are Annabeth and Hazel?"

"I don't know. They should be here by noon though." I shrugged and ate a piece of the pancake Thalia made.

"Unacceptable!" Dee cried and whipped out her phone as fast as lightning. She immediatly dialed someone while cooing at Rae to keep her calm.

"She's a natural at acting like a mom." I said when Dee left the room and Thalia nodded. There was a blinding flash and Thalia and I managed to avert our eyes in time.

"Everyone decent?" Apollo asked as he waked over to Thalia.

"It's a bit late for that." I said blandly and stood up when Apollo and Thalia started to have a makeout session. As much as I support their relashionship (mom went absolutly crazy when they got together and she's already planning their wedding when they're not even engaged yet...) I didn't need to see them making out.

My pancake with syrup and I took a seat on the couch in the living room and I turned on the television.

"And it's still unknown where or when Piper McLean is going to marry Leo Valdez." A blonde anchor woman said on 'Celebrity News'. "Some magazines are offering large cash rewards to anyone who can tell them where Piper will be getting married."

"Isn't it true that no one knows much about Leo, Jessica?" Brad, Jessica's co-anchorer asked.

"That's right Brad. Leo appeared after Piper left Jason." After I left Jason? So what, they didn't know about Hunter? Weird. Jessica glanced down at the papers in front of her. "Jason Grace, the son of an old TV star. From what we know, Jason disappeared from his mother's life and resurfaced dating world famous Piper McLean. Apparently, Jason cheated on Piper after six years of dating."

"Well that Jason sure lost a good catch. Apparantly he'd cheated on Piper with an ex of his and that girl left him. So he lost the game in the end. Some people have called him an idiot and abusive since there are rumors he hit that unknown girl."

I snorted and decided to keep watching. But there was a part of me that was still protective over Jason and didn't want to hear all this.

"But back to the wedding. The only thing that's been confirmed is that Dee, a celebrity wedding planner, is planning the wedding. No reception or anything has been leaked or announced yet.

"Piper has always been one to be able to keep secrets. But what do we know about this Leo Valdez character?"

"He's..." Brad glanced at his papers. "A successful Private Engineer and it's confirmed that he and Piper have been friends longer than the time Piper was with Jason. And-"

A knock at the door made me gut up.

I answered the door to find Annabeth and Hazel.

"Alright." Dee said, coming into the room with Thalia and Reyna who had Rae in her hands. "Now that everyone's here..." Dee grinned and my mom emerged from behind her.

"Time to get everyone ready!" My mom squealed and immediatly sent me to shower-even though I'd already showered-and said she was going to start setting things up.

With a sigh I headed to take a second shower and wondered just how things would go.

"Oh my god look radiant." Reyna said and I smiled at her and looked at myself in the miror.

I lifted the skirt of my dress, twirling. It was an A-line gown with a fitted bodice, all made with the finest fabrics my mom could find. The bodice had asymmetrical ruching and sparkling diamonds on the neckline. There were also a bit of diamond beading on the right hip that for some reason reminded me of a snowflake even though I was having a spring wedding.

"I know what and how to pick a dress." I said and examined my hair.

It had that curl on the ends that looked old fashioned and went perfectly with the fishnet veil I had. The veil had flowers on the side and I'd never imagined wearing a fishnet veil, but now I wouldn't have it any other way.

My makeup was perfect. Brown with a tint of red lipstick, a bit of blush, some eyeliner on my top lashline a bit of pinkish eyeshaow, and only a tiny bit of mascara on my naturally long and thick eyelashes.

Hazel handed me my bouquet and I loved it. It was white calla lilies with a strip of white silk over where I'd be holding the stems and had green ribbons hanging from just under the flowers themselves.

My jewlery was pure expensive diamonds and platinum. Necklace, bracelets, and dangling earings.

"It's...wonderful." I said and Dee looked at me, nodding in approval.

"As expected for my most important bride in history. Aphrodite?" We all looked at my mom to find her crying.

"Mom, are you okay?" She looked at me and dabbed tears away from her eyes.

"Yes, it's daughter's getting married!" She cried and hugged me. I blinked, surprised because she'd never hugged me before.

After a few moments she calmed down and let go, making sure she didn't ruin her makeup or my dress.

"Well, I think everyone's ready." Dee said

The bridesmades had their hair simply done and down. Their dresses were full length halter top with a sweetheart neckline. and they were a red color since the wedding colors were red, black, and white.

"Now, we just have some time to wait until the ceremony." Dee said and I'll admit that I wanted the ceremony to be now not 'some time' later.

"Piper, you okay?" Hazel asked as I fidgited in my seat.

"No. I'm nervous. I'm freaking out. And I can't wait till I'm official Mrs. Piper Valdez." I said and checked my hair for the hundreth time.

"Alright, time to get the show on the rose!" Dee said as she walked in and I looked at her. I was going to ask about her saying 'rose' instead of 'rode' but decided against it. "Line up!"

Everyone lined up. Annabeth would be walking with Percy, Thalia with Nico-much to Apollo's dislike-, Hazel and Frank, and finally my Maid of Honor and the Best Man, aka, Reyna and Hunter.

I stood at the end, waiting for everything to start. Dee was standing by the doors that lead out into the garden where the ceremony was to take place. Rae was with Dee and she looked adorable in her little flower girl dress.

"Alright!" Dee said. "Aphrodite says it's time to start. She spoke into her headpiece, "Start the wedding march."

I could here the music as the door opened and I watched as everyone walk down the aisle, getting more nervous with every second.

"Okay, go on Rae." Dee said as she put Rae down. "Just throw your pedals like I showed you." Rae nodded and started her walk. "And...start here comes the bride." Dee said into her headpiece and motioned for me to walk.

I swallowed and walked out the doors and down the aisle. I nearly gasped at what I saw.

The cermony reminded me of Edward and Bella's wedding in the movie, except without the hanging white things. The trees were a lovely green that looked perfect in the sun and there was a white carpet covered in red rose petals that lead to the arch decorated in linen and plants.

And right there was Leo in a tux looking like his eyes might fall out and he could catch flies in his open mouth. Everyone was standing and looking at me, but my attention was on Leo.

Finally I reached the altar and turned to Leo.

"We are all gathered here today..." I rolled my eyes and Leo grinned. This was going to take forever.

Finally, he asked the questions everyone wanted to hear.

"Do you Leo take Piper to be your lawfully wedded wife to have and to hold from this ay forward in sickness and in health, for better or for worse, for richer or poorer, and for famous or not famous-" I stifled a laugh at the famous part and so did some of the guest. Leo had put that in just for fun. "-until death do you part?" The preacher asked.

"Hell yes." Leo said and I heard the guest give a few laughs and the preacher even smiled.

"Do you Piper take Leo to be your lawfully wedded husband to have and to hold from this ay forward in sickness and in health, for better or for worse, for richer or poorer, until death do you part?" I wanted to say 'No duh!' but decided not to.

"I do." I said, wishing he'd hurry up with the next word. Then there was the exchanging of rings, but I really wanted those last words to come out.

"Then with the power vested on me, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride."

At those words Leo rapped his arms around me and kissed me, leaning me back as he leaned forwards so we had one of those movie kisses. But I didn't mind. I focused on kissing Leo and wraping my arms around his neck until Leo finally let me straighten and pulled away.

Everyone was cheering as Leo and I moved down the aisle and after a while Aphrodite and Dee lead us and the wedding party away for the wedding pictures. During the pictures we took all kinds, including some goofy ones, but Leo perfered the poses where he was kissing me.

Finally, it was time for the first dance, which would be the first time Leo and I would be together and not surrounded by people today.

"Well this has gone well without any monster attacks." Leo said and spun me in a grand arch, making my gown swirl around me.

"Don't jinx it." I said once I was back in his arms, but I was out in another arch in no time.

Leo was a surprisingly good dancer with grace and speed and he seemed to enjoy spinning me in grand arch. Everything, the ceremony, the reception, and all the other details like Leo and I's dancing made me feel like I was a princess.

Despite everything, I'd always imagined my wedding making me feel like royalty and right now, I did feel it. I felt like nothing could be better.

For the rest of the night, I was on my feet moving round, everyone seeming eager to talk to me. I danced with almost all the guys here, even the gods like Apollo. Though Apollo was the only one who saw it fit to talk about what would happen later tonight after the wedding.

And Apollo was the one who reminded everyone how Leo had something to throw. Oh gods, he meant the garter.

"Now I get to stick my head under your dress..." Leo whispered in my ear as he led me to the chair in the middle of the dance floor where everyone was now gathered around, but left most of the floor to us.

I took a seat and noticed Apollo give a wicked grin from where he now stood at the DJ stand and I dropped my head in my hands from embarresment when Joe Cocker's song 'You Can Leave Your Hat On' started to play.

In short, my face was read the whole time and I was extremly relieved when it was over and watched as Leo threw the garter. To my shock, it ended up being Hunter who caught the garter.

Then it was my turn to throw my bouquet. Leo helped me onto a chair and on teh count of three, I threw it behind me into a group of unmarried girls.

When Leo helped me down, I was informed of who caught the bouquet.

None other than Reyna.

"Well..." I said as I grabbed Hunter and walked him over to Reyna. "Aphrodite, it seems the next demigod involving wedding you get to plan is right here!" Both people blushed like mad and I just laughed.

"And there's another future wedding over there!" Leo called, pointing to where Apollo and Thalia were kissing. Thalia immediatly pulled away, blushing bright red, while Apollo have a grin and wrapped an arm around her shoulder.

Leo and I went back to dancing and I only have one thing to say:

Today was the BEST day of my life.

Well, that is, until the Hellhound decided to pop up outside. But Thalia and Reyna went to take care of it, glad to get away from everyone teasing them about where their engagement rings were and when their weddings would be.

So, today was still the best day ever.

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