Thanks To A Cheater

Chapter 19: Epilouge

Piper's POV

I was sitting on the couch, looking through the album Leo had gotten me six years ago when we'd first gotten together. We were both now twenty-eight and we'd been married for almost five years.

I smiled at the picture of Leo and I after the war against Gaea and the giants. We both grinning like fools and were dirty from our fighting.

Suddenly, crying pierced the silence and I was up in a second, leaving the living room and going to the nursery.

I walked into the nursery and over to the crib center of the back wall where the crying was coming from.

I leaned over the crib and cooed at my daughter, calming her down. She'd just gotten up from a nap. She doesn't like wakeing up to find out she's alone, so she cries to make sure I-or Leo-rush to her side when she wakes up.

"It's okay Roxi. Mommy's right here." I said in what I call my 'Baby voice' and Roxi stopped crying and I cooed at her, making her giggle. "That's a good girl!" I glanced at the clock on the wall. "Oh look! Daddy should be home soon! Let's go Roxi."Roxi made a little claping motion with her small hands and I smiled.

Roxi was 4 months old and she was the most precious thing in the world. She had Leo's brown curly hair and my eyes. I swear that I'd never loved anything as much as I love Roxi.

I took a seat on the couch, moving the album aside, and gave Roxi a quick feeding since she was hungry.

"Piper? Roxi?" Leo called as I heard the door open. I had just fixed my shirt and was burping Roxi.

"Living room!" I called and cradeled Roxi in my arms.

"There are my beautiful girls!" Leo said as he walked in and sat next to me. He gave me a quick kiss on the lips and gave Roxi and kiss on the cheek, making her giggle.

"Dada!" Roxi giggled and we both froze, our eyes shifted to Roxi.

"Did she just...?" Leo asked and I looked at him, nodding.

"I think so..." I looked at Roxi and grinned. "Roxi! Baby, try saying 'Dada' again!"

Oh my gods, Roxi's first word!

"Mama." Roxi said this time and I let out a gasp.

"She said 'Mama'! I heard it!" I cried as I pulled Roxi closer, kissing her cheek. "My baby girl just said her first words!"

"But she said 'Dada' first, not 'Mama'." Leo smirked and I stuck my tounge out at him

"Roxi, try saying 'Dada' again." Leo cooed at Roxi and she held out her arms for him.

"Dada." Leo grinned and took her from my arms, and he stood up, spinning around, making our daughter giggle. "Mama!"

"She's talking!" Leo said, a crazy happy grin on his face.

I watched him do that and then went to the nursery to grab Roxi's baby book. Roxi's baby book was pink and had a picture of her on the cover since it was made so I could insert a picture, under it Roxi's full name was printed: Roxanne Valdez.

I flipped to the 'First Time For Everything' page and found where is said 'Her First Word/Words...'

I wrote down Dada and Mama as her first words, the date, and the estimated time. Leo was big on wanting to remember the exact time when Roxi did something.

I was about to put the book down when I stopped and flipped through it. It had pictures of Roxi that Leo had insisted on taking when we were in the hospital and first coming home. There was even a little slot Leo had made so he could slip in the CD filled with those pictures while some we'd printed out and put in the book.

I read the words and was filled with a feeling I couldn't name. It was sad and happy as the same time...bittersweet you could say.

I looked at Roxi's nursery-which had been named one of the top nurseries of the year-and the bittersweet feeling slowly filled my heart as I looked around. My eyes feel on the album Leo had gotten me years ago and I walked over to it.

Without me even touching it, the book flew open and the pages quickly flipped themselves before stopping. I wandered over and my heart filled with the odd feeling even more at the picture on the page.

I was standing there with Jason. Leo was in the edge of the picture and he must've said something because Jason and I were laughing.

I smiled a bit as the picture brought back memories. But with those memories came back the ones of heartbreak and I closed the book, looking aound again.

All of this...My pairing with Hunter and then Leo and now the happy family I had...

Everything was...Thanks to Jason.

I started to think about Jason and his last words surfaced into my mind.

"I'll love you for the rest of eternity and I'll probably never fall in love with anyone else. I was made to love you and only you. I'm sorry Piper."

Those words repeated themselves over and over in my mind. And I wondered what Jason was doing right now.

"Piper?" I jumped, startled as I was knocked out of my thoughts. "You okay?"

I nodded as I took a breath and turned to Leo who was in the doorway with Roxi.

"Hm? Oh, um, yeah. I'm fine." I walked over and held out my arms for Roxi. "Give her to me."

Leo handed Roxi over and I kissed her forehead.

"You're such a cute baby, Roxi." I said as I brought her closer in a hug. "I love you. Remember that."

Roxi started to squirm after a few moments and reached out for Leo.

"Dada." Roxi said and I smiled.

"You're such a daddy's girl." I laughed as I handed her back to Leo. Leo, like a child, stuck his tounge out at me.

"That's because she loves me more because I do more for her." Leo said and I rolled my eyes.

"Sure, because you're the one who was pregnant with her for nine months and then was in hours of painful labor and gave birth to her." I smirked. "Let's see you give birth and then turn into a house husband."

" thanks!" Leo said before darting out of the room and I laughed as I pretended to chase after him. I stopped halfway down the hall when I got an idea.

I checked to make sure Leo wouldn't hear me and then I went back to Leo and I's room.

I pulled out my cellphone and scrolled down my contacts. I stopped when I found a number I hadn't called in years.

After a minute of composing myself I pressed the call button and bit my lip, waiting.

As it rang, I remembered Jason's words again.

"Hello?" A deep voice that I hadn't heard in years answered and I sucked in a breath.

"Jason?" I asked, starting to regret calling, wishing it had gone to voicemail.

"Piper? Is that you?" Jason's surprise and shock was evident in his voice and I couldn't help but smile a bit.

"Um yeah. I just...I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for cheating on me."

" called to thank me for cheating on you?"

"As stupid and weird as it sounds, yeah. Thanks for that. If you hadn't done that I wouldn't be where I am right now. So...thank you."

"Your welcome?"

"I should go. I'm probably waisting your time or-" I said, ready to hand up but Jason stopped me.

"No. You're not waisting. It's nice to hear your voice again Piper. And I'm still sorry for what I did. I'm sorry for what I did to Reyna too...could you tell her I'm sorry for me?" I swallowed.

"Um, yeah. I'll tell her. I promise."

"H-how's her kid? They have to be almost four."

"Your daughter's name is Rae and yeah, she's four and she has your eyes." I don't know why, but I felt like I had to tell him about Rae. To...make things right or something.

"That's...good. Thanks for telling me. I wish I could meet her..." I felt bad for Jason at that point but I willed it down. "But I guess Reyna won't let me, huh? Well, I guess you're tired of talking to me. Bye Piper."

"Jas-" But I was met with the sound of him having hung up. "Jason..." I whispered with a sigh.

I put my cell away and went down stairs to find Roxi giggling as Leo played peek-a-boo with her.

I leaned against the wall as I watched them, smiling. And thinking.

If I had the chance to go back in time and change everything I wouldn't dare. I wouldn't change a thing.

Reyna was happy with Hunter and with little Rae, happily married, and a month pregnant.

I had Leo and Roxi, both who I'd die for and I loved more than anything in the world.

Was it all worth it?


And all this joy and happiness was thanks to one thing:

Thanks To A Cheater.

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