Thanks To A Cheater

Chapter 3: Bar Tender

Piper's POV

I examined the contents of my walk-in closet and examined the clothes I had for clubbing.

After a few minutes, I chose a strapless, black sequin dress that ended mid thigh. It hugged every curve and gave a sexy look.

I grabbed a pair of shining black gladiator heels and slipped them on.

Sitting in front of my mirror, I curled my hair a bit and put it into a half up half down style. I applied black eyeliner, eyeshadow, and mascara. Along with that I put deep red lipstick on my lips. Slipping on some bracelets, a necklace, and hoop earings I decided I was done.

Examining myself in my full body mirror, I smiled. I looked sexy and I loved it. I didn't looked like someone who had just found out their boyfriend had cheated on them with his ex.

Soon, Jaramy was driving me to Jade's house in the limo. Jade was waiting on the side walk when we pulled up and quickly got in.

"Jaramy, take us to Dream street and then drive down until we get to the club 'Dark Night'." Jade told Jaramy through the phone that connected us to him and hung up after getting a reply. She looked me up and down then grinned.

"You look HOT. Just wait, I bet a lot of guys are gonna take interest in you." Jade said and I waved her off.

"But it's not like I'll take interest in them. I'm out to have fun and only fun." I said and leaned back on my seat. "I really don't have a reason to take interest."

"Still hung up on the Jason thing?"

"I'll only say this: I could make a hundred more love songs, but I can't because Joan thinks fan will lose interest."

"Jason is pretty stupid. I mean, you're pretty, famous, have your own money, have a career possibility when you don't want to sing anymore, and to put it simply, you're loaded." I looked at Jade and smiled.

"I'd say to tell Jason that, but don't. Let him marry Reyna. He chose her over me so just let him live with the choice."

"Let me just say one thing. This is turning out to be like that Anime I watched when I was younger, Inuyasha. You're Kagome, Jason is Inuyasha, and of course, Reyna is Kinkyho, oops, I mean Kikyo. I guess that nickname is permanently etched into my head."

"Except I'm not from the future, Reyna isn't an undead priestest, and she never pinned Jason to a tree with an arrow." I pointed out as the limo came to a stop.

"Time to party." Jade said and we got out of the limo.

"I'll call you to pick us up later." I told Jaramy, who nodded.

We walked past the line of waiting people and were stopped by the bouncer.

"Jade Knight and Piper McLean." Jade told him and after checking the list for our names, he let us in. "This place is cool."

Jade was right, the dark feeling this place gave off felt safe yet dangerous. The large dance floor was filled with people dancing, with others or alone. The bar convinently placed at one of the side walls instead of the back wall. There were some tables spread around and in each corner of the place there were places to lounge around.

"Jade, great to see you here." A women about our age give or take a year in skinny jeans, strapless shirt, and red high heels said as she stopped in front of us.

"Hey Dee. This is Piper, my friend." Jade greeted the women and I guess she was the club owner.

"I know she's Piper. I've heard your music and let me tell you, Piper. You are a talented girl. I was at your concert the other day and it was wonderful."

"I'm glad you liked it, and this is a nice club you have here." I said and Dee smiled.

"Thank you and it's an honor to have such a famous singer in my club. I heard you mainly went to Sesh's bar." I nodded,

"You know Sesh?"

"Yes I do. I use to go to his club when I was younger but I haven't been since I started my own. It was always a riot there and I hope people like my club as much as I liked his."

"Well the place is awesome. If the drinks and music are to, then you're bound to get as many regulars as Sesh." Jade said and I nodded.

"Excuse me girls I need to go check on something. Have fun!" Dee left and we immediatly headed for the bar.

"What can I get ya?" The bar tender asked as we sat on the stools in front of the bar. He was handsome, black hair and bright, pale green eyes.

"Vicious Virgin." Jade said.

"One for me too." I said and the guy nodded, turning to prepare our drinks. He handed us our drinks and we paid him, making sure to add money for future drinks.

"I'll be back in a minute. I need to go to the bathroom." Jade left and I sighed.

When I drank some of my drink, someone sat own on the stool next to me.

"Want to dance sweetheart?" He asked. He was hot. He was tall and had sandy blonde hair with a playful smile and eyes. He looked familiar...if only I could-Then it hit me.

"Lord Apollo?" I asked in surprise and he grinned.

"The one and only. So, do you want to dance?" I rolled my eyes.

"No thanks Apollo, I'm not in the mood. What are you doing here anyway?"

"I came to party and have fun." Apollo gave me a wink.

"And to sire more kids if I'm not mistaken." I said and Apollo looked hurt.

"Of course not! I only have my eyes on one woman at the moment." I raised an eyebrow. Apollo having eyes for only one woman? It must be the end of the world.

"And who might that woman be?" I asked as I gulped down the rest of my drink.

"Thalia." My eyes widened and I almost did a spit take from the surprise.

"Thalia? As in Thalia Grace? As in the daughter of Zeus?" I asked.

"The only one." Apollo confimed and I nearly fell over from shock. "You see, I've had my eyes on her since I first met her and let her drive my sun chariot."

"You're the one who let someone else drive the sun chariot? It's your fault I nearly died from heat that year!" I accused and Apollo chuckled.

"Hey, she was cute so I let her drive. I didn't know she was afraid of heights..." I gave Apollo a you've-got-to-be-kidding-me look. "Alright, alright. I knew she was scared of heights."

"Whatever Apollo. Why don't you go and flirt up some other girls?" Apollo raised his hands in defeat and stood up.

"I'm going." He walked off onto the dance floor and I turned back to the bar tender.

"Get me another." He nodded and got me the drink. I looked towards the dance floor and looked at people having fun.

Why was I even here? I wasn't in the mood to party or anything so-Holly shit.

Jason was on the dance floor, easily identified by his cropped blonde hair and sky blue eyes. His scar on the corner of his lip helped identify him too. He wasn't dancing and I checked the crowd around him, looking for Reyna. The current song ended and he turned towards the bar just as I whirled around. Had he seen me?

"You okay, Miss?" The bartender asked and I looked up at him.

"Um, yeah. I just saw an unwanted face, is all." I said, waving him off.

"Hey Piper." I nearly jumped out of my skin at the sound of his voice. I turned around, drink in hand, to see Jason behind me in a dark blue shirt and jeans.

"Hello Jason." I said and checked behind him. Huh, no Reyna. "Where's Reyna?"

"I'm here alone."

"Weird. I'm not around you, we're not together anymore, and you're alone? Without Reyna in a club? You're not..cheating on her, are you?" I did say once a cheater, always a cheater, right?

"No, I'm not cheating on anyone."

"You sure? Because I think trying to get back with your ex while dating someone is called cheating."

"Piper, listen to me." Jason said and I rolled my eyes. This again? "I'm so sorry for what I did. I didn't mean to hurt you. Why can't you just let it go and-are you even listening?" No, I wasn't listening to him, I was listening to the song playing.

"Here I am, once again I'm torn into pieces. Can't deny it, can't pretend. Just thought you were the one. Broken up, deep inside. But you won't get to see the tears I cry. Behind these hazel eyes." I smiled at the song. At the moment, it was what I felt.

"Funny how music helps me express my feelings better than words." I said, more to myself than Jason.

"What is he doing here?" I turned to see Jade walking over.

"Bugging me, that's what." I said and turned back towards the bar, giving Jason my back as I took a swallow of my drink.

"Sir, I think you should leave. She obviously doesn't want you near her." I blinked at surprise. The bar tender was defending me?

"Don't but into what doesn't concern you." Jason said coldly to the bar tender.

"Jason just leave me alone. Go with Reyna or whoever it is you're dating right now."

"You want me to call security?" The bar tender asked and I shook my head.

"No thank you. I can handle him." I told him and he nodded slowly before turning to attend to another custumer. I turned back to Jason, but something near the entrance of the club caught my eye. Reyna was walking in. Looking at Jason I tipped my head in Reyna's direction. "Your girlfriend's here to get you."

"Piper, I don't care about Reyna. I just want you back." That's it. I can't take it anymore.

"You know what? I don't give a crap! Just leave me the fuck alone, Jason! I was gone and you couldn't keep it in your pants! You didn't have to cheat on me, but you did! You should've thought of the consequences before you started dating Reyna!"

"Piper? Jason?" I turned to the sound of Reyna's voice and stepped towards her.

"I believe this-"I jerked a thumb at Jason. "-is yours. Please try to keep him away from me." I gave Jason a slight push towards Reyna and sat back down at the bar.

"Jason...Why are you here with Piper? What's going on?"

"It's nothing, Reyna. I just bumped into her here. Say, why don't we stay and have a drink or two?" I could practically feel Reyna tense up behind me.

"No, I just want to go home Jason." I heard their retreating footfalls. I sighed and dropped my head into my hands.

"You okay?" I looked to see the bar tender. He honestly looked worried.

"I'd say yes, but that'd be a lie." I said with a small smile.

"I'm Hunter." He said and stuck out his hand.

"Piper." I shook his hand before letting go. "Thanks for tying to defend me, Hunter. By the way, Hunter is a cool name."

"Your welcome. And I think Piper's a good name."

"Well, I'll leave you two kids alone..." Jade stood up and went to the dance floor, quickly finding someone to dance with.

"You want to talk about it?" Hunter asked and I looked at him, confused. "You seem down about something. Talking about it makes you feel better, and I've been told I'm a good listener. My shift ends in ten."

I considered it. I know, talking about my problems with a stranger wasn't the smartest idea on the planet. But hey, I've delt with monsters and helped defeat Mother Earth, so what's the harm?

"Sure. I think I'd like that." I said and Hunter smiled.

"Cool, just wait here and then we can talk, okay?" I nodded and Hunter quickly went to attend to a customer who ordered a tequila shot.

Hunter seemed like a good guy. Maybe talking about everything with him would make me feel better.

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