Thanks To A Cheater

Chapter 4: News

Piper's POV

"So, how have you been?" Annabeth asked as we sat in the cafe. She's invited me to come yesterday and I'd happily accepted. I knew Annabeth was trying to ease her way into the subject of my break up with Jason and I sighed.

"You don't have to ease into it. Just ask." I said and Annabeth nodded.

"Are you really okay? It's been a month and you haven't said anything about it in a while."

"I'm fine. I mean, it still hurts a bit, but I feel better."

"Well that's good. But I had something to ask."

"What Annabeth?"

"I was wondering if you'd be one of my bridesmaids." I froze for a second, having not expected the question.

"You want me to be your bridesmaid?" Annabeth slowly nodded and I grinned. "You didn't even have to ask! Of course I'll be your bridesmaid. Have you set a date yet?"

"Unfortunatly, I haven't yet. I was hoping maybe spring or summer next year, I want it to be a beach wedding. Percy likes the idea and I'm going to start looking for private beach locations soon."

"Well good for you, Annabeth." The second the words left my mouth, Annabeth's phone went off. She pulled her cell out of her purse and answered.

"Hello?...Yeah, this is she...Really?...Of course!...Of course I'll be over in about an hour...Thank you, goodbye." She hung up, threw her phone in her bag, and looked at me.

"What happened?" I asked and Annabeth couldn't stop grinning.

"I just got a call from an old client. He wants me to go see the area of a demolished building to see what I could do with the space to make apartments. You don't mind, do you?"

"No, but hury up and go! Your client is waiting. This is what you get for being an architect, and why I picked a simplar job."

"Yes Piper, because being a singer and fashion designer on the side are so easy." Annabeth sighed as she gathered her things. "Bye Piper!" She dashed off and I was left alone.

"Well...This sucks." I muttered as I took a sip of my coffee. My phone buzzed from it's place on the table and I checked my text.

Where r u?

It was from Thalia. Quickly I texted back At cafe and pressed send. The reply was quick.

I'm on my way. I have news for you.

I sighed and took another sip of coffee. Fifteen minutes later Thalia walked in the cafe doors and walked over to me.

"So what's the news?" I asked as Thalia sat down. She looked nervous when I asked.

"Piper, I'm not sure you're going to like this..." I raised an eyebrow. Thalia usually didn't hesitate to tell me things.

"Spill it Thalia. I think I can handle it." I said. Thalia took a deep breath and looked me in the eye.

"This morning, Jason came over to my house looking...I don't know how to put it, but he wasn't happy and he wasn't sad either. He came and asked if I could talk, I said yes and he hesitated before telling me and...remember, I said you might not like this." I rolled my eyes and made a 'go on' gesture. "Reyna's pregnant!" Thalia quickly said.

I slammed my cup of coffe on the table when it slightly slipped from my grasp.

"" I whispered, staring into my coffe.

Jason got Reyna pregnant...I thought. The only way to get pregnant is to sleep with someone...and...

"How far along is she." I asked in a low whisper.

"She's just over three months..." So she'd gotten pregnant while I was on tour.

"Oh. Okay...I mean, I would've found out eventually, right?" My voice wavered a bit and I stopped talking.

Before all of this happened, I'd thought of the day I'd get to say what Reyna is saying now. The idea of a family with Jason had been a dream. But Reyna gets to live my dream.

"Oh Piper, I'm sorry." I raised a hand to get Thalia to be quiet.

"Thalia, I'm not going to lie. I use to dream about the day I'd get to say I had what Reyna has now. But...I just have to live with this, right? Obvioulsy, the Fates don't want me to have a happy ending with your brother. I just need to move on...I just..." I grabbed my stuff and stood up. "I'm sorry."

I ran out of the cafe and drove off with tears theatening to spill. I fumbled with my cell phone and dialed the number of the only person I think I could really talk to right now.

"Hey Piper. What's up?" Hunter answered after two rings.

"H-hunter, Reyna-she's-p-preg..." I faltered, unable to finished.

"Piper, what happened? Are you okay? Where are you?" I managed to control my crying long enough to get the words out.

"On the r-road. C-can I come o-over?"

"Of course, just come on over to the house."

"T-thanks." I hung up and put both hands on the steering wheel. I drove to Hunter's house. It was a small, two bedroom one bathroom, along with a kitchen, living room, and a small room Hunter uses as a study. There was also a small little garage like roof thing that covered some of the driveway that Hunter rarely used. The house was in a family friendly neighborhood and I'd thought about buying a house around here and leaving the one I lived in to someone who needed it.

After the night at the bar, I decided Hunter was a nice guy. We swapped numbers and hung out the next day. I'd learned enough about him to know I could trust him and that he wouldn't hurt me on purpose.

I parked the car in the driveway and managed to pull myself together long enough to get to the front door. Hunter opened the front door and I completely broke down. I let all my tears fall and started crying.

"Sh...It's okay Pipes...It's okay." Hunter whispered as he wrapped his arms around me, closed the door, and led me to the couch. Hunter didn't seem to care that my tears were soaking his shirt. He let me cry until I calmed down. Slowly, I pulled away.

"I-I'm sorry. I got your shirt wet and I barged into you house." I said and sniffed.

"It's okay, Piper. I don't mind the shirt and you didn't barge in. You needed a shoulder to cry on, and I gave you that shoulder."

"Thanks, by the way. I really needed that."

"So, are you gonna want to talk about it?" I looked at Hunter and slowly nodded. "I'm all ears whenever you're ready."

"Well, I've told you about Thalia, Jason's sister. I was at the Cafe after Annabeth left to meet with a client and soon Thalia came, and said she had news that she wasn't sure I would like. S-she told me Jason had told her that Reyna was pregnant, just over three months. I thought about how I'd always loved the thought about being able to have what Reyna had right now.

"I'd dreamt of having a family with Jason, because I loved him. I wanted to be his everything. I-I guess that finding out Reyna was pregnant finally made me realize that Jason really did cheat on me and that Reyna was going to get to have the life I wanted..."

"Piper, there's nothing you could've done to stopped this. I mean, you of all people should know that love doesn't always work out. Your mother is the goddess of love, after all." Yeah, I'd told Hunter my mom was Aphrodite. He was one of the mortals that could see through the mist and said he'd had a demigod friend when he was younger.

"You'd think mom would save me from heartbreak since I'm her daughter, huh?" I asked as I leaned against him and sighed.

"You know what, Piper?" Hunter asked after a silence.


"Jason is a really stupid guy. He let a great girl like you go for some other girl."

"You don't mean that." I said as I turned my head into his shoulder.

"Yeah, I do. I mean, you're a great girl and you're famous of gods sake! You know how many guys I'd know who would be stupid enough to leave you? None."

"Thanks Hunter. It's funny how I can't talk to anyone I've known for years like this, but I've only known you for about a month and I feel like I can tal to you about anything."

"Like wise." I sat up and looked at Hunter.

"You know what? Next time I pick a guy, I want him to be like you. Nothing like Jason." I said and Hunter seemed surprised.

"You want the guy you marry, to be like me?" The way Hunter said it made me blush a bit and I swallowed.

"Well, yeah. You're kind and everything I want in a guy."

"Piper, I want you to answer me seriously, alright?" I nodded, unsure of what he was going to say. "If I were to ask you to be my girlfriend and to go out with me sometime, what would you say?"

I blinked. Was he actually being serious? Or was he just curious? I looked Hunter in the eye and saw no clue that he was lying. I had started to like Hunter as more than just a friend...Well, I might as well take the chance.

"If you were to ask that, I'd say yes to both."

"Well then, I guess I have my answer so I don't have to chicken out now. Piper Mclean, would you be my girlfriend and go out with me?"

"Good thing you didn't chicken out because my answer is yes."

"Really?" I rolled my eyes.

"Yes, really. Now are you gonna kiss me or what?" I moved closer to Hunter and wrapped my arms around his neck. Hunter closed the gap between our lips.

I know this sounds cliche, but kissing Hunter is totally different from kiss Jason. I could actually feel a spark when our lips met and I loved it.

"I never intended for you to end up with Jason, Piper." A female voice said in my head and for a second I thought I was going crazy, but then I thought of something else.

"Mom?" I mentally asked and a 'uh-huh' in responce. "Am I suppose to end up with Hunter?" No responce.

I pulled away from my kiss with Hunter and leaned my forehead against his.

"Did you-" Hunter started to ask.

"-feel that spark? Yes, I did." I sighed.

"You know what? I think we should go out right now." I pulled away slightly.

"Out? Why?"

"To celebrate the day we officially became a couple. You know...I kinda liked you the first time I saw you at the bar..." I giggled and gave Hunter a peck on the lips.

"And I admit, I kind liked you too." I pulled away and stood up. "Now, where are you going to take me?"

"How cream? I'll get you anything you want, just say the word. We can take my car."

"Sounds like a plan. Let's go." I followed Hunter out the door and grabbed my bag from my car while he locked the front door.

"Hi Mrs. Rethman!" Hunter called to the elderly woman that was his neighbor. I'd met her once and found her quite lovely, like a grandmother.

"Hello Hunter. Did you finally get the girl to be your girlfriend?" I turned around from my car in time to see Ryo's face go red.

"Yes ma'am. We're about to go out right now."

"The first date, eh? Make sure you treat her right Hunter."

"I will ma'am." Hunter and Mrs. Rethmen exchanged goodbyes befoe Hunter came over to where I stood next to his car. He was still a bit red.

"You were planning this?" I asked as I looked up at his face.

"Well, I wanted advice and I thought Mrs. Rethman could help." Hunter said, rubbing the back of his neck. I laughed and got into the car.

"Stop standing there like an idiot. Let's go. I think I want to be seen around with my new guy, and don't act like you don't want people to see you're dating a famous singer."

Hunter walked around the front of the car and sat in the driver's seat.

"I will not confirm nor deny anything." Hunter and I both shared a laugh and Hunter started the engine. Seconds later we were on our way to get ice cream and for the first time in a long time, since even before I broke up with Jason, I felt...happy.

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