Thanks To A Cheater

Chapter 7: Old Friend

Piper's POV

"Ugh...I'm so pooped." I muttered as I woke up. I brought my sheets up and burried my head in my pillow, trying to get back to sleep.

"Good morning!" I shot up, surprised at the sound of a voice. I checked for someone in my room and then noticed that it was my radio. I don't remember setting the alarm...

I stood up and stretched, wondering what I'd do today. I took a shower and ermerged to have my attention caught by the guy on the radio.

"Alright, I bet a lot of you dudes and chicks out there went to Piper McLean's concert yesterday night. So let's have some fun. Anyone who can tell me the...thriteenth song she sang will win a Piper McLean CD."

I let out a small laugh and decided to listen and see who won my CD while I changed into my outfit for today. This music station was the one that had the 'honor' of being the first to play my songs on the radio before anyone else. Hell, sometimes they played the songs before anyone-besides Joan, Micheal, and me-in the world hears them.

"Alright, first caller. What was Piper's thirteenth song at the concert?" The guy, who I now recognized as Randy, asked.

"The thirteenth song was Good Girl." A girl said, sounding nervous.

"I'm sorry, but that answer is...correct!" I heard the girl let out a squeal. "What's your name?"

"Isabel Harpmen."

"Well Isabel, come on down to pick up your Piper McLean CD!" Seconds passed before Randy's voice came back on. "In honor of Isabel naming the right song, we'll be playing Piper's song, Good Girl, which is number one on the charts this week. Enjoy the morning and the music..."

"Hey good girl. With your head in the coulds, I bet you I can tell you what you're thinking about-" I listened to my voice on decided on what I was going to do for a while.

I checked my hall closet and grabbed one of the many posters I had because Joan insisted I keep some of my posters. I grabbed a disguise and grabbed my keys, before darting out the door and into my car, turning on the radio to the tation that was still playing my song. I dialed Randy's number.

"Randy speaking." Randy answered after three rings.

"Rany, it's Piper, I'm heading over to the station right now, so if that winner of yours shows up before me, stall her."

"You got it Piper. But would you mind staying as a guest for a while?"

"I got nothing better to do, so sure. I'll be there soon." I hung up and kept driving. Laughter bubbled up in my throat when no more than a second after I hund up, Randy made an announcement.

"Get this guys, a surprise guest will be here soon, and you won't want to miss the Q&A session we're going to have." Q&A? I never agreed to that! But, what harm could it do?

I reached the station in ten minutes. I grabbed my stuff and hurried in.

"Is she here yet?" I whispered to Randy as he spoke broadcasted. He shook his head and I walked back into the hall, hurrying to the women's restroom.

I locked the door and looked at my reflection. Skinny jeans with a red shirt with off the shoulder sleeves and black flats. I set my bag on the counter, pulling on a baggy black jacket and pulling out glasses from my bag.

I pulled on the jacket and nerdy glasses. Then, I pulled my hair into a messy pony tail and pulled on a black cap. A little adjusting and I didn't look like Piper if you glanced at me.

Satisfied, I walked out of the bathroom, and dumped my stuff in the corner of the room where Randy was still broad casting. I pulled out a sharpie and signed the poster I'd brought and walked to the prize claiming desk at the front of the building.

I explained my plan to Liz and she ushered me into the back room when a car pulled up front. I signed the CD Isabel had won and waited.

"Hi. I'm Isabel Harpmen. I won the Piper McLean CD." Liz asked for proof of identification and I heard her checking what Isabel gave her as proof.

"Alright." A pause. "Hey, Nessy! Can you bring out the prize for Isabel Harpmen?"

"Comin' right up!" I called in a southern accent and walked out the door. I looked at Isabel, a girl around thriteen or fourteen, and smiled. "Here you go, sugar. Congrats on winnin'."

"Thanks." Isabel took the CD and her eye widened. "I didn't know it would be signed!"

"Well, I had to sign it since I was here and all." I said and Isabel's gaze shot to my face, confused. I pulled off the glasses and cap, then the jacket and her eyes widened.

"Oh my god! Piper?"

"That's me. And here, I brought you this signed poster too." I handed it to her and Isabel looked at me.

"Oh god, thank you! C-can I get a picture with you?" I nodded and we took a picture together before Isabel said her mom was waiting outside and that she had to go. "It was great meeting you, Piper!" She waved goodbye and I waved back.

"That was nice of you." Liz said and I shrugged.

"Not much to do, so why not? I'm gonna go hang with Randy for a while." Liz nodded and I headed back to where Randy was broadcasting and took a seat next to him.

"Alrighty people, here's our special guest!" Randy said into his microphone and I slipped on the headphones similar to the ones he was wearing.

"Hey everyone! It's me, Piper McLean!" I said into my microphone.

"Alright, all you people listening out there! Call and give questions and we might just ask Piper!" I let out a laugh at the sound of the phones immediatly going off.

"Looks like a bunch of you guys had questions." I saw the door of the room open and a women walked in with a paper in hand. "And we just got the first page of questions."

"Alright, Piper. Our first question is from Layla. She asked this: Piper, is it true you have a new boyfriend, and if so, what is he like." I smiled.

"Well, Layla, I do have a new boyfriend, his name is Hunter." Randy gave a whistle.

"Hot name."

"I know it is. And Hunter's great. We haven't been dating long, but I've known his for a while now. He's nice and sweet, and is just plainly fun to be around." I signaled Randy for the next question.

"Next question, from Jacob: Piper, are you going to have a new song that doesn't make the guy the bad one?" We both laughed at the one.

"Well, yes Jacob. I have one or two new song in the process of being made where the guy is actually the good one. I'm not a male hater after all. Okay. Next question."

It went on like that for about an hour before I decided to go.

"Well, sorry guys, but I have to go. Bye." I pulled off my headphones and stood up.

"See ya Piper!" Randy called as I grabbed my stuff and I waved before leaving.

When I pulled out of the parking lot I remembered I had some grocery shopping to do, so I turned and headed for the store.

I left everything in the car except my wallet and phone, sticking both in a pocket and headed into the store, grabbing a grocery cart on the way.

"Let's see...I need cereal, bananas, carrots, a bunch of other fruits and vegetables." I wrinkled my nose. "Maybe only one or two vegetables. But I need conditioner..." I decided to just head for what's closest to me.

First, I got the fruits and some vegetables. Followed by that was chicken and some meat, then cereal.

"Alright...what else do I need..." I went down a mental list and tried to remember the last thing. "Oh, that's right! Drinks!"

I headed to the sixth isle where the drinks were. I decded to get a 3 litter soda, and two different 12 packs of sodas.

I put the second twelve pack, which was Pepsi, in the cart and then turned to the 3 litter bottles. My eyes landed on a grape soda and I reached for it...only to stop short.

Without heels, I was to short to grab it.

I looked around making sure no one was around, and jumped up, trying to wrap a hand around the soda, but it was to far from tiny fence on the edge for me to reach. I tried and failed for maybe five minutes before I sighed and considered if it was better to just forget about the soda.

"Here, let me get it for you." The voice came from next to me and a hand appeared, reaching up and grabbing the grape soda. "There you go."

I turned towards the man, not lifting my head up all the way, and took the soda from his out streched hand.

"Thanks." I turned and put the soda in the cart before turning back to look at the man, lifted my head to look at the man. His curly black hair and brown eyes looked familiar...oh my god. "Leo?" The man looked confused.

"Yeah. How did you-" His eyes widened. "Piper?"

"Last I checked. Didn't recognize me?"

"You're wearing makeup and expect me to recognize you, Beauty Queen? Good thing I didn't hit on you. Jason would kill me." I stiffened at the last part. So Lep didn't know yet...

"Jason wouldn't kill you." I said with a sniff.

"I know I'm his friend, but hitting on a friend's girl can make them want to-"

"I'm not his girl Leo. We broke up." I turned back to my cart and Leo walked to stand in front of it.

"What? Why? What happened?" Leo asked and I sighed. Might as well let this cat out of the bag.

"I was on a year long tour and came back about a month ago. I was at the cafe with Annabeth and Hazel and upon looking out the window, I found out Jason was cheating me with Reyna...and she's just over three months pregnant." I lowered my gaze, not wanting to look at Leo.

"Wait wait wait. Jason cheated on you with Reyna, dumped you, and told you Reyna's pregnant?" I shook my head.

"Jason did cheat on me. But I dumped him after my concert the next night, making sure to dedicate my first two songs to Reyna and Jason, both who were in the front row. Then, a couple of days ago, Thalia told me Jason had told her he'd gotten Reyna pregnant."

"Why that...I'm going to go give him a piece of my mind right now!"

I gabbed Leo's arm as he turned to go.

"Leo, please. Just because Jason and I aren't friends anymore doesn't mean you should go ruin your friendship too."

"Piper, he hurt you. I need to at least ask why."

"Fine, but don't...don't go over board. I'm fine now. I have a new and better boyfriend, his name is Hunter." Something flashed in Leo's eyes, but it was only there for a second, so I probably imagined it.

"That's great to hear."

"Yeah. But when did you get back in town?"

"Just this morning. I was planning to come here and get something to eat since everything in my fridge probably expired two years ago." That gave me an idea.

"Why don't you come have lunch at my house right now. Just let me pay for this stuff and we'll go." Leo titled his head to the side, thinking for a second.

"Sure." With that, I headed to a check out line and waited as a the cashier scanned my items and guy bagged them and put them in the card. Once he was done, I paid with a credit card and turned back to my cart.

"Need help taking this outside?" The guy who'd bagged my things in paper bags asked.

"No thank you." I smiled and pushed the cart towards the exit, where I met Leo and he followed me to my car. He helped me put the bags in the trunk.

"I'm three cars down. Drive out and I'll follow you to your house." I nodded and watched as Leo went to his car then got in mine.

I pulled out of the parking lot, making sure Leo followed, and drove home. Leo parked next to me in the driveway and offered to help me take the things in.

"No, I can handle it. Here," I handed him the key. "go open the door and wait for me in the living room. Make sure to leave the keys on one of the key hooks next to the door."

"Alright." Leo walked off towards the door and I started to unload the car.

"You sure you don't want any help?" Leo asked after I past by for the third time.

"Nah. I just have three more bags left, and they're not that heavy." I walked out the door and came back with the bags a few minutes later. Leo wasn't in the living room...gods, where was he?

I decided I'd just look for him after I set the grocery bags on the kitchen island. Walking into the kitchen, I was surprised to see Leo looking through the bags and taking things out.

"You know, it's considered rude to do that." I said as Leo immediatly went through the bags I set down.

"I'm looking for something..." Leo said as he searched.


"Candy or anything sugary." I rolled my eyes and reached into the last bag, pulling out a bag of gummy worms and flung then at Leo.

"Eat those." Leo opened the bag and immediatly took one out, grinning at me with a weird glint in his eye.

"Here Piper, why don't you have one?" He moved said gummy worm towards me and I moved away.

"Gross, no. Now, go in the living room while I make lunch and please, keep those things away from me." I shooed him from the kitchen and started to make lunch, trying to remember who Leo liked.

Soon, I was done. Taking the food and drinks in hand, I walked to the living room.

"I made burgers and fries, Leo. Here." I handed him his plate and took a seat on the couch next to him, setting mine on the coffe table.

"Thanks Beauty Queen." I shot him a glare and he laughed.

"So, how was Texas?" I asked.

"I was okay. Turns out, not everyone there is a cowboy and cowgirl...and they don't all have western accents."

And it went on like that. Leo and I talked over lunch about what we'd been up to since we'd last seen one another. But soon, Leo had to go.

"I'll see you later, Piper." Leo said as he got in his car.

"Yeah. But you're going to go talk to Jason, aren't you?" I asked, already knowing the answer.


"Don't go crazy, okay? I don't want you ruining your friendship." Leo just gave a shrug and I rolled my eyes. "Alright then Valdez. Bye."

"See ya, McLean." With that, Leo pulled out of the driveway and I watched his car drive away until I couldn't see it anymore.

I retreated inside and washed the dishes left by our lunch and let my thoughts travel.

What might have happened if Leo had been here when I dumped Jason? I wondered but pushed the thought away.

That didn't matter.

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