The princess Returns


A kingdom is trying to be taking over by the evil queen of evergrove the evil queen killed the queen and king of evergreen and sent there child away Once Upon a time on a far away land there’s a kingdom called evergreen .evergreen was the most Beautiful and the most amazing place ever. and in that kingdom lived a beautiful king and queen and one day they were on there way to the next kingdom over for a dinner party but they didn’t know that the queen that lived in the next kingdom over was evil and wanted to take over evergreen . As the queen and king was on there way to evergrove they didn’t know that queen Esther order two of her Palace men to Sabotage their car and the queen and king had a terrible car accident the queen was pregnant their baby survive. But the queen and king died .

Mystery / Romance
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Chapter 1

Nobody knew what really happened that day all they knew was that the queen and king and they’re unborn child died in the car accident that day. but what they didn’t know is that the baby survive queen Esther changed her whole identities nobody knew who she really was. Emily was at work one day she hated her job she worked as hostess for one of her former school mates s Olivia Moore, Olivia made my middle and high school hell for her she was the rich girl and you know the rich gets what they want Olivia the girl that thinks she better then everybody but everyone knew crazy thing were going on in her family. as I was on my way to work it felt like someone was watching me me I didn’t pay it no mind I kept walking when I got to work my worst enemy standing at the door giving me this look like she wish I was never born. The party begins I see a man standing in a corner watching me I continue to do my job Olivia asked my to go get the birthday cake out of the kitchen. As I was leaving out of the kitchen with the cake the same man that was in the corner called out my name “Emily” I turned around I was shocke I was shocked Ghhh

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