Honey Dew and Hospitals (Vylad x Reader)


One step. Two steps. (Y/C) counted her steps as he walked around the ER. The sounds of pain, crying, and sirens filled her head as she sat down. Sickness sometimes overcomes the best of us. But this girl has lived with sickness all her life, Though, because of that, she became a doctor. She ran away from all her fears, worries, friends, sickness, everything. But what happens when she runs into her best friend and other people from her past. What happens when she is forced to see herself as who she really is and stop smelling the honey Dew.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

One step. Two steps. (Y/C) counted her steps as he walked around the ER. The sounds of pain, crying, and sirens filled her head as she sat down. A wave of dizziness covered her, making her wanting to pass out. “Vertigo.” She sighs and gots up slowly, rubbing her temples, and going over to the nurses stations. She quickly put up her long (color) hair, watching people rushed in. It was a big one. She knew it was coming, she watched as other people in the ER were taken to the clinic. They had called a code yellow. Overwhelmed, she ran to the first person she saw. A man, unconscious, wolf ears a tail ripped off but no blood stops to show that they were his. (Y/C) noticed that he was missing a leg. “HEY! DID ANYONE FIND A LEG?!” She yelled out into the mess of screaming and crying. A woman with black hair, holding two small boys in her arms, look at (Y/C). “We weren’t able to find Garroths leg.”

“Wait! What was his name?” (Y/C) was frozen. Frozen in fear with the name she heard. “Garroth. His name is Garroth Ro’Meave.” She turned around. She saw his blonde hair. She knew who he was. She quickly rushed Garroth up to surgery. She stepped back and walked towards the waiting room. She knew that if Garroth was there, she was about to a huge mess of emotions in the waiting room. What she saw made her stomach hurt. “Zianna.” (Y/C) said quietly as she looked at the group of parents and saw a woman with grayish and black hair. “(Y-Y/C)..?(Y/C)!”

The woman got up up and quickly ran up to (Y/C), first slapping her, and then hugged her, crying, “(Y/C)! Where have you been. I-Its been years! What’ wrong with my sons? Can I see them? Have you talked to Vylad?” Zianna was crying. (Y/C) sat her down and explained to her what was wrong with him and Zane. Though, then she was bombarded with other people’s parents, asking about their kids. Travis, Dante, Gene, and everyone else. And she saw laurance, crying. And she knew that, He would be the last to know. She, for some reason, couldn’t tell him.

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