『 truth or die + kth 』


HIGHEST RANKING: #1 in angst & #2 in fanfiction (WATTPAD) "it's either you say the truth or die, y/n." PUBLISHED IN WATTPAD + © dwe-jin 2018 "how old are you?" he asked. "se-seventeen." "you're not eighteen yet?," he played with his lip ring frustratedly, "ugh ages." he looked at my bare shoulders and collarbone again. he suddenly walked towards me again and bend down, "fuck your age." he bit his lip. "i'm kim taehyung anyways," he said and started kissing my neck. « when he was her father's rival company and kidnapped her »

Action / Romance
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This is a work of fiction and any similarity to reality is a dreadful accident. These are works of purely speculative fiction. It is not intended to infringe on any rights by and of the companies and/or individuals involved in the production of any series mentioned here.

© dwe-jin 2018

lower case intended

started: july 18, 2018



this story is also published in wattpad in my username, @dwe-jin. i hope you guys support me here too! love u all!

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