I walked slowly toward the woods,I overheard wolves talking, one said ”we have to get her" Get who...... “I know that Dark!” “or else-” About different charaters who are friends but have some sort of secret that they keep from each other

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Credit for editing goes to Myuki. Thank you for helping me with my story.

The nights frozen breath relentlessly hit my pelt as I watched the sun set. Its crisp chill penetrated my dual fur sending a small shiver through my body. Tonight was colder than the last telling me winter is vast approaching. Too many shivers told me it was time to retire; so I head back to camp. I hear Lucky and Chace talking near the entrance to the den.

“Lucky, what are you doing out here!?” I ask tilting my head curiously.

“Can we go NOW!?” Lucky and I stare at Chase, paralyzed by his tone, as he turns on his heel and heads inside. We quickly follow suit, retreating to safety. The caves darkened damp walls our sanctuary from mother nature. We all relax once within; Chace quickly losing to his exhaustion as he rapidly falls into his own darkness.

Lucky stayed up a while longer, trying to fight the pull of his own exhaustion. I watched for a moment as his eyelids fluttered, one last attempt to stay awake before he too fell into his own eternal abyss. As for me, I don’t sleep. I never sleep.When the morning sun finally decided to wake, I emerged from my sanctum. Stretching the nights still tension from my muscles, I take off into the woods in search of breakfast. I hunted for an hour, managing to take down a deer (Is this deer large, or small, is it a doe? A fowl? A Buck? Detail is key to a good story). I drag its dead carcass behind me, back to the den, before devouring my share.

Once I was done with breakfast I head into the forest once gain; this time to meet up with Arctic. As for being my boyfriend we meet up in the same place every day. When I reached our typical meeting place I sit down, waiting. As boredom begins to seep into my being; I finally catch sight of his familiar white and grey fluffy, feathered pelt. He walked with his pack a few yards away. I shouted for him immediately, in an attempt to get his attention.

“Arctic!! OVER HERE”

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