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I jerked my head to the left to make out the blond silhouette calling out to me. With no doubt it was Sky, and her big mouth. I was tempted to whisper to her, to tell her to stop because I knew my pack is displeased with our relationship. Everyone of the members walking with me still had the lingering effects of the hunt coursing through them. It wasn’t safe for her. I settled with giving her a pleading, concerned look, hoping she would get the message. Relief flooded through me when she backed off. Once we were officially back at the den, relieved of our duties, I strayed from my pack. Entering the woods edge in search of Sky.

“Sky are you still here?” I whisper, trying not to be too loud.

“Yeah, Over here” I walked toward the soft honey whisper. The woods are now too dark for me to be able to see her properly. The relentless wind chills my bones as I survey the area, trying to make out my surroundings. I walk slowly, delving deeper into the murky forest. I paid no attention to my foot work; I thought I’d stepped on a twig. That is until I heard a high pitched yelp centimeters from me.

“Ow! Watch where you’re going Arctic” She lightly growled as she tended to her paw. I watch, only able to make out her Blue-green eyes the two almond pools focused on the task at hand.

“Sorry Sky” I apologize offering her a nuzzle as penance. We settled in nearby; losing ourselves in light conversation as the night passed us by. Crickets played their symphonies, other predators were capturing their dinner, but we. We were just their, soaking in each individual moment. Not sure of how many hours had passed, we finally settle down. I wrapped my body around her coiled frame, providing as much warmth as possible from the frigid night air. I drift to the sound of her calm breathing before losing myself to the sandman’s call.

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