Beginning Our Life


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This is Happening

Beginning Our Life

Last Time: Sarah Hudson, Finn's younger sister, returned to Lima after three years. She sparked a relationship with Noah Puckerman who quickly became her boyfriend. The bad boy and his sister moved in with the Hudson-Hummels after their mom was revealed to be an alcoholic that abused her son. Carole and Burt became pregnant, another child to add to their list of their growing family, along with Grace Puckerman whom they adopted. Puck impregnated Sarah and the two struggled to keep it a secret until everyone found out almost three months later. They plan on keeping the baby and raising it, along with Beth whom they want to keep in touch with. Despite putting Rachel on a train to New York and deciding to join the army, Finn is going to stay in Lima and attend Lima Community College with Puck. Kurt's off to New York with the budding starlet to reach for his dreams. And that's what you missed in Never Forgotten Past.

Disclaimer: I don't own Glee or any songs that I may put in here.

This is Happening

Sarah's Point of View

I blinked and rubbed my eyes after waking up from a deep sleep. I looked to my side to see Puck playing on his iTouch.

"Hey," I whispered.

Puck jumped slightly, "Hey, I didn't know you were awake."

I smiled, "I just woke up."

Puck nodded and put down his iPod before giving me a soft kiss, "Morning beautiful."

I blushed, "Morning handsome."

That's how we've been starting our mornings this summer. They've always been so peaceful and calm and perfect, even if it's just been for two weeks so far.

"Do you know what today is?" Puck asked softly.

I shook my head, "June 26?"

Puck smirked, "It's the 24th, but no, it's the start of your second trimester."

"Oh," I muttered and put a hand on my stomach, "Wow."

"It went by fast, didn't it?" Puck put his own hand over mine, squeezing it softly.

"Yeah," I whispered and sat up.

"Where're you going?" Puck asked as I climbed over him.

I just waved a hand and ran into my closet to my full length mirror. Once there, I turned to the side and lifted up Puck's old t-shirt that I slept in. I bit my lip when I realized my stomach was pushed out just a tiny bit, probably not enough for the average person to see, but enough for me.

"What are you doing?" Puck asked and walked in, standing behind me.

"They're real," I breathed.

Puck's reflection raised his eyebrows, "Who's real? The baby? Sars, they've been real since three days before your birthday."

I shook my head and sat down on the ground, "But I could never really notice, now I can notice."

Puck sat next to me and stared in my eyes, "Are you having regrets?"

"No," I scooted forward to lean my back into his chest, "It's just weird."

Puck nodded and put his hand on my stomach. He gently moved it across, feeling the tiny bump. I shuddered as his touch shot up my spine. Puck chuckled, "Cold?"

"No," I shook my head.

There was a knock on our bedroom door, "Sarah! Noah! Breakfast time!" Grace's voice yelled before we could hear her feet patter away.

Puck laughed and stood, putting his hand out for me, "Are you hungry?"

I grabbed the calloused fingers and stood, "Yes, I could go for a blueberry bagel with raspberry cream cheese."

Puck chuckled and led me out to the dining room where Mom and Grace had set out different breakfast foods.

"How'd you two sleep?" Mom asked.

"Good," I smiled and sat down.

"What about you, Ms. Carole?" Puck asked while passing me my food.

Mom sighed and put a hand on her own growing stomach while sitting down, "Missy here decided to practice soccer last night."

I looked down at my bagel. In three months; since that's where Mom was at, the start of her third trimester; that would be me. This was all becoming so real so fast.

"Noah, I had a dream last night and you were in it," Grace smiled before taking a bite of her cereal.

"Yeah?" Puck sat down next to me and spread cream cheese on his salt bagel, "And what was I doing?"

Grace was about to answer when Finn, Kurt, and Burt walked in.

"Morning," Finn grumbled as he sat next to me.

Kurt and Burt just nodded at us while sitting down.

Grace blinked at the interruption then continued, "You were taking me white water rafting."

"How do you even know what that is?" Puck asked through his orange juice.

Grace shrugged, "Jenny went last week with her family."

"Puck's taking Grace white water rafting?" Kurt asked.

Grace rolled her eyes, "No Kurt, it was my dream."

Kurt nodded, "Oh. Was I there?"

"Nope," Grace popped the p, "Just me, Noah, and Beth."

Puck choked on his bagel, "Beth was there?"

"Yeah," Grace smiled and took a bite of her cereal, "She fell off though so you had to dive in and get her, it was really funny."

Puck looked disturbed as he stared at his sister.

Finn reached behind me and patted his back, "You're a hero to save the two year old from death."

Puck turned and glared at him, "Shut up."

"Make me," Finn smirked.

"Boys, not now," Burt groaned, "It's nine in the morning."

"What are we doing today?" I whispered to Puck, hoping to keep the conversation just us.

"I have a date with Blaine," Kurt interrupted.

Finn glared at him in jealousy, "I'm gonna play basketball with Mike and Sam."

"We have a doctor's appointment," Burt said.

Mom nodded, "We'll get more pictures for you all."

"Allie's taking me to the rec center to go swimming," Grace smiled.

Puck ignored them and shrugged, "Did you want to do anything certain?"

I shook my head, "No, we'll just decide later then."


After taking a shower, I slipped into my room in just a towel.

Puck looked up from where he was on my laptop at my desk, "Looking hot."

I laughed and stuck my tongue out before stepping into my closet and closing the door. I quickly dried off and looked for some clothes. I found a pair of jean shorts and a purple tank top that I started to put on. When I got the shorts on, I groaned, they wouldn't close. I started walking around the closet and tugging the snap to try and loosen some tension, attempting to make it easier to close.

Puck knocked on the door, "You alright in there? You're making noises."

I bit my lip, "I'm fine, just getting dressed."

"Ok, but it sounded like you were in pain," Puck continued.

"Don't worry," I told him.

I didn't hear Puck walk away, but he didn't say anything either. I decided it would just be easier if I put on a new pair of shorts in the end. I tugged the shorts and groaned again, they were stuck. I sucked in a breath and tried again. No. I looked towards the closet door and considered getting Puck. He'd be able to help. As embarrassing as it'd probably be, Puck's the only one in this house I'd be comfortable having force my pants off.

"Noah?" I called and glanced down at the ground.

"What's wrong?" Puck asked, yeah, he never moved.

"Can you come in here?" I asked softly.

The door opened and closed before I even realized Puck's arms were around me, "What's wrong?"

"Please don't laugh," I whispered.

"Sarah, have I ever laughed at you?" Puck stepped back to look me in the eyes.

I smirked, "Yes."

Puck smirked back, "Ok, yeah, but I won't laugh now. That second time sounded more painful than the first. Are you hurt?"

I looked back down at the ground, "Remember how we noticed the baby bump earlier?"

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Puck smile and nod quickly, "Yeah."

"I think I need to buy maternity clothes now because my shorts don't fit and I couldn't button them and they hurt really bad and now they're stuck and I'm really embarrassed and I don't know how to get them off except to have you do it," I rushed out. I took a deep breath before looking up to see Puck staring at me in confusion trying to figure out what I said.

After a second, Puck stepped forward and gently put his hands on my waist, "Tell me if it hurts too bad and I'll stop."

I blushed and nodded. Puck carefully started tugging the shorts down. I groaned at the resistance my body was giving.

"Harder than I thought," Puck grunted and pulled again, "Try moving."

I wiggled my hips and bit my lip in pain.

"Does it hurt?" Puck stopped and asked.

I shook my head, "Just get them off."

Puck nodded and with one last tug, ripped my shorts down.

I let out a sigh of relief, "Thank you." I stepped around him and looked in my pile of shorts, they were all the same size as that last pair. I groaned, "Seriously?"

"Now what?" Puck asked.

"I have no shorts and it's the middle of summer," I turned to look at him, "I think I know what we're doing today. You don't mind?"

Puck shrugged, "No, it's fine, but I am wondering what you're going to wear. Underwear and that purple tank top? Cause that's totally fine by me."

I laughed and rifled through my hanging clothes, "Maybe I can just wear a dress."

"Like your prom dress?" Puck came behind me and whispered in my ear, "Cause that'd be kinda hot too."

I smirked and pushed him away, "Stop, I'll just wear that dress Kurt got me for my birthday."

"Like that's gonna fit," Puck scoffed.

I felt a pang in my heart, "Thanks," I muttered.

"No, come on Sars, I didn't mean it like that," Puck turned me to look in my face, "I-God how am I gonna fix this?-I'm sorry. Of course that dress'll fit, it has the tie things so we can make it looser. Please, you looked really pretty that night and you haven't worn it since."

I stared into his eyes and saw the regret, "You're forgiven. Now go, Mom's not too fond of the idea of me changing in front of you."

"She knows I've seen you without clothes on at least twice," Puck smirked while stepping backwards, "That time when you were 11 and when I got you pregnant. She just doesn't know about all those other times...not that she wants to know."

I laughed and ran forward to push him out, "Go!"

Puck laughed once more before closing the closet doors. Seconds later, I heard my bedroom door close as well. I leaned against the pull out doors that hid my clothes from my bedroom with a smile, he really was something.


"This is useless," I muttered while going through a rack of maternity clothes, "These are all really ugly."

"No, look," Puck held up a black dress that had deep cuts down the stomach and legs, "Get this."

"Put that down," I hissed and went over to him to rip it from his hands, "That's disgusting. I can't believe there are actual pregnant women who wear these types of clothes."

Puck shrugged, "Worth a shot."

I snorted and started looking through the sun dresses, "Do you like a certain color?"

"Sars, you're the one that wears the clothes, whatever you find is fine," Puck said while leaning against some shelves.

I picked up a purple dress with a pink waist band, "How's this one? It's not too gross."

"No, it's good," Puck nodded before putting a hand out, "Give it here before you change your mind."

I giggled and passed over the dress, "Let's go look at the shorts now."

We made our way to the pants section when we heard the most joyful sound, "Sars! Daddy!" Beth ran at us at full speed.

Puck let out a small grunt as Beth hit him in the legs, "Hey there monkey face."

I heard Shelby laugh and looked up.

"Hi guys," she smiled, "We were just going to check out when Beth noticed you two."

I nodded and looked down at Beth, "Did you get new clothes Bethie?"

Beth nodded and detached herself from Puck's calf, "Pretty dresses."

"Really?" I bent down and widened my eyes, "Can I see them?"

Shelby passed two dresses to Beth who held them up, "Pink and zebra," she smiled at the cotton dress, "Fire dress," her grin widened at the navy sundress in her right hand with fireworks across the stomach.

"Fire dress?" Puck asked, "Do you mean fireworks?"

Beth nodded quickly and passed said dress to Puck, "Look Daddy, fire."

Puck chuckled as he looked at it, "I'm sure you'll look very pretty in it."

"What are you two doing for fourth of July?" Shelby asked.

"I think Burt was just going to grill some steak and we were going to set up this tiny pool Mom bought for Grace before watching the fireworks in the driveway," I told her while straightening up.

"We were probably going to do the same thing," Shelby said softly and stared down at Beth.

"Why don't you come over?" Puck suddenly asked, "If we were all going to do the same thing, we might as well do it together."

"I don't know, I mean, we'd have to ask your parents if that's ok," Shelby pondered.

"I don't have parents," Puck muttered.

I felt my face blush in embarrassment for both Puck and Shelby.

"Oh, I...I didn't know," Shelby whispered, "Are you ok?"

Puck shrugged, "Grace and I have been alone since February. The Hudson-Hummels have been great to us since then."

"You have a sister?" Shelby asked.

"Now she's sort of my sister too," I interrupted, "My mom and step-dad have full custody of her now."

Shelby nodded, "Noah, if you ever-"

"I'm fine," Puck cut her off and lifted Beth up, "What would you say about coming over Daddy and Sarah's house next week?"

Beth smiled, "Me in pretty dress."

"Alright, you wear your pretty dress and I'll do everything else," Puck smiled.

I tickled under Beth's chin, "We'll have so much fun."

"Yay!" Beth grinned and clapped her hands.

"I guess I don't have a choice now," Shelby laughed and took Beth back, "I'll call your mom, Sarah, and talk to her about it."

I nodded, "She'll say yes."

"Ok, we'll see you then," Shelby gave one last wave before heading to the check out.

"She's a cute one," Puck muttered with a small smile.

"She's all you," I hugged him tightly.

Puck laughed, "Well, Quinn's in there too. I'm not that big of a fan of dresses."

I laughed, "Yeah, but her smile and her eyes, they're all you."

Puck looked down at me then down a little further to my stomach, "I wonder who this one will be like."

"You," I said with confidence while walking past him to the shorts section.

"Nah, I think you," Puck smiled and grabbed my hand.

I smiled back, "We'll just have to wait and see then."

Puck squeezed my hand, "Yes we will."


A/N: First chapter! What'd you think? I started this a little further than when I stopped the last one. I liked it. I think it'll be fun. I think I'm going to have Beth in this one more, at least for the summer chapters. Fourth of July is the next one! It's weird because this story might actually be happening in real time, if that makes sense. To any new people who are reading this without reading the one before, feel free to ask me questions if you have them. I think you'll be ok, there might just be some small parts every now and again that you won't understand, but it'll be fine. Unless I'm some superhero and can write the next chapter in less than 24 hours, you won't get a new one for another two weeks at least. Sorry, I'm going on a trip. PLEASE REVIEW with any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions! I wanna know what you all think of this!


Sneak Peak: I smiled at my family scattered around the front yard. This might be the best fourth of July I've ever had.

Fourth of July with the Hudson-Hummel-Puckermans!

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