Never Forgotten Past

By loueylouey14


Coming Home

Never Forgotten Past

Summary: Finn's sister comes back to town and brings some old memories with her. Takes place beginning of Season 3. The story will be in a lot of different people's point of views.

Disclaimer: I don't own Glee or any songs that I may put in here.

Coming Home

Finn pulled up to his house to find a whole bunch of boxes and suit cases covering the Hudson-Hummel front porch. He had just gone back-to-school shopping with Rachel. She had yelled at him a lot saying they would never find the right supplies with school starting in two days, but he didn't care. Here Finn was though, walking into his house with three bags of school supplies.

The boxes, bags and suitcases continued inside the small opening inside the door. Each one was either pink, purple or a mix of the two.

"Hey, Mom! Is Kurt moving out or something?" Finn yelled into the house as he tried to make his way to the couch to sort through his stuff.

"Ow, what the heck?" he muttered as he sat on a light blue hairbrush. "Kurt! I swear if you don't pick up your crap soon-"

"It's not Kurt's," came a voice...a girl's voice.

Finn stopped, he knew that voice. He only heard it once a week through the phone, but he knew that voice, "Sarah?" Finn slowly looked up and smiled at the sight of his little sister leaning against the kitchen wall.

"Yeah, it's me," she giggled. Her long, slightly curly hair was the same shade of brown as his. She had his same nose and crooked smile. The only differences between the two being that she was a 15 year old, 5'2 girl and her big, blue eyes that always sparkled.

Finn slowly made his way to Sarah before engulfing her in the biggest hug he's ever given a human being in his life. She laughed out loud as he swung her around.

"What's going on?" Finn asked.

Just three years ago, Sarah had left to go and live with their mom's mom. It was after they had found out that their dad had died during war. She had been so depressed the following week after the funeral that Mom had asked her if she would want to go to Grandma's. Sarah said yes and once gone, found it was easier to be away from the house where she had grown up in with Dad and decided to stay, for good.

"I realized I was being stupid and stuff so I decided to come home," Sarah looked almost embarrassed to Finn, "But I'm home now so that doesn't matter anymore...and I missed my big brother," she laughed at the smile on her brother's face.

Carole Hudson walked in at that time to see her children hugging and laughing, "I'm so glad you decided to come back home, baby," she said as she too joined the group hug.

"Do Kurt and Burt know about Sarah yet?" asked Finn.

"Yeah, their moving around the furniture in your guys' room so all three can fit."

"Whoah, hold on a sec, I'm sharing a room with two guys?" the look on Sarah's face matched Finn's perfectly, making Carole laugh.

"I'm sorry, but we don't have enough rooms for you to have your own Sarah. But Burt and I are going to start looking for a bigger house as soon as possible."

"As long as I get my own room there," shrugged Finn as he walked away to get a drink.

Kurt and Burt made their way upstairs, both talking and laughing loudly.

"Alright, so who's hungry?" asked Burt.

"I am!" screamed Sarah and everyone laughed, "What? I haven't had Breadsticks in three years," smiled Sarah as the Hudson-Hummel family made their way out the door to the car.


"...and then the lifeguard started giving Blaine CPR, and Blaine pulled the move on him!" Kurt and the rest of the table laughed as he finished telling them of his day with Blaine before Sarah arrived.

"Check please," Burt said to the waiter before turning to Sarah, "So, kid, you planning on going to McKinely?"

"Yup, well at least I think so," Sarah glanced at her mom who nodded with a smile.

"Amazing! So will you join Glee?" Kurt asked.

"I'm gonna try out and see what happens," replied Sarah.

"I've never heard you sing Sars," Finn said with a confused look on his face.

"I'm sure she'll be fine, seeing as you have such a good voice, Finn," Carole told him.

"Hey, Carole, can you sing?" Kurt wondered, "I mean, if Finn can sing and if Sarah can, where'd they get it from?"

Carole laughed, "I think they just have talent, hon, Chris and I definitely could not sing."

Finn laughed while Sarah began playing with her drink, "Yeah, there is really no way our talent is in our genes or whatever," said Finn, "Right Sarah?"

"Yeah, sure, whatever," Sarah's voice was small and she suddenly looked upset.

Carole began rubbing her back, "You ok, sweetie?"

"Um, yeah, sorry, I just remembered something. Do you think we could just go home, I'm kinda tired."

"Of course, Sarah," Carole said.


"Hey, Finn, can I ask you something?" Kurt came up to Finn while the latter was watching the latest football game.

They had been home for an hour since Breadsticks. Sarah had gone to her room claiming she was tired and Carole and Burt believed her, but Finn saw right through the lie having known her better than anyone. Apparently Kurt had too.

"Mhmm," Finn glanced at Kurt before muting the game.

"What's wrong with Sarah? She seemed fine until Carole mentioned your dad and then she turned off," Kurt looked not only confused, but concerned for his step-sister as well.

"What has Mom told you?" Finn didn't really know where to start with the story of his sister.

"Just that Sarah moved away after your father passed away."

"Alright, let me correct your last sentence because if you say that in front of Sarah, she'll scream at you saying that he didn't 'pass away' he was killed and then run away crying."

"Are you serious?" Kurt didn't believe that the sweet, 15 year old in their room would do such a thing.

"Trust me. It's scary, she loved Dad more than anything which is the reason why she got upset. Still can't really stand the fact that he's gone and not coming back," the look in Finn's eyes was complete sadness and Kurt couldn't help but have his heart break a little.

"But, that's what we're gonna do, fix her, introduce her to new people and have her hang out with Burt and stuff," Finn said with determination dripping from his voice.

"Did you just come up with that?" Kurt couldn't believe that Finn, of all people, could come up with something like that.

"I care for my sister," Finn's voice became defensive, sort of scaring Kurt, "And I want her to be truly happy again, so I'm willing to do anything for her, starting with Glee, she's going to make it no matter what."

"Hey guys," Sarah walked into the living room, "What cha guys doing?"

"Nothing, when'd you wake up?" Finn moved over so his sister could sit and watch the game as well.

"Just a few minutes ago, that nap was definitely what I needed after the long car ride," Sarah switched the channel to one of the newest reality shows before turning back to Finn, "Hey, do you think you could do a duet with me tomorrow when I try out for Glee club? I don't think I want to go alone on my first song in front of people."

"Of course, what song?" Finn would always do what his sister asked, in reasonable distance of course, and Kurt gave him a little more respect for that.

"Well," Sarah glanced at Kurt than turned back to Finn and whispered in a joking tone, "It's a secret, let's go to our room and I'll tell you there," Finn and Kurt laughed as she led Finn to the basement bedroom the three teenagers shared.


A/N: I hope you liked it even though this first chapter was mostly introductions and a little filler. It was just to show you who Sarah is. If you want to know anything more about her, or think I leaved anything out, I'll try and include it in the next chapter or so. But I'll never know unless you REVIEW! Whether it's that, a complaint, advice, or encouragement, PLEASE REVIEW! It'll mean so much to me! Hope you enjoyed the story!


Sneak Peak!: I looked away from Mr. Shue to see a girl standing within the doorway. I had to take a second glance at her before realizing who she was: Sarah Hudson. It was like I was going back in time three years ago, to the day she left after giving me a good-bye hug, I felt the same way then as I do now, speechless.

So...who do you think that is? It'll be their point of view next chapter! I can't wait, it's going to be my favorite to write!

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