Beyond the Foggy Path

Chapter 12: Missing Something!

Sooooo Erela learned that Landon and Michael don't like each other. At. All.

Neither of them would tell Erela why. She asked Michael when they were out looking for ingredients for Potions, but he shrugged it off. She tried Landon and he ignored her. Maybe she would try Stacee the next time Landon would disappear. Which was no often since the two were practically together all the time, except when Stacee's sister, Mable would steal Landon away and run off somewhere together.

Erela let out an annoyed and quiet sigh and looked back at her notes. She and Stacee were in the Great Hall having their study group session with other panicking fifth years who were studying for their O.W.L. as well. Michael was somewhere else, obviously avoiding the study group since he and Landon couldn't help but insult one another.

"It's rather quiet without them butting horns at each other," Erela said.

"Kind of a relief. I can only be nonchalant for so long," Stacee answered.

"Must be pleasant to tune people out so easily."

"I had years of practice from having to deal with Mable," the metamorphmagus shrugged.

"Guess she was pretty out of control if you can handle that sort of noise . . ."

"Still do," Stacee said simply before taking a salted chip in front of them.

"I'll give you credit then," Erela chuckled. Stacee nodded at her, his eyes still on a sentence he was reading in his textbook. Stacee's hair was slowly changing to the same shade of a pumpkin, at that point Erela was able to read the boy's mood just by how his hair changed colors. "Frustrated?"

"What's giving it away?" he mumbled sarcastically.

"Don't know . . ." Erela leaned back and pretended to observe the Hufflepuff boy in front of her. "Did you do something with your hair?"

He rolled his eyes at her. The two had the same indifferent attitude and tolerated each other when they attempted to be humorous in their sarcastic manner. They were both incredibly quiet around each other, which didn't really bother Erela and it appeared it didn't bother Stacee either.

"He's usually more reserved around people he's unfamiliar with. He'll talk you more when he gets to know you better," Landon explained earlier.

"So I'm assuming there was a lot of awkward conversation between you two?" she asked.

"Kind of?" Landon shrugged. "Not really?"

"He talks enough for the both of us," Stacee explained.

"Because you don't talk, ass."

The purple-pink haired boy with the hippogriff feathered earring rolled his eyes in response. He would do that a lot. Mostly at Landon and once in a while at Erela.

"So most of the time your hair changing color is unintentional?" she asked.

Stacee looked up at her from his textbook. "Sometimes." Simple as that.

Erela would notice his hair changed colors every once in a while, most of the time he kept it to its dark brown shade so he wouldn't bring any attention to himself from the other students. He only seemed comfortable to let his ability loose when he was around Landon and Erela. He had eventually gotten used to Erela being around since she never treated him any differently. There was some questions here and there, but she never treated him like he was there for her entertainment.

"I've been meaning to ask," he started.

"Hm?" she looked up at him from her textbook.

"You're not a Veela or a werewolf, or something else, right?"

Erela shook her head. "Nope. One hundred percent human." You never know with students around Hogwarts. There was the occasional half-breeds of some kind running around here and there, but honest to god Erela never really noticed the difference and would end up having her mind-blown if she did figure out their little secret. "If you're asking me, then I'm guessing Landon is something else too," she assumed and went back to her work.

Stacee looked at her questionably and stared at her to wait for the "just kidding" line. But it never came. "You really don't know, do you?"

She stared at him wide eyed and confused. "What?"

He leaned back and stared at her astonishingly. "It really did slip by you, didn't it?"

"What did?" Stacee only waved it off and went back to his work. Erela honestly hated it when people did that. Keeping secrets from her and practically wave it in her face to tease the fact she was clueless was one of her pet peeves. "What am I missing?"

"Just forget it," he chuckled.

"Rather hard when I'm aware I'm missing something . . ." Erela said grimly.

"Just forget it," Stacee said again, that time he shook his head.

She groaned irritably. How much she hated it when the guys did that to her. But, with her rational fear of inheriting her mom's constant prying to the point of annoyance, she let it slide and sit in her head like a ticking time bomb.

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