Beyond the Foggy Path

Chapter 13: No More Exams!

Studying. Nothing but studying. The whole week it was nothing but running off to the library to study and then staying up most nights with Stacee and Landon in the common room to work on their study group. Erela made sure that the boys knew Muggle Studies and Defense Against the Dark Arts better than they knew the back of their hand. Constant quizzing here and there on everything, if they didn't answer fast enough Erela would let her wall down and quickly itch their brain that made them yelp.

As revenge, Landon made teaching Erela Potions a little more fun and would make loud clanging noises with his cauldron and metal spoon to try and distract her. "All so you can think under stress," he smirked at her. "Don't like it when it happens to you, huh?"

It was horrible . . .

But worth it.

By the time their O.W.L.S came around, the four of them whizzed by their classes effortlessly. Obviously there was a little more time in answering the questions for their harder classes they endlessly studied on. Within three days, the fifth year students were exhausted out of their minds.

"Are we done? Is it over?" Erela complained.

Michael chuckled at her and draped his long arm over her shoulder. "We're done, finally," he sighed.

"Thank all that is good," Erela leaned her head back. "My brain is fried—my brain is actually fried," she started in amazement.

"So you ARE human," Michael laughed.

"Yes yes," she rolled her eyes. "I'm human after all," she let out a sigh as they walked out of the Great Hall with the other fifth year students. "So what's your plan for the day?"

"I was thinking of going to meet with my club. You're welcome to come if you want," he offered.

"Maybe next time," Erela shook her head.

"Suit yourself," he shrugged and rubbed his hand up and down her arm before he release his gentle hold of her and walked toward the dungeons with the other Slytherin.

Next thing she knew, she felt something tug at her braid that pulled her head back and looked back at her "predator". "Hey brown eyes," Landon's voice grinned.

Erela swiped his hand away, but Landon couldn't help but laugh at her reaction. "Will you quit pulling my hair like that whenever you come to greet me?" The past couple days when Erela made it to their meeting spots early, Landon would always pull her hair. It felt like elementary school back in her old Muggle school before being admitted to Hogwarts all over again. "How were those exams for you?" she asked.

"Was practically afraid I would feel the tweak in my head if I got an answer wrong. Thanks for making me paranoid during a crucial time of our year," Landon answered and rolled his eyes.

"I could have sworn I heard clanging in the back of my head while we were doing the Potions exams . . ." Erela started grimly.

"Yeah, that was obnoxious," Stacee joined in and yawned. "You pissed off everyone."

"It worked, didn't it?" Landon rolled his eyes.

"Yeah yeah, it did," she waved him off before the three of them made way toward the Hufflepuff common room.

"Glad it's over," Stacee sighed.

"Why don't we go to Hogsmeade to celebrate?" Landon suggested.

"I'll go take a nap then," Erela sighed. No more studying together, now it was just back to being housemates whom lived in the same basement.

"Hey, you're invited too, bum," Landon said.

Now her nickname was bum? "I'm fried though."

"Oh come on, Erela."

"You really don't like leaving people alone, huh?" she chuckled as they went into the common room and immediately went into her dorm room with the other fifth year girls to change out of their uniforms. Landon seemed to have the habit of letting people in if they even cared to talk to him or Stacee.

"Just trying to get people to enjoy their last years here," Landon called after her.

Well . . . it wasn't like she had done anything fun since coming to Hogwarts. Her mother kept bothering her to make friends and invite them over during the summer. Even with just Michael as her only friend, he never came over. Especially when his family found out that a "prestige" witch like Erela was really half-Muggle. Must have been a Slytherin thing to be disgusted with wizards mating with Muggles. In other words, Erela spent the summer with her family and would send letters to Michael via owl.

Wonder if Erela's mum would be thrilled that she made more friends, if the boys considered her that.

"Okay fine, I'll go," Erela rolled her eyes and remerged from her "hole" in her casual wear.

"That's the spirit," Landon responded with equal amount of enthusiasm as heard from Erela when he and Stacee emerged from their boys' tunnel.

She smirked at him as they all made way out of the common room to the Hogsmeade. It was a nice start to something different.

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